Baby girl names that start with S

SabanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabana means – a form of Savannah
SabinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabina means – a form of Sabine
SabineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabine means – History: the Sabine were a tribe in ancient Italy
SabinianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabiniana means – a form of Sabine
SableFemaleEnglishThe English name Sable means – sable; sleek
SabraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sabra means – thorny cactus fruit
SabreenFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabreen means – a short form of Sabreena
SabreenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabreena means – a form of Sabrina
SabrenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabrena means – a form of Sabrina
SabrinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabrina means – boundary line
SabrineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabrine means – a form of Sabrina
SabrynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabryna means – a form of Sabrina
SacramentoFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sacramento means – consecrated
SadeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sade means – a form of Sarah
SadiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sadi means – a form of Sadie
SadieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sadie means – a familiar form of Sarah
SahraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sahra means – a form of Sarah
SaigeFemaleEnglishThe English name Saige means – a form of Sage
SairaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Saira means – a form of Sara
SalabergaFemaleGermanThe German name Salaberga means – she who defens the sacrifice
SaletteFemaleEnglishThe English name Salette means – a form of Sally
SalliannFemaleEnglishThe English name Salliann means – a combination of Sally + Ann
SallieFemaleEnglishThe English name Sallie means – a form of Sally
SallyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sally means – A familiar form of Sarah, which means “princess.” Among notable people with this name are the first American woman in space, Sally Ride, and actress Sally Kellerman
SalomeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Salome means – peaceful. History: Salome Alexandra was a ruler of ancient Judea
SalustianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Salustiana means – healthy
SamahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samah means – a form of Sami
SamalaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samala means – asked of God
SamanathaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samanatha means – a form of Samantha
SamanfaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samanfa means – a form of Samantha
SamantaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samanta means – a form of Samantha
SamanthaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samantha means – told by God; listener
SamaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Samara means – elm-tree-seed
SamarahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Samarah means – a form of Samara
SamariaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Samaria means – a form of Samara
SamathaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samatha means – a form of Samantha
SamehFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sameh means – listener
SammanthaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sammantha means – a form of Samantha
SammiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sammi means – a familiar form of Samantha, Samuela
SamoneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samone means – a form of Simone
SamuelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samuela means – a form of Samuel
SamuelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samuelle means – a form of Samuel
SanneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sanne means – lily
SapphiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sapphira means – a form of Sapphire
SaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sara means – a form of Sarah
SarafinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarafina means – a form of Serafina
SarahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarah means – This name means “princess.” The name of the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Distinguished individuals with this name include former first lady Sarah Polk, astronomer Sarah F. Whiting, as well as actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Sarah Michelle Gellar
SarahiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarahi means – a form of Sarah
SaraiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarai means – a form of Sarah
SarayFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Saray means – a form of Sarah
SarenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarena means – a form of Sarina
SarhaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarha means – a form of Sarah
SariFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sari means – a form of Saree
SariahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sariah means – a form of Sarah
SarikaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarika means – a familiar form of Sarah
SarinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarina means – a familiar form of Sarah, Zarina
SaritaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarita means – a familiar form of Sarah
SarraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarra means – a form of Sarah
SarrahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarrah means – a form of Sarah
SaturiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Saturia means – she who has it all
SaturnianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Saturniana means – healty
SaundraFemaleEnglishThe English name Saundra means – a form of Sandra, Sondra
SavinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Savina means – a form of Sabina
SaydeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sayde means – a form of Sadie
SaydeeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Saydee means – a form of Sadie
SayraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sayra means – a form of Sarah
ScarletFemaleEnglishThe English name Scarlet means – a form of Scarlett
ScarlettFemaleEnglishThe English name Scarlett means – bright red. Literature: Scarlett O’Hara is the heroine of Margaret Mitchell’s novel “Gone with the Wind”
SealtielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sealtiel means – my desire is God
SebrinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sebrina means – a form of Sabrina
SeciliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secilia means – a form of Cecilia
SecretFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secret means – secret
SecundaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secunda means – second
SecundinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secundina means – second daughter
SedofaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sedofa means – silk
SeeliaFemaleEnglishThe English name Seelia means – a form of Sheila
SegeneFemaleGermanThe German name Segene means – victorious
SelaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sela means – a short form of Selena
SelahFemaleEnglishThe English name Selah means – a short form of Selena
SeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Selda means – A short form of Griselda, which means “gray warrior maid.”
SelesteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Seleste means – a form of Celeste
SelestinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Selestina means – a form of Celestina
SeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Selia means – a short form of Cecilia
SelimaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Selima means – peaceful
SelmaFemaleGermanThe German name Selma means – divine protector
SelvaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Selva means – a form of Silvana
SemeleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Semele means – once
SempronianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Semproniana means – eternal
SenorinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Senorina means – aged
SeptemberFemaleLatinThe Latin name September means – born in the ninth month
SeptimaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Septima means – seventh
SeraphinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Seraphina means – burning; ardent. Bible: seraphim are an order on angels
SerenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serena means – peaceful
SerenityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serenity means – peaceful
SerinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serina means – a form of Serena
SeritaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Serita means – a form of Sarita
SerotinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serotina means – dusk
ServandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Servanda means – she who must be saved and protected
ServiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Servia means – daughter of those who serve the Lord
SevandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sevanda means – she who must be saved and protected
ShaelynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shaelyn means – a form of Shea
ShaelynnFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shaelynn means – a form of Shea
ShailaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shaila means – a form of Sheila
ShamiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shamira means – “precious stone.”
ShamyraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shamyra means – a form of Shamira
ShanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shana means – God is gracious
ShandiFemaleEnglishThe English name Shandi means – a familiar form of Shana
SharaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shara means – a short form of Sharon
SharaiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharai means – princess
ShareeFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharee means – a form of Shari
SharenFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharen means – a form of Sharon
ShariannFemaleEnglishThe English name Shariann means – a combination of Shari + Ann
SharianneFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharianne means – a combination of Shari + Ann
SharinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharina means – a form of Sharon
SharnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharna means – a form of Sharon
SharonFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharon means – “desert plain.” One of today’s popular Sharons is actor Sharon Stone who has gone from ingenue to sophisticate in the movies
SharondaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharonda means – a form of Sharon
SharronFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharron means – a form of Sharon
SharronaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharrona means – a form of Sharon
ShaunaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shauna means – a form of Shana, Shaun
ShaunnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shaunna means – a form of Shauna
ShaunyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shaunya means – a form of Shauna
ShawnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shawna means – a form of Shana, Shawn
ShawnnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shawnna means – a form of Shawna
ShaynaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shayna means – beautiful
SheenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sheena means – God is gracious
SheilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sheila means – blind
ShelbeFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbe means – forms of Shelby
ShelbeeFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbee means – forms of Shelby
ShelbeyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbey means – forms of Shelby
ShelbiFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbi means – forms of Shelby
ShelbieFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbie means – forms of Shelby
SheleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelee means – a form of Shelley
SheliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shelia means – a form of sheila
ShellbieFemaleEnglishThe English name Shellbie means – forms of Shelby
ShellbyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shellby means – forms of Shelby
ShelleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelley means – “meadow on the ledge.” Actresses Shelley Winters, Shelley Duvall, and Shelley Long; Congresswoman Shelley Berkley; country singer Shelley Streeter
ShellieFemaleEnglishThe English name Shellie means – meadow on the ledge
ShellyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelly means – meadow on the ledge
SherleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sherley means – a form of Shirley
SherronFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sherron means – a form of Sharon
ShifraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shifra means – beautiful
ShilahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shilah means – a form of Sheila
ShiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shira means – song
ShirleneFemaleEnglishThe English name Shirlene means – a form of Shirley
ShirleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shirley means – “Bright meadow.” Among notable people with this name are former congresswoman and presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm and actress Shirley McLaine
ShoshanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shoshana means – a form of Susan
ShulamithFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shulamith means – peaceful
ShylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Shyla means – a form of Sheila
ShyloFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shylo means – a form of Shilo
ShyraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shyra means – a form of Shira
SibleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sibley means – sibling; friendly
SidoniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sidonia means – enticing
SidraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sidra means – star child
SigfredaFemaleGermanThe German name Sigfreda means – victorious peace
SigmundaFemaleGermanThe German name Sigmunda means – victorious protector
SigneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Signe means – sign, signal
SigourneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sigourney means – victorious conquerer
SigradaFemaleGermanThe German name Sigrada means – famous because of the victory
SileniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Silenia means – belongs to the earthly gods
SilvanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Silvana means – a form of Sylvana
SilverFemaleEnglishThe English name Silver means – a precious metal
SilviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Silvia means – a form of Sylvia
SimonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simona means – a form of Simone
SimoneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simone means – she heard
SinforosaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sinforosa means – full of misfortunes
SionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sion means – a form of Asuncion
SiraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sira means – she who comes from Syria
SolabergaFemaleGermanThe German name Solaberga means – she who defens the sacrifice
SolitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Solita means – alone
SommerFemaleEnglishThe English name Sommer means – summer; summoner
SpicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Spica means – ear of wheat. Astronomy: a star in the constellation Virgo
SpringFemaleEnglishThe English name Spring means – springtime
StaciaFemaleEnglishThe English name Stacia means – a short form of Anastasia
StarFemaleEnglishThe English name Star means – star
StarlaFemaleEnglishThe English name Starla means – a form of Star
StarleenFemaleEnglishThe English name Starleen means – a form of Star
StarleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Starley means – a form of Star
StarlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Starlyn means – a form of Star
StasiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Stasia means – a short form of Anastasia
StellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Stella means – star
StinaFemaleGermanThe German name Stina means – a short form of Christina
StockardFemaleEnglishThe English name Stockard means – stockyard
StormiFemaleEnglishThe English name Stormi means – a form of Stormy
StormieFemaleEnglishThe English name Stormie means – a form of Stormy
StormyFemaleEnglishThe English name Stormy means – impetuous by nature
SueFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sue means – a short form of Susan, Susana
SulamitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sulamita means – peaceful woman
SuliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sulia means – a form of Julia
SulpiciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sulpicia means – Literature: a woman poet from ancient Rome
SumaFemaleEnglishThe English name Suma means – born in the summertime
SumerFemaleEnglishThe English name Sumer means – a form of Summer
SummerFemaleEnglishThe English name Summer means – summertime
SundayFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sunday means – born on the first day of the week
SunivaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Suniva means – radiant; enlightened
SunshineFemaleEnglishThe English name Sunshine means – sunshine
SusanFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susan means – lily
SusanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susana means – a form of Susan
SusannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susanna means – a form of Susan
SusannahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susannah means – a form of Susan
SusanneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susanne means – a form of Susan
SuzanFemaleEnglishThe English name Suzan means – a form of Susan
SuzanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Suzana means – a form of Susan
SuzannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Suzanna means – a form of Susan
SuzannahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Suzannah means – a form of Susan
SuzanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Suzanne means – a form of Susan
SybellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sybella means – a form of Sybil
SylvanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvana means – forest
SylviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvia means – forest. Literature: Sylvia Plath was a well-known American poet
SylvieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvie means – a familiar form of Sylvia
SylwiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylwia means – a form of Sylvia
SymoneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Symone means – a form of Simone