Baby girl names that start with E

EaddaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eadda means – wealthy; successful
EadmundFemaleEnglishThe English name Eadmund means – a form of Edmunda
EadwineFemaleEnglishThe English name Eadwine means – a form of Edwina
EarnaFemaleEnglishThe English name Earna means – eagle
EarnestynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Earnestyna means – a form of Ernestina
EarthaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eartha means – earthy
EarwynFemaleEnglishThe English name Earwyn means – a form of Erwina
EarwynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Earwyna means – a form of Erwina
EasterFemaleEnglishThe English name Easter means – Easter time. History: a name for a child born on Easter
EathelinFemaleEnglishThe English name Eathelin means – noble waterfall
EathelynFemaleEnglishThe English name Eathelyn means – noble waterfall
EddaFemaleGermanThe German name Edda means – a form of Hedda
EdelburgaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edelburga means – noble protector
EdelineFemaleEnglishThe English name Edeline means – noble; kind
EdenFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eden means – delightful. Bible: the earthly paradise
EdesiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Edesia means – feast
EdevaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edeva means – expensive present
EdianFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Edian means – decoration for God
EdieFemaleEnglishThe English name Edie means – a familiar form of Edith
EdilbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Edilberta means – she who comes from a long heritage
EdilburgaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edilburga means – noble protector
EdiltrudisFemaleGermanThe German name Ediltrudis means – strong; noble
EdinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edina means – prosperous fort
EdithFemaleEnglishThe English name Edith means – “rich gift.” Famous persons with this name include actress Dame Edith Evans, former first ladies Edith Roosevelt and Edith Wilson, and writer Edith Wharton, who penned The Age of Innocence
EdlenFemaleEnglishThe English name Edlen means – noble waterfall
EdlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Edlyn means – prosperous; noble
EdmandaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edmanda means – a form of Edmunda
EdmundaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edmunda means – prosperous protector
EdnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Edna means – rejuvenation. Religion: the wife of Enoch, according to the Book of Enoch
EdreaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edrea means – a short form of Edrice, Edrianna
EdriceFemaleEnglishThe English name Edrice means – prosperous ruler
EduardaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eduarda means – a form of Edwardina
EduvigisFemaleGermanThe German name Eduvigis means – victorious fighter
EduvijisFemaleGermanThe German name Eduvijis means – victorious fighter
EduvixesFemaleGermanThe German name Eduvixes means – battle
EdvinaFemaleGermanThe German name Edvina means – a form of Edwina
EdwardinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edwardina means – prosperous quardian
EdwinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edwina means – “prosperous friend.” A feminine form of Edwin
EfrataFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrata means – honored
EfronaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrona means – songbird
EgbertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Egberta means – bright sword
EgbertinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Egbertina means – a form of Egberta
EgbertineFemaleEnglishThe English name Egbertine means – a form of Egberta
EgbertyneFemaleEnglishThe English name Egbertyne means – a form of Egberta
ElataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elata means – elevated
ElbertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elberta means – a form of Alberta
EldaFemaleGermanThe German name Elda means – she who battles
EldridaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eldrida means – wise counselor
EleoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eleora means – the Lord is my light
EletheaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elethea means – healer
ElethiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elethia means – healer
ElettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eletta means – elf; mischievous
ElfegaFemaleGermanThe German name Elfega means – brightness in the heights
ElfridaFemaleGermanThe German name Elfrida means – peaceful
EliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elia means – a short form of Eliana
ElianaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliana means – “the Lord is my God.”
ElianeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliane means – a form of Eliana
ElianneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elianne means – a form of Eliana
EliciaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elicia means – a form of Elisha
ElidaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elida means – a form of Alida
ElideFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elide means – a form of Elida
ElimenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elimena means – stranger
ElisabetFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisabet means – a form of Elizabeth
ElisabethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisabeth means – a form of Elizabeth
EliseaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisea means – God is salvation; protect my health
ElisendaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisenda means – a form of Elisa
ElishevaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisheva means – a form of Elisabeth
ElisiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisia means – a form of Elisha
ElitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elita means – chosen
ElizaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliza means – a short form of Elizabeth
ElizabetFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elizabet means – a form of Elizabeth
ElizabethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elizabeth means – consecrated to God. Bible: the mother of John the Baptist
ElizebethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elizebeth means – a form of Elizabeth
ElkeFemaleGermanThe German name Elke means – a form of Adelaide, Alice
EllaFemaleEnglishThe English name Ella means – elfin; beautiful fairy-woman
EllenFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellen means – A form of Eleanor or Helen. Among notable people with this name are actress Ellen Corby; former first lady Ellen Arthur, wife of Chester Arthur; comedian Ellen DeGeneres, and novelist Ellen Glasgow
EllfredaFemaleGermanThe German name Ellfreda means – a form of Alfreda
ElliFemaleEnglishThe English name Elli means – a short form of Eleanor, Ella, Ellen
EllianaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elliana means – a form of Eliana
ElliceFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellice means – a form of Elise
EllieFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellie means – Short form of Eleanor, Ella, and Ellen
EllisonFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellison means – child of Ellis
EllyFemaleEnglishThe English name Elly means – a short form of Eleanor, Ella, Ellen
EllynFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellyn means – a form of Ellen
ElminaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elmina means – noble
ElodieFemaleEnglishThe English name Elodie means – a form of Alodie
ElsaFemaleGermanThe German name Elsa means – noble
ElsbethFemaleGermanThe German name Elsbeth means – a form of Elizabeth
ElsieFemaleGermanThe German name Elsie means – a familiar form of Elsa, Helsa
ElvaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elva means – elfin
ElveraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elvera means – a form of Elvira
ElviaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elvia means – a form of Elva
ElvieFemaleEnglishThe English name Elvie means – a form of Elva
ElvinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elvina means – a form of Alvina
ElviraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elvira means – white; blond
ElyciaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elycia means – a form of Elisha
ElyshaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elysha means – a form of Elisha
EmanuelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emanuelle means – a form of Emmanuelle
EmariFemaleGermanThe German name Emari means – a form of Emery
EmeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emelia means – a form of Amelia
EmelieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emelie means – a form of Emily
EmelyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emely means – a form of Emily
EmerencianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emerenciana means – she who will be rewarded
EmeritaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emerita means – a form of Emerenciana
EmieFemaleGermanThe German name Emie means – a form of Emmy
EmileeFemaleEnglishThe English name Emilee means – a form of Emily
EmileighFemaleEnglishThe English name Emileigh means – a form of Emily
EmileyFemaleEnglishThe English name Emiley means – a form of Emily
EmiliFemaleEnglishThe English name Emili means – a form of Emily
EmilieFemaleEnglishThe English name Emilie means – a form of Emily
EmillyFemaleEnglishThe English name Emilly means – a form of Emily
EmilseFemaleGermanThe German name Emilse means – a combination of Emily + Ilse
EmilyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emily means – flatterer
EmmaFemaleGermanThe German name Emma means – A short form of Emily, which means “industrious.” Flaubert’s title heroine Emma Bovary, as well as poet Emma Lazarus are famous Emmas
EmmanuelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emmanuelle means – God is with us
EmmieFemaleGermanThe German name Emmie means – a form of Emmy
EmmilyFemaleEnglishThe English name Emmily means – a form of Emily
EmmyFemaleGermanThe German name Emmy means – a familiar form of Emma
EmperatrizFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emperatriz means – empress
EmyFemaleGermanThe German name Emy means – a familiar form of Emma
EncarnacionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Encarnacion means – incarnation of Jesus in his mother, Mary
EnchantraFemaleEnglishThe English name Enchantra means – enchanting
EndoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Endora means – fountain
EnyeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enye means – grace
EppieFemaleEnglishThe English name Eppie means – a familiar form of Euphemia
ErelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Erela means – angel
ErmaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Erma means – a form of Ermine
ErmenburgaFemaleGermanThe German name Ermenburga means – strong city
ErmengardaFemaleGermanThe German name Ermengarda means – where strength dwells
ErmengardisFemaleGermanThe German name Ermengardis means – strong garden
ErmenildaFemaleGermanThe German name Ermenilda means – powerful warrior
ErmerindaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ermerinda means – a form of Erma
ErmineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ermine means – a form of Hermina
ErnaFemaleEnglishThe English name Erna means – a short form of Ernestine
ErnestinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Ernestina means – a form of Ernestine
ErnestineFemaleEnglishThe English name Ernestine means – earnest, sincere
ErundinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Erundina means – like a swallow
ErwinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Erwina means – sea friend
ErwynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Erwyna means – sea friend
EscolasticaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Escolastica means – she who knows much and theaches
EsmeradaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Esmerada means – shining; standing out
EssenceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Essence means – life; existence
EssieFemaleEnglishThe English name Essie means – a short form of Estelle, Esther
EsteeFemaleEnglishThe English name Estee means – a short form of Estelle, Esther
EstervinaFemaleGermanThe German name Estervina means – friend from the east
EstilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Estila means – column
EstradaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Estrada means – road
EtelburgaFemaleEnglishThe English name Etelburga means – a form of Edelburga
EtelindaFemaleGermanThe German name Etelinda means – noble one who protects her village
EtelredaFemaleGermanThe German name Etelreda means – noble advice
EtelvinaFemaleGermanThe German name Etelvina means – loyal and noble friend
EternityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Eternity means – eternity
EthanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ethana means – strong; firm
EthelFemaleEnglishThe English name Ethel means – noble
EtilkaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Etilka means – noble
EttaFemaleGermanThe German name Etta means – little
EudaFemaleGermanThe German name Euda means – childhood
EveFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eve means – life. Bible: the first woman created by God
Eve MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Eve Marie means – a combination of Eve + Marie
EveliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Evelia means – a form of Eve
EvelinFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelin means – a form of Evelyn
EvelinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelina means – a form of Evelyn
EvelineFemaleEnglishThe English name Eveline means – a form of Evelyn
EvelynFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelyn means – “hazelnut.” President John F. Kennedy’s personal secretary and confidante was Evelyn Lincoln
EvelyneFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelyne means – a form of Evelyn
EvlineFemaleEnglishThe English name Evline means – a form of Evelyn
ExpositaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Exposita means – exposed
ExuperanciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperancia means – abundant
ExuperiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperia means – a form of Exuperancia
EzrelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezrela means – reaffirming faith
EzriFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezri means – helper; strong