Baby boy names that start with O

OakesMaleEnglishThe English name Oakes means – oak trees
OakleyMaleEnglishThe English name Oakley means – oak-tree field
ObadiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Obadiah means – servant of God
ObdulioMaleLatinThe Latin name Obdulio means – he who calms in sorrowful moments
ObedMaleEnglishThe English name Obed means – a short form of Obadiah
OberonMaleGermanThe German name Oberon means – noble; bearlike
ObertMaleGermanThe German name Obert means – wealthy; bright
OctavioMaleLatinThe Latin name Octavio means – eighth
OctaviousMaleLatinThe Latin name Octavious means – a form of Octavio
OctavisMaleLatinThe Latin name Octavis means – a form of Octavio
OdedMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oded means – encouraging
OdoacroMaleGermanThe German name Odoacro means – he who watches over his inheritance
OdolfMaleGermanThe German name Odolf means – prosperous wolf
OdwinMaleGermanThe German name Odwin means – noble friend
OferMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ofer means – young deer
OfirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ofir means – ferocious
OgdenMaleEnglishThe English name Ogden means – oak valley. Literature: Ogden Nash was a twentieth-century American writer of light verse
OlinMaleEnglishThe English name Olin means – holly
OliverMaleLatinThe Latin name Oliver means – olive tree
OlivoMaleLatinThe Latin name Olivo means – olive branch
OllieMaleEnglishThe English name Ollie means – a familiar form of Oliver
OlricMaleGermanThe German name Olric means – a form of Ulric
OnofrioMaleGermanThe German name Onofrio means – a form of Humphrey
OnslowMaleEnglishThe English name Onslow means – enthusiast’s hill
OphirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ophir means – faithful. Bible: an Old Testament people and country
OptatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Optato means – desired
OralMaleLatinThe Latin name Oral means – verbal; speaker
OrdellMaleLatinThe Latin name Ordell means – beginning
OrelMaleLatinThe Latin name Orel means – listener
OrenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oren means – pine tree
OrienMaleLatinThe Latin name Orien means – visitor from the east
OriolMaleLatinThe Latin name Oriol means – golden oriole
OrlandoMaleGermanThe German name Orlando means – famous throughout the land
OrleansMaleLatinThe Latin name Orleans means – golden
OrmanMaleGermanThe German name Orman means – mariner, seaman
OrmondMaleEnglishThe English name Ormond means – bear mountain; spear protector
OrrickMaleEnglishThe English name Orrick means – old oak tree
OrrinMaleEnglishThe English name Orrin means – river
OrrisMaleLatinThe Latin name Orris means – a form of Horatio
OrryMaleLatinThe Latin name Orry means – fro the Orient
OrsonMaleLatinThe Latin name Orson means – bearlike
OrtonMaleEnglishThe English name Orton means – shore town
OrvalMaleEnglishThe English name Orval means – a form of Orville
OrvinMaleEnglishThe English name Orvin means – spear friend
OsbertMaleEnglishThe English name Osbert means – divine; bright
OsgoodMaleEnglishThe English name Osgood means – divinely good
OsmarMaleEnglishThe English name Osmar means – divine; wonderful
OsmondMaleEnglishThe English name Osmond means – “divine protector.”
OsricMaleEnglishThe English name Osric means – divine ruler
OstinMaleLatinThe Latin name Ostin means – a form of Austin
OswaldMaleEnglishThe English name Oswald means – God’s power; God’s crest
OswinMaleEnglishThe English name Oswin means – “divine friend.”
OthmanMaleGermanThe German name Othman means – wealthy
OthnielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Othniel means – strength of God
OtnielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Otniel means – God is my strength
OtonielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Otoniel means – God is my strength
OttoMaleGermanThe German name Otto means – “rich.” Renowned men with this name include filmmaker Otto Preminger and Otto von Bismarck, Prussian-German statesman in the 19th century
OttokarMaleGermanThe German name Ottokar means – happy warrior
OvedMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oved means – worshiper, follower
OvertonMaleEnglishThe English name Overton means – high town
OxfordMaleEnglishThe English name Oxford means – place where oxen cross the river
OxleyMaleEnglishThe English name Oxley means – ox meadow
OxtonMaleEnglishThe English name Oxton means – ox town
OzMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oz means – This name means “strength.”
OziasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ozias means – God’s strength
OzielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oziel means – he who has divine strength
OzzieMaleEnglishThe English name Ozzie means – a familiar form of Osborn
OzzyMaleEnglishThe English name Ozzy means – a familiar form of Osborn