Baby boy names that start with Y

YachielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yachiel means – God lives
YadidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yadid means – friend; beloved
YadonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yadon means – he will judge
YagilMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yagil means – he will rejoice
YairMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yair means – he will enlighten
YakirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yakir means – honored
YaleMaleGermanThe German name Yale means – productive
YantonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yanton means – a form of Johnathon
YanuarioMaleLatinThe Latin name Yanuario means – voyage
YaphetMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yaphet means – a form of Japheth
YardenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yarden means – Signifying “the river Jordan.”
YardleyMaleEnglishThe English name Yardley means – enclosed meadow
YaredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yared means – “he will descend.”
YaromMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yarom means – he will raise up
YaronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yaron means – he will sing; he will cry out
YatesMaleEnglishThe English name Yates means – gates
YavinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yavin means – he will understand
YedidyaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yedidya means – a form of Jedidiah
YehoshuaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehoshua means – “God saves.” Moses’ deputy
YehoyakemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehoyakem means – a form of Joachim
YehoyakimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehoyakim means – “God will establish; God will raise.”
YehudaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehuda means – a form of Yehudi
YehudahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehudah means – a form of Yehudi
YehudiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehudi means – a form of Judah
YeomanMaleEnglishThe English name Yeoman means – attendant; retainer
YeshayaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yeshaya means – gift
YeshurunMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yeshurun means – right way
YeudielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yeudiel means – I give thanks to God
YigalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yigal means – he will redeem
YirmayaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yirmaya means – a form of Jeremiah
YishaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yishai means – a form of Jesse
YisraelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yisrael means – a form of Israel
YitroMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yitro means – “increase.” Moses’ father-in-law
YitzchackMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yitzchack means – a form of Isaac
YoanMaleGermanThe German name Yoan means – a form of Johann
YoannMaleGermanThe German name Yoann means – a form of Johann
YoavMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoav means – a form of Joab
YochananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yochanan means – a form of John
YoelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoel means – a form of Joel
YohanMaleGermanThe German name Yohan means – a form of Johann
YohannMaleGermanThe German name Yohann means – a form of Johann
YonahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonah means – a form of Jonah
YonatanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonatan means – “God has given.” David’s bosom companion, son of Saul
YonisMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonis means – a form of Yonus
YonusMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonus means – dove
YoramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoram means – God is high
YorickMaleEnglishThe English name Yorick means – farmer
YorkMaleEnglishThe English name York means – boar estate; yew-tree estate
YosefMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yosef means – “he will increase; he shall add.” A son of Jacob and Rachel
YosuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yosu means – a form of Jesus
YouseefMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Youseef means – a form of Joseph
YousefMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yousef means – a form of Joseph
YousselMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Youssel means – a form of Joseph
YovalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoval means – rejoicing
YoyiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoyi means – a form of George
YudanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yudan means – judgment
YudellMaleEnglishThe English name Yudell means – a form of Udell
YuleMaleEnglishThe English name Yule means – born at Christmas