Baby boy names that start with P

PaceMaleEnglishThe English name Pace means – a form of Pascal
PaceyMaleEnglishThe English name Pacey means – a form of Pace
PacianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Paciano means – he who belongs to the peace
PacienteMaleLatinThe Latin name Paciente means – he who knows how to be patient
PadenMaleEnglishThe English name Paden means – a form of Patton
PadgetMaleEnglishThe English name Padget means – a form of Page
PagielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pagiel means – worshiping God
PainterMaleLatinThe Latin name Painter means – artist, painter
PaioMaleLatinThe Latin name Paio means – belonging to the sea
PalatinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Palatino means – he who comes from Mount Palatine
PalmacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Palmacio means – aborned with bordered palm leaves
PalmerMaleEnglishThe English name Palmer means – palm-bearing pilgrim
PalmiroMaleLatinThe Latin name Palmiro means – born on Palm Sunday
PaltiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Palti means – God liberates
ParishMaleEnglishThe English name Parish means – a form of Parrish
ParkerMaleEnglishThe English name Parker means – park keeper
ParkinMaleEnglishThe English name Parkin means – little Peter
ParrMaleEnglishThe English name Parr means – cattle enclosure, barn
ParrishMaleEnglishThe English name Parrish means – church district
PascuaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pascua means – in reference to Easter
PastorMaleLatinThe Latin name Pastor means – spiritual leader
PastoraMaleLatinThe Latin name Pastora means – a form of Pastor
PatMaleEnglishThe English name Pat means – a short form of Patrick
PaternoMaleLatinThe Latin name Paterno means – belonging to the father
PatricMaleLatinThe Latin name Patric means – a form of Patrick
PatrickMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrick means – nobleman. Religion: the patron of saint of Ireland
PatridoMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrido means – noble
PatrikMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrik means – a form of Patrick
PatrocinioMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrocinio means – patronage
PatrykMaleLatinThe Latin name Patryk means – a form of Patrick
PattonMaleEnglishThe English name Patton means – warrior’s town
PaulMaleLatinThe Latin name Paul means – small. Bible: Saul, later renamed Paul, was the first to bring the teachings of Christ to the Gentiles
PauliMaleLatinThe Latin name Pauli means – a form of Paul
PaulinMaleGermanThe German name Paulin means – A form of Paul, meaning “little.”
PaxMaleLatinThe Latin name Pax means – peaceful
PaydenMaleEnglishThe English name Payden means – a form of Payton
PayneMaleLatinThe Latin name Payne means – from the country
PaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Payton means – a form of Patton
PearceMaleEnglishThe English name Pearce means – a form of Pierce
PearsonMaleEnglishThe English name Pearson means – son of Peter
PeersMaleEnglishThe English name Peers means – a form of Peter
PeirceMaleEnglishThe English name Peirce means – a form of Peter
PelhamMaleEnglishThe English name Pelham means – tannery town
PellMaleEnglishThe English name Pell means – parchment
PeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Pelton means – town by a pool
PendleMaleEnglishThe English name Pendle means – hill
PenleyMaleEnglishThe English name Penley means – enclosed meadow
PennMaleLatinThe Latin name Penn means – pen, quill
PenrodMaleGermanThe German name Penrod means – famous commander
PeregrineMaleLatinThe Latin name Peregrine means – traveler; pilgrim; falcon
PeretzMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Peretz means – This name means “breach.” Among those who share this name is former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres.
PerfectoMaleLatinThe Latin name Perfecto means – without any defects
PerkinMaleEnglishThe English name Perkin means – little Peter
PerpetuoMaleLatinThe Latin name Perpetuo means – having an unchanging goal
PerryMaleEnglishThe English name Perry means – A familiar form of Peregrine and Peter. Singer Perry Como; TV D.A. Perry Mason; fashion designer Perry Ellis
PervisMaleLatinThe Latin name Pervis means – passage
PesachMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pesach means – spared. Religion: another name for Passover
PeteMaleEnglishThe English name Pete means – a short form of Peter
PetersonMaleEnglishThe English name Peterson means – son of Peter
PetonMaleEnglishThe English name Peton means – a form of Patton
PetruosMaleLatinThe Latin name Petruos means – firm as a rock
PeytonMaleEnglishThe English name Peyton means – a form of Patton
PharaohMaleLatinThe Latin name Pharaoh means – ruler. History: a title for the ancient kings of Egypt
PhelixMaleLatinThe Latin name Phelix means – a form of Felix
PhelpsMaleEnglishThe English name Phelps means – son of Phillip
PhilbertMaleEnglishThe English name Philbert means – a form of Filbert
PhilippMaleGermanThe German name Philipp means – a form of Philip
PhineasMaleEnglishThe English name Phineas means – a form of Pinchas
PhoenixMaleLatinThe Latin name Phoenix means – phoenix, a legendary bird
PickfordMaleEnglishThe English name Pickford means – ford at the peak
PickworthMaleEnglishThe English name Pickworth means – wood cutter’s estate
PictonMaleEnglishThe English name Picton means – town on the hill’s peak
PierceMaleEnglishThe English name Pierce means – A form of Peter
PiersMaleEnglishThe English name Piers means – a form of Peter
PiersonMaleEnglishThe English name Pierson means – son of Peter
PilatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Pilato means – soldier armed with a pick
PilatosMaleLatinThe Latin name Pilatos means – he who is armed with a pick
PinchasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pinchas means – oracle
PioMaleLatinThe Latin name Pio means – pious
PipinoMaleGermanThe German name Pipino means – a form of Pippin
PippinMaleGermanThe German name Pippin means – father
PitneyMaleEnglishThe English name Pitney means – island of the strong-willed man
PittMaleEnglishThe English name Pitt means – pit, ditch
PlinioMaleLatinThe Latin name Plinio means – he who has many skills
PoldiMaleGermanThe German name Poldi means – a familiar form of Leopold
PollardMaleGermanThe German name Pollard means – close-cropped head
PollockMaleEnglishThe English name Pollock means – a form of Pollux
PomponioMaleLatinThe Latin name Pomponio means – the lover of grandeur and the open plains
PorcioMaleLatinThe Latin name Porcio means – he who earns his living raising pigs
PorterMaleLatinThe Latin name Porter means – gatekeeper
PotencianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Potenciano means – he who dominates with his empire
PowellMaleEnglishThe English name Powell means – alert
PrenticeMaleEnglishThe English name Prentice means – apprentice
PrescottMaleEnglishThe English name Prescott means – priest’s cottage
PresidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Presidio means – he who gives pleasant shelter
PrestonMaleEnglishThe English name Preston means – priest’s estate
PriestMaleEnglishThe English name Priest means – holy man
PrimaelMaleLatinThe Latin name Primael means – chosen first
PrimitivoMaleLatinThe Latin name Primitivo means – original
PrinceMaleLatinThe Latin name Prince means – prince
PrincetonMaleEnglishThe English name Princeton means – princely town
PriscoMaleLatinThe Latin name Prisco means – old; from another time
ProboMaleLatinThe Latin name Probo means – having moral conduct
ProcesoMaleLatinThe Latin name Proceso means – he who moves forward
ProctorMaleLatinThe Latin name Proctor means – official, administrator
ProculoMaleLatinThe Latin name Proculo means – he who was born far from home
ProsperMaleLatinThe Latin name Prosper means – fortunate
PrudencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Prudencio means – he who works with sensitivity and modesty
PryorMaleLatinThe Latin name Pryor means – head of the monastery; prior
PublioMaleLatinThe Latin name Publio means – he who is popular
PupuloMaleLatinThe Latin name Pupulo means – the little boy
PutnamMaleEnglishThe English name Putnam means – dweller by the pond