Baby boy names that start with K

KaelebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaeleb means – a form of Kaleb
KaiserMaleGermanThe German name Kaiser means – a form of Caesar
KalebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaleb means – a form of Caleb
KalibMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kalib means – a form of Caleb
KalobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kalob means – a form of Caleb
KaltanMaleEnglishThe English name Kaltan means – a form of Colton
KalvinMaleLatinThe Latin name Kalvin means – a form of Calvin
KamiloMaleLatinThe Latin name Kamilo means – a form of Camilo
KanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaniel means – stalk, reed
KanyonMaleLatinThe Latin name Kanyon means – a form of Canyon
KarlMaleGermanThe German name Karl means – a form of Carl
KarltonMaleEnglishThe English name Karlton means – a form of Carlton
KarsonMaleEnglishThe English name Karson means – a form of Carson
KassMaleGermanThe German name Kass means – blackbird
KaufmanMaleGermanThe German name Kaufman means – merchant
KaylebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kayleb means – a form of Caleb
KayneMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kayne means – a form of Cain
KeanMaleGermanThe German name Kean means – a form of Keane
KeaneMaleGermanThe German name Keane means – bold; sharp
KeatonMaleEnglishThe English name Keaton means – where hawks fly
KedemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kedem means – ancient
KedricMaleEnglishThe English name Kedric means – a form of Cedric
KedrickMaleEnglishThe English name Kedrick means – a form of Cedric
KeeneMaleEnglishThe English name Keene means – smart
KeiferMaleGermanThe German name Keifer means – a form of Cooper
KeifferMaleGermanThe German name Keiffer means – a form of Cooper
KelbyMaleGermanThe German name Kelby means – farm by the spring
KeldonMaleEnglishThe English name Keldon means – a form of Kelton
KelsonMaleEnglishThe English name Kelson means – a form of Kelton
KeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Kelton means – keel town; port
KelwinMaleEnglishThe English name Kelwin means – friend from the ridge
KempMaleEnglishThe English name Kemp means – fighter; champion
KemptonMaleEnglishThe English name Kempton means – millitary town
KenazMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kenaz means – bright
KendaleMaleEnglishThe English name Kendale means – a form of Kendall
KendrellMaleEnglishThe English name Kendrell means – a form of Kendall
KenricMaleEnglishThe English name Kenric means – a form of Kenrick
KenrickMaleEnglishThe English name Kenrick means – bold ruler; royal ruler
KentonMaleEnglishThe English name Kenton means – Literally signifies from Kent, England
KentrellMaleEnglishThe English name Kentrell means – king’s estate
KenwardMaleEnglishThe English name Kenward means – brave; royal guardian
KeronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Keron means – a form of Keren
KerrickMaleEnglishThe English name Kerrick means – king’s rule
KervinMaleEnglishThe English name Kervin means – a form of Kerwin
KerwinMaleEnglishThe English name Kerwin means – friend of the marshlands
KesterMaleEnglishThe English name Kester means – a form of Christopher
KestrelMaleEnglishThe English name Kestrel means – falcon
KeyMaleEnglishThe English name Key means – key; protected
KeytonMaleEnglishThe English name Keyton means – a form of Keaton
KiddMaleEnglishThe English name Kidd means – child; young goat
KimokeoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kimokeo means – a form of Timothy
KingMaleEnglishThe English name King means – “supreme ruler.” Among celebrated men with this name is director King Vidor, famous for Duel in the Sun and King Camp Gillette, inventor of the disposable safety razor.
KingsleyMaleEnglishThe English name Kingsley means – “king’s meadow.” For example Bristish novelist Kings-ley Amis
KingstonMaleEnglishThe English name Kingston means – king’s estate
KingswellMaleEnglishThe English name Kingswell means – king’s well
KippMaleEnglishThe English name Kipp means – pointed hill
KirklandMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkland means – church land
KirkleyMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkley means – church meadow
KirklinMaleEnglishThe English name Kirklin means – a form of Kirkland
KirkwellMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkwell means – church well; church spring
KirkwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkwood means – church forest
KirtMaleLatinThe Latin name Kirt means – a form of Kurt
KirtonMaleEnglishThe English name Kirton means – church town
KlausMaleGermanThe German name Klaus means – a short form of Nicholas
KlayMaleEnglishThe English name Klay means – a form of Clay
KlaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Klayton means – a form of Clayton
KnightMaleEnglishThe English name Knight means – armored knight
KnowlesMaleEnglishThe English name Knowles means – grassy slope
KnoxMaleEnglishThe English name Knox means – hill
KodeyMaleEnglishThe English name Kodey means – a form of Cody
KodiMaleEnglishThe English name Kodi means – a form of Cody
KodieMaleEnglishThe English name Kodie means – a form of Cody
KodyMaleEnglishThe English name Kody means – a form of Cody
KohlMaleEnglishThe English name Kohl means – a form of Cole
KolbyMaleEnglishThe English name Kolby means – a form of Colby
KoleMaleEnglishThe English name Kole means – a form of Cole
KolemanMaleEnglishThe English name Koleman means – a form of Coleman
KolinMaleEnglishThe English name Kolin means – a form of Colin
KollinMaleEnglishThe English name Kollin means – a form of Colin
KoltMaleEnglishThe English name Kolt means – a short form of Koltan
KoltenMaleEnglishThe English name Kolten means – a form of Colton
KoltinMaleEnglishThe English name Koltin means – a form of Colton
KoltonMaleEnglishThe English name Kolton means – a form of Colton
KoltynMaleEnglishThe English name Koltyn means – a form of Colton
KonradMaleGermanThe German name Konrad means – a form of Conrad
KorbMaleGermanThe German name Korb means – basket
KorbinMaleEnglishThe English name Korbin means – a form of Corbin
KordellMaleEnglishThe English name Kordell means – a form of Cordell
KornelMaleLatinThe Latin name Kornel means – a form of Cornelius
KorneliusMaleLatinThe Latin name Kornelius means – a form of Cornelius
KortMaleGermanThe German name Kort means – a form of Cort
KotyMaleEnglishThe English name Koty means – a form of Cody
KourtlandMaleEnglishThe English name Kourtland means – a form of Courtland
KramerMaleEnglishThe English name Kramer means – a form of Cramer
KrischanMaleGermanThe German name Krischan means – a form of Christian
KrishanMaleGermanThe German name Krishan means – a form of Christian
KrispinMaleLatinThe Latin name Krispin means – a form of Crispin
KurtMaleLatinThe Latin name Kurt means – a short form of Kurtis
KurtisMaleLatinThe Latin name Kurtis means – a form of Curtis
KylarMaleEnglishThe English name Kylar means – a form of Kyle
KylerMaleEnglishThe English name Kyler means – a form of Kyle
KylorMaleEnglishThe English name Kylor means – a form of Kyle