Baby boy names that start with X

XanthusMaleLatinThe Latin name Xanthus means – golden haired
XenerosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xeneroso means – generous
XeranoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xerano means – porter
XerardoMaleGermanThe German name Xerardo means – a form of Gerardo
XesusMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xesus means – savior
XiaoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xiao means – from the Lulia family
XilberteMaleGermanThe German name Xilberte means – a form of Gilbert
XilbertoMaleGermanThe German name Xilberto means – a form of Gilbert
XildasMaleGermanThe German name Xildas means – taxes
XillaoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xillao means – from the Lulia family
XoanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xoan means – God is good
XobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xob means – persecuted, afflicted
XudasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xudas means – a form of Judas
XulioMaleLatinThe Latin name Xulio means – from the Lulia family
XustoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xusto means – fair, just