Baby girl names that start with Q

QuartillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quartilla means – fourth
QueenFemaleEnglishThe English name Queen means – queen
QueenieFemaleEnglishThe English name Queenie means – “queen.”
QuellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Quella means – quiet, pacify
QuennaFemaleEnglishThe English name Quenna means – a form of Queen
QuesaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quesara means – youthful
QuietaFemaleEnglishThe English name Quieta means – quiet
QuinellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quinella means – a form of Quintana
QuinettaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quinetta means – a form of Quintana
QuinnFemaleEnglishThe English name Quinn means – Signifies “queen.”
QuintanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintana means – fifth
QuintessaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintessa means – essence
QuintiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintilia means – she who was born in the fifth month
QuintinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintina means – a form of Quintana
QuirinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quirina means – she who carries the lance
QuiritaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quirita means – citizen