Baby boy names that start with W

WadeMaleEnglishThe English name Wade means – “ford” or “river crossing.” Baseball player Wade Boggs
WadleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wadley means – ford meadow
WadsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Wadsworth means – village near the ford
WaelMaleEnglishThe English name Wael means – a form of Wales
WagnerMaleGermanThe German name Wagner means – wagoner, wagon maker. Music: Richard Wagner was a famous nineteenth-century German composer
WainMaleEnglishThe English name Wain means – a form of Wayne
WainwrightMaleEnglishThe English name Wainwright means – wagon maker
WaiteMaleEnglishThe English name Waite means – watchman
WakeMaleEnglishThe English name Wake means – awake, alert
WakefieldMaleEnglishThe English name Wakefield means – wet field
WakelyMaleEnglishThe English name Wakely means – wet meadow
WakemanMaleEnglishThe English name Wakeman means – watchman
WalbyMaleEnglishThe English name Walby means – house near a wall
WalcottMaleEnglishThe English name Walcott means – cottage by the wall
WaldemarMaleGermanThe German name Waldemar means – powerful; famous
WaldenMaleEnglishThe English name Walden means – wooded valley
WaldoMaleGermanThe German name Waldo means – A familiar form of Oswald, which means “God’s power,” and Waldemar. Famous men with this name include essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson
WaldronMaleEnglishThe English name Waldron means – ruler
WalesMaleEnglishThe English name Wales means – from Wales
WalfordMaleEnglishThe English name Walford means – Welshman’s ford
WalfredMaleGermanThe German name Walfred means – peaceful ruler
WalkerMaleEnglishThe English name Walker means – cloth walker; cloth cleaner
WallaceMaleEnglishThe English name Wallace means – “from Wales.” Notable men with this name include actor Wallace Berry and playwright and actor Wallace Shawn
WallachMaleGermanThe German name Wallach means – a form of Wallace
WallerMaleGermanThe German name Waller means – powerful
WallyMaleEnglishThe English name Wally means – a familiar form of Walter
WalmondMaleGermanThe German name Walmond means – mighty ruler
WalshMaleEnglishThe English name Walsh means – a form of Wallace
WaltMaleEnglishThe English name Walt means – a short form of Walter
WalterMaleGermanThe German name Walter means – “army of power.” Renowned men with this name include poet Walt Whitman, animator Walt Disney, and actor Walter Brennan
WaltherMaleGermanThe German name Walther means – a form of Walter
WaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Walton means – walled town
WalworthMaleEnglishThe English name Walworth means – fenced-in farm
WalwynMaleEnglishThe English name Walwyn means – Welsh friend
WarburtonMaleEnglishThe English name Warburton means – fortified town
WardMaleEnglishThe English name Ward means – Signifies “watchman, guardian.” Well-known Wards include Hollywood actor Ward Bond, as well as Ward Cleaver, the television father of Beaver Cleaver
WardenMaleEnglishThe English name Warden means – valley guardian
WardleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wardley means – watchman’s meadow
WareMaleEnglishThe English name Ware means – wary, cautions
WarfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Warfield means – field near the weir of fish trap
WarickMaleEnglishThe English name Warick means – town hero
WarleyMaleEnglishThe English name Warley means – meadow near the weir or fish trap
WarmondMaleEnglishThe English name Warmond means – true guardian
WarnerMaleGermanThe German name Warner means – armed defender
WarrenMaleGermanThe German name Warren means – general; warden; rabbit
WartonMaleEnglishThe English name Warton means – town near the weir or fish trap
WarwickMaleEnglishThe English name Warwick means – buildings near the weir or fish trap
WashburnMaleEnglishThe English name Washburn means – overflowing river
WashingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Washington means – town near water. History: George Washington was the first U.S. president
WatfordMaleEnglishThe English name Watford means – wattle ford; dam made of twigs and sticks
WatkinsMaleEnglishThe English name Watkins means – son of Walter
WatsonMaleEnglishThe English name Watson means – son of Walter
WaydeMaleEnglishThe English name Wayde means – a form of Wade
WaylandMaleEnglishThe English name Wayland means – a form of Waylon
WaylonMaleEnglishThe English name Waylon means – land by the road
WaymanMaleEnglishThe English name Wayman means – road man; traveler
WayneMaleEnglishThe English name Wayne means – “wagon maker.” A short form of Wainwright. Hockey great Wayne Gretzky
WebbMaleEnglishThe English name Webb means – weaver
WeberMaleGermanThe German name Weber means – weaver
WebleyMaleEnglishThe English name Webley means – weaver’s meadow
WebsterMaleEnglishThe English name Webster means – weaver
WeddelMaleEnglishThe English name Weddel means – valley near the ford
WeissMaleGermanThe German name Weiss means – white
WelborneMaleEnglishThe English name Welborne means – spring-fed stream
WelbyMaleGermanThe German name Welby means – farm near the well
WeldonMaleEnglishThe English name Weldon means – hill near the well
WelfordMaleEnglishThe English name Welford means – ford near the well
WellingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Wellington means – rich man’s town
WellsMaleEnglishThe English name Wells means – springs
WelshMaleEnglishThe English name Welsh means – a form of Wallance, Walsh
WeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Welton means – town near the well
WendelMaleGermanThe German name Wendel means – a form of Wendell
WendellMaleGermanThe German name Wendell means – wanderer
WenfordMaleEnglishThe English name Wenford means – white ford
WensleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wensley means – clearing in a meadow
WentworthMaleEnglishThe English name Wentworth means – pale man’s settlement
WernerMaleEnglishThe English name Werner means – a form of Warner
WesMaleEnglishThe English name Wes means – a short form of Wesley
WesleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wesley means – “western meadow.” Action actor Wesley Snipes
WeslyMaleEnglishThe English name Wesly means – a form of Wesley
WestMaleEnglishThe English name West means – west
WestbrookMaleEnglishThe English name Westbrook means – western brook
WestbyMaleEnglishThe English name Westby means – western farmstead
WestcottMaleEnglishThe English name Westcott means – western cottage
WestinMaleEnglishThe English name Westin means – a form of Weston
WestleyMaleEnglishThe English name Westley means – a form of Wesley
WestonMaleEnglishThe English name Weston means – western town
WetherbyMaleEnglishThe English name Wetherby means – wether-sheep farm
WetherellMaleEnglishThe English name Wetherell means – wether-sheep corner
WetherlyMaleEnglishThe English name Wetherly means – wether-sheep meadow
WeylinMaleEnglishThe English name Weylin means – a form of Waylon
WhalleyMaleEnglishThe English name Whalley means – woods near a hill
WhartonMaleEnglishThe English name Wharton means – town on the bank of a lake
WheatleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wheatley means – wheat field
WheatonMaleEnglishThe English name Wheaton means – wheat town
WheelerMaleEnglishThe English name Wheeler means – wheel maker; wagon driver
WhistlerMaleEnglishThe English name Whistler means – whistler, piper
WhitMaleEnglishThe English name Whit means – a short form of Whitman
WhitbyMaleEnglishThe English name Whitby means – white house
WhitcombMaleEnglishThe English name Whitcomb means – white valley
WhitelawMaleEnglishThe English name Whitelaw means – small hill
WhiteyMaleEnglishThe English name Whitey means – white skinned; white haired
WhitfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Whitfield means – white field
WhitfordMaleEnglishThe English name Whitford means – white ford
WhitlockMaleEnglishThe English name Whitlock means – white lock of hair
WhitmanMaleEnglishThe English name Whitman means – white-haired man
WhitmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Whitmore means – white moor
WhittakerMaleEnglishThe English name Whittaker means – white field
WickhamMaleEnglishThe English name Wickham means – village meadow
WidMaleEnglishThe English name Wid means – wide
WiesMaleGermanThe German name Wies means – renowned warrior
WilMaleEnglishThe English name Wil means – a short form of Wilfred
WilberMaleEnglishThe English name Wilber means – a form of Wilbur
WilburMaleEnglishThe English name Wilbur means – wall fortification; bright willows
WilderMaleEnglishThe English name Wilder means – wilderness wild
WildonMaleEnglishThe English name Wildon means – wooded hill
WileyMaleEnglishThe English name Wiley means – willow meadow
WilfordMaleEnglishThe English name Wilford means – willow-tree ford
WilfredMaleGermanThe German name Wilfred means – “determined peacemaker.”
WilhelmMaleGermanThe German name Wilhelm means – “determined guardian.” Renowned Wilhelms include Wilhelm II the last German emperor, who was forced to abdicate in 1918; Wilhelm von Humboldt, a German statesman, philosopher, and linguist of the 18th century whose brother was natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt; and Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, inventor of the Bunsen burner
WilkieMaleEnglishThe English name Wilkie means – a familiar form of Wilkins
WilkinsMaleEnglishThe English name Wilkins means – William’s kin
WilkinsonMaleEnglishThe English name Wilkinson means – son of little William
WillMaleEnglishThe English name Will means – a short form of Wilfred
WillardMaleGermanThe German name Willard means – determined and brave
WillemMaleGermanThe German name Willem means – a form of Wilhelm, William
WilliamMaleEnglishThe English name William means – a form of Wilhelm
WilliamsMaleGermanThe German name Williams means – son of William
WillieMaleGermanThe German name Willie means – A familiar form of Wilhem. Former German chancellor and winner of the Nobel Prize for peace in 1971 Willy Brandt is among those with this name
WillisMaleGermanThe German name Willis means – son of Willie
WilloughbyMaleEnglishThe English name Willoughby means – willow farm
WillsMaleEnglishThe English name Wills means – son of Will
WillyMaleGermanThe German name Willy means – a familiar form of William
WilmerMaleGermanThe German name Wilmer means – determined and famous
WilsonMaleEnglishThe English name Wilson means – son of Will
WiltMaleEnglishThe English name Wilt means – a short form of Wilton
WiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Wilton means – farm by the spring
WinchellMaleEnglishThe English name Winchell means – bend in the road
WindellMaleEnglishThe English name Windell means – windy valley
WindsorMaleEnglishThe English name Windsor means – riverbank with a winch. History: the surname of the British royal family
WinfredMaleEnglishThe English name Winfred means – a form of Winfried
WinfriedMaleEnglishThe English name Winfried means – friend of peace
WingateMaleEnglishThe English name Wingate means – winding gate
WinslowMaleEnglishThe English name Winslow means – friend’s hill
WinstonMaleEnglishThe English name Winston means – “friendly town.” English statesman Winston Churchill
WinthropMaleEnglishThe English name Winthrop means – victory at the crossroads
WinwardMaleEnglishThe English name Winward means – friend’s guardian
WitMaleEnglishThe English name Wit means – a form of Whit
WitterMaleEnglishThe English name Witter means – wise warrior
WittonMaleEnglishThe English name Witton means – wise man’s estate
WolcottMaleEnglishThe English name Wolcott means – cottage in the woods
WolfMaleGermanThe German name Wolf means – a short form of Wolfgang
WolfeMaleEnglishThe English name Wolfe means – wolf
WoodMaleEnglishThe English name Wood means – a short form of Elwood
WoodfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Woodfield means – forest meadow
WoodfordMaleEnglishThe English name Woodford means – ford through the forest
WoodleyMaleEnglishThe English name Woodley means – wooded meadow
WoodrowMaleEnglishThe English name Woodrow means – “passage in the woods.” Thomas Woodrow Wilson is a former U.S. president
WoodruffMaleEnglishThe English name Woodruff means – forest ranger
WoodsonMaleEnglishThe English name Woodson means – son of Wood
WoodvilleMaleEnglishThe English name Woodville means – town at the edge of the woods
WoodwardMaleEnglishThe English name Woodward means – forest warden
WoolseyMaleEnglishThe English name Woolsey means – victorious wolf
WorcesterMaleEnglishThe English name Worcester means – forest army camp
WordsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Wordsworth means – wolf-guardian’s farm
WorrellMaleEnglishThe English name Worrell means – lives at the manor of the loyal one
WorthMaleEnglishThe English name Worth means – a short form of Wordsworth
WortonMaleEnglishThe English name Worton means – farm town
WouterMaleGermanThe German name Wouter means – powerful warrior
WrightMaleEnglishThe English name Wright means – a short form of Wainwright
WrisleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wrisley means – a form of Risley
WristonMaleEnglishThe English name Wriston means – a form of Riston
WybertMaleEnglishThe English name Wybert means – battle bright
WycliffMaleEnglishThe English name Wycliff means – white cliff; village near the cliff
WylieMaleEnglishThe English name Wylie means – charming
WymanMaleEnglishThe English name Wyman means – fighter, warrior
WymerMaleEnglishThe English name Wymer means – famous in battle
WyntonMaleEnglishThe English name Wynton means – Winston
WytheMaleEnglishThe English name Wythe means – willow tree