Baby boy names that start with V

VailMaleEnglishThe English name Vail means – valley
ValMaleLatinThe Latin name Val means – a short form of Valentin
ValdusMaleGermanThe German name Valdus means – powerful
ValentinMaleLatinThe Latin name Valentin means – stong; healthy
ValerianMaleLatinThe Latin name Valerian means – strong; healthy
ValeroMaleLatinThe Latin name Valero means – valiant
VanceMaleEnglishThe English name Vance means – thresher
VarianMaleLatinThe Latin name Varian means – variable
VarickMaleGermanThe German name Varick means – protecting ruler
VasylMaleGermanThe German name Vasyl means – a form of William
VedieMaleLatinThe Latin name Vedie means – sight
VelvelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Velvel means – wolf
VenancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Venancio means – a fan of hunting
VenturaMaleLatinThe Latin name Ventura means – he who will be happy
VereMaleLatinThe Latin name Vere means – true
VeredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Vered means – rose
VergilMaleLatinThe Latin name Vergil means – a form of Virgil
VerlinMaleLatinThe Latin name Verlin means – blooming
VernMaleLatinThe Latin name Vern means – a short form of Vernon
VernadosMaleGermanThe German name Vernados means – courage of the bear
VernellMaleLatinThe Latin name Vernell means – a form of Vernon
VernerMaleGermanThe German name Verner means – defending army
VernonMaleLatinThe Latin name Vernon means – springlike; youthful
VeroMaleLatinThe Latin name Vero means – truthful, credible
VerrillMaleGermanThe German name Verrill means – masculine
VespasianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vespasiano means – the name of a Roman emperor
VestonMaleEnglishThe English name Veston means – church town
VianMaleEnglishThe English name Vian means – a short form of Vivian
VicMaleLatinThe Latin name Vic means – a short form of Victor
VicarMaleLatinThe Latin name Vicar means – priest, cleric
VictorMaleLatinThe Latin name Victor means – victor, couqueror
VictoroMaleLatinThe Latin name Victoro means – a form of Victor
VilhelmMaleGermanThe German name Vilhelm means – a form of William
VinMaleLatinThe Latin name Vin means – a short form of Vincent
VinceMaleEnglishThe English name Vince means – a short form of Vincent
VincensMaleGermanThe German name Vincens means – a form of Vincent
VincentMaleLatinThe Latin name Vincent means – victor, conqueror
VinnyMaleEnglishThe English name Vinny means – a familiar form of Vincent, Calvin
VinsonMaleEnglishThe English name Vinson means – son of Vincent
VirgilMaleLatinThe Latin name Virgil means – rod bearer, staff bearer
VirginioMaleLatinThe Latin name Virginio means – he is pure and simple
VitalianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitaliano means – young and strong
VitalicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitalicio means – young and strong
VitalisMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitalis means – life; alive
VitasMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitas means – alive, vital
VitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vito means – a short form of Vittorio
VitorianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitoriano means – the victor
VogelMaleGermanThe German name Vogel means – bird
VolkerMaleGermanThe German name Volker means – people’s guard
VolleyMaleLatinThe Latin name Volley means – flying
VolneyMaleGermanThe German name Volney means – national spirit
VonMaleGermanThe German name Von means – a short form of many German names
VulpianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vulpiano means – sly as a fox