Baby boy names that start with A

AamirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aamir means – a form of Amir
AaranMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaran means – a form of Aaron
AaronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaron means – enlightened
AarronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aarron means – a form of Aaron
AarynMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaryn means – a form of Aaron
AbacoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abaco means – abacus
AbbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Abban means – white
AbbottMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbott means – a familiar form of father; abbot
AbdaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abda means – servant of God
AbdalongoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdalongo means – servant of Elon
AbdecalasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdecalas means – server of a dog
AbdericoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abderico means – rich and powerful servant
AbdielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdiel means – I serve God
AbeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abe means – a short form of Abel, Abraham
AbelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abel means – breath. Bible: Adam and Eve’s second son
AbelardMaleGermanThe German name Abelard means – noble; resolute
AbiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abiah means – God is my father
AbiboMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abibo means – beloved
AbieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abie means – a familiar form of Abraham
AbilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abilio means – expert: able
AbimaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abimael means – my father is God
AbirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abir means – strong
AbishaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abisha means – gift of God
AbnerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abner means – father of light. Bible: the commander of Saul’s army
AboMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abo means – father
AbraamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abraam means – a form of Abraham
AbrahamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abraham means – father of many nations. Bible: the first Hebrew patriarch
AbramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abram means – a short form of Abraham
AbsalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Absalom means – father of peace. Bible: the rebellious third so of King David
AbudemioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abudemio means – one who speaks in a sweet, refined way
AbundancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abundancio means – rich, affluent
AbundioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abundio means – he who has a lot of property
AcabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Acab means – uncle
AccasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Accas means – winding
AceMaleLatinThe Latin name Ace means – unity
AciscloMaleLatinThe Latin name Acisclo means – a pick used to work on rocks
AckerleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ackerley means – meadow of oak trees
AckleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ackley means – a form of Ackerley
ActonMaleEnglishThe English name Acton means – “oak-tree settlement.”
AcucioMaleLatinThe Latin name Acucio means – sharp: shrewd
AcursioMaleLatinThe Latin name Acursio means – he who heads toward God
AdabaldoMaleGermanThe German name Adabaldo means – noble and bold
AdacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Adacio means – determined: active
AdaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adael means – eternity of God
AdalbergoMaleGermanThe German name Adalbergo means – village
AdamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adam means – “earth.” According to the Bible, the first man. “Son of Adam” means “person.”
AdamsonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adamson means – son of Adam
AdauctoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adaucto means – increase
AddamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Addam means – a form of Adam
AddyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Addy means – a familiar form of Adam
AdelardMaleGermanThe German name Adelard means – noble; courageous
AdelelmoMaleGermanThe German name Adelelmo means – noble protector
AdelgarioMaleGermanThe German name Adelgario means – noble lance
AdelmoMaleGermanThe German name Adelmo means – noble protector
AdelricMaleGermanThe German name Adelric means – noble ruler
AdemarMaleGermanThe German name Ademar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdemaroMaleGermanThe German name Ademaro means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AderitoMaleGermanThe German name Aderito means – strong and powerful
AdhemarMaleGermanThe German name Adhemar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdifMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adif means – the preferred one
AdimarMaleGermanThe German name Adimar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adin means – This name means “pleasant.” Among famous individuals named Adin is Anglo-Jewish scholar Adin Steinsaltz.
AdinoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adino means – adorned
AdiosdadoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adiosdado means – given by God
AdirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adir means – majestic; noble
AdivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adiv means – pleasant; gentle
AdjutorMaleLatinThe Latin name Adjutor means – one who helps
AdlaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adlai means – my ornament
AdlerMaleGermanThe German name Adler means – eagle
AdmielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Admiel means – land of God
AdmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Admon means – Signifying “redness” or “health.”
AdneyMaleEnglishThe English name Adney means – noble’s island
AdoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ado means – beauty
AdolfMaleGermanThe German name Adolf means – noble wolf. History: Adolf Hitler’s German army was defeated in World War 2
AdolphMaleGermanThe German name Adolph means – a form of Adolf
AdonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adon means – Lord
AdonaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adonai means – my Lord
AdrianMaleLatinThe Latin name Adrian means – dark
AdrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adriel means – member of God’s flock
AdrodatoMaleGermanThe German name Adrodato means – daring father
AdyutoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adyuto means – one who helps
AdyutorMaleLatinThe Latin name Adyutor means – one who helps
AfonsoMaleGermanThe German name Afonso means – prepared for combat
AgapitoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Agapito means – the beloved one
AgbertoMaleGermanThe German name Agberto means – famous for the sword
AgentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agento means – efficient; active
AgeoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ageo means – having of festive character makes people happy
AgericoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agerico means – powerful sword
AgilbertoMaleGermanThe German name Agilberto means – famous sword from combat
AgileoMaleGermanThe German name Agileo means – spade of a fighter
AgilulfoMaleGermanThe German name Agilulfo means – spear of the warrior
AglibertoMaleGermanThe German name Agliberto means – a form of Agilberto
AgneloMaleLatinThe Latin name Agnelo means – reference to the lamb of God
AgoardoMaleGermanThe German name Agoardo means – strong sword
AgobardoMaleGermanThe German name Agobardo means – strong spear
AgofredoMaleGermanThe German name Agofredo means – spear that brings peace
AgomarMaleGermanThe German name Agomar means – distinguished sword
AgrestoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agresto means – rugged, rustic
AgrippaMaleLatinThe Latin name Agrippa means – born feet first. History: the commander of the Roman fleet that defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at Actium
AgurMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Agur means – accumulation
AgustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Agustin means – a form of Augustine
AgustineMaleLatinThe Latin name Agustine means – a form of Augustine
AhabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahab means – father’s brother. literature: the captain of the Pequod in Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick
AharonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aharon means – The brother of Moses, the first High Priest. He was noted for loving peace; a “student of Aharon” is a peacemaker. Aaron Copeland was one of the greatest American composers
AhkeemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahkeem means – a form of Akeem
AhuvMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahuv means – loved
AicardoMaleGermanThe German name Aicardo means – strong sword
AikenMaleEnglishThe English name Aiken means – made of oak
AimarioMaleGermanThe German name Aimario means – strong lineage
AjabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajab means – uncle
AjidanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajidan means – my brother judges
AjielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiel means – my brother is God
AjiezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiezer means – my brother is help
AjiramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiram means – my brother exalted
AjisharMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajishar means – my brother sings
AjitovMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajitov means – my brother is good
AjshalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajshalom means – brother of peace
AkeemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akeem means – a short form of Joachim
AkimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akim means – a short form of Joachim
AkivaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akiva means – A great scholar of the Mishna.
AlacrinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Alacrino means – a short form of alive; outgoing
AlaricMaleGermanThe German name Alaric means – ruler of all
AlbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Alban means – from Alba, Italy
AlbericMaleGermanThe German name Alberic means – smart; wise ruler
AlbericoMaleGermanThe German name Alberico means – a form of Alberic
AlbernMaleGermanThe German name Albern means – noble; courageous
AlbertMaleGermanThe German name Albert means – noble and bright
AlberteMaleGermanThe German name Alberte means – a form of Albert
AlbieMaleGermanThe German name Albie means – a familiar form of Albert
AlbinMaleLatinThe Latin name Albin means – a form of Alvin
AlbionMaleLatinThe Latin name Albion means – white cliffs. Geography: a reference to the white cliffs in Dover, England
AlbuinoMaleGermanThe German name Albuino means – powerful; noble home
AlbyMaleGermanThe German name Alby means – a familiar form of Albert
AlcottMaleEnglishThe English name Alcott means – old cottage
AldairMaleGermanThe German name Aldair means – a form of Alder
AldebertoMaleGermanThe German name Aldeberto means – famous leader
AldebrandoMaleGermanThe German name Aldebrando means – governs with the sword
AldelmoMaleGermanThe German name Aldelmo means – old helmet
AldemarMaleGermanThe German name Aldemar means – famous for nobility
AldenMaleEnglishThe English name Alden means – old; wise protector
AlderMaleGermanThe German name Alder means – alder tree
AlderidgeMaleEnglishThe English name Alderidge means – alder ridge
AldisMaleEnglishThe English name Aldis means – old house
AldousMaleGermanThe German name Aldous means – a form of Alden
AldredMaleEnglishThe English name Aldred means – old; wise counselor
AldrichMaleEnglishThe English name Aldrich means – wise counselor
AldwinMaleEnglishThe English name Aldwin means – old friend
AleoMaleGermanThe German name Aleo means – governor
AlericMaleGermanThe German name Aleric means – a form of Alaric
AleronMaleLatinThe Latin name Aleron means – winged
AlfieMaleEnglishThe English name Alfie means – a familiar form of Alfred
AlfordMaleEnglishThe English name Alford means – old river ford
AlfredMaleEnglishThe English name Alfred means – “counsel from elves.” Romantic poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock
AlgerMaleGermanThe German name Alger means – noble spearman
AlgericoMaleGermanThe German name Algerico means – a form of Algerio
AlgerioMaleGermanThe German name Algerio means – noble governor prepared for combat
AlgernonMaleEnglishThe English name Algernon means – bearded, wearing a moustache
AlgieMaleEnglishThe English name Algie means – a familiar form of Algernon
AlgisMaleGermanThe German name Algis means – spear
AlijahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alijah means – a form of Elijah
AlinandoMaleGermanThe German name Alinando means – daring ruler
AlistairMaleEnglishThe English name Alistair means – a form of Alexander
AlizMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aliz means – happy
AllardMaleEnglishThe English name Allard means – noble, brave
AllisterMaleEnglishThe English name Allister means – a form of Alistair
AlmagorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Almagor means – indestructible
AlmanoMaleGermanThe German name Almano means – famous for nobility
AlmericMaleGermanThe German name Almeric means – powerful ruler
AlmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Almon means – widower
AloisMaleGermanThe German name Alois means – a short form of Aloysius
AlonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alon means – oak
AloysiusMaleGermanThe German name Aloysius means – a form of Louis
AlphonseMaleGermanThe German name Alphonse means – noble and eager
AlredoMaleGermanThe German name Alredo means – advice from the governor
AlstonMaleEnglishThe English name Alston means – noble’s settlement
AltmanMaleGermanThe German name Altman means – old man
AltonMaleEnglishThe English name Alton means – “old town.”
AlucioMaleLatinThe Latin name Alucio means – he is lucid and illustrious
AlulaMaleLatinThe Latin name Alula means – winged, swift
AlvaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alva means – sublime
AlvanMaleGermanThe German name Alvan means – a form of Alvin
AlvarMaleEnglishThe English name Alvar means – army of elves
AlvernMaleLatinThe Latin name Alvern means – spring
AlvinMaleLatinThe Latin name Alvin means – white; light skinned
AlwinMaleGermanThe German name Alwin means – a form of Alvin
AmableMaleLatinThe Latin name Amable means – one who loves; nice
AmadeusMaleLatinThe Latin name Amadeus means – loves God. Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous eighteenth-century Austrian composer
AmancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Amancio means – he who loves God
AmbertoMaleGermanThe German name Amberto means – brilliant work
AmbicoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ambico means – one who is ambitious
AmeenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ameen means – a form of Amin
AmeerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ameer means – a form of Amir
AmerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amer means – a form of Amir
AmiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ami means – the builder
AmianoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiano means – a form of Amon
AmicusMaleLatinThe Latin name Amicus means – beloved friend
AmielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiel means – God of my people
AmiezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiezer means – my community is helped
AmijaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amijai means – my community is alive
AminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amin means – trustworthy; honest
AmineMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amine means – a form of Amin
AmiorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amior means – my community is light
AmirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amir means – proclaimed
AmishalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amishalom means – my community is peace
AmisharMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amishar means – my community sings
AmitaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amitai means – my truth
AmnicadoMaleLatinThe Latin name Amnicado means – one who lives close to the river
AmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amon means – trustworthy; faithful
AmoryMaleGermanThe German name Amory means – a form of Emory
AmosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amos means – “burdened.” This is the name of an eighth-century prophet, as well as the contemporary author Amos Oz.
AmparoMaleLatinThe Latin name Amparo means – to prepare oneself
AmpliatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ampliato means – illustrious
AmramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amram means – mighty nation
AnasvindoMaleGermanThe German name Anasvindo means – strength of God
AndonarroMaleGermanThe German name Andonarro means – notable God
AngelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Angelino means – messenger
AnguloMaleGermanThe German name Angulo means – lance
AnnoMaleGermanThe German name Anno means – a familiar form of Johann
AnsaldoMaleGermanThe German name Ansaldo means – he who represents God
AnsanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ansano means – ear
AnsbertoMaleGermanThe German name Ansberto means – brilliant God
AnsejisoMaleGermanThe German name Ansejiso means – lance
AnselmMaleGermanThe German name Anselm means – divine protector
AnsericoMaleGermanThe German name Anserico means – rich in God
AnsfridoMaleGermanThe German name Ansfrido means – peaceful God
AnsonMaleGermanThe German name Anson means – divine
AnsovinoMaleGermanThe German name Ansovino means – friend of God
AnticoMaleLatinThe Latin name Antico means – old; venerable
AntoniMaleLatinThe Latin name Antoni means – a form of Anthony
AntonyMaleLatinThe Latin name Antony means – a form of Anthony
AparicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Aparicio means – he who refers to the appearances of the Virgin in different stages
AradorMaleLatinThe Latin name Arador means – farmer; laborer
ArbelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arbel means – divine night
ArcherMaleEnglishThe English name Archer means – bowman
ArchibaldMaleGermanThe German name Archibald means – “bold and valorous.” Poet Archibald MacLeish is one well-known person with this name
ArchieMaleEnglishThe English name Archie means – a familiar form of Archer
ArdellMaleLatinThe Latin name Ardell means – eager; industrious
ArdleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ardley means – ardent meadow
ArdonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ardon means – bronzed
ArecioMaleLatinThe Latin name Arecio means – the god of war
ArgentinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Argentino means – shines like silver
ArgentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Argento means – shines like silver
ArgimundoMaleGermanThe German name Argimundo means – defending army
AriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ari means – A name that means “lion.”
ArionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arion means – melodious
ArledgeMaleEnglishThe English name Arledge means – lake with the hares
ArleyMaleEnglishThe English name Arley means – a short form of Harley
ArmandMaleLatinThe Latin name Armand means – a form of Herman
ArmenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armen means – a form of Armon
ArmengolMaleGermanThe German name Armengol means – ready for combat
ArmentaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Armentaro means – winner
ArminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armin means – a form of Armon
ArmogastesMaleGermanThe German name Armogastes means – guest of the eagle
ArmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armon means – high fortress, stronghold
ArmondMaleLatinThe Latin name Armond means – a form of Armand
ArmstrongMaleEnglishThe English name Armstrong means – strong arm. History: astronaut Neil Armstrong was the commander of Apollo 11 and the first person to walk on the moon
ArneMaleGermanThe German name Arne means – a form of Arnold
ArnianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Arniano means – lamb
ArnieMaleGermanThe German name Arnie means – a familiar form of Arnold
ArnoMaleGermanThe German name Arno means – a short form of Arnold
ArnoldMaleGermanThe German name Arnold means – “eagle strength.” Well-known Arnolds include historian Arnold Toynbee, golfer Arnold Palmer, and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
ArnonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arnon means – rushing river
ArnulfoMaleGermanThe German name Arnulfo means – a form of Arnold
AronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aron means – a form of Aaron
ArronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arron means – a form of Aaron
ArtMaleEnglishThe English name Art means – a short form of Arthur
ArtieMaleEnglishThe English name Artie means – a familiar form of Arthur
ArtisMaleEnglishThe English name Artis means – a form of Artis
ArtziMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Artzi means – my land
ArundelMaleEnglishThe English name Arundel means – eagle valley
ArvinMaleGermanThe German name Arvin means – friend of the people; friend of the army
ArvindMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arvind means – a form of Arvid
AryaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arya means – a form of Aria
AryehMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aryeh means – lion
AsaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asa means – “healers.” In the Bible, a king of Judah.
AsafMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asaf means – the one chosen by God
AscotMaleEnglishThe English name Ascot means – eastern cottage; style of necktie. Geography: a village near london and the site of the Royal Ascot horseraces
AsedioMaleLatinThe Latin name Asedio means – stable
AshMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ash means – ash tree
AshburnMaleEnglishThe English name Ashburn means – from the ash-tree stream
AsherMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asher means – “happy,” “blessed,” or “rich.” The son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Asher.
AshfordMaleEnglishThe English name Ashford means – ash-tree ford
AsielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asiel means – created by God
AsprenioMaleLatinThe Latin name Asprenio means – hard; rough
AstonMaleEnglishThe English name Aston means – “eastern town.”
AthertonMaleEnglishThe English name Atherton means – town by a spring
AtkinsMaleEnglishThe English name Atkins means – from the home of the relatives
AtleyMaleEnglishThe English name Atley means – meadow
AtticusMaleLatinThe Latin name Atticus means – from Attica, a region outside Athens
AturMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atur means – crowned
AtwaterMaleEnglishThe English name Atwater means – at the water’s edge
AtwellMaleEnglishThe English name Atwell means – at the well
AtwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Atwood means – at the forest
AtworthMaleEnglishThe English name Atworth means – at the farmstead
AtzelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atzel means – noble; generous
AuberonMaleGermanThe German name Auberon means – a form of Oberon
AudactoMaleLatinThe Latin name Audacto means – bold
AudasMaleLatinThe Latin name Audas means – valiant, bold
AudenMaleEnglishThe English name Auden means – old friend
AudieMaleGermanThe German name Audie means – noble; strong
AudricMaleEnglishThe English name Audric means – wise ruler
AugieMaleLatinThe Latin name Augie means – a familiar form of August
AugurioMaleLatinThe Latin name Augurio means – name of priests specializing in understanding divine will through the flight and sounds of birds
AugustMaleLatinThe Latin name August means – a short form of Augustine, Augustus
AugustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustin means – a form of Augustine
AugustineMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustine means – majestic. Religion: Saint Augustine was the first archbishop of Canterbury
AugustusMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustus means – majestic; venerable. History: an honorary title given to the first Roman emperor, Octavius Caesar
AurelianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Aureliano means – a form of Aurelius
AurelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Aurelio means – a short form of Aurelius
AureliusMaleLatinThe Latin name Aurelius means – golden. history: Marcus Aurelius was a second-century a.d. philosopher and emperor of Rome
AurickMaleGermanThe German name Aurick means – protecting ruler
AuspicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Auspicio means – protector
AustenMaleLatinThe Latin name Austen means – a short form of Augustine
AustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Austin means – a short form of Augustine
AustonMaleLatinThe Latin name Auston means – a short form of Augustine
AustynMaleLatinThe Latin name Austyn means – a short form of Augustine
AuxilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Auxilio means – he who saves, who brings help
AvdelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avdel means – servant of God
AvelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avelino means – he who was born in Avella, Italy
AvertanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avertano means – one who moves away
AveryMaleEnglishThe English name Avery means – a form of Aubrey
AviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avi means – God is my father
AviezriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviezri means – my father is my help
AvimaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avimael means – my father is of divine origin
AvimelejMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avimelej means – my father is king
AviramvMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviramv means – my father is lifted up
AvirazMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviraz means – father of the secret
AvishajarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avishajar means – father of the morning
AvitioMaleLatinThe Latin name Avitio means – from grandfather
AvitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avito means – from grandfather
AvitzedekMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avitzedek means – father of justice
AvivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviv means – A name meaning “Springtime.” One popular Aviv today is bad-boy rock star Aviv Geffen.
AvnerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avner means – “father of flame.” King Saul’s uncle and the commander of his army
AvrahamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avraham means – “father of multitudes.” The first patriarch, husband of Sarah, father of Isaac, grandfather of Jacob; at God’s command he left his home in Ur and traveled to the land of Canaan, where he made a covenant with God. Famous and infamous Avrahams include U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, yippie Abbie Hoffman, and Yiddish playwright Avrom Goldfadn
AvramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avram means – a form of Abraham, Abram
AvshalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avshalom means – father of peace
AxelMaleLatinThe Latin name Axel means – axe
AyersMaleEnglishThe English name Ayers means – heir to a fortune
AylmerMaleEnglishThe English name Aylmer means – a form of Elmer
AylwinMaleEnglishThe English name Aylwin means – noble friends
AzadanesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azadanes means – strong
AzadesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azades means – Azadanes
AzaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azael means – made from God
AzareMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azare means – God helped
AzariasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azarias means – the Lord sustains me
AzarielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azariel means – he who has control over the waters
AzasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azas means – strong
AzazaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azazael means – name of an evil spirit
AzazelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azazel means – cancerous spirit
AzecaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azeca means – strong
AzrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azriel means – God is my aid
AzuriahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azuriah means – aided by God