Baby girl names that start with H

HadaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hada means – she who radiates joy
HadaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadara means – adorned with beauty
HadasaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadasa means – a form of Hadassah
HadassahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadassah means – “myrtle tree.”
HaddaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadda means – she who radiates joy
HadleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Hadley means – field of heather
HaeleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Haeley means – a form of Hayley
HaileFemaleEnglishThe English name Haile means – a form of Hayley
HaileeFemaleEnglishThe English name Hailee means – a form of Hayley
HaileighFemaleEnglishThe English name Haileigh means – a form of Hayley
HaileyFemaleEnglishThe English name Hailey means – a form of Haile
HailiFemaleEnglishThe English name Haili means – a form of Hayley
HailieFemaleEnglishThe English name Hailie means – a form of Hayley
HailyFemaleEnglishThe English name Haily means – a form of Hayley
HajarFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hajar means – a form of Hagar
HalseyFemaleEnglishThe English name Halsey means – Hall’s island
HaneleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hanele means – compassionate
HaniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hania means – resting place
HanniFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hanni means – a familiar form of Hannah
HappyFemaleEnglishThe English name Happy means – happy
HarleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Harlee means – a form of Harley
HarleenFemaleEnglishThe English name Harleen means – a form of Harley
HarleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Harleigh means – a form of Harley
HarleneFemaleEnglishThe English name Harlene means – a form of Harley
HarleyannFemaleEnglishThe English name Harleyann means – a combination of Harley + Ann
HarliFemaleEnglishThe English name Harli means – a form of Harley
HarlieFemaleEnglishThe English name Harlie means – a form of Harley
HarmonyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Harmony means – harmonious
HasiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hasia means – protected by God
HattieFemaleEnglishThe English name Hattie means – a familiar form of Harriet, Henrietta
HavaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hava means – a form of Chava
HavenFemaleEnglishThe English name Haven means – a form of Heaven
HavivaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Haviva means – beloved
HayleFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayle means – a form of Hayley
HayleaFemaleEnglishThe English name Haylea means – a form of Hayley
HayleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Haylee means – a form of Hayley
HayleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayleigh means – a form of Hayley
HayleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayley means – “hay meadow.” Hayley Mills is a well-known actress with this name
HayliFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayli means – a form of Hayley
HaylieFemaleEnglishThe English name Haylie means – a form of Hayley
HazelFemaleEnglishThe English name Hazel means – “hazelnut tree.” Among notable people with this name is former U.S. senator Hazel Abel and jazz pianist Hazel Scott
HeatherFemaleEnglishThe English name Heather means – Signifies a flower associated with Scotland. Among well-known women with this name are Melrose Place’s Heather Locklear and model Heather Stewart-Whyte
HeavenFemaleEnglishThe English name Heaven means – place of beauty and happiness. Bible: where God and angels are said to dwell
HeavenlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Heavenly means – a form of Heaven
HeddaFemaleGermanThe German name Hedda means – battler
HeidiFemaleGermanThe German name Heidi means – A short form of Adelaide, which means “noble” or “serene.” Heidi is the title character the popular children’s story by Johanna Spyri
HeidyFemaleGermanThe German name Heidy means – a short form of Adelaide
HelahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Helah means – rust
HeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Helda means – a form of Hedda
HelgaFemaleGermanThe German name Helga means – This name means “pious.”
HelidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Helida means – of God
HelmaFemaleGermanThe German name Helma means – a short form of Wilhelmina
HelveciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Helvecia means – happy friend. History: Helvetians were ancient inhabitants of Switzerland
HelviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Helvia means – blond hair
HennaFemaleEnglishThe English name Henna means – a familiar form of Henrietta
HenriettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Henrietta means – “ruler of the household.” It is the feminine form of Henry. Among notable people with this name are Zionist Henrietta Szold and astronomer Henrietta Leavitt
HerbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Herberta means – glorious soldier
HeresvidaFemaleGermanThe German name Heresvida means – numerous troops
HeribertaFemaleGermanThe German name Heriberta means – a form of Herbertha
HerlindaFemaleGermanThe German name Herlinda means – pleasant, sweet
HermelindaFemaleGermanThe German name Hermelinda means – shield of strength
HermenexildaFemaleGermanThe German name Hermenexilda means – warrior
HermildaFemaleGermanThe German name Hermilda means – battle of force
HerminaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hermina means – noble
HerminiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Herminia means – a form of Hermina
HerthaFemaleEnglishThe English name Hertha means – child of the earth
HerundinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Herundina means – like a swallow
HettaFemaleGermanThe German name Hetta means – a form of Hedda
HettieFemaleGermanThe German name Hettie means – a familiar form of Henrietta, Hester
HiberniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hibernia means – comes from Ireland
HibiscusFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hibiscus means – Botany: tropical trees or shrubs with large, showy, colorful flowers
HildaFemaleGermanThe German name Hilda means – A short form of Brunhilda and Hildegarde. Among renowned people with this name is poet Hilda Doolittle
HildebrandaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildebranda means – battle sword
HildegardaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildegarda means – a form of Hildegarde
HildegardeFemaleGermanThe German name Hildegarde means – fortress
HildegundaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildegunda means – heroic fighter
HildelitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hildelita means – warrior
HildelivaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hildeliva means – warrior
HildemarcaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildemarca means – noble warrior
HildemareFemaleGermanThe German name Hildemare means – splendid
HilmaFemaleGermanThe German name Hilma means – protected
HilmerFemaleGermanThe German name Hilmer means – famous warrior
HiltrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Hiltruda means – strong warrior
HiltrudesFemaleGermanThe German name Hiltrudes means – strong warrior
HiltrudisFemaleGermanThe German name Hiltrudis means – strong warrior
HindaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hinda means – This name means “doe.”
HoldaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Holda means – hidden
HolleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollee means – a form of Holly
HolleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Holley means – a form of Holly
HolliFemaleEnglishThe English name Holli means – a form of Holly
HollieFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollie means – a form of Holly
HollyannFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollyann means – a combination of Holly + Ann
HollynFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollyn means – a short form of Hollyann
HombelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Hombelina means – boss, leader
HomeraFemaleGermanThe German name Homera means – woman who cannot see
HonbriaFemaleEnglishThe English name Honbria means – sweet
HonestaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Honesta means – honest
HonestyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Honesty means – honesty
HoneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Honey means – sweet
HonoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Honora means – honorable
HopeFemaleEnglishThe English name Hope means – Signifying the quality of hope. Actress Hope Lange.
HoratiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Horatia means – keeper of the hours
HortenseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hortense means – gardener
HosannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hosanna means – a shout of praise or adoration derived from the Hebrew phrase “Save now!”
HubertaFemaleGermanThe German name Huberta means – bright mind; bright spirit
HuetteFemaleGermanThe German name Huette means – bright mind; bright spirit
HumbelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Humbelina means – boss, leader
HumildadFemaleLatinThe Latin name Humildad means – a form of Humilia
HydeiaFemaleGermanThe German name Hydeia means – a form of Heidi
HydiFemaleGermanThe German name Hydi means – a form of Heidi