Baby boy names that start with L

LaddMaleEnglishThe English name Ladd means – attendant
LaidleyMaleEnglishThe English name Laidley means – path along the marshy meadow
LainMaleEnglishThe English name Lain means – a form of Lane
LakeMaleEnglishThe English name Lake means – lake
LambertMaleGermanThe German name Lambert means – bright land
LanceMaleGermanThe German name Lance means – a short form of Lancelot
LandanMaleEnglishThe English name Landan means – a form of Landon
LandenMaleEnglishThe English name Landen means – a form of Landon
LandinMaleEnglishThe English name Landin means – a form of Landon
LandonMaleEnglishThe English name Landon means – open, grassy meadow
LandricMaleGermanThe German name Landric means – ruler of the land
LandryMaleEnglishThe English name Landry means – ruler
LaneMaleEnglishThe English name Lane means – narrow road
LangdonMaleEnglishThe English name Langdon means – long hill
LangfordMaleEnglishThe English name Langford means – long ford
LangstonMaleEnglishThe English name Langston means – long, narrow town
LapidosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lapidos means – torches
LarryMaleLatinThe Latin name Larry means – a familiar form of Lawrence
LathropMaleEnglishThe English name Lathrop means – barn, farmstead
LatimerMaleEnglishThe English name Latimer means – interpreter
LaurelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurelino means – winner
LaurelitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurelito means – winner
LaurenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurence means – crowned with laurel
LaurentinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurentino means – winner
LavanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lavan means – white
LaviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lavi means – lion
LawfordMaleEnglishThe English name Lawford means – ford on the hill
LawleyMaleEnglishThe English name Lawley means – low meadow on a hill
LawrenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Lawrence means – crowned with laurel
LawryMaleEnglishThe English name Lawry means – a familiar form of Lawrence
LawsonMaleEnglishThe English name Lawson means – son of Lawrence
LawtonMaleEnglishThe English name Lawton means – town on the hill
LayneMaleEnglishThe English name Layne means – a form of Lane
LaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Layton means – a form of Leighton
LeeMaleEnglishThe English name Lee means – A short form of Farley. Actor Lee Marvin led The Dirty Dozen
LeibMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leib means – roaring lion
LeightonMaleEnglishThe English name Leighton means – meadow farm
LelandMaleEnglishThe English name Leland means – Signifies “meadow-land.” A famous Leland was theatrical agent Leland Hayward
LelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lelio means – he who is talkative
LemuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lemuel means – devoted to God
LenMaleGermanThe German name Len means – a short form of Leonard
LenardMaleGermanThe German name Lenard means – a form of Leonard
LennieMaleGermanThe German name Lennie means – a familiar form of Leonard
LennyMaleGermanThe German name Lenny means – a familiar form of Leonard
LeoMaleLatinThe Latin name Leo means – lion
LeocadioMaleLatinThe Latin name Leocadio means – he who shines because of his whiteness
LeonardMaleGermanThe German name Leonard means – brave as a lion
LeonelMaleEnglishThe English name Leonel means – little lion
LeonhardMaleGermanThe German name Leonhard means – a form of Leonard
LeontinoMaleGermanThe German name Leontino means – strong as a lion
LeopoldMaleGermanThe German name Leopold means – “brave people.” Notable people with Wolfgang’s father, Leopold Mozart, also a composer
LeorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leor means – my light
LesterMaleLatinThe Latin name Lester means – chosen camp
LetoMaleLatinThe Latin name Leto means – he who is always happy
LevMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lev means – “heart.”
LevantMaleLatinThe Latin name Levant means – rising
LeviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Levi means – A son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Levi, the priestly tribe.
LevinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Levin means – a form of Levi
LewMaleEnglishThe English name Lew means – a short form of Lewis
LewinMaleEnglishThe English name Lewin means – a form of Louis
LexMaleEnglishThe English name Lex means – a short form of Alexander
LibanioMaleLatinThe Latin name Libanio means – tree of incence
LibanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Libano means – white
LiberMaleLatinThe Latin name Liber means – he who spreads adundance
LiberalMaleLatinThe Latin name Liberal means – the lover of liberty
LiberatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Liberato means – the liberated one
LibioMaleLatinThe Latin name Libio means – born in a dry place
LincMaleEnglishThe English name Linc means – a short form of Lincoln
LincolnMaleEnglishThe English name Lincoln means – Signifies “settlement by the pool.” American author Lincoln Child wrote the bestseller The Relic
LindbergMaleGermanThe German name Lindberg means – mountain where linden grow
LindbertMaleGermanThe German name Lindbert means – a form of Lindberg
LindellMaleEnglishThe English name Lindell means – valley of the linden
LindenMaleEnglishThe English name Linden means – a form of Lyndon
LindleyMaleEnglishThe English name Lindley means – linden field
LindonMaleEnglishThe English name Lindon means – a form of Lyndon
LindorMaleLatinThe Latin name Lindor means – he who seduces
LinfordMaleEnglishThe English name Linford means – linden ford
LinfredMaleGermanThe German name Linfred means – peaceful, calm
LintonMaleEnglishThe English name Linton means – flax town
LinwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Linwood means – flax wood
LisardoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lisardo means – defender of the faith
ListerMaleEnglishThe English name Lister means – dyer
LittonMaleEnglishThe English name Litton means – town on the hill
LivingstonMaleEnglishThe English name Livingston means – Leif’s town
LivioMaleLatinThe Latin name Livio means – born in a dry place
LleytonMaleEnglishThe English name Lleyton means – a form of Leighton
LockeMaleEnglishThe English name Locke means – forest
LombardMaleLatinThe Latin name Lombard means – long bearded
LondonMaleEnglishThe English name London means – fortress of the moon. Geography: the capital of the United Kingdom
LonginosMaleLatinThe Latin name Longinos means – long
LopeMaleLatinThe Latin name Lope means – wolf
LordMaleEnglishThe English name Lord means – noble title
LorimerMaleLatinThe Latin name Lorimer means – harness maker
LoringMaleGermanThe German name Loring means – son of the famous warrior
LoritzMaleLatinThe Latin name Loritz means – laurel
LorneMaleLatinThe Latin name Lorne means – a short form of Lawrence
LorryMaleEnglishThe English name Lorry means – a form of Laurie
LotMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lot means – hidden, covered. Bible: Lot fled from Sodom, but his wife glanced back upon its destruction and was transformed into a pillar of salt
LotharMaleGermanThe German name Lothar means – An alternate form of Luther, which means “famous warrior.” German soccer player Lothar Matthaus is one popular Lothar. A “ladies man” is sometimes called a lothario
LouMaleGermanThe German name Lou means – a short form of Louis
LoudonMaleGermanThe German name Loudon means – low valley
LouieMaleGermanThe German name Louie means – a familiar form of Louis
LouisMaleGermanThe German name Louis means – “famous battler.” Celebrated men with this name include jazz giant Louis Armstrong and innovative chemist Louis Pasteur
LouvainMaleEnglishThe English name Louvain means – Lou’s vanity
LovellMaleEnglishThe English name Lovell means – a form of Lowell
LowellMaleEnglishThe English name Lowell means – beloved
LoyalMaleEnglishThe English name Loyal means – faithful, loyal
LoyolaMaleLatinThe Latin name Loyola means – has a wolf on his shield
LuanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Luano means – fountain
LucasMaleGermanThe German name Lucas means – a form of Lucius
LucianMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucian means – a form of Lucius
LuciferoMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucifero means – he who gives light
LuciusMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucius means – light; bringer of light
LucrecioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucrecio means – twilight of dawn
LucusMaleGermanThe German name Lucus means – a form of Lucas
LudlowMaleEnglishThe English name Ludlow means – prince’s hill
LudovicMaleGermanThe German name Ludovic means – a form of Ludwig
LudovickMaleGermanThe German name Ludovick means – a form of Ludwig
LudwigMaleGermanThe German name Ludwig means – An alternate form of Louis. Great 19th-century German composer Ludwig van Beethoven
LukeMaleLatinThe Latin name Luke means – a form of Lucius. Bible: companion os Saint Paul and author of the third Gospel ot the New Testament
LupercioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lupercio means – name given to people from Lupercus
LupercoMaleLatinThe Latin name Luperco means – he who frightens off wolves
LusorioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lusorio means – he enjoys games
LutherMaleGermanThe German name Luther means – famous warrior
LymanMaleEnglishThe English name Lyman means – meadow
LyndalMaleEnglishThe English name Lyndal means – valley of lime trees
LyndenMaleEnglishThe English name Lynden means – a form of Lyndon
LyndonMaleEnglishThe English name Lyndon means – Suggests “linden tree hill.” Lyndon B. Johnson, former U.S. president