Baby boy names that start with F

FaberMaleGermanThe German name Faber means – a form of Fabian
FabianMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabian means – bean grower
FabienMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabien means – a form of Fabien
FabioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabio means – a form of Fabian
FacundoMaleLatinThe Latin name Facundo means – he whu makes convincing arguments
FairfaxMaleEnglishThe English name Fairfax means – blond
FalcoMaleLatinThe Latin name Falco means – falconer
FalitoMaleEnglishThe English name Falito means – a familiar form of Rafael
FalknerMaleEnglishThe English name Falkner means – trainer of falcons. See also Falco
FaneMaleEnglishThe English name Fane means – joyful, glad
FantinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fantino means – innocent
FanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Fanuel means – vision of God
FarlaneMaleEnglishThe English name Farlane means – far lane
FarleyMaleEnglishThe English name Farley means – bull meadow; sheep meadow. See also Lee
FarnellMaleEnglishThe English name Farnell means – fern-covered hill
FarnhamMaleEnglishThe English name Farnham means – field of ferns
FarnleyMaleEnglishThe English name Farnley means – fern meadow
FarohMaleLatinThe Latin name Faroh means – a form of Pharaoh
FaroldMaleEnglishThe English name Farold means – mighty traveler
FaronMaleEnglishThe English name Faron means – a form of Faren (see Girls’Names)
FarrMaleEnglishThe English name Farr means – traveler
FarrarMaleEnglishThe English name Farrar means – blacksmith
FarrowMaleEnglishThe English name Farrow means – piglet
FaustMaleLatinThe Latin name Faust means – lucky, fortunate.History:the sixteenth-century German necromancer who inspired many legends
FavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Favian means – understanding
FebeMaleLatinThe Latin name Febe means – he who shines
FeboMaleLatinThe Latin name Febo means – he who shines
FelisardoMaleLatinThe Latin name Felisardo means – valiant and skillful man
FelixMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix means – fortunate;happy.See also Phelix,Pitin
Felix AntoineMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix Antoine means – a combination of Felix + Antoine
Felix OlivierMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix Olivier means – a combination of Felix + Olivier
FeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Felton means – field town
FentonMaleEnglishThe English name Fenton means – “marshland farm.” A noteworthy Fenton is educator Fenton Keyes
FerdMaleGermanThe German name Ferd means – horse
FerdinandMaleGermanThe German name Ferdinand means – daring,adventurous.See also Hernando
FerreoloMaleLatinThe Latin name Ferreolo means – referring to iron
FestusMaleLatinThe Latin name Festus means – happy
FiacroMaleLatinThe Latin name Fiacro means – the soldier
FidelMaleLatinThe Latin name Fidel means – faithful.History:Fidel Castro was the Cuban revolutionary who ower-threw a dictatorship in 1959 and established a communist regime in Cuba
FidencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fidencio means – trusting;fearless
FieldMaleEnglishThe English name Field means – a short form of Fielding
FieldingMaleEnglishThe English name Fielding means – field;field worker
FilbertMaleEnglishThe English name Filbert means – brilliant.See also Bert,Philbert
FilelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Filelio means – he who is trustworthy
FilmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Filmore means – famous
FinnMaleGermanThe German name Finn means – from Finland
FirminoMaleLatinThe Latin name Firmino means – firm, sure
FirmoMaleLatinThe Latin name Firmo means – morally and physically firm
FirthMaleEnglishThe English name Firth means – woodland
FischerMaleEnglishThe English name Fischer means – a form of Fisher
FisherMaleEnglishThe English name Fisher means – fisherman
FiskeMaleEnglishThe English name Fiske means – fisherman
FitchMaleEnglishThe English name Fitch means – weasel, ermine
FitxpatrickMaleEnglishThe English name Fitxpatrick means – son of Patrick
FitzMaleEnglishThe English name Fitz means – son
FitzgeraldMaleEnglishThe English name Fitzgerald means – son of Gerald
FitzhughMaleEnglishThe English name Fitzhugh means – son of Hugh
FizMaleLatinThe Latin name Fiz means – happy; fertile
FlavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Flavian means – blond, yellow haired
FlavianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Flaviano means – a form of Flavian
FlemingMaleEnglishThe English name Fleming means – from Denmark; from Flanders
FletcherMaleEnglishThe English name Fletcher means – From the Old French, meaning “arrow featherer” and “arrow maker.” Jazz great Fletcher Henderson
FlintMaleEnglishThe English name Flint means – stream; flint stone
FlorealMaleLatinThe Latin name Floreal means – alludes to the eighth month of the French Revolution
FlorenteMaleLatinThe Latin name Florente means – a form of Florent
FlorianMaleLatinThe Latin name Florian means – flowering, blooming
FloydMaleEnglishThe English name Floyd means – A form of Lloyd. Among notable Floyds is former heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson.
FlurryMaleEnglishThe English name Flurry means – flourishing, blooming
FocioMaleLatinThe Latin name Focio means – illuminated, shining
FolkeMaleGermanThe German name Folke means – a form of Volker
FonsoMaleGermanThe German name Fonso means – a short form of Alphonso
FonzieMaleGermanThe German name Fonzie means – a familiar form of Alphonse
FordMaleEnglishThe English name Ford means – “river crossing.” Among those who share this name is Ford Madox Ford, author of The Good Soldier.
FordonMaleGermanThe German name Fordon means – destroyer
ForesterMaleEnglishThe English name Forester means – forest guardian
FormerioMaleLatinThe Latin name Formerio means – beauty
FosterMaleLatinThe Latin name Foster means – a short form of Forester
FowlerMaleEnglishThe English name Fowler means – trapper of wildfowl
FranMaleLatinThe Latin name Fran means – a short form of Francis
FrancisMaleLatinThe Latin name Francis means – free; from France
FrancoMaleLatinThe Latin name Franco means – a short form of Francis
FrankMaleEnglishThe English name Frank means – A short form of Francis, which means a “free man.” Notable Franks are premier singer Frank Sinatra and architect Frank Lloyd Wright
FrankieMaleEnglishThe English name Frankie means – a familiar form of Frank
FranklinMaleEnglishThe English name Franklin means – “free landowner.” Persons with this name include two former U.S. presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Franklin Pierce
FranklynMaleEnglishThe English name Franklyn means – a form of Franklin
FrankyMaleEnglishThe English name Franky means – a familiar form of Frank
FrantzMaleGermanThe German name Frantz means – a form of Francis
FranzMaleGermanThe German name Franz means – A form of Francis, meaning “from France.” Notable people with this name include Austrian downhill skier Franz Klammer
FraternoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fraterno means – relating to the brother
FredMaleGermanThe German name Fred means – a short form of Alfred
FreddieMaleGermanThe German name Freddie means – a familiar form of Frederick
FreddrickMaleGermanThe German name Freddrick means – a form of Frederick
FreddyMaleGermanThe German name Freddy means – a familiar form of Frederick
FredericMaleGermanThe German name Frederic means – a form of Frederick
FrederickMaleGermanThe German name Frederick means – peaceful ruler
FrederikMaleGermanThe German name Frederik means – a form of Frederick
FrediMaleGermanThe German name Fredi means – a familiar form of Frederick
FredrickMaleGermanThe German name Fredrick means – a form of Frederick
FredyMaleGermanThe German name Fredy means – a familiar form of Frederick
FreebornMaleEnglishThe English name Freeborn means – child of freedom
FreemanMaleEnglishThe English name Freeman means – free
FremontMaleGermanThe German name Fremont means – free; noble protector
FrewinMaleEnglishThe English name Frewin means – free; noble friend
FreyMaleEnglishThe English name Frey means – lord
FrickMaleEnglishThe English name Frick means – bold
FridmundMaleGermanThe German name Fridmund means – peaceful guardian
FridolfMaleEnglishThe English name Fridolf means – peaceful wolf
FriedrichMaleGermanThe German name Friedrich means – a form of Frederick
FritzMaleGermanThe German name Fritz means – a familiar form of Frederick
FrontonMaleLatinThe Latin name Fronton means – he who thinks
FructuosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fructuoso means – he who bears much fruit
FrumencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Frumencio means – he who provides wheat
FrutosMaleLatinThe Latin name Frutos means – fertile
FulbrightMaleGermanThe German name Fulbright means – very bright
FulgencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fulgencio means – he who shines and stands out
FultonMaleEnglishThe English name Fulton means – field near town
FulvioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fulvio means – he who has reddish hair