Baby boy names that start with T

TabMaleEnglishThe English name Tab means – a short form of Tabner
TabnerMaleGermanThe German name Tabner means – shining, brilliant; spring
TacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Tacio means – he who is quiet
TadleighMaleEnglishThe English name Tadleigh means – poet from a meadow
TaftMaleEnglishThe English name Taft means – river
TalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tal means – dew; rain
TalbertMaleGermanThe German name Talbert means – bright valley
TalcottMaleEnglishThe English name Talcott means – cottage near the lake
TalenMaleEnglishThe English name Talen means – a form of Talon
TallonMaleEnglishThe English name Tallon means – a form of Talon
TalmadgeMaleEnglishThe English name Talmadge means – lake between two towns
TalonMaleEnglishThe English name Talon means – claw, nail
TamarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamar means – date; palm tree
TandieMaleEnglishThe English name Tandie means – team
TanerMaleEnglishThe English name Taner means – a form of Tanner
TanninMaleEnglishThe English name Tannin means – tan colored; dark
TannyMaleEnglishThe English name Tanny means – a familiar form of Tanner
TantonMaleEnglishThe English name Tanton means – town by the still river
TarellMaleGermanThe German name Tarell means – a form of Terrell
TaretonMaleEnglishThe English name Tareton means – a form of Tarleton
TarletonMaleEnglishThe English name Tarleton means – Thor’s settlement
TarquinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Tarquino means – he who was born in Tarquinia
TarranceMaleLatinThe Latin name Tarrance means – a form of Terrence
TarrellMaleGermanThe German name Tarrell means – a form of Terrell
TarsicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Tarsicio means – he who belongs to Tarso
TarverMaleEnglishThe English name Tarver means – tower; hill; leader
TatianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Tatiano means – he who is quiet
TatiusMaleLatinThe Latin name Tatius means – king, ruler. History: a Sabine king
TaureanMaleLatinThe Latin name Taurean means – strong; forceful. Astrology: born under the sign of Taurus
TaurusMaleLatinThe Latin name Taurus means – Astrology: the second sign of the zodiac
TavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Tavian means – a form of Octavio
TavionMaleLatinThe Latin name Tavion means – a form of Tavian
TealeMaleEnglishThe English name Teale means – small freshwater duck
TearenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Tearence means – a form of Terrence
TearleMaleEnglishThe English name Tearle means – stern, severe
TeasdaleMaleEnglishThe English name Teasdale means – river dweller
TedMaleEnglishThe English name Ted means – a short form of Theodore
TeddyMaleEnglishThe English name Teddy means – a familiar form of Theodore
TedmundMaleEnglishThe English name Tedmund means – protector of the land
TelemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Telem means – mound; furrow
TellerMaleEnglishThe English name Teller means – storyteller
TelmoMaleEnglishThe English name Telmo means – tiller, cultivator
TemanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Teman means – on the fight side; southward
TempleMaleLatinThe Latin name Temple means – sanctuary
TempletonMaleEnglishThe English name Templeton means – town near the temple
TennantMaleEnglishThe English name Tennant means – tenant, renter
TennysonMaleEnglishThe English name Tennyson means – a form of Dennison
TeoMaleEnglishThe English name Teo means – a form of Tom
TerajMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Teraj means – wild goat
TeranMaleLatinThe Latin name Teran means – a form of Terrence
TeranceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terance means – a form of Terrence
TerelMaleGermanThe German name Terel means – a form of Terrell
TerellMaleGermanThe German name Terell means – a form of Terrell
TerelleMaleGermanThe German name Terelle means – a form of Terrell
TerenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terence means – a form of Terrence
TeronMaleLatinThe Latin name Teron means – a form of Teran
TerranMaleLatinThe Latin name Terran means – a form of Terrence
TerranceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terrance means – a form of Terrence
TerrellMaleGermanThe German name Terrell means – thunder ruler
TerrelleMaleGermanThe German name Terrelle means – a form of Terrell
TerrenMaleLatinThe Latin name Terren means – a form of Terrence
TerrenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terrence means – smooth
TerrillMaleGermanThe German name Terrill means – a form of Terrell
TerrinMaleLatinThe Latin name Terrin means – a short form of Terrence
TerrisMaleLatinThe Latin name Terris means – son of Terry
TerryMaleEnglishThe English name Terry means – a familiar form of Terrence
TertuisMaleLatinThe Latin name Tertuis means – third
TetleyMaleEnglishThe English name Tetley means – Tate’s meadow
TevaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Teva means – nature
TewdorMaleGermanThe German name Tewdor means – a form of Theodore
ThadeusMaleLatinThe Latin name Thadeus means – a form of Thaddeus
ThaneMaleEnglishThe English name Thane means – attendant warrior
ThanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Thaniel means – a short form of Nathaniel
ThatcherMaleEnglishThe English name Thatcher means – roof thatcher
ThawMaleEnglishThe English name Thaw means – melting ice
ThelMaleEnglishThe English name Thel means – upper story
TheoMaleEnglishThe English name Theo means – a short form of Theodore
TheobaldMaleGermanThe German name Theobald means – “people’s prince.”
TheodoricMaleGermanThe German name Theodoric means – ruler of the people
ThomMaleEnglishThe English name Thom means – a short form of Thomas
ThomaMaleGermanThe German name Thoma means – a form of Thomas
ThommyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Thommy means – a familiar form of Thomas
ThompsonMaleEnglishThe English name Thompson means – son of Thomas
ThorgoodMaleEnglishThe English name Thorgood means – Thor if good
ThorleyMaleEnglishThe English name Thorley means – Thor’s meadow
ThormondMaleEnglishThe English name Thormond means – Thor’s protection
ThorndikeMaleEnglishThe English name Thorndike means – thorny embankment
ThorneMaleEnglishThe English name Thorne means – a short form of names beginning with “Thorn”
ThornleyMaleEnglishThe English name Thornley means – thorny meadow
ThorntonMaleEnglishThe English name Thornton means – thorny town
ThorpeMaleEnglishThe English name Thorpe means – village
ThunderMaleEnglishThe English name Thunder means – thunder
ThurlowMaleEnglishThe English name Thurlow means – Thor’s hill
ThurmanMaleEnglishThe English name Thurman means – Thor’s servant
ThurmondMaleEnglishThe English name Thurmond means – defended by Thor
TielerMaleEnglishThe English name Tieler means – a form of Tyler
TigeMaleEnglishThe English name Tige means – a short form of Tiger
TigheMaleEnglishThe English name Tighe means – a short form of Tiger
TigrioMaleLatinThe Latin name Tigrio means – tiger
TildenMaleEnglishThe English name Tilden means – tilled valley; tiller of the valley
TilfordMaleEnglishThe English name Tilford means – prosperous ford
TillMaleGermanThe German name Till means – a short form of Theodoric
TiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Tilton means – prosperous town
TinsleyMaleEnglishThe English name Tinsley means – fortified field
TivonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tivon means – nature lover
TizianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Tiziano means – the giant
TobiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tobias means – God is good
TobinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tobin means – a form of Tobias
TobitMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tobit means – son of Tobias
TobyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Toby means – a familiar form of Tobias
TodMaleEnglishThe English name Tod means – a form of Todd
ToddMaleEnglishThe English name Todd means – “fox.”
ToftMaleEnglishThe English name Toft means – small farm
TolandMaleEnglishThe English name Toland means – owner of taxed land
TolbertMaleEnglishThe English name Tolbert means – bright tax collector
TollerMaleEnglishThe English name Toller means – tax collector
TolmanMaleEnglishThe English name Tolman means – tax man
TomMaleEnglishThe English name Tom means – a short form of Thomas, Tomas
TomasMaleGermanThe German name Tomas means – a form of Thomas
TomerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tomer means – tall
TomkinMaleEnglishThe English name Tomkin means – little Tom
TommieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tommie means – a familiar form of Thomas
TommyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tommy means – a familiar form of Thomas
ToneyMaleEnglishThe English name Toney means – a form of Tony
ToniMaleEnglishThe English name Toni means – a form of Tony
TonnyMaleEnglishThe English name Tonny means – a form of Tony
TonyMaleEnglishThe English name Tony means – a short form of Anthony
TopperMaleEnglishThe English name Topper means – hill
TorcuatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Torcuato means – adorned with a collar or garland
ToreyMaleEnglishThe English name Torey means – a familiar form of Torrence
TorrMaleEnglishThe English name Torr means – tower
TorreyMaleEnglishThe English name Torrey means – a familiar form of Torr
TorryMaleEnglishThe English name Torry means – a familiar form of Torr
ToruatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Toruato means – adorned with a necklace
ToryMaleEnglishThe English name Tory means – a familiar form of Torr
ToviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tovi means – good
TowneyMaleEnglishThe English name Towney means – town meadow
TownsendMaleEnglishThe English name Townsend means – town’s end
TraderMaleEnglishThe English name Trader means – a form of well-trodden path; skilled worker
TraeMaleEnglishThe English name Trae means – a form of Trey
TraiMaleEnglishThe English name Trai means – a form of Trey
TraugottMaleGermanThe German name Traugott means – “faith in God.”
TravellMaleEnglishThe English name Travell means – traveler
TravisMaleEnglishThe English name Travis means – “at a crossroad.” Country singer Travis Tritt
TrayMaleEnglishThe English name Tray means – a form of Trey
TraytonMaleEnglishThe English name Trayton means – town full of trees
TreaMaleEnglishThe English name Trea means – a form of Trey
TredwayMaleEnglishThe English name Tredway means – well-worn road
TrentMaleLatinThe Latin name Trent means – torrent, rapid stream
TrentonMaleLatinThe Latin name Trenton means – town by the rapid stream. Geography: the capital of New Jersey
TrevellMaleEnglishThe English name Trevell means – a form of Travell
TrevelyanMaleEnglishThe English name Trevelyan means – Elian’s homestead
TrevisMaleEnglishThe English name Trevis means – a form of Travis
TreyMaleEnglishThe English name Trey means – three; third
TreytonMaleEnglishThe English name Treyton means – a form of Trayton
TriMaleEnglishThe English name Tri means – a form of Trey
TripMaleEnglishThe English name Trip means – traveler
TrippMaleEnglishThe English name Tripp means – traveler
TrotMaleEnglishThe English name Trot means – trickling stream
TrowbridgeMaleEnglishThe English name Trowbridge means – bridge by the tree
TRUEMaleEnglishThe English name True means – faithful, loyal
TruesdaleMaleEnglishThe English name Truesdale means – faithful one’s homestead
TruittMaleEnglishThe English name Truitt means – little and honest
TrumanMaleEnglishThe English name Truman means – honest. History: Harry S. truman was the thirty-third U.S. president
TrumbleMaleEnglishThe English name Trumble means – strong; bold
TrustinMaleEnglishThe English name Trustin means – trustworthy
TubalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tubal means – he who tills the soil
TuckerMaleEnglishThe English name Tucker means – fuller, tucker of cloth
TullisMaleLatinThe Latin name Tullis means – title, rank
TupperMaleEnglishThe English name Tupper means – ram raiser
TurkMaleEnglishThe English name Turk means – from Turkey
TurnerMaleLatinThe Latin name Turner means – lathe worker; wood worker
TuvyaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tuvya means – a form of Tobias
TwainMaleEnglishThe English name Twain means – divided in two. Literature: Mark Twain was one of the most prominent nineteenth-century American writers
TwitchellMaleEnglishThe English name Twitchell means – narrow passage
TwyfordMaleEnglishThe English name Twyford means – double river crossing
TyMaleEnglishThe English name Ty means – a short form of Tyler
TyeMaleEnglishThe English name Tye means – a short form of Taylor
TygerMaleEnglishThe English name Tyger means – a form of Tiger
TylarMaleEnglishThe English name Tylar means – a form of Tyler
TylerMaleEnglishThe English name Tyler means – “tailor.”
TylorMaleEnglishThe English name Tylor means – a form of Tyler
TymothyMaleEnglishThe English name Tymothy means – a form of Timothy
TyrusMaleEnglishThe English name Tyrus means – a form of Thor
TzadokMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzadok means – righteous
TzionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzion means – sign from God
TzurielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzuriel means – God is my rock
TzviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzvi means – deer