Baby Names A - Z and Their Meaning

AaleyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaleyah means – a form of Aliya
AaliahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaliah means – a form of Aliya
AaliyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaliya means – a form of Aliya
AaliyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaliyah means – a form of Aliya
AalyiahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aalyiah means – a form of Aliya
AartiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aarti means – a form of Arti
AbagaelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abagael means – a form of Abigail
AbagailFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abagail means – a form of Abigail
AbbagailFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbagail means – a form of Abigail
AbbeyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbey means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbbiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbi means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbbieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbie means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbbigailFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbigail means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbbigaleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbigale means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbbigayleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbigayle means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbbyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abby means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbbygailFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbygail means – a form of Abigail
AbeerFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abeer means – a short form of Abira
AbegailFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abegail means – Abigail
AbigaelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abigael means – a familiar form of Abigail
AbigailFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abigail means – father’s joy. Bible: one of the wives of King David
AbigaleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abigale means – a form of Abigail
AbigayleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abigayle means – a form of Abigail
AbiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abira means – A name that means “my strength.”
AbraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abra means – mother of many nations
AbriaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abria means – a form of Abra
AbundiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Abundia means – abundance
AbygailFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abygail means – a form of Abigail
AcaliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Acalia means – Mythology: another name for Acca Larentia, the adoptive mother of Romulus and Remus
AdahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adah means – “Adornment.”
AdalgisaFemaleGermanThe German name Adalgisa means – noble hostage
AdaliaFemaleGermanThe German name Adalia means – noble
AdalsindaFemaleGermanThe German name Adalsinda means – noble strength
AdamaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adama means – a form of Adam
AdarFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adar means – noble
AdawnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Adawna means – beautiful sunrise
AddysonFemaleEnglishThe English name Addyson means – a form of Addison
AdelaFemaleEnglishThe English name Adela means – a short form of Adelaide
AdelaidaFemaleGermanThe German name Adelaida means – a form of Adelaide
AdelaideFemaleGermanThe German name Adelaide means – “noble” or “serene.”
AdeleFemaleEnglishThe English name Adele means – A short form of Adelaide and Adeline
AdelinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Adelina means – a form of Adeline
AdelineFemaleEnglishThe English name Adeline means – a form of Adelaide
AdelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Adelle means – a form of Adelaide, Adeline
AdeltrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Adeltruda means – strong and noble
AdelvinaFemaleGermanThe German name Adelvina means – ennobled by victory
AdenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adena means – “Ornament.”
AdileneFemaleEnglishThe English name Adilene means – a form of Adeline
AdinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adina means – a form of Adena
AdiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adira means – “powerful.”
AdleighFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adleigh means – my ornament
AdoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Adora means – beloved
AdoracionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Adoracion means – the action of venerting the magical gods
AdreanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Adreana means – a form of Adrienne
AdreannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Adreanna means – a form of Adrienne
AdrenildaFemaleGermanThe German name Adrenilda means – mother of the warrior
AdriaFemaleEnglishThe English name Adria means – a form of Adriana, Adrienne
AdrianeFemaleEnglishThe English name Adriane means – a form of Adrienne
AdrianneFemaleEnglishThe English name Adrianne means – a form of Adrienne
AdrielleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adrielle means – member of God’s flock
AdrieneFemaleEnglishThe English name Adriene means – a form of Adrienne
AdrinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Adrina means – a short form of Adriana
AdysonFemaleEnglishThe English name Adyson means – a form of Addison
AerialFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aerial means – a form of Ariel
AerielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aeriel means – a form of Ariel
AerinFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aerin means – a form of Aaron, Arin
AfinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Afina means – young doe
AfraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Afra means – young doe
AfricaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Africa means – sunny; not cold
AftonFemaleEnglishThe English name Afton means – from Afton. England
AgapeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Agape means – love
AgateFemaleEnglishThe English name Agate means – a semiprecious stone
AgilbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Agilberta means – famous sword of combat
AgrippinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Agrippina means – born feet first
AhavaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahava means – beloved
AhliyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahliya means – a form of Aliya
AidaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aida means – helpful
AideFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aide means – a short form of Aida
AilyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ailya means – a form of Aliya
AimeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aime means – a form of Aimee
AimeeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aimee means – a form of Amy
AimieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aimie means – a form of Aimee
AinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aina means – a form of Anna
AinonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ainona means – a form of Aina
AirianaFemaleEnglishThe English name Airiana means – a form of Ariana
AirielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Airiel means – a form of Ariel
AixaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aixa means – a form of Axelle
AlariceFemaleGermanThe German name Alarice means – ruler of all
AlayaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alaya means – a form of Aliya
AlbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Alberta means – “noble” or “bright.” A feminine form of Albert, which means “noble” or “bright.” Singer Alberta Hunter is one popular Alberta
AlboradaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Alborada means – brandy-colored dawn
AlciraFemaleGermanThe German name Alcira means – adornment of nobility
AldaFemaleGermanThe German name Alda means – old; elder
AldegundaFemaleGermanThe German name Aldegunda means – famous leader
AldetrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Aldetruda means – strong leader
AldinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aldina means – a form of Alda
AldineFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aldine means – a form of Alda
AldoraFemaleEnglishThe English name Aldora means – gift; superior
AleeyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aleeya means – a form of Aliya
AleezaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aleeza means – a form of Aliza
AleriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aleria means – eagle
AletteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Alette means – wing
AleyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aleya means – a form of Aliya
AleyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aleyah means – a form of Aliya
AlfildaFemaleGermanThe German name Alfilda means – she who helpes the elves
AlfonsaFemaleGermanThe German name Alfonsa means – noble and eager
AlfredaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alfreda means – elf counselor; wise counselor
AliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alia means – a form of Aliya
AliahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aliah means – a form of Aliya
AlicenFemaleEnglishThe English name Alicen means – a form of Alison
AliciaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alicia means – A form of Alice which means “noble” or “bright.” Clueless star Alicia Silverstone
AlicjaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alicja means – a form of Acilia
AlicynFemaleEnglishThe English name Alicyn means – a form of Alison
AlidaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Alida means – small and winged
AlishiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alishia means – a form of Alisha
AlisiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alisia means – a form of Alisha
AlisonFemaleEnglishThe English name Alison means – A form of Alice meaning “noble” or “bright.” Among notable people with this name are actress Allison Janney and country singer Allison Moorer
AlisynFemaleEnglishThe English name Alisyn means – a form of Alison
AliviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Alivia means – a form of Olivia
AliyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aliya means – ascender
AliyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aliyah means – a form of Aliya
AlizaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aliza means – joyful
AlizabethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alizabeth means – a form of Elizabeth
AllegraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Allegra means – cheerful
AlliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Allia means – a form of Aliya
AlliahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alliah means – a form of Aliya
AlliciaFemaleEnglishThe English name Allicia means – a form of Alicia
AllisonFemaleEnglishThe English name Allison means – a form of Alison
AllisynFemaleEnglishThe English name Allisyn means – a form of Alison
AlliyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alliyah means – a form of Aliya
AllysenFemaleEnglishThe English name Allysen means – a form of Alison
AllysonFemaleEnglishThe English name Allyson means – a form of Alison
AlmitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Almita means – kind
AlodieFemaleEnglishThe English name Alodie means – rich
AloisaFemaleGermanThe German name Aloisa means – famous warior
AlomaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aloma means – a form of Paloma
AlonsaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alonsa means – a form of Alonza
AltaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Alta means – high; tall
AlveraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Alvera means – honest
AlvinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alvina means – friend to all; noblefriend; friend to elves
AlyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alyah means – a form of Aliya
AlyiahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alyiah means – a form of Aliya
AlyshiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Alyshia means – a form of Alicia
AlysonFemaleEnglishThe English name Alyson means – a form of Alison
AmabelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amabel means – lovable
AmadeaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amadea means – loves God
AmadisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amadis means – the great love, the most beloved
AmalFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amal means – worker
AmalbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Amalberta means – brilliant work
AmaliaFemaleGermanThe German name Amalia means – a form of Amelia
AmalieFemaleGermanThe German name Amalie means – a form of Amelia
AmalineFemaleGermanThe German name Amaline means – a form of Amelia
AmalsindaFemaleGermanThe German name Amalsinda means – the one God points to
AmanadaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amanada means – a form of Amanda
AmanciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amancia means – lover
AmandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amanda means – lovable
AmaniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amania means – artist of God
AmarisFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amaris means – promised by God
AmeeraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ameera means – a form of Amira
AmelbergaFemaleGermanThe German name Amelberga means – protected work
AmeliaFemaleGermanThe German name Amelia means – hard working
AmiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amia means – a form of Amy
AmianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amiana means – a form of Amina
AmiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amilia means – a form of Amelia
AmilieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amilie means – a form of Amelia
AmiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amira means – speech; utterance
AmirahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amirah means – a form of Amira
AmissaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amissa means – truth
AmitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amita means – truth
AmityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amity means – friendship
AmiyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiya means – a form of Amia
AmiyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiyah means – a form of Amia
AmoretteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amorette means – beloved; loving
AmorieFemaleGermanThe German name Amorie means – industrious leader
AmyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amy means – beloved
AmyaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Amya means – a form of Amy
AnabelFemaleEnglishThe English name Anabel means – a form of Annabel
AnabelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Anabelle means – a form of Annabel
AnaisFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Anais means – gracious
AnakarenFemaleEnglishThe English name Anakaren means – a combination of Ana + Karen
AnalauraFemaleEnglishThe English name Analaura means – a combination of Ana + Laura
AnaliciaFemaleEnglishThe English name Analicia means – a form of Analisa
AnalisaFemaleEnglishThe English name Analisa means – a combination of Anna + Lisa
AnaliseFemaleEnglishThe English name Analise means – a form of Analisa
AnamariaFemaleEnglishThe English name Anamaria means – a combination of Ana + Maria
AnaniFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Anani means – cloudy
AnarosaFemaleEnglishThe English name Anarosa means – a combination of Ana + Rosa
AncelinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ancelin means – single woman
AngustiasFemaleLatinThe Latin name Angustias means – she who suffers from grief or sorrow
AniceFemaleEnglishThe English name Anice means – a form of Agnes
AniseFemaleEnglishThe English name Anise means – a form of Agnes
AnishaFemaleEnglishThe English name Anisha means – a form of Agnes, Ann
AnissaFemaleEnglishThe English name Anissa means – a form of Agnes, Ann
AnnFemaleEnglishThe English name Ann means – gracious
Ann MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Ann Marie means – a combination of Ann + Marie
Ann-MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Ann-Marie means – a combination of Ann + Marie
AnnaFemaleGermanThe German name Anna means – A form of the Hebrew name Hannah, which means “gracious.” Among renowned people with this name are great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova; psychologist Anna Freud; actress Anna Magnani; Black Beauty author Anna Sewall; former first lady Anna Harrison; botanist Anna Atkins; chemist Anna J. Harrison; model Anna Nicole Smith; as well as poet Anna Akhmatova
Anna MariaFemaleEnglishThe English name Anna Maria means – a combination of Anna + Marie
Anna MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Anna Marie means – a combination of Anna + Marie
Anna-MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Anna-Marie means – a combination of Anna + Marie
AnnabelFemaleEnglishThe English name Annabel means – a combination of Anna + Bel
AnnabellFemaleEnglishThe English name Annabell means – a form of Annabel
AnnabellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Annabella means – a form of Annabel
AnnabelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Annabelle means – a form of Annabel
AnnahFemaleGermanThe German name Annah means – a form of Anna
AnnalieseFemaleEnglishThe English name Annaliese means – a form of Analisa
AnnalisaFemaleEnglishThe English name Annalisa means – a combination of Anna + Lisa
AnnaliseFemaleEnglishThe English name Annalise means – a form of Analisa
AnnamariaFemaleEnglishThe English name Annamaria means – a combination of Anna + Marie
AnnamarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Annamarie means – a combination of Anna + Marie
AnneFemaleEnglishThe English name Anne means – A form of Hanna, meaning “grace.” Among notable people with this name are champion of religious freedom Anne Hutchinson; authors Anne Sexton, Anne Bronte, Anne Rice, Anne McCaffrey; actresses Anne Heche, Ann Bancroft, and photographer Anne Geddes
Anne MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Anne Marie means – a combination of Ann + Marie
Anne-MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Anne-Marie means – a combination of Ann + Marie
AnnelieseFemaleEnglishThe English name Anneliese means – a form of Annelisa
AnnelisaFemaleEnglishThe English name Annelisa means – a combination of Ann + Lisa
AnneliseFemaleEnglishThe English name Annelise means – a form of Annelisa
AnnemarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Annemarie means – a combination of Ann + Marie
AnnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Annie means – A familiar form of Anne. Among notable people with this name is actress Annie Potts
AnninaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Annina means – graceful
AnnishaFemaleEnglishThe English name Annisha means – a form of Agnes, Ann
AnnmarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Annmarie means – a combination of Ann + Marie
AnnoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Annora means – honor
AnnyFemaleEnglishThe English name Anny means – a familiar form of Anna
AnonaFemaleEnglishThe English name Anona means – pineapple
AnselmaFemaleGermanThe German name Anselma means – divine protector
AntoniceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Antonice means – a form of Antonia
AntonishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Antonisha means – a form of Antonice
AnunciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Anuncia means – announcer, messenger
AnyssaFemaleEnglishThe English name Anyssa means – a form of Anissa
AparecidaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aparecida means – appearance
ApariciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aparicia means – ghost
AphraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aphra means – young doe
ApiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Apia means – devout woman
AprilFemaleLatinThe Latin name April means – opening
AprylFemaleLatinThe Latin name Apryl means – a form of April
ApuleyaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Apuleya means – impulsive woman
AquilinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aquilina means – Aquilla
AquillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aquilla means – a form of Aquila
ArabellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Arabella means – beautiful altar
AraceliFemaleLatinThe Latin name Araceli means – heavenly altar
AracelyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aracely means – heavenly altar
AraseliFemaleLatinThe Latin name Araseli means – a form of Araceli
ArceliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Arcelia means – a form of Araceli
ArchibaldaFemaleGermanThe German name Archibalda means – born free
ArcillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Arcilla means – a form of Araceli
ArdelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ardelle means – warm; enthusiastic
ArdenFemaleEnglishThe English name Arden means – valley of the eagle. Literature: is Shakespeare, a romantic place of refuge
ArdiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ardi means – a short form of Arden
ArdiceFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ardice means – a form of Ardirh
ArdithFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ardith means – flowering field
ArebelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Arebela means – a form of Arabella
ArellaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arella means – angel; messenger
ArgeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Argelia means – jewelry boxes full of treasures
ArgeneaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Argenea means – she who has platinum-colored hair
ArgentinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Argentina means – she who shines like gold. Geography: a country in South America
ArgimonFemaleGermanThe German name Argimon means – defensive army
AriahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ariah means – a form of Aria
ArialFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arial means – a form of Ariel
ArianneFemaleEnglishThe English name Arianne means – a form of Ariana
AricelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aricela means – a form of Araceli
ArielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ariel means – “lioness of God.” The name of the mermaid princess in The Little Mermaid
ArielaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ariela means – a form of Ariel
AriellaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ariella means – a form of Ariel
ArlaFemaleGermanThe German name Arla means – a form of Carla
ArleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Arleigh means – a form of Harley
ArlethFemaleEnglishThe English name Arleth means – a form of Arlette
ArletteFemaleEnglishThe English name Arlette means – A form of Arlene, meaning “pledge.”
ArmandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Armanda means – noble
ArmentariaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Armentaria means – pastor of older livestock
ArmideFemaleLatinThe Latin name Armide means – armed warrior
ArmineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Armine means – noble
ArnelleFemaleGermanThe German name Arnelle means – eagle
ArninaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arnina means – enlightened
ArnulfaFemaleGermanThe German name Arnulfa means – eagle wolf
AroaFemaleGermanThe German name Aroa means – good person
ArtiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arti means – a form of Ardi
AryelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aryel means – a form of Ariel
AryelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aryelle means – a form of Ariel
AselaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Asela means – small donkey
AsheleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Asheley means – a form of Ashley
AshelyFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashely means – a form of Ashley
AshiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ashira means – rich
AshlanFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlan means – a form of Ashlyn
AshleFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashle means – a form of Ashley
AshleaFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlea means – a form of Ashley
AshleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlee means – a form of Ashley
AshleiFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlei means – a form of Ashley
AshleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashleigh means – a form of Ashley
AshlenFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlen means – a form of Ashlyn
AshleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashley means – Which means “ash tree meadow.” Among notable people with this name are playwright Ashley Dukes and actress Ashley Judd
AshliFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashli means – a form of Ashley
AshlieFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlie means – a form of Ashley
AshlieghFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashliegh means – a form of Ashley
AshlinFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlin means – a form of Ashlyn
AshlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashly means – a form of Ashley
AshlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlyn means – ash-tree pool
AshlynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlynn means – ash-tree pool
AshlynneFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashlynne means – ash-tree pool
AshtenFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashten means – a form of Ashton
AshtinFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashtin means – a form of Ashton
AshtynFemaleEnglishThe English name Ashtyn means – a form of Ashton
AspynFemaleEnglishThe English name Aspyn means – a form of Aspen
AstrizFemaleGermanThe German name Astriz means – a form of Astra
AtaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atara means – crown
AthaliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Athalia means – the Lord is mighty
AtiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Atilia means – woman who has difficulty walking
AtiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atira means – prayer
AubreyFemaleGermanThe German name Aubrey means – noble; bearlike
AubrianaFemaleEnglishThe English name Aubriana means – a combination of Aubrey + Anna
AubriannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Aubrianna means – a combination of Aubrey + Anna
AuburnFemaleLatinThe Latin name Auburn means – reddish brown
AudeFemaleEnglishThe English name Aude means – a familiar form of Audrey
AudelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Audelina means – a form of Audrey
AudeyFemaleEnglishThe English name Audey means – a familiar form of Audrey
AudreanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Audreanne means – a combination of Audrey + Ann
AudreeFemaleEnglishThe English name Audree means – a form of Audrey
AudreyFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrey means – “noble strength.” Among notable people with this name are actresses Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Meadows
Audrey AnnFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrey Ann means – a combination of Audrey + Ann
Audrey AnneFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrey Anne means – a combination of Audrey + Ann
Audrey MaudFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrey Maud means – a combination of Audrey + Maud
Audrey MaudeFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrey Maude means – a combination of Audrey + Maud
AudrianaFemaleEnglishThe English name Audriana means – a combination of Audrey + Anna
AudriannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrianna means – a combination of Audrey + Anna
AudrieFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrie means – a form of Audrey
AudrinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Audrina means – a form of Audriana
AudrisFemaleGermanThe German name Audris means – fortunate; wealthy
AudryFemaleEnglishThe English name Audry means – a form of Audrey
AugustaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Augusta means – a short form of Augustine
AureaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aurea means – she who has blond hair
AurelieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aurelie means – a form of Aurelia
AurielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Auriel means – a form of Ariel
AuristelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Auristela means – golden star
AuroraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aurora means – dawn. Mythology: the goddess of dawn
AutumnFemaleLatinThe Latin name Autumn means – autumn
AuxiliadoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Auxiliadora means – she who protects and helps
AvalineFemaleEnglishThe English name Avaline means – a form of Evelyn
AvalonFemaleLatinThe Latin name Avalon means – island
AveriFemaleEnglishThe English name Averi means – a form of Aubrey
AverieFemaleEnglishThe English name Averie means – a form of Aubrey
AvianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Aviana means – a form of Avis
AvisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Avis means – bird
AvivaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviva means – springtime
AvneetFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avneet means – a form of Avner
AxelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Axelle means – axe
AyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aya means – bird; fly swiftly
AyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ayah means – a form of Aya
AylaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ayla means – oak tree
AysiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Aysia means – a form of Asia
AzariaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azaria means – a form of Azuriah
BabeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Babe means – a familiar form of Barbara
BaileeFemaleEnglishThe English name Bailee means – a form of Bailey
BaileighFemaleEnglishThe English name Baileigh means – a form of Bailey
BaileyFemaleEnglishThe English name Bailey means – “bailiff.”
BailiFemaleEnglishThe English name Baili means – a form of Bailey
BailieFemaleEnglishThe English name Bailie means – a form of Bailey
BaillieFemaleEnglishThe English name Baillie means – a form of Bailey
BailyFemaleEnglishThe English name Baily means – a form of Bailey
BalbinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Balbina means – stammerer
BalduinaFemaleGermanThe German name Balduina means – brave friend
BaleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Baleigh means – a form of Bailey
BaptistaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Baptista means – baptizer
BaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bara means – chosen
BarbFemaleLatinThe Latin name Barb means – a short form of Barbara
BarbaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Barbara means – stranger, foreigner
BarraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Barra means – chosen
BasematFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Basemat means – balm
BasiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Basia means – daughter of God
BathildaFemaleGermanThe German name Bathilda means – A name that means “woman warrior.”
BathshebaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bathsheba means – daughter of the oath; seventh daughter. Bible: a wife of King David
BatildeFemaleGermanThe German name Batilde means – a form of Bathilda
BayleaFemaleEnglishThe English name Baylea means – a form of Bailey
BayleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Baylee means – a form of Bailey
BayleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Bayleigh means – a form of Bailey
BayleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Bayley means – a form of Bailey
BayliFemaleEnglishThe English name Bayli means – a form of Bailey
BaylieFemaleEnglishThe English name Baylie means – a form of Bailey
BeataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Beata means – a short form of Beatrice
BeatriceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Beatrice means – blesses; happy; bringer of joy
BeatrisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Beatris means – a form of Beatrice
BeatrizFemaleLatinThe Latin name Beatriz means – a form of Beatrice
BeccaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Becca means – a short form of Rebecca
BeckaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Becka means – a form of Becca
BelisaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Belisa means – the most slender
BellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bella means – beautiful
BelvaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Belva means – beautiful view
BeneciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Benecia means – a short form of Bernadette
BenedictaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Benedicta means – blessed
BenedicteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Benedicte means – a form of Benedicta
BenildaFemaleGermanThe German name Benilda means – she who fights with bears
BenniFemaleLatinThe Latin name Benni means – a familiar form of Benedicta
BenteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bente means – blessed
BerdineFemaleGermanThe German name Berdine means – glorious; inner light
BerengariaFemaleGermanThe German name Berengaria means – strong as a bear
BeritFemaleGermanThe German name Berit means – glorious
BerlynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Berlynn means – a combination of Bertha + Lynn
BernabelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bernabela means – child of prophecy
BernabellaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bernabella means – child of prophecy
BernadineFemaleEnglishThe English name Bernadine means – brave as a bear
BerniFemaleEnglishThe English name Berni means – a familiar form of Bernadine, Bernice
BertaFemaleGermanThe German name Berta means – a form of Berit, Bertha
BerthaFemaleGermanThe German name Bertha means – “bright” or “illustrious” or “brilliant ruler.” A short form of Alberta.
BertiFemaleGermanThe German name Berti means – a familiar form of Gilberte, Bertina
BertilaFemaleGermanThe German name Bertila means – a form of Bertilda
BertildaFemaleGermanThe German name Bertilda means – she who fights; the distinguished one
BertiliaFemaleGermanThe German name Bertilia means – a form of Bertilda
BertinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Bertina means – bright; shining
BertoariaFemaleGermanThe German name Bertoaria means – brilliant city or army
BertoldaFemaleGermanThe German name Bertolda means – a form of Bertha
BessFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bess means – a short form of Bessie
BessieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bessie means – a familiar form of Elizabeth
BestabeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bestabe means – daughter of an oath or pact
BetaniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betania means – a form of Bethany
BethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Beth means – “house of God.” A short form of Bethany and Elizabeth. Singer Beth Orton
BethannFemaleEnglishThe English name Bethann means – a combination of Beth + Ann
BethelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bethel means – from God’s house
BettyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betty means – consecrated to God
BetulaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betula means – girl, maiden
BetuliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betulia means – birch-tree garden
BeulahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Beulah means – “married.” A biblical name for the land of Israel
BevFemaleEnglishThe English name Bev means – a short form of Beverly
BeverleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Beverley means – a form of Beverly
BeverlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Beverly means – beaver field
BiancaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bianca means – white
BibiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bibi means – a short form of Bibiana
BibianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bibiana means – lively
BiblisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Biblis means – swallow
BilliFemaleEnglishThe English name Billi means – a form of Billie
BillieFemaleEnglishThe English name Billie means – strong willed
BinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bina means – This name means “perception” or “understanding.”
BinneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Binney means – a familiar form of Benedicta, Bianca, Bina
BirdieFemaleEnglishThe English name Birdie means – bird
BitildaFemaleGermanThe German name Bitilda means – a form of Bathilda
BladinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bladina means – friendly
BlandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Blanda means – delicate; soft
BlandinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Blandina means – flattering
BlasinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Blasina means – a form of Blaise
BlasonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Blasona means – a form of Blaise
BlendaFemaleGermanThe German name Blenda means – white; brilliant
BlissFemaleEnglishThe English name Bliss means – Literally, “happy” or “joyful.”
BlossomFemaleEnglishThe English name Blossom means – “flower.”
BlytheFemaleEnglishThe English name Blythe means – “happy” or “cheerful.” Stage and film actress Blythe Danner, mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow
BoachaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Boacha means – blessed
BolonaFemaleGermanThe German name Bolona means – friend
BonajuntaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bonajunta means – good; united
BonnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Bonnie means – “beautiful.” Among notable people with this name are actresses Bonnie Franklin and Bonnie Bedelia
BonnyFemaleEnglishThe English name Bonny means – beautiful, pretty
BovaFemaleGermanThe German name Bova means – brave; illustrious
BrackenFemaleEnglishThe English name Bracken means – fern
BrandaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Branda means – blessing
BreeFemaleEnglishThe English name Bree means – broth
BreezeFemaleEnglishThe English name Breeze means – light wind; carefree
BrillanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Brillana means – from the city Brill, England
BrinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Brina means – a short form of Sabrina
BrintiFemaleEnglishThe English name Brinti means – a form of Britany
BristolFemaleEnglishThe English name Bristol means – the site of the bridge; from Bristol, England
BritaneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Britaney means – a form of Britany
BritaniFemaleEnglishThe English name Britani means – a form of Britany
BritanieFemaleEnglishThe English name Britanie means – a form of Britany
BritanyFemaleEnglishThe English name Britany means – from Britain
BritinFemaleEnglishThe English name Britin means – from Britain
BritishFemaleEnglishThe English name British means – from Britain
BritneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Britnee means – a form of Britany
BritneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Britney means – a form of Britany
BritnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Britnie means – a form of Britany
BritnyFemaleEnglishThe English name Britny means – a form of Britany
BrittaneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittanee means – a form of Britany
BrittaneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittaney means – a form of Britany
BrittaniFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittani means – a form of Britany
BrittanieFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittanie means – a form of Britany
BrittannyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittanny means – a form of Britany
BrittanyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittany means – from Britain
BrittenyFemaleEnglishThe English name Britteny means – a form of Britany
BrittianyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittiany means – a form of Britany
BrittinFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittin means – from Britain. A form of Britin
BrittiniFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittini means – a form of Britany
BrittinyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittiny means – a form of Britany
BrittnayFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittnay means – a form of Britany
BrittneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittnee means – a form of Britany
BrittneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittney means – a form of Britany
BrittniFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittni means – a form of Britany
BrittnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittnie means – a form of Britany
BrittnyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittny means – a form of Britany
BrittonyFemaleEnglishThe English name Brittony means – a form of Britany
BrookFemaleEnglishThe English name Brook means – brook, stream
BrookeFemaleEnglishThe English name Brooke means – Literally signifies “brook” or “stream.” A feminine form of Brook. Actress Brooke Shields
BrunaFemaleGermanThe German name Bruna means – a short form of Brunhilda
BrunhildaFemaleGermanThe German name Brunhilda means – armored warrior
BrunildaFemaleGermanThe German name Brunilda means – a form of Brunhilda
BrynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bryn means – from the boundary line
BrynaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Bryna means – a form of Brina
BrynnFemaleLatinThe Latin name Brynn means – from the boundary line
BrynneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Brynne means – a form of Bryn
BryttaniFemaleEnglishThe English name Bryttani means – a form of Britany
BryttanyFemaleEnglishThe English name Bryttany means – a form of Britany
BryttniFemaleEnglishThe English name Bryttni means – a form of Britany
CadenceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cadence means – rhythm
CadieFemaleEnglishThe English name Cadie means – a form of Kady
CadyFemaleEnglishThe English name Cady means – a form of Kady
CadynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Cadyna means – a form of Cadence
CaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Caela means – a form of Kayla
CailaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Caila means – a form of Kayla
CalamandraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Calamandra means – Geography: a region in Maxico
CaledoniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Caledonia means – from Scotland
CallanFemaleGermanThe German name Callan means – likes to talk; chatter
CallulaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Callula means – beauty; light
CalthaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Caltha means – yellow flower
CalvinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Calvina means – bald
CambriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cambria means – from Wales
CameoFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cameo means – gem or shell on which a portrait is carved
CandidaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Candida means – bright white
CandraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Candra means – glowing
CanelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Canela means – cinnamon
CanitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Canita means – a form of Carmen
CanutaFemaleGermanThe German name Canuta means – of good origin
CapitolinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Capitolina means – she who lives with the gods
CaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cara means – dear
CarahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carah means – dear
CaralynFemaleEnglishThe English name Caralyn means – a form of Caroline
CarelynFemaleEnglishThe English name Carelyn means – a form of Caroline
CaridadFemaleLatinThe Latin name Caridad means – love; affection
CaridadeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Caridade means – love; affection
CarilynFemaleEnglishThe English name Carilyn means – a form of Caroline
CaritaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carita means – charitable
CaritinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Caritina means – grace
CarlaFemaleGermanThe German name Carla means – farmer
CarleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Carlee means – a form of Carly
CarleenFemaleEnglishThe English name Carleen means – a form of Caroline
CarleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Carleigh means – a form of Carly
CarlenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Carlena means – a form of Caroline
CarleneFemaleEnglishThe English name Carlene means – a form of Caroline
CarleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Carley means – a form of Carly
CarliFemaleEnglishThe English name Carli means – a form of Carly
CarlieFemaleEnglishThe English name Carlie means – a form of Carly
CarlinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carlina means – a form of Carlin
CarlingFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carling means – a form of Carlin
CarlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Carly means – a familiar form of Caroline, Charlotte
CarmanFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carman means – a form of Carmen
CarmelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Carmel means – a short form of Carmela
CarmelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Carmela means – garden; vineyard. Bible: Mount Carmel in Israel is often thought of a paradise
CarmelitFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Carmelit means – a short form of Carmelita
CarmelitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Carmelita means – a form of Carmela
CarmellaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Carmella means – garden; vineyard. Bible: Mount Carmel in Israel is often thought of a paradise
CarmenFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carmen means – song. Religion: Nuestra Senora del Carmen – Our Lady of Mount Carmel – is one of the titles of the Virgin Mary
CarminaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carmina means – a form of Carmine
CarnelianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Carnelian means – clear, reddish stone
CarolFemaleGermanThe German name Carol means – farmer
CaroleFemaleEnglishThe English name Carole means – a form of Carol
CarolynFemaleEnglishThe English name Carolyn means – a form of Caroline
CarolyneFemaleEnglishThe English name Carolyne means – a form of Caroline
CarolynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Carolynn means – a form of Caroline
CarrieFemaleEnglishThe English name Carrie means – a familiar form of Carol, Caroline
CarylFemaleLatinThe Latin name Caryl means – a form of Carol
CasianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Casiana means – empty; vain
CasielFemaleLatinThe Latin name Casiel means – mother of the earth
CatarinaFemaleGermanThe German name Catarina means – a form of Catherine
CaterinaFemaleGermanThe German name Caterina means – a form of Catherine
CatieFemaleEnglishThe English name Catie means – a form of Katie
CatinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Catina means – a form of Katina
CatrielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Catriel means – a form of Katriel
CaylaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cayla means – a form of Kayla
CaylahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Caylah means – a form of Kayla
CeceliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cecelia means – a form of Cecilia
CecileFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cecile means – a form of Cecilia
CeciliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cecilia means – blind
CecilyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cecily means – a form of Cecilia
CedricaFemaleEnglishThe English name Cedrica means – battle chieftain
CeferinaFemaleGermanThe German name Ceferina means – caresses like a soft wind
CeilFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ceil means – a short form of Cecilia
CelandineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Celandine means – an herb with yellow flowers
CeledoniaFemaleGermanThe German name Celedonia means – a form of Celidonia
CelestaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Celesta means – a form of Celeste
CelesteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Celeste means – celestial, heavenly
CelestinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Celestina means – a form of Celeste
CelestineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Celestine means – a form of Celeste
CeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Celia means – a short form of Celeste
CelsaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Celsa means – very spiritual
CerellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cerella means – springtime
CeresFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ceres means – Mythology: the Roman goddess of agriculture. Astronomy the first asteroid discovered to have on orbit between Mars and Saturn
CesaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cesara means – a form of Cesare
CesareFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cesare means – long-haired. History: Roman emperors were given the title
CesariaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cesaria means – a form of Cesare
CesarinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cesarina means – a form of Cesare
CesiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cesilia means – a form of Cecilia
CesiraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cesira means – a form of Cesare
CesireaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cesirea means – a form of Cesare
ChabelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chabela means – a form of Isabel
ChaiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chai means – This name signifries “life.”
ChanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chana means – a form of Hannah
ChanelFemaleEnglishThe English name Chanel means – channel
ChanellFemaleEnglishThe English name Chanell means – a form of Chanel
ChanelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Chanelle means – a form of Chanel
ChannelFemaleEnglishThe English name Channel means – channel
ChannelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Channelle means – a form of Chanel
CharityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Charity means – charity, kindness
CharlaineFemaleEnglishThe English name Charlaine means – a form of Charlene
CharleeFemaleGermanThe German name Charlee means – a form of Charlie
CharleenFemaleEnglishThe English name Charleen means – a form of Charlene
CharleighFemaleGermanThe German name Charleigh means – a form of Charlie
CharleneFemaleEnglishThe English name Charlene means – Signifies “little and womanly.” A form of Caroline
CharleyFemaleGermanThe German name Charley means – strong
CharliFemaleGermanThe German name Charli means – a form of Charlie
CharlineFemaleEnglishThe English name Charline means – a form of Charlene
ChasidyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Chasidy means – a form of Chastity
ChasityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Chasity means – a form of Chastity
ChassidyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Chassidy means – a form of Chastity
ChastityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Chastity means – pure
ChavaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chava means – “life.” Among notable people with this name is singer Chava Alberstein
ChavonFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chavon means – a form of Jane
ChavonneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chavonne means – a form of Chavon
ChayaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chaya means – life; living
ChaylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Chayla means – a form of Chaylea
ChayleaFemaleEnglishThe English name Chaylea means – a combination of Chaya + Lea
ChelbyFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelby means – a form of Shelby
ChelciFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelci means – a form of Chelsea
ChelcieFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelcie means – a form of Chelsea
ChelleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelley means – a form of Shelley
ChelsaFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsa means – a form of Chelsea
ChelseFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelse means – a form of Chelsea
ChelseaFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsea means – seaport
ChelseeFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsee means – a form of Chelsea
ChelseyFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsey means – a form of Chelsea
ChelsiFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsi means – a form of Chelsea
ChelsiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsia means – a form of Chelsea
ChelsieFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsie means – a form of Chelsea
ChelsyFemaleEnglishThe English name Chelsy means – a form of Chelsea
ChemarinFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chemarin means – girl in black
ChenelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Chenelle means – a form of Chanel
ChepaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chepa means – chaste
CherilynFemaleEnglishThe English name Cherilyn means – a combination of Cheryl + Lynn
CherishFemaleEnglishThe English name Cherish means – Signifies “precious.”
CheritaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cherita means – a form of Charity
CherryFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cherry means – a familiar form of Charity
ChrissieFemaleEnglishThe English name Chrissie means – a familiar form of Christina
ChrissyFemaleEnglishThe English name Chrissy means – a familiar form of Christina
ChristaFemaleGermanThe German name Christa means – A short form of Christina, which means “Christian.” Among notable people with this name is author Christa Brueck
ChristyFemaleEnglishThe English name Christy means – a short form of Christina, Christine
ChrysFemaleEnglishThe English name Chrys means – a form of Chris
ChrystaFemaleGermanThe German name Chrysta means – a short form of Christina
ChrystalFemaleLatinThe Latin name Chrystal means – a form of Christal
CicelyFemaleEnglishThe English name Cicely means – a form of Cecilia
CieloFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cielo means – she who is celestial
CimFemaleEnglishThe English name Cim means – a form of Kim
CimberleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Cimberleigh means – a form of Kimberly
CinniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cinnia means – curly haired
ClaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clara means – clear; bright. Music: Clara Schumann was a famous nineteenth century German composer
ClarabelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clarabelle means – bright and beautiful
ClareFemaleEnglishThe English name Clare means – a form of Clara
ClarenzaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clarenza means – clear; victorious
ClaribelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Claribel means – a form of Clarabelle
ClarieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clarie means – a familiar form of Clara
ClarindaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clarinda means – bright; beautiful
ClaudelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Claudel means – a form of Claude
ClaudiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Claudia means – a form of Claude
ClaudieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Claudie means – a form of Claudia
CleanthaFemaleEnglishThe English name Cleantha means – glory
CleliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clelia means – a form of Celia
ClemenceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clemence means – a form of Clementine
ClementinaFemaleGermanThe German name Clementina means – a form of Clementine
ClementineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Clementine means – merciful
ClevaFemaleEnglishThe English name Cleva means – dwells at the cliffs
ClodomiraFemaleGermanThe German name Clodomira means – famous
CloeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cloelia means – a form of Celia
ClosindaFemaleGermanThe German name Closinda means – famous, notable
ClotildaFemaleGermanThe German name Clotilda means – This name has the meaning “heroine.”
ColbiFemaleEnglishThe English name Colbi means – a form of Colby
ColbieFemaleEnglishThe English name Colbie means – a form of Colby
ColmanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Colmana means – a form of Colomba
ColombaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Colomba means – dove
ColombinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Colombina means – a form of Colomba
ConcesaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Concesa means – award
ConcordiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Concordia means – harmonious. Mythology: the goddess governing the peace after war
ConnieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Connie means – a familiar form of Constance
ConsolacionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Consolacion means – consolation
ConsorciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Consorcia means – association
ConstanceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Constance means – constant; firm. History: Constance Motley was the first African American woman to be appointed as a US federal judge
CoralFemaleLatinThe Latin name Coral means – coral
CordeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cordelia means – warm-hearted
CordulaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cordula means – she who is out of time
CorneliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cornelia means – horn colored
CortneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Cortnee means – a form of Courtney
CortneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Cortney means – a form of Courtney
CortniFemaleEnglishThe English name Cortni means – a form of Courtney
CortnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Cortnie means – a form of Courtney
CourtenayFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtenay means – a form of Courtney
CourteneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Courteney means – a form of Courtney
CourtlineFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtline means – a form of Courtney
CourtlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtlyn means – a form of Courtney
CourtneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtnee means – a form of Courtney
CourtneiFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtnei means – a form of Courtney
CourtneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtney means – “from the court.” Among notable people with this name are actress Courtney Cox, of TV’s Friends, and rocker Courtney Love
CourtniFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtni means – a form of Courtney
CourtnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtnie means – a form of Courtney
CourtnyFemaleEnglishThe English name Courtny means – a form of Courtney
CrescenciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Crescencia means – growth
CrimildaFemaleGermanThe German name Crimilda means – she fights wearing a helmet
CrispinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Crispina means – curly haired
CristalFemaleLatinThe Latin name Cristal means – a form of Crystal
CristiFemaleEnglishThe English name Cristi means – a familiar form of Cristina, A form of Christy
CristyFemaleEnglishThe English name Cristy means – a familiar form of Cristina, A form of Christy
CrystalFemaleLatinThe Latin name Crystal means – clear, brilliant glass
CrystalinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Crystalin means – crystal pool
CrystelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Crystel means – a form of Crystal
CunegundaFemaleGermanThe German name Cunegunda means – brave and famous
CunibergaFemaleGermanThe German name Cuniberga means – guardedly famous
CustodiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Custodia means – guardian angel
CutburgaFemaleGermanThe German name Cutburga means – protector of the wise person
CuthbertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Cuthberta means – brilliant
CzarinaFemaleGermanThe German name Czarina means – a Russian empress
DabriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dabria means – Religion: on of the angelic scribes
DaeFemaleEnglishThe English name Dae means – day
DagmarFemaleGermanThe German name Dagmar means – A name that means “glorious.”
DagobertaFemaleGermanThe German name Dagoberta means – radiant as the day
DainaFemaleEnglishThe English name Daina means – a form of Dana
DaiseyFemaleEnglishThe English name Daisey means – a form of Daisy
DaisyFemaleEnglishThe English name Daisy means – “eye of the day,” it is the name of a white and yellow flower. MTV host Daisy Fuentes
DalenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dalena means – a form of Dale
DaliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dalia means – branch
DaliahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daliah means – branch
DalmaciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dalmacia means – Geography: native of Dalmatia, a region on the Adriatic Sea
DamiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Damira means – long live the world
DanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dana means – “from Denmark” or “bright as day.” Actress Dana Delaney
DanahFemaleEnglishThe English name Danah means – a form of Dana
DaneilFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daneil means – a form of Danielle
DanelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danelle means – a form of Danielle
DaniFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dani means – a familiar form of Danielle
DaniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dania means – a short form of Danielle
DanieleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daniele means – a form of Danielle
DaniellFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daniell means – a form of Danielle
DaniellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Daniella means – a form of Dana, Danielle
DanielleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danielle means – God is my judge
DaniquaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daniqua means – a form of Danica
DanitFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danit means – a form of Danielle
DanitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danita means – a form of Danielle
DanniFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danni means – a familiar form of Danielle
DannicaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dannica means – a form of Danica
DannielleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dannielle means – a form of Danielle
DanyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danya means – a short form of Danielle
DaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dara means – compassionate
DarahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Darah means – a form of Dara
DaralisFemaleEnglishThe English name Daralis means – beloved
DarlaFemaleEnglishThe English name Darla means – a short form of Darlene
DarrahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Darrah means – a form of Dara
DavidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Davida means – “beloved.”
DawnFemaleEnglishThe English name Dawn means – “sunrise” or “dawn.” Olympic gold medalist Dawn Fraser and novelist of New York Dawn Powell
DawnaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dawna means – a form of Dawn
DayanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dayana means – a form of Diana
DayannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dayanna means – a form of Diana
DaylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dayla means – a form of Dale
DayleFemaleEnglishThe English name Dayle means – a form of Dale
DaysiFemaleEnglishThe English name Daysi means – a form of Daisy
DeanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Deana means – divine
DeannFemaleLatinThe Latin name Deann means – a form of Diane
DeannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Deanna means – a form of Deana, Diana
DeanneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Deanne means – a form of Diane
DebbieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Debbie means – a familiar form of Deborah
DebbyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Debby means – a familiar form of Deborah
DeboraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Debora means – a form of Deborah
DeborahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Deborah means – bee. Bible: a great Hebrew prophetess
DecemberFemaleLatinThe Latin name December means – born in the twelfth month
DeciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Decia means – tenth child
DeeannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Deeanna means – a form of Deana, Diana
DeisyFemaleEnglishThe English name Deisy means – a form of Daisy
DelainaFemaleGermanThe German name Delaina means – a form of Delana
DelanaFemaleGermanThe German name Delana means – noble protector
DelaynaFemaleGermanThe German name Delayna means – a form of Delana
DeliciaFemaleEnglishThe English name Delicia means – Suggests “delight.”
DelilahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Delilah means – This name means “flirt.”
DelisaFemaleEnglishThe English name Delisa means – a form of Delicia
DelishaFemaleEnglishThe English name Delisha means – a form of Delicia
DellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Della means – a short form of Adelaide, Cordelia, Delaney
DelsieFemaleEnglishThe English name Delsie means – a familiar form of Delores
DelwynFemaleEnglishThe English name Delwyn means – proud friend; friend from the valley
DenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dena means – valley
DenaeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Denae means – a form of Dena
DenitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Denita means – a form of Danita
DeodataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Deodata means – delivered to God
DeograciasFemaleLatinThe Latin name Deogracias means – born by the grace of God
DeonaFemaleEnglishThe English name Deona means – a form of Dena
DeonildeFemaleGermanThe German name Deonilde means – she who fights
DeonnaFemaleEnglishThe English name Deonna means – a form of Dena
DerfutaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Derfuta means – she who flees
DericaFemaleGermanThe German name Derica means – a form of Derika
DerikaFemaleGermanThe German name Derika means – ruler of the people
DerricaFemaleGermanThe German name Derrica means – a form of Derika
DerrickaFemaleGermanThe German name Derricka means – a form of Derika
DesgraciasFemaleLatinThe Latin name Desgracias means – a form of Deogracias
DevonaFemaleEnglishThe English name Devona means – a form of Devonna
DevonnaFemaleEnglishThe English name Devonna means – from Devonshire
DevoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Devora means – a form of Deborah
DevotaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Devota means – devoted to God
DextraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dextra means – adroit, skillful
DeysiFemaleEnglishThe English name Deysi means – a form of Daisy
DiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Di means – a short form of Diana, Diane
DiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dia means – a short form of Diana, Diane
DiamantinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Diamantina means – unconquerable
DiamonFemaleLatinThe Latin name Diamon means – a short form of Diamond
DianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Diana means – divine. Mythology: the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and fertility
DianeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Diane means – a short form of Diana
DiannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dianna means – a form of Diana
DianneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dianne means – a short form of Diana
DiellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Diella means – she who adores God
DignaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Digna means – worthy
DinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dina means – a form of Dinah
DinahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dinah means – “justified.” The name of a daughter of the biblical patriarch Jacob. Among famous Dinahs are singers Dinah Shore and Dinah Washington
DinoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dinora means – avenged or vindicated
DiviniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Divinia means – divine
DivyaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Divya means – a form of Divinia
DizaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Diza means – joyful
DoanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Doanne means – low, rolling hills
DocilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Docila means – gentle; docile
DodieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dodie means – beloved
DomanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Domana means – domestic
DomenicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Domenica means – a form of Dominica
DomiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Domilia means – related to the house
DominicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dominica means – belonging to the Lord
DominikaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dominika means – belonging to the Lord
DominoFemaleEnglishThe English name Domino means – a short form of Dominica
DomitilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Domitila means – a form of Domicia
DomninaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Domnina means – lord, master
DonaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dona means – world leader; proud ruler
DonataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Donata means – gift
DonatilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Donatila means – a form of Donata
DoninaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Donina means – a form of Dorothy
DonosaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Donosa means – she who has grace and charm
DonvinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Donvina means – vigorous
DorabellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dorabella means – a combination of Dora + Bella
DoralynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Doralynn means – a combination of Dora + Lynn
DreamaFemaleEnglishThe English name Dreama means – dreamer
DrucillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Drucilla means – a form of Drusilla
DrusiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Drusi means – a short form of Drusilla
DrusillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Drusilla means – descendant of Drusus, the strong one
DulceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dulce means – sweet
DunaFemaleGermanThe German name Duna means – hill
DuniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dunia means – life
DureneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Durene means – enduring
DustiFemaleEnglishThe English name Dusti means – a familiar form of Dustin
DustineFemaleGermanThe German name Dustine means – a form of Dustin
DyamondFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dyamond means – a form of Diamond
DyanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dyana means – a form of Diana
DyannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dyanna means – a form of Diana
DymondFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dymond means – a form of Diamond
DynastyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Dynasty means – powerful ruler
EaddaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eadda means – wealthy; successful
EadmundFemaleEnglishThe English name Eadmund means – a form of Edmunda
EadwineFemaleEnglishThe English name Eadwine means – a form of Edwina
EarnaFemaleEnglishThe English name Earna means – eagle
EarnestynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Earnestyna means – a form of Ernestina
EarthaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eartha means – earthy
EarwynFemaleEnglishThe English name Earwyn means – a form of Erwina
EarwynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Earwyna means – a form of Erwina
EasterFemaleEnglishThe English name Easter means – Easter time. History: a name for a child born on Easter
EathelinFemaleEnglishThe English name Eathelin means – noble waterfall
EathelynFemaleEnglishThe English name Eathelyn means – noble waterfall
EddaFemaleGermanThe German name Edda means – a form of Hedda
EdelburgaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edelburga means – noble protector
EdelineFemaleEnglishThe English name Edeline means – noble; kind
EdenFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eden means – delightful. Bible: the earthly paradise
EdesiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Edesia means – feast
EdevaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edeva means – expensive present
EdianFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Edian means – decoration for God
EdieFemaleEnglishThe English name Edie means – a familiar form of Edith
EdilbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Edilberta means – she who comes from a long heritage
EdilburgaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edilburga means – noble protector
EdiltrudisFemaleGermanThe German name Ediltrudis means – strong; noble
EdinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edina means – prosperous fort
EdithFemaleEnglishThe English name Edith means – “rich gift.” Famous persons with this name include actress Dame Edith Evans, former first ladies Edith Roosevelt and Edith Wilson, and writer Edith Wharton, who penned The Age of Innocence
EdlenFemaleEnglishThe English name Edlen means – noble waterfall
EdlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Edlyn means – prosperous; noble
EdmandaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edmanda means – a form of Edmunda
EdmundaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edmunda means – prosperous protector
EdnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Edna means – rejuvenation. Religion: the wife of Enoch, according to the Book of Enoch
EdreaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edrea means – a short form of Edrice, Edrianna
EdriceFemaleEnglishThe English name Edrice means – prosperous ruler
EduardaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eduarda means – a form of Edwardina
EduvigisFemaleGermanThe German name Eduvigis means – victorious fighter
EduvijisFemaleGermanThe German name Eduvijis means – victorious fighter
EduvixesFemaleGermanThe German name Eduvixes means – battle
EdvinaFemaleGermanThe German name Edvina means – a form of Edwina
EdwardinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edwardina means – prosperous quardian
EdwinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Edwina means – “prosperous friend.” A feminine form of Edwin
EfrataFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrata means – honored
EfronaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrona means – songbird
EgbertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Egberta means – bright sword
EgbertinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Egbertina means – a form of Egberta
EgbertineFemaleEnglishThe English name Egbertine means – a form of Egberta
EgbertyneFemaleEnglishThe English name Egbertyne means – a form of Egberta
ElataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elata means – elevated
ElbertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elberta means – a form of Alberta
EldaFemaleGermanThe German name Elda means – she who battles
EldridaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eldrida means – wise counselor
EleoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eleora means – the Lord is my light
EletheaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elethea means – healer
ElethiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elethia means – healer
ElettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Eletta means – elf; mischievous
ElfegaFemaleGermanThe German name Elfega means – brightness in the heights
ElfridaFemaleGermanThe German name Elfrida means – peaceful
EliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elia means – a short form of Eliana
ElianaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliana means – “the Lord is my God.”
ElianeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliane means – a form of Eliana
ElianneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elianne means – a form of Eliana
EliciaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elicia means – a form of Elisha
ElidaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elida means – a form of Alida
ElideFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elide means – a form of Elida
ElimenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elimena means – stranger
ElisabetFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisabet means – a form of Elizabeth
ElisabethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisabeth means – a form of Elizabeth
EliseaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisea means – God is salvation; protect my health
ElisendaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisenda means – a form of Elisa
ElishevaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisheva means – a form of Elisabeth
ElisiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elisia means – a form of Elisha
ElitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elita means – chosen
ElizaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliza means – a short form of Elizabeth
ElizabetFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elizabet means – a form of Elizabeth
ElizabethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elizabeth means – consecrated to God. Bible: the mother of John the Baptist
ElizebethFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elizebeth means – a form of Elizabeth
ElkeFemaleGermanThe German name Elke means – a form of Adelaide, Alice
EllaFemaleEnglishThe English name Ella means – elfin; beautiful fairy-woman
EllenFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellen means – A form of Eleanor or Helen. Among notable people with this name are actress Ellen Corby; former first lady Ellen Arthur, wife of Chester Arthur; comedian Ellen DeGeneres, and novelist Ellen Glasgow
EllfredaFemaleGermanThe German name Ellfreda means – a form of Alfreda
ElliFemaleEnglishThe English name Elli means – a short form of Eleanor, Ella, Ellen
EllianaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elliana means – a form of Eliana
ElliceFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellice means – a form of Elise
EllieFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellie means – Short form of Eleanor, Ella, and Ellen
EllisonFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellison means – child of Ellis
EllyFemaleEnglishThe English name Elly means – a short form of Eleanor, Ella, Ellen
EllynFemaleEnglishThe English name Ellyn means – a form of Ellen
ElminaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elmina means – noble
ElodieFemaleEnglishThe English name Elodie means – a form of Alodie
ElsaFemaleGermanThe German name Elsa means – noble
ElsbethFemaleGermanThe German name Elsbeth means – a form of Elizabeth
ElsieFemaleGermanThe German name Elsie means – a familiar form of Elsa, Helsa
ElvaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elva means – elfin
ElveraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elvera means – a form of Elvira
ElviaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elvia means – a form of Elva
ElvieFemaleEnglishThe English name Elvie means – a form of Elva
ElvinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Elvina means – a form of Alvina
ElviraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Elvira means – white; blond
ElyciaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elycia means – a form of Elisha
ElyshaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elysha means – a form of Elisha
EmanuelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emanuelle means – a form of Emmanuelle
EmariFemaleGermanThe German name Emari means – a form of Emery
EmeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emelia means – a form of Amelia
EmelieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emelie means – a form of Emily
EmelyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emely means – a form of Emily
EmerencianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emerenciana means – she who will be rewarded
EmeritaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emerita means – a form of Emerenciana
EmieFemaleGermanThe German name Emie means – a form of Emmy
EmileeFemaleEnglishThe English name Emilee means – a form of Emily
EmileighFemaleEnglishThe English name Emileigh means – a form of Emily
EmileyFemaleEnglishThe English name Emiley means – a form of Emily
EmiliFemaleEnglishThe English name Emili means – a form of Emily
EmilieFemaleEnglishThe English name Emilie means – a form of Emily
EmillyFemaleEnglishThe English name Emilly means – a form of Emily
EmilseFemaleGermanThe German name Emilse means – a combination of Emily + Ilse
EmilyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emily means – flatterer
EmmaFemaleGermanThe German name Emma means – A short form of Emily, which means “industrious.” Flaubert’s title heroine Emma Bovary, as well as poet Emma Lazarus are famous Emmas
EmmanuelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emmanuelle means – God is with us
EmmieFemaleGermanThe German name Emmie means – a form of Emmy
EmmilyFemaleEnglishThe English name Emmily means – a form of Emily
EmmyFemaleGermanThe German name Emmy means – a familiar form of Emma
EmperatrizFemaleLatinThe Latin name Emperatriz means – empress
EmyFemaleGermanThe German name Emy means – a familiar form of Emma
EncarnacionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Encarnacion means – incarnation of Jesus in his mother, Mary
EnchantraFemaleEnglishThe English name Enchantra means – enchanting
EndoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Endora means – fountain
EnyeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enye means – grace
EppieFemaleEnglishThe English name Eppie means – a familiar form of Euphemia
ErelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Erela means – angel
ErmaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Erma means – a form of Ermine
ErmenburgaFemaleGermanThe German name Ermenburga means – strong city
ErmengardaFemaleGermanThe German name Ermengarda means – where strength dwells
ErmengardisFemaleGermanThe German name Ermengardis means – strong garden
ErmenildaFemaleGermanThe German name Ermenilda means – powerful warrior
ErmerindaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ermerinda means – a form of Erma
ErmineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ermine means – a form of Hermina
ErnaFemaleEnglishThe English name Erna means – a short form of Ernestine
ErnestinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Ernestina means – a form of Ernestine
ErnestineFemaleEnglishThe English name Ernestine means – earnest, sincere
ErundinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Erundina means – like a swallow
ErwinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Erwina means – sea friend
ErwynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Erwyna means – sea friend
EscolasticaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Escolastica means – she who knows much and theaches
EsmeradaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Esmerada means – shining; standing out
EssenceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Essence means – life; existence
EssieFemaleEnglishThe English name Essie means – a short form of Estelle, Esther
EsteeFemaleEnglishThe English name Estee means – a short form of Estelle, Esther
EstervinaFemaleGermanThe German name Estervina means – friend from the east
EstilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Estila means – column
EstradaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Estrada means – road
EtelburgaFemaleEnglishThe English name Etelburga means – a form of Edelburga
EtelindaFemaleGermanThe German name Etelinda means – noble one who protects her village
EtelredaFemaleGermanThe German name Etelreda means – noble advice
EtelvinaFemaleGermanThe German name Etelvina means – loyal and noble friend
EternityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Eternity means – eternity
EthanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ethana means – strong; firm
EthelFemaleEnglishThe English name Ethel means – noble
EtilkaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Etilka means – noble
EttaFemaleGermanThe German name Etta means – little
EudaFemaleGermanThe German name Euda means – childhood
EveFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eve means – life. Bible: the first woman created by God
Eve MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Eve Marie means – a combination of Eve + Marie
EveliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Evelia means – a form of Eve
EvelinFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelin means – a form of Evelyn
EvelinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelina means – a form of Evelyn
EvelineFemaleEnglishThe English name Eveline means – a form of Evelyn
EvelynFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelyn means – “hazelnut.” President John F. Kennedy’s personal secretary and confidante was Evelyn Lincoln
EvelyneFemaleEnglishThe English name Evelyne means – a form of Evelyn
EvlineFemaleEnglishThe English name Evline means – a form of Evelyn
ExpositaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Exposita means – exposed
ExuperanciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperancia means – abundant
ExuperiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperia means – a form of Exuperancia
EzrelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezrela means – reaffirming faith
EzriFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezri means – helper; strong
FabiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fabia means – bean grower
FabianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fabiana means – a form of Fabia
FabienneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fabienne means – a form of Fabia
FabiolaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fabiola means – a form of Fabia
FabriciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fabricia means – a form of Fabrizia
FacundaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Facunda means – eloquent speaker
FainaFemaleEnglishThe English name Faina means – happy
FairleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Fairlee means – from a yellow meadow
FaithFemaleEnglishThe English name Faith means – “loyalty.” Novelist Faith Baldwin singer Faith Hill
FaliciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Falicia means – a form of Felicia
FalineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Faline means – catlike
FalishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Falisha means – a form of Felicia
FarahFemaleEnglishThe English name Farah means – beautiful; pleaant
FarenFemaleEnglishThe English name Faren means – wanderer
FariaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Faria means – pharaoh
FaricaFemaleGermanThe German name Farica means – peaceful ruler
FarrahFemaleEnglishThe English name Farrah means – beautiful; pleaant
FarrenFemaleEnglishThe English name Farren means – wanderer
FaustineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Faustine means – lucky, fortunate
FaviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Favia means – a form of Fabia
FaviolaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Faviola means – a form of Fabia
FayreFemaleEnglishThe English name Fayre means – fair; light haired
FaytheFemaleEnglishThe English name Faythe means – a form of Faith
FeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fe means – trust; belief
FebroninaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Febronina means – sacrifice of atonement
FelbertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Felberta means – brilliant
FeleciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Felecia means – a form of Felicia
FeliceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Felice means – a short form of Felicia
FeliciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Felicia means – fortunate; happy
FelicidadeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Felicidade means – a form of Felicity
FelicityFemaleEnglishThe English name Felicity means – A form of Felicia
FeliculaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Felicula means – kitty
FelisaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Felisa means – a form of Felicia
FelishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Felisha means – a form of Felicia
FernFemaleEnglishThe English name Fern means – fern
FernandaFemaleGermanThe German name Fernanda means – daring, adventurous
FernleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Fernley means – from the fern meadow
FeroniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Feronia means – Mythology: goddess of freedom
FideliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fidelia means – a form of Fidelity
FidelityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fidelity means – faithful, true
FidenciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fidencia means – a form of Fidelity
FilmaFemaleGermanThe German name Filma means – veiled
FiorelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fiorel means – a form of Flora
FiraFemaleEnglishThe English name Fira means – fiery
FlairFemaleEnglishThe English name Flair means – style; verve
FlaminiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Flaminia means – one who belongs to a religious order
FlaviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Flavia means – blond, golden haired
FlavieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Flavie means – a form of Flavia
FletaFemaleEnglishThe English name Fleta means – swift, fast
FlodinaFemaleGermanThe German name Flodina means – wise friend
FlorFemaleLatinThe Latin name Flor means – a short form of Florence
FloraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Flora means – flower. A short form of Florence
FlorelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Florelle means – a form of Flora
FlorenceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Florence means – blooming; flowery; prosperous. History: Florence Nightingale, a British nurse, is considered the founder of modern nursing
FlorieFemaleEnglishThe English name Florie means – a familiar form of Florence
FloriniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Florinia means – a form of Florence
FlorisFemaleEnglishThe English name Floris means – a form of Florence
FlossieFemaleEnglishThe English name Flossie means – a familiar form of Florence
FlytaFemaleEnglishThe English name Flyta means – rapid
FondaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fonda means – foundation
FortunaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fortuna means – fortune; fortunate
FrancesFemaleLatinThe Latin name Frances means – free; from France
FrannieFemaleEnglishThe English name Frannie means – a familiar form of Frances
FrannyFemaleEnglishThe English name Franny means – a familiar form of Frances
FranqueiraFemaleGermanThe German name Franqueira means – open space
FredaFemaleGermanThe German name Freda means – a short form of Alfreda, Elfrida, Frederica, Sigfreda
FreddiFemaleEnglishThe English name Freddi means – a familiar form of Frederica, Winifred
FredellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Fredella means – a form of Frederica
FredericaFemaleGermanThe German name Frederica means – peaceful ruler
FrederikaFemaleGermanThe German name Frederika means – a form of Frederica
FrederikeFemaleGermanThe German name Frederike means – a form of Frederica
FredesvindaFemaleGermanThe German name Fredesvinda means – strength of the country
FredrickaFemaleGermanThe German name Fredricka means – a short form of Frederika
FreedomFemaleEnglishThe English name Freedom means – freedom
FreidaFemaleGermanThe German name Freida means – a form of Frida
FridaFemaleGermanThe German name Frida means – a short form of Alfreda, Elfrida, Frederica, Sigfreda
FritziFemaleGermanThe German name Fritzi means – a familiar form of Frederica
FrondeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fronde means – leafy branch
FronyaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fronya means – forehead
FullaFemaleGermanThe German name Fulla means – full
FuscaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Fusca means – dark
FuturaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Futura means – future
GabinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gabina means – she who is a native of Gabio, an ancient city near Rome
GadaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gada means – lucky
GailFemaleEnglishThe English name Gail means – merry, lively
GailineFemaleEnglishThe English name Gailine means – a form of Gail
GalaxyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Galaxy means – universe; the Milky Way
GaliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gali means – hill; fountain; spring
GalienaFemaleGermanThe German name Galiena means – This name has the meaning “lofty.”
GalilahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Galilah means – important; exalted
GalileaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Galilea means – from Galilee
GardeniaFemaleEnglishThe English name Gardenia means – Botany: a sweet-melling flower
GarynFemaleEnglishThe English name Garyn means – spear carrier
GavriellaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gavriella means – a form of Gabrielle
GaylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Gayla means – a form of Gail
GayleFemaleEnglishThe English name Gayle means – a form of Gail
GayliaFemaleEnglishThe English name Gaylia means – a form of Gail
GaynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Gayna means – a familiar form of Guinevere
GeelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Geela means – joyful
GemaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gema means – jewel, precious stone
GeminianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Geminiana means – a form of Gemini
GemmaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gemma means – jewel, precious stone
GenessisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Genessis means – a form of Genesis
GenevieveFemaleGermanThe German name Genevieve means – a form of Guinevere
GennaFemaleEnglishThe English name Genna means – a form of Jenna
GentilFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gentil means – kind
GeorgeannFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgeann means – a combination of Georgia + Ann
GeorgeannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgeanna means – a combination of Georgia + Anna
GeorgeanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgeanne means – a combination of Georgia + Ann
GeorgeneFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgene means – a familiar form of Georgia
GeorgianaFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgiana means – a form of Georgeanna
GeorgiannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgianna means – a form of Georgeanna
GeorgieFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgie means – a familiar form of Georgeanne, Georgia, Georgiana
GeorginaFemaleEnglishThe English name Georgina means – A form of Georgia
GeraldaFemaleGermanThe German name Geralda means – a short form of Geraldine
GeraldineFemaleGermanThe German name Geraldine means – “mighty with a spear.” A feminine form of Gerald. Renowned people with this name are politician Geraldine Ferarro; actor Geraldine Page; as well as opera singer Geraldine Farrar, a contemporary of Caruso
GerardaFemaleEnglishThe English name Gerarda means – brave spearwoman
GertieFemaleGermanThe German name Gertie means – a familiar form of Gertrude
GertrudeFemaleGermanThe German name Gertrude means – “strength of a spear.” Among notable people with this name: English Channel swimmer Gertrude Ederle, ‘dada’ writer Gertrude Stein
GervasiaFemaleGermanThe German name Gervasia means – a form of Gervaise
GevaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Geva means – hill
GiacobbaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Giacobba means – supplanter, substitute
GibitrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Gibitruda means – she who gives strength
GidgetFemaleEnglishThe English name Gidget means – giddy
GilanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gilana means – joyful
GilberteFemaleGermanThe German name Gilberte means – brilliant; pledge; trustworthy
GildaFemaleEnglishThe English name Gilda means – covered with gold
GillFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gill means – a short form of Gilberte, Gillian
GillianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gillian means – a form of Jillian
GinetteFemaleEnglishThe English name Ginette means – a form of Genevieve
GingerFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ginger means – flower; spice. A familiar form of Virginia
GiniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ginia means – a familiar form of Virginia
GinniferFemaleEnglishThe English name Ginnifer means – white; smooth; soft
GinnyFemaleEnglishThe English name Ginny means – a familiar form of Ginger, Virginia
GiocondaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gioconda means – she who engenders life
GiorgiannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Giorgianna means – a form of Georgeanna
GisaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gisa means – carved stone
GiselFemaleGermanThe German name Gisel means – a form of Giselle
GiselaFemaleGermanThe German name Gisela means – a form of Giselle
GisellFemaleGermanThe German name Gisell means – a form of Giselle
GiselleFemaleGermanThe German name Giselle means – “pledge” or “hostage.” Giselle is the name of an opera by Theophile Gautier
GisselFemaleGermanThe German name Gissel means – a form of Giselle
GisselleFemaleGermanThe German name Gisselle means – a form of Giselle
GitelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gitel means – good
GiuniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Giunia means – she who was born in June
GladysFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gladys means – small sword
GledaFemaleEnglishThe English name Gleda means – happy
GloriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gloria means – glory. History: Gloria Sreinem, a leading American feminist, founded Ms. magazine
GloryFemaleLatinThe Latin name Glory means – a form of Gloria
GlosindaFemaleGermanThe German name Glosinda means – sweet glory
GodgifuFemaleEnglishThe English name Godgifu means – a form of Godiva
GodivaFemaleEnglishThe English name Godiva means – God’s present
GodobertaFemaleGermanThe German name Godoberta means – brightness of God
GoldaFemaleEnglishThe English name Golda means – gold. History: Golda Meir was a Russian-born politician who served as prime minister of Israel
GoldieFemaleEnglishThe English name Goldie means – a familiar form of Golda
GoldineFemaleEnglishThe English name Goldine means – a form of Golda
GontildaFemaleGermanThe German name Gontilda means – famous warrior
GraceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Grace means – graceful
GraceannFemaleEnglishThe English name Graceann means – a combination of Grace + Ann
GraceanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Graceanne means – a combination of Grace + Ann
GracelynFemaleEnglishThe English name Gracelyn means – a combination of Grace + Lynn
GracelynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Gracelynn means – a combination of Grace + Lynn
GracelynneFemaleEnglishThe English name Gracelynne means – a combination of Grace + Lynn
GracenFemaleEnglishThe English name Gracen means – a short form of Graceanne
GracieFemaleEnglishThe English name Gracie means – a familiar form of Grace
GraciliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gracilia means – graceful; slender
GracynFemaleEnglishThe English name Gracyn means – a short form of Graceanne
GratianaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gratiana means – graceful
GrayceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Grayce means – a form of Grace
GreciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Grecia means – a form of Grace
GreekrinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Greekrina means – vigilant watchperson
GretaFemaleGermanThe German name Greta means – A short form of Gretchen and Margaret, which means “pearl.” Famous people with this name include classic film star Greta Garbo and marathon champion Greta Waitz
GretchenFemaleGermanThe German name Gretchen means – A form of Margaret, meaning “pearl.” Actor Gretchen Mol and singer Gretchen Peters are among those with this name
GretelFemaleGermanThe German name Gretel means – a form of Margaret
GrettaFemaleGermanThe German name Gretta means – a short form of Gretchen, Margaret
GriceldaFemaleGermanThe German name Gricelda means – a form of Griselda
GrimaldaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Grimalda means – happiness
GriselFemaleGermanThe German name Grisel means – a short form of Griselda
GriseldaFemaleGermanThe German name Griselda means – “gray warrior maid.”
GualbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Gualberta means – brilliant power
GualteriaFemaleGermanThe German name Gualteria means – a form of Walter
GudeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gudelia means – God
GuendolinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Guendolina means – a form of Gwendolyn
GuiomarFemaleGermanThe German name Guiomar means – famous in combat
GundelindaFemaleGermanThe German name Gundelinda means – pious one in the battle
GundenesFemaleGermanThe German name Gundenes means – famous
GundeniaFemaleGermanThe German name Gundenia means – fighter
GuritFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gurit means – innocent baby
GustaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Gusta means – a short form of Augusta
GusteyFemaleEnglishThe English name Gustey means – windy
GypsyFemaleEnglishThe English name Gypsy means – wanderer
HadaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hada means – she who radiates joy
HadaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadara means – adorned with beauty
HadasaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadasa means – a form of Hadassah
HadassahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadassah means – “myrtle tree.”
HaddaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadda means – she who radiates joy
HadleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Hadley means – field of heather
HaeleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Haeley means – a form of Hayley
HaileFemaleEnglishThe English name Haile means – a form of Hayley
HaileeFemaleEnglishThe English name Hailee means – a form of Hayley
HaileighFemaleEnglishThe English name Haileigh means – a form of Hayley
HaileyFemaleEnglishThe English name Hailey means – a form of Haile
HailiFemaleEnglishThe English name Haili means – a form of Hayley
HailieFemaleEnglishThe English name Hailie means – a form of Hayley
HailyFemaleEnglishThe English name Haily means – a form of Hayley
HajarFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hajar means – a form of Hagar
HalseyFemaleEnglishThe English name Halsey means – Hall’s island
HaneleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hanele means – compassionate
HaniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hania means – resting place
HanniFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hanni means – a familiar form of Hannah
HappyFemaleEnglishThe English name Happy means – happy
HarleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Harlee means – a form of Harley
HarleenFemaleEnglishThe English name Harleen means – a form of Harley
HarleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Harleigh means – a form of Harley
HarleneFemaleEnglishThe English name Harlene means – a form of Harley
HarleyannFemaleEnglishThe English name Harleyann means – a combination of Harley + Ann
HarliFemaleEnglishThe English name Harli means – a form of Harley
HarlieFemaleEnglishThe English name Harlie means – a form of Harley
HarmonyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Harmony means – harmonious
HasiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hasia means – protected by God
HattieFemaleEnglishThe English name Hattie means – a familiar form of Harriet, Henrietta
HavaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hava means – a form of Chava
HavenFemaleEnglishThe English name Haven means – a form of Heaven
HavivaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Haviva means – beloved
HayleFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayle means – a form of Hayley
HayleaFemaleEnglishThe English name Haylea means – a form of Hayley
HayleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Haylee means – a form of Hayley
HayleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayleigh means – a form of Hayley
HayleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayley means – “hay meadow.” Hayley Mills is a well-known actress with this name
HayliFemaleEnglishThe English name Hayli means – a form of Hayley
HaylieFemaleEnglishThe English name Haylie means – a form of Hayley
HazelFemaleEnglishThe English name Hazel means – “hazelnut tree.” Among notable people with this name is former U.S. senator Hazel Abel and jazz pianist Hazel Scott
HeatherFemaleEnglishThe English name Heather means – Signifies a flower associated with Scotland. Among well-known women with this name are Melrose Place’s Heather Locklear and model Heather Stewart-Whyte
HeavenFemaleEnglishThe English name Heaven means – place of beauty and happiness. Bible: where God and angels are said to dwell
HeavenlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Heavenly means – a form of Heaven
HeddaFemaleGermanThe German name Hedda means – battler
HeidiFemaleGermanThe German name Heidi means – A short form of Adelaide, which means “noble” or “serene.” Heidi is the title character the popular children’s story by Johanna Spyri
HeidyFemaleGermanThe German name Heidy means – a short form of Adelaide
HelahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Helah means – rust
HeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Helda means – a form of Hedda
HelgaFemaleGermanThe German name Helga means – This name means “pious.”
HelidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Helida means – of God
HelmaFemaleGermanThe German name Helma means – a short form of Wilhelmina
HelveciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Helvecia means – happy friend. History: Helvetians were ancient inhabitants of Switzerland
HelviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Helvia means – blond hair
HennaFemaleEnglishThe English name Henna means – a familiar form of Henrietta
HenriettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Henrietta means – “ruler of the household.” It is the feminine form of Henry. Among notable people with this name are Zionist Henrietta Szold and astronomer Henrietta Leavitt
HerbertaFemaleGermanThe German name Herberta means – glorious soldier
HeresvidaFemaleGermanThe German name Heresvida means – numerous troops
HeribertaFemaleGermanThe German name Heriberta means – a form of Herbertha
HerlindaFemaleGermanThe German name Herlinda means – pleasant, sweet
HermelindaFemaleGermanThe German name Hermelinda means – shield of strength
HermenexildaFemaleGermanThe German name Hermenexilda means – warrior
HermildaFemaleGermanThe German name Hermilda means – battle of force
HerminaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hermina means – noble
HerminiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Herminia means – a form of Hermina
HerthaFemaleEnglishThe English name Hertha means – child of the earth
HerundinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Herundina means – like a swallow
HettaFemaleGermanThe German name Hetta means – a form of Hedda
HettieFemaleGermanThe German name Hettie means – a familiar form of Henrietta, Hester
HiberniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hibernia means – comes from Ireland
HibiscusFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hibiscus means – Botany: tropical trees or shrubs with large, showy, colorful flowers
HildaFemaleGermanThe German name Hilda means – A short form of Brunhilda and Hildegarde. Among renowned people with this name is poet Hilda Doolittle
HildebrandaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildebranda means – battle sword
HildegardaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildegarda means – a form of Hildegarde
HildegardeFemaleGermanThe German name Hildegarde means – fortress
HildegundaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildegunda means – heroic fighter
HildelitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hildelita means – warrior
HildelivaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hildeliva means – warrior
HildemarcaFemaleGermanThe German name Hildemarca means – noble warrior
HildemareFemaleGermanThe German name Hildemare means – splendid
HilmaFemaleGermanThe German name Hilma means – protected
HilmerFemaleGermanThe German name Hilmer means – famous warrior
HiltrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Hiltruda means – strong warrior
HiltrudesFemaleGermanThe German name Hiltrudes means – strong warrior
HiltrudisFemaleGermanThe German name Hiltrudis means – strong warrior
HindaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hinda means – This name means “doe.”
HoldaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Holda means – hidden
HolleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollee means – a form of Holly
HolleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Holley means – a form of Holly
HolliFemaleEnglishThe English name Holli means – a form of Holly
HollieFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollie means – a form of Holly
HollyannFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollyann means – a combination of Holly + Ann
HollynFemaleEnglishThe English name Hollyn means – a short form of Hollyann
HombelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Hombelina means – boss, leader
HomeraFemaleGermanThe German name Homera means – woman who cannot see
HonbriaFemaleEnglishThe English name Honbria means – sweet
HonestaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Honesta means – honest
HonestyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Honesty means – honesty
HoneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Honey means – sweet
HonoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Honora means – honorable
HopeFemaleEnglishThe English name Hope means – Signifying the quality of hope. Actress Hope Lange.
HoratiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Horatia means – keeper of the hours
HortenseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hortense means – gardener
HosannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Hosanna means – a shout of praise or adoration derived from the Hebrew phrase “Save now!”
HubertaFemaleGermanThe German name Huberta means – bright mind; bright spirit
HuetteFemaleGermanThe German name Huette means – bright mind; bright spirit
HumbelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Humbelina means – boss, leader
HumildadFemaleLatinThe Latin name Humildad means – a form of Humilia
HydeiaFemaleGermanThe German name Hydeia means – a form of Heidi
HydiFemaleGermanThe German name Hydi means – a form of Heidi
IafaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iafa means – strong and beautiful
IaninaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ianina means – a form of Juana
IberiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Iberia means – she who is a native of Iberia
IdaFemaleGermanThe German name Ida means – Which means “hard-working.” Among notable people with this name are actress Ida Lupino, former first lady Ida McKinley, and physicist Ida Tacke
IdabelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Idabelle means – a combination of Ida + Belle
IdalinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Idalina means – a combination of Ida + Lina
IdalisFemaleEnglishThe English name Idalis means – a form of Ida
IdaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Idara means – well-organized woman
IdelgundaFemaleGermanThe German name Idelgunda means – combative
IdeliaFemaleGermanThe German name Idelia means – noble
IdelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Idelina means – a form of Idelia
IdlaFemaleEnglishThe English name Idla means – battle
IdobergaFemaleGermanThe German name Idoberga means – woman; shelter
IdolinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Idolina means – idol
IdubergaFemaleGermanThe German name Iduberga means – woman; shelter
IdumeaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Idumea means – red
IedidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iedida means – loved
IgnaciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ignacia means – fiery, ardent
IgniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ignia means – a short form of Ignacia
IkiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ikia means – God is my salvation
IlainaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ilaina means – a form of Ilana
IlanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ilana means – “tree.” Among notable people with this name is artist Ilana Raviv
IldaFemaleGermanThe German name Ilda means – heroine in battle
IldeFemaleEnglishThe English name Ilde means – battle
IldefonsaFemaleGermanThe German name Ildefonsa means – ready for battle
IldegundaFemaleGermanThe German name Ildegunda means – she who knows how to ballte
IleanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ileana means – a form of Iliana
IliseFemaleGermanThe German name Ilise means – a form of Elise
IlishaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ilisha means – a form of Alisha, Elisha
IlsaFemaleGermanThe German name Ilsa means – a form of Ilse
IlseFemaleGermanThe German name Ilse means – a form of Elizabeth
ImeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Imelda means – warrior
ImogeneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Imogene means – image, likeness
ImperiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Imperia means – imperial ruler
ImperioFemaleLatinThe Latin name Imperio means – imperial ruler
IndaleciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Indalecia means – compasionate lady
IndigoFemaleLatinThe Latin name Indigo means – dark blue color
InfinitiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Infiniti means – a form of Infinity
InfinityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Infinity means – infinity
InigaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Iniga means – fiery, ardent
InmaculadaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Inmaculada means – immaculate
InvencionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Invencion means – invention
IolantheFemaleEnglishThe English name Iolanthe means – a form of Yolanda
IraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ira means – watchful
IrelandFemaleEnglishThe English name Ireland means – from Ireland
IriaFemaleEnglishThe English name Iria means – lady
IridiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Iridia means – belonging to Iris
IrielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iriel means – God is my light
IrmaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Irma means – a form of Erma
IrmgaardFemaleGermanThe German name Irmgaard means – noble
IrmineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Irmine means – noble
IsabelinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isabelina means – a form of Isabel
IsadoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Isadora means – gift of Isis
IsaldinaFemaleGermanThe German name Isaldina means – powerful warrior
IsamarFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isamar means – a form of Itamar
IsbergaFemaleGermanThe German name Isberga means – a form of Ismelda
IseldaFemaleGermanThe German name Iselda means – she who remains faithful
IsmaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ismaela means – God will hear
IsmeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Ismelda means – she who battles with sword
IsolinaFemaleGermanThe German name Isolina means – powerful warrior
ItamarFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Itamar means – palm island
IvernaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Iverna means – from Ireland
IveyFemaleEnglishThe English name Ivey means – a form of Ivy
IvoryFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ivory means – made of ivory
IvriaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ivria means – from the land of Abraham
IvyFemaleEnglishThe English name Ivy means – Signifting the climbing plant
IyanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iyana means – a form of Ian
IyannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iyanna means – a form of Ian
JabelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jabel means – flowing stream
JadaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jada means – wise
JaelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jael means – mountain goat; climber
JaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaela means – a form of Jael
JaffaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaffa means – a form of Yaffa
JaidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaida means – a form of Jada
JailaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaila means – a form of Jael
JaimilynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Jaimilynn means – a combination of Jaime + Lynn
JainaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaina means – a form of Janae
JameyFemaleEnglishThe English name Jamey means – a form of Jami
JamiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jami means – a form of James
JamiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Jamia means – a form of Jami
JamileeFemaleEnglishThe English name Jamilee means – a combination of Jami + Lee
JamilynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Jamilynn means – a combination of Jami + Lynn
JamiyaFemaleEnglishThe English name Jamiya means – a form of Jami
JamyaFemaleEnglishThe English name Jamya means – a form of Jami
JanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jana means – gracious, merciful
JaneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jane means – God is gracious
JaneciaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janecia means – a form of Janice
JaneseFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janese means – a form of Janis
JanetFemaleEnglishThe English name Janet means – A form of Jane. Famous persons with this name include actresses Janet Gaynor and Janet Leigh, and singer Janet Jackson
JanethFemaleEnglishThe English name Janeth means – a form of Janet
JaneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Janey means – a familiar form of Jane
JaniFemaleEnglishThe English name Jani means – a familiar form of Jane
JaniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jania means – a form of Jana
JaniahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janiah means – a form of Jania
JanicaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janica means – a form of Jane
JaniceFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janice means – God is gracious
JanieFemaleEnglishThe English name Janie means – a familiar form of Jane
JanieceFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janiece means – a form of Janice
JanisFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janis means – a form of Janice
JaniseFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janise means – a form of Janice
JaniyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janiya means – a form of Jana
JannahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jannah means – a form of Janna
JannieFemaleEnglishThe English name Jannie means – a familiar form of Jan, Jane
JanyFemaleEnglishThe English name Jany means – a familiar form of Jane
JaponicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Japonica means – from Japan. Botany: an ornamental shrub with red frowers native to Japan
JarviaFemaleGermanThe German name Jarvia means – skilled with a spear
JarviniaFemaleGermanThe German name Jarvinia means – intelligent; keen as a spear
JasleenFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jasleen means – a form of Jocelyn
JaslynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jaslyn means – a form of Jocelyn
JaymeeFemaleEnglishThe English name Jaymee means – a form of Jami
JaymiFemaleEnglishThe English name Jaymi means – a form of Jami
JaymieFemaleEnglishThe English name Jaymie means – a form of Jami
JaynaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jayna means – a form of Jane
JayneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Jaynee means – a familiar form of Jayne
JaynieFemaleEnglishThe English name Jaynie means – a familiar form of Jayne
JemimaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jemima means – This name has the significance of “dove.”
JeminaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jemina means – a form of Jemima
JemmaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jemma means – a form of Jemima
JenaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jenara means – dedicated to the god Janus
JeniceFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jenice means – a form of Janice
JenimaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jenima means – a form of Jemima
JeniseFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jenise means – a form of Janice
JeraldineFemaleEnglishThe English name Jeraldine means – a form of Geraldine
JeremiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeremia means – God will uplift
JeromaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jeroma means – holy
JerushaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerusha means – inheritance
JesiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jesi means – a form of Jessie
JesicaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jesica means – a form of Jessica
JesikaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jesika means – a form of Jessica
JessecaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jesseca means – a form of Jessica
JessiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessi means – a form of Jessica
JessicaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessica means – wealthy. Literature: a name perhaps invented by Shakespeare for a character in his play The Merchant of Venice
JessiccaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessicca means – a form of Jessica
JessieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessie means – a short form of Jessica
JessikaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessika means – a form of Jessica
JessycaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessyca means – a form of Jessica
JessyeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessye means – a form of Jessie
JessykaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessyka means – a form of Jessica
JettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Jetta means – Suggesting a jet-black gemstone.
JezebelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jezebel means – unexalted; impure. Bible: the wife of King Ahab
JillFemaleEnglishThe English name Jill means – A short form of Jillian. Notable actresses with this name include Jill Clayburgh, Jill Eikenberry, and Jill Saint John
JillaineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jillaine means – a form of Jillian
JillannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jillanna means – a form of Jillian
JillianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jillian means – youthful
JimenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jimena means – a form of Jimi
JoanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Joana means – a form of Joan
JoanieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joanie means – a familiar form of Joan
JoannFemaleEnglishThe English name Joann means – a form of Joan
JoannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Joanna means – A form of Joan. Actress Joanna Kerns
JoanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Joanne means – a form of Joan
JoannieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joannie means – a familiar form of Joan
JoannyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joanny means – a familiar form of Joan
JoanyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joany means – a familiar form of Joan
JoaquinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joaquina means – God will establish
JobaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joba means – a form of Joby
JobethFemaleEnglishThe English name Jobeth means – a combination of Jo + Beth
JobinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jobina means – a form of Joby
JocelinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jocelin means – a form of Jocelyn
JocelineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joceline means – a form of Jocelyn
JocelynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jocelyn means – joyous
JocelyneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jocelyne means – a form of Jocelyn
JocelynnFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jocelynn means – a form of Jocelyn
JoclynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joclyn means – a short form of Jocelyn
JocosaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jocosa means – jubilant
JocoseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jocose means – jubilant
JoelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joelle means – God is willing
JohanaFemaleGermanThe German name Johana means – a form of Joana
JohanieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johanie means – a form of Joanie
JohannaFemaleGermanThe German name Johanna means – From the Hebrew, meaning “God is gracious.” Well-known people with this name include romance novelist Johanna Lindsey, and Heidi author Johanna Spyri
JohannahFemaleGermanThe German name Johannah means – a form of Joana
JohanneFemaleGermanThe German name Johanne means – a short form of Johana. A form of Joann
JohannieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johannie means – a form of Joanie
JohannyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johanny means – a form of Joanie
JoiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joi means – a form of Joy
JoieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joie means – a form of Joy
JoleenFemaleEnglishThe English name Joleen means – a form of Jolene
JolenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jolena means – a form of Jolene
JoleneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jolene means – God will add, God will increase
JolineFemaleEnglishThe English name Joline means – a form of Jolene
JolyaneFemaleEnglishThe English name Jolyane means – a form of Jolene
JonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jona means – a short form of Jonina
JonathaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonatha means – a form of Jonathan
JoninaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonina means – dove
JonitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonita means – a form of Jonina
JonquilFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jonquil means – Botany:an ornamental plant with fragrant yellow flowers
JoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jora means – autumn rain
JordainFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordain means – a form of Jordan
JordanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordana means – An alternate form of Jordan. Variations include Jordann, Jordanne, Jourdana, Jourdann, Jourdanna, and Jourdanne
JordaneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordane means – a form of Jordan
JordannFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordann means – a form of Jordan
JordannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordanna means – a form of Jordan
JordanneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordanne means – a form of Jordan
JordyneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordyne means – a form of Jordan
JordynnFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordynn means – a form of Jordan
JoriFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jori means – a familiar form of Jordan
JorieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jorie means – a familiar form of Jordan
JosafataFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josafata means – God will judge
JosalynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Josalyn means – a form of Jocelyn
JoscelinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joscelin means – a form of Jocelyn
JoscelynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joscelyn means – a form of Jocelyn
JoselinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joselin means – a form of Jocelyn
JoselineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joseline means – a form of Jocelyn
JoselynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joselyn means – a form of Jocelyn
JoselyneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joselyne means – a form of Jocelyn
JosephaFemaleGermanThe German name Josepha means – a form of Josephine
JoshlynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joshlyn means – a form of Jocelyn
JosiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josi means – a familiar form of Josephine
JosieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josie means – a familiar form of Josephine
JosilinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Josilin means – a form of Jocelyn
JosilynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Josilyn means – a form of Jocelyn
JoslinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joslin means – a short form of Jocelyn
JoslynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joslyn means – a short form of Jocelyn
JoslynnFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joslynn means – a short form of Jocelyn
JossalinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jossalin means – a form of Jocelyn
JosselynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Josselyn means – a form of Jocelyn
JossieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jossie means – a familiar form of Josephine
JosslineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jossline means – a form of Jocelyn
JourdanFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jourdan means – a form of Jordan
JovanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jovana means – a form of Jovanna
JovannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jovanna means – majestic
JoviFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jovi means – a short form of Jovita
JovianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joviana means – a form of Jovanna
JovinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jovina means – a form of Jovanna
JovitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jovita means – jovial
JoxepaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joxepa means – a form of Josefina
JoyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joy means – joyous
JoyaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joya means – a form of Joy
JoyceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Joyce means – joyous. A short form of Joycelyn
JozieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jozie means – a familiar form of Josephine
JubileeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jubilee means – joyful celebration
JucundaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jucunda means – pleasant
JudineFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Judine means – a form of Judith
JudithFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Judith means – “Jewish woman.” Judith is the name of a legendary Hebrew warrior whose existence has not been proven
JudyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Judy means – a familiar form of Judith
JuleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Julee means – a form of Julie
JuliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Julia means – youthful
JulianeFemaleEnglishThe English name Juliane means – a form of Julia
JuliannFemaleEnglishThe English name Juliann means – a form of Julia
JulianneFemaleEnglishThe English name Julianne means – a form of Julia
JulieFemaleEnglishThe English name Julie means – A form of Julia, meaning “youthful.” Among notable people with this name are actresses Julie Andrews and Julie Newmar
JulienneFemaleEnglishThe English name Julienne means – a form of Julia
JulisaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Julisa means – a form of Julia
JulissaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Julissa means – a form of Julia
JuneFemaleLatinThe Latin name June means – born in the sixth month
JuneeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Junee means – a familiar form of June
JunoFemaleLatinThe Latin name Juno means – queen. Mythology: the supreme Roman goddess
JupitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jupita means – Mythology: Jupiter is the supreme Roman god and the husband of Juno. Astronomy: Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and the fifth planet from the sun
JustaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Justa means – a short form of Justina, Justine
JustiseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Justise means – a form of Justice
JustyceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Justyce means – a form of Justice
JustyneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Justyne means – a form of Justine
JuvenciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Juvencia means – a form of Juventina
JuventinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Juventina means – youth
JyllianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Jyllian means – a form of Jillian
KadeeFemaleEnglishThe English name Kadee means – a form of Kady
KadenceFemaleEnglishThe English name Kadence means – rhythm
KadiFemaleEnglishThe English name Kadi means – a form of Kady
KadieFemaleEnglishThe English name Kadie means – a form of Kady
KadyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kady means – a form of Katy. A combination of the initials K. + D
KaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaela means – beloved, sweetheart. A short form of Kalila, Kelila
KailaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaila means – laurel; crown
KailahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kailah means – a form of Kaila
KalareFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kalare means – bright; clear
KalthaFemaleEnglishThe English name Kaltha means – marigold, yellow flower
KambriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kambria means – a form of Cambria
KandahlFemaleEnglishThe English name Kandahl means – a form of Kendall
KaralanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Karalana means – a combination of Kara + Lana
KaraleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Karalee means – a combination of Kara + Lee
KaralynFemaleEnglishThe English name Karalyn means – a form of Karalynn
KaralynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Karalynn means – a combination of Kara + Lynn
KarlaFemaleGermanThe German name Karla means – An alternate form of Carla, the feminine form of Carl, signifying “strong.”
KarleyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Karley means – little and strong
KarlyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Karly means – little and strong
KarmenFemaleLatinThe Latin name Karmen means – song
KarsynFemaleEnglishThe English name Karsyn means – child of Kar. A form of Carson
KateeFemaleEnglishThe English name Katee means – a familiar form of Kate, Katherine
KateyFemaleEnglishThe English name Katey means – a familiar form of Kate, Katherine
KathiFemaleEnglishThe English name Kathi means – a familiar form of Katherine, Kathleen
KathiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Kathia means – a form of Kathi
KathrynFemaleEnglishThe English name Kathryn means – a form of Katherine
KathryneFemaleEnglishThe English name Kathryne means – a form of Katherine
KathrynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Kathrynn means – a form of Katherine
KathyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kathy means – a familiar form of Katherine, Kathleen
KathyaFemaleEnglishThe English name Kathya means – a form of Kathi
KatieFemaleEnglishThe English name Katie means – A familiar form of Katherine. Actress Katie Holmes, from the TV series Dawson’s Creek
KatinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Katina means – a form of Katherine
KatreenFemaleEnglishThe English name Katreen means – a form of Katherine
KatrenaFemaleGermanThe German name Katrena means – a form of Katrina
KatriceFemaleGermanThe German name Katrice means – a form of Katrina
KatrielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Katriel means – God is my crown
KatrinFemaleEnglishThe English name Katrin means – a form of Katherine
KatrinaFemaleGermanThe German name Katrina means – a form of Katherine
KatrineFemaleEnglishThe English name Katrine means – a form of Katherine
KatrynaFemaleGermanThe German name Katryna means – a form of Katrina
KattieFemaleEnglishThe English name Kattie means – a familiar form of Kate
KattyFemaleEnglishThe English name Katty means – a familiar form of Kate
KatyFemaleEnglishThe English name Katy means – a familiar form of Kate
KaydenceFemaleEnglishThe English name Kaydence means – rhythm
KaylanFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaylan means – a form of Kayleen
KayleenFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kayleen means – beloved, sweetheart. A form of Kayla
KaylenFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaylen means – a form of Kayleen
KaylenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaylena means – a form of Kayleen
KayleneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaylene means – beloved, sweetheart. A form of Kayla
KayteFemaleEnglishThe English name Kayte means – a form of Katy
KaytieFemaleEnglishThe English name Kaytie means – a form of Katy
KeanaFemaleGermanThe German name Keana means – bold; sharp
KeannaFemaleGermanThe German name Keanna means – bold; sharp
KelilaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kelila means – “crown” or “laurel.”
KemberlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kemberly means – a form of Kimberly
KendaFemaleEnglishThe English name Kenda means – water baby
KendalFemaleEnglishThe English name Kendal means – a form of Kendall
KendallFemaleEnglishThe English name Kendall means – “valley of Kent.”
KendraFemaleEnglishThe English name Kendra means – a form of Kenda
KendriaFemaleEnglishThe English name Kendria means – a form of Kenda
KendylFemaleEnglishThe English name Kendyl means – a form of Kendall
KendyllFemaleEnglishThe English name Kendyll means – a form of Kendall
KenenzaFemaleEnglishThe English name Kenenza means – a form of Kennice
KeniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kenia means – a form of Kenya
KeniseFemaleEnglishThe English name Kenise means – a form of Kennice
KenniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kennia means – a form of Kenya
KenyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kenya means – animal horn
KenyanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kenyana means – a form of Kenya
KerenFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Keren means – “animal’s horn.”
KerrinFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kerrin means – a form of Keren
KesareFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kesare means – long haired
KeshetFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Keshet means – rainbow
KetinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ketina means – girl
KeziaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kezia means – a form of Keziah
KeziahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Keziah means – cinnamon-like spice. Bible: one of the daughter of Job
KhimberlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Khimberly means – a form of Kimberly
KimbaleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimbalee means – a form of Kimberly
KimberFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimber means – a form of Kimberly
KimberleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberlee means – a form of Kimberly
KimberleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberley means – a form of Kimberly
KimberliFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberli means – a form of Kimberly
KimberlieFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberlie means – a form of Kimberly
KimberlinFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberlin means – a form of Kimberly
KimberlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberly means – chief, ruler
KimberlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberlyn means – a form of Kimberly
KimberlynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimberlynn means – a form of Kimberly
KimmieFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimmie means – a familiar form of Kimberly
KimmyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kimmy means – a familiar form of Kimberly
KindraFemaleEnglishThe English name Kindra means – a form of Kendra
KinseyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kinsey means – offspring; relative
KitraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kitra means – This name has the meaning “crowned.”
KlariseFemaleGermanThe German name Klarise means – a form of Klarissa
KlarissaFemaleGermanThe German name Klarissa means – clear, bright
KlementineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Klementine means – a form of Clementine
KonradaFemaleGermanThe German name Konrada means – brave counselor
KonstanceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Konstance means – a form of Constance
KordeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kordelia means – a form of Cordelia
KorneliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kornelia means – a form of Cornelia
KortneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Kortnee means – a form of Courtney
KortneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kortney means – a form of Courtney
KortniFemaleEnglishThe English name Kortni means – a form of Courtney
KortnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Kortnie means – a form of Courtney
KostaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kosta means – a short form of Constance
KristabelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kristabel means – a form of Christabel
KristalFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kristal means – a form of Crystal
KristelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kristel means – a form of Crystal
KristelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Kristelle means – a form of Crystal
KrystelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Krystel means – a form of Krystal
KrystelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Krystelle means – a form of Krystal
KymberFemaleEnglishThe English name Kymber means – a form of Kimber
KymberleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Kymberlee means – a form of Kimberly
KymberliFemaleEnglishThe English name Kymberli means – a form of Kimberly
KymberlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Kymberly means – a form of Kimberly
KymberlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Kymberlyn means – a form of Kimberlin
KyndalFemaleEnglishThe English name Kyndal means – a form of Kendall
KyndallFemaleEnglishThe English name Kyndall means – a form of Kendall
KyndraFemaleEnglishThe English name Kyndra means – a form of Kendra
LaceyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lacey means – cheerful
LacyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lacy means – cheerful
LaeticiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laeticia means – a form of Leticia
LaetitiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laetitia means – a form of Leticia
LallieFemaleEnglishThe English name Lallie means – babbler
LamaFemaleGermanThe German name Lama means – a short form of Lamberta
LambertaFemaleGermanThe German name Lamberta means – bright land
LamiaFemaleGermanThe German name Lamia means – a short form of Lamberta
LanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lana means – woolly
LanaeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lanae means – a form of Lana
LancaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lanca means – blessed one
LandebertaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Landeberta means – a form of Lamberta
LandelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Landelina means – patriot
LandraFemaleGermanThe German name Landra means – counselor
LandynFemaleEnglishThe English name Landyn means – a form of Landon
LaneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Laney means – a familiar form of Lane
LangleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Langley means – long meadow
LanieFemaleEnglishThe English name Lanie means – a form of Laney
LannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lanna means – a form of Lana
LarainaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laraina means – a form of Lorraine
LaraineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laraine means – a form of Lorraine
LarenFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laren means – a form of Laraine
LariFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lari means – a familiar form of Lara. A short form of names starting with “Lari”
LariciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laricia means – a form of Laura
LarielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lariel means – God’s lioness
LarkFemaleEnglishThe English name Lark means – “skylark.”
LarnelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Larnelle means – high degree
LaticiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laticia means – a form of Leticia
LatishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Latisha means – joy
LatonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Latona means – Mythology: the powerful goddess who bore Apollo and Diana
LatoniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Latonia means – a form of Latonya
LaudelinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laudelina means – deserves laud
LauraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laura means – crowned with laurel
LauranFemaleEnglishThe English name Lauran means – a form of Lauren
LaureanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Laureanne means – a short form of Laurianna
LaurelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laurel means – laurel tree
LaureleiFemaleGermanThe German name Laurelei means – a form of Lorelei
LaurenFemaleEnglishThe English name Lauren means – A form of Laura, meaning “crowned with laurel.” Actress Lauren Bacall
LaurettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Lauretta means – a form of Loretta
LaurianeFemaleEnglishThe English name Lauriane means – a short form of Laurianna
LauriannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Laurianna means – a combination of Laurie + Anna
LaurianneFemaleEnglishThe English name Laurianne means – a short form of Laurianna
LaurieFemaleEnglishThe English name Laurie means – a familiar form of Laura
LaurinFemaleEnglishThe English name Laurin means – a form of Lauren
LauryFemaleEnglishThe English name Laury means – a familiar form of Laura
LaurynFemaleEnglishThe English name Lauryn means – a familiar form of Laura
LavedaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laveda means – cleansed, purified
LavenderFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lavender means – bluish violet, purple. Botany: a plant with clusters of pale purple flowers
LaverneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laverne means – springtime
LavianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Laviana means – a form of Lavina
LavinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lavina means – purified; woman of Rome
LaviniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lavinia means – a form of Lavina
LaylaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Layla means – a form of Leila
LeahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leah means – “weary.” One of Jacob’s two wives. Among well-known individuals with this name is writer Leah Goldberg
LeanFemaleEnglishThe English name Lean means – a form of Leeann, Lian
LeanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Leana means – a form of Liana
LeandraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leandra means – like a lioness
LeannFemaleEnglishThe English name Leann means – a form of Leeann, Lian
LeannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Leanna means – a form of Liana
LeanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Leanne means – a form of Leeann, Lian
LeberataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leberata means – a form of Liberty
LeceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lece means – a form of Lacey
LeciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lecia means – a short form of Felecia
LediciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ledicia means – great joy
LeeannFemaleEnglishThe English name Leeann means – a form of Lian
LeeannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Leeanna means – a form of Liana
LeeanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Leeanne means – a form of Lian
LeesaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leesa means – a form of Leeza, Lisa
LeezaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leeza means – a short form of Aleeza
LeiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leia means – a form of Leah
LeighFemaleEnglishThe English name Leigh means – a form of Lee
LeighaFemaleEnglishThe English name Leigha means – a form of Leah
LeighannFemaleEnglishThe English name Leighann means – a form of Leeann
LeighannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Leighanna means – a form of Liana
LeighanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Leighanne means – a form of Leeann
LeilaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leila means – dark beauty; night
LeilahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leilah means – a form of Leila
LeisaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leisa means – a form of Lisa
LelicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lelica means – talkative
LemuelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lemuela means – devoted to God
LenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lena means – dwelling or lodging
LeneFemaleGermanThe German name Lene means – a form of Helen
LeniaFemaleGermanThe German name Lenia means – a form of Leona
LenisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lenis means – soft; silky
LenitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lenita means – gentle
LeolaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leola means – lioness
LeomaFemaleEnglishThe English name Leoma means – brilliant
LeonaFemaleGermanThe German name Leona means – brave as a lioness
LeonardaFemaleGermanThe German name Leonarda means – brave as a lioness
LeonciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leoncia means – a form of Leonarda
LeondraFemaleGermanThe German name Leondra means – a form of Leonarda
LeonettaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leonetta means – small lioness
LeonieFemaleGermanThe German name Leonie means – a familiar form of Leona
LeonilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leonila means – a form of Leonarda
LeonildaFemaleGermanThe German name Leonilda means – fighter
LeonnaFemaleGermanThe German name Leonna means – a form of Leona
LeontineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leontine means – like a lioness
LeopoldaFemaleGermanThe German name Leopolda means – princess of the village
LeoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leora means – light
LetaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leta means – glad
LeticiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Leticia means – joy
LetishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Letisha means – a form of Leticia
LetitiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Letitia means – a form of Leticia
LettyFemaleEnglishThe English name Letty means – a familiar form of Leticia
LevanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Levana means – “the moon.”
LevaniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Levania means – rising sun
LeviaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Levia means – joined, attached
LevinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Levina means – flash of lightning
LevitaFemaleEnglishThe English name Levita means – twinkle, sparkle
LevonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Levona means – “spice, incense.”
LevynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Levyna means – twinkle, sparkle
LewanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lewana means – a form of Levana
LeylaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leyla means – a form of Leila
LiamaFemaleEnglishThe English name Liama means – determined guardian
LianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lian means – a short form of Gillian, Lillian
LianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liana means – youth
LianeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Liane means – a short form of Eliane
LiannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lianna means – youth
LianneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lianne means – a short form of Eliane
LibbyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Libby means – a familiar form of Elizabeth
LiberaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Libera means – she who bestows abundance
LiberadaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liberada means – a form of Liberty
LiberdadeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liberdade means – a form of Liberty
LibertadFemaleLatinThe Latin name Libertad means – she who acts in good faith
LibertyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liberty means – free
LibiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Libia means – comes from the desert
LibitinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Libitina means – she who is wanted
LibnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Libna means – whiteness
LiboriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liboria means – free
LideFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lide means – life
LiduvinaFemaleGermanThe German name Liduvina means – friend of the village
LiesabetFemaleGermanThe German name Liesabet means – a short form of Elizabeth
LieseFemaleGermanThe German name Liese means – a familiar form of Elise, Elizabeth
LieselFemaleGermanThe German name Liesel means – a familiar form of Elizabeth
LiliFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lili means – a form of Lilly
LilianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lilian means – a form of Lillian
LilianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liliana means – a form of Lillian
LilianeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liliane means – a form of Lillian
LilibethFemaleEnglishThe English name Lilibeth means – a combination of Lilly + Beth
LilisFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lilis means – a form of Lilith
LilitFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lilit means – patriot
LillianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lillian means – lily flower
LillianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lilliana means – a form of Lillian
LilliannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lillianna means – a form of Lillian
LillieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lillie means – a form of Lilly
LillyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lilly means – a familiar form of Lilith
LillyannFemaleEnglishThe English name Lillyann means – a combination of Lilly + Ann
LillybelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Lillybelle means – a combination of Lilly + Belle
LillybetFemaleEnglishThe English name Lillybet means – a combination of Lilly + Elizabeth
LilvinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lilvina means – friend of the iris
LilyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lily means – a form of Lilly
LilybelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Lilybelle means – a combination of Lily + Belle
LilybetFemaleEnglishThe English name Lilybet means – a combination of Lily + Elizabeth
LinFemaleEnglishThe English name Lin means – a form of Lynn
LindsayFemaleEnglishThe English name Lindsay means – a form of Lindsey
LindseeFemaleEnglishThe English name Lindsee means – a form of Lindsey
LindseyFemaleEnglishThe English name Lindsey means – “linden tree island” or “camp near the stream.” Lindsey Wagner played The Bionic Woman
LindsiFemaleEnglishThe English name Lindsi means – a form of Lindsey
LindsieFemaleEnglishThe English name Lindsie means – a form of Lindsey
LindsyFemaleEnglishThe English name Lindsy means – a form of Lindsey
LinhFemaleEnglishThe English name Linh means – a form of Lin
LinleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Linley means – flax meadow
LinseyFemaleEnglishThe English name Linsey means – a form of Lindsey
LinzeeFemaleEnglishThe English name Linzee means – a form of Lindsey
LinzyFemaleEnglishThe English name Linzy means – a form of Lindsey
LiobaFemaleGermanThe German name Lioba means – beloved, valued
LionaFemaleGermanThe German name Liona means – a form of Leona
LioraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Liora means – This name means “light.”
LiritFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lirit means – poetic; lyrical, musical
LisaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lisa means – consecrated to God
LisavetFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lisavet means – a form of Elizabeth
LisbetFemaleEnglishThe English name Lisbet means – a short form of Elizabeth
LisbethFemaleEnglishThe English name Lisbeth means – a short form of Elizabeth
LiseFemaleGermanThe German name Lise means – a form of Lisa
LisethFemaleEnglishThe English name Liseth means – a form of Liset
LitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lita means – a familiar form of names ending in “lita”
LivFemaleLatinThe Latin name Liv means – a short form of Livia, Olivia
LivanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Livana means – a form of Levana
LiviaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Livia means – a familiar form of Olivia. Crown
LiviyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Liviya means – brave lioness; royal crown
LivonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Livona means – a form of Levona
LiyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Liyah means – a form of Leah
LizFemaleEnglishThe English name Liz means – a short form of Elizabeth
LizabethFemaleEnglishThe English name Lizabeth means – a short form of Elizabeth
LizbetFemaleEnglishThe English name Lizbet means – a short form of Elizabeth
LizbethFemaleEnglishThe English name Lizbeth means – a short form of Elizabeth
LodemaFemaleEnglishThe English name Lodema means – quide
LodimaFemaleEnglishThe English name Lodima means – quide
LodymaFemaleEnglishThe English name Lodyma means – quide
LollyFemaleEnglishThe English name Lolly means – a familiar form of Laura. Sweet; candy
LonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lona means – lioness
LonleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Lonlee means – a form of Lona
LonnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lonna means – a form of Lona
LoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lora means – crowned with laurel
LoraineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Loraine means – a form of Lorraine
LorealFemaleGermanThe German name Loreal means – a form of Lorelei
LoreleiFemaleGermanThe German name Lorelei means – “alluring.” In German folklore, the Lorelei were sirens of the Rhine River who lured sailors to their death
LoreleyFemaleGermanThe German name Loreley means – a form of Lorelei
LorenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Lorena means – a form of Lauren
LorettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Loretta means – A familiar form of Laura. Screen star Loretta Young
LoriFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lori means – crowned with laurel
LoricFemaleLatinThe Latin name Loric means – amor
LorieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lorie means – a form of Lori
LornaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lorna means – crowned with laurel
LorraineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lorraine means – sorrowful
LorrieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lorrie means – a form of Lori
LoryFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lory means – a form of Lori
LottieFemaleGermanThe German name Lottie means – a familiar form of Charlotte
LouisaFemaleEnglishThe English name Louisa means – A familiar form of Louise. A well-known Louisa is Little Women novelist Louisa May Alcott
LouiseFemaleGermanThe German name Louise means – famous warrior
LouvaineFemaleEnglishThe English name Louvaine means – Louise’s vanity
LoveFemaleEnglishThe English name Love means – love, kindness, charity
LovelyFemaleEnglishThe English name Lovely means – lovely
LoviniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lovinia means – a form of Lavina
LovisaFemaleGermanThe German name Lovisa means – a form of Louisa
LuaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lua means – moon
LuannFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Luann means – graceful woman warrior
LuannaFemaleGermanThe German name Luanna means – a form of Luann
LucerneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lucerne means – lamp; circle of light. Geography: the Lake of Lucerne is in Switzerland
LuceroFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lucero means – a form of Lucerne
LucettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Lucetta means – A familiar form of Lucille
LucilaFemaleEnglishThe English name Lucila means – a form of Lucille
LucilleFemaleEnglishThe English name Lucille means – a familiar form of Lucy
LucindaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lucinda means – a form of Lucy
LucindeeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lucindee means – a familiar form of Lucinda
LucretiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lucretia means – rich; rewarded
LucyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lucy means – light; bringer of light
LudovicaFemaleGermanThe German name Ludovica means – a form of Louise
LuellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Luella means – elf
LulieFemaleEnglishThe English name Lulie means – sleepy
LuminosaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Luminosa means – she who illuminates
LunaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Luna means – moon
LupaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lupa means – a form of Lupe
LupeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lupe means – wolf
LupineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lupine means – like a wolf
LupitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Lupita means – a form of Lupe
LutgardaFemaleGermanThe German name Lutgarda means – she who protects her village
LutrudisFemaleGermanThe German name Lutrudis means – strength of the village
LuvenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Luvena means – little; beloved
LynaeFemaleEnglishThe English name Lynae means – a form of Lynn
LyndellFemaleEnglishThe English name Lyndell means – a form of Lynelle
LynelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Lynelle means – pretty
LynleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Lynlee means – a form of Lynn
LynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Lynn means – “waterfall.” Among notable people with this name are actress Lynn Redgrave, as well as former congresswoman Lynn Schenk
LynnaeFemaleEnglishThe English name Lynnae means – a form of Lynn
LynneFemaleEnglishThe English name Lynne means – waterfall; pool below a waterfall
LynnellFemaleEnglishThe English name Lynnell means – a form of Lynelle
LysaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lysa means – a form of Lisa
LyzabethFemaleEnglishThe English name Lyzabeth means – a short form of Elizabeth
MabelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mabel means – a short form of Amabel. Lovable
MabellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Mabella means – a form of Mabel
MacaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Macaela means – a form of Michaela
MachaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Machaela means – a form of Michaela
MacielaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maciela means – very slender
MadaFemaleEnglishThe English name Mada means – a form of Madaline, Magdalen
MadalaineFemaleEnglishThe English name Madalaine means – a form of Madeline
MadalineFemaleEnglishThe English name Madaline means – a form of Madeline
MaddieFemaleEnglishThe English name Maddie means – a familiar form of Madeline
MadelenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Madelena means – a form of Madeline
MadlabertaFemaleGermanThe German name Madlaberta means – brilliant work
MadonnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Madonna means – my lady
MadysenFemaleEnglishThe English name Madysen means – a form of Madison
MadysonFemaleEnglishThe English name Madyson means – a form of Madison
MaeFemaleEnglishThe English name Mae means – a form of May. History: Mae Jemison was the first African American woman in space
MagaliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Magali means – from the high tower
MagalieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Magalie means – from the high tower
MagalyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Magaly means – from the high tower
MaggiFemaleEnglishThe English name Maggi means – a form of Maggie
MaggyFemaleEnglishThe English name Maggy means – a form of Maggie
MaginaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Magina means – magician
MagnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Magna means – great
MagnoliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Magnolia means – flowering tree
MahiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mahira means – “energetic.”
MahliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mahli means – astute
MaidaFemaleEnglishThe English name Maida means – maiden
MaikaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Maika means – a familiar form of Michaela
MaitaneFemaleEnglishThe English name Maitane means – a form of Maite
MajaliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Majali means – astute
MajestaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Majesta means – majestic
MalachieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malachie means – angel of God
MalajiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malaji means – my messenger
MaleenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Maleena means – a form of Malina
MalfredaFemaleGermanThe German name Malfreda means – peaceful worker
MalhaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malha means – queen
MalinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malina means – tower
MalkaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malka means – queen
MalkiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malki means – a form of Malka
MalloryFemaleGermanThe German name Mallory means – army counselor
MalvaFemaleEnglishThe English name Malva means – a form of Melba
MamenFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mamen means – a form of Carmen
MandeeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mandee means – a form of Mandy
MandiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mandi means – a form of Mandy
MandieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mandie means – a form of Mandy
MandyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mandy means – lovable. A familiar form of Amanda, Manda, Melinda
MangenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mangena means – song; melody
ManoelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Manoela means – a form of Manuela
ManoliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Manoli means – a form of Manuela
MaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mara means – melody
MarabelFemaleEnglishThe English name Marabel means – a form of Maribel
MarandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maranda means – a form of Miranda
MaravillasFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maravillas means – admiration
MarayaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Maraya means – a form of Mariah
MarcelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marcela means – a form of Marcella
MarcelenFemaleEnglishThe English name Marcelen means – a form of Marcella
MarcelianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marceliana means – a form of Marcela
MarcelinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marcelina means – a form of Marcella
MarcellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marcella means – martial, warlike. Mythology: Mars was the god of war
MarcenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marcena means – a form of Marcella, Marcia
MarciFemaleEnglishThe English name Marci means – a familiar form of Marcella, Marcia
MarciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marcia means – martial, warlike
MarcieFemaleEnglishThe English name Marcie means – a familiar form of Marcella, Marcia
MarcionilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marcionila means – a form of Marcia
MarcyFemaleEnglishThe English name Marcy means – a familiar form of Marcella, Marcia
MardellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Mardella means – meadow near a lake
MareenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mareena means – a form of Marina
MareldaFemaleGermanThe German name Marelda means – renowned warrior
MarenFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maren means – sea
MarenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marena means – a form of Marina
MaresaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maresa means – a form of Marisa
MaressaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maressa means – a form of Marisa
MarettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Maretta means – a familiar form of Margaret
MargarethaFemaleGermanThe German name Margaretha means – a form of Margaret
MargeFemaleEnglishThe English name Marge means – a short form of Margaret, Marjorie
MargeryFemaleEnglishThe English name Margery means – a form of Margaret
MargieFemaleEnglishThe English name Margie means – a familiar form of Marge, Margaret
MargretFemaleGermanThe German name Margret means – a form of Margaret
MariaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Maria means – bitter; sea of bitterness
Maria JoseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maria Jose means – a combination of Maria + Jose
Maria NoelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maria Noel means – a combination of Maria + Noel
MariahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mariah means – a form of Mary
MariamFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mariam means – a form of Miriam
MariamaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mariama means – a form of Mariam
MarianFemaleEnglishThe English name Marian means – A form of Maryann. Among celebrated women with this name is jazz pianist Marian McPartland and opera singer Marian Anderson
MarianeFemaleEnglishThe English name Mariane means – a form of Mary Ann
MariannFemaleEnglishThe English name Mariann means – a form of Mary Ann
MarianneFemaleEnglishThe English name Marianne means – a form of Mary Ann
MaricelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maricela means – a form of Mercella
MaridelFemaleEnglishThe English name Maridel means – a form of Maribel
MarielFemaleGermanThe German name Mariel means – A form of Mary, meaning “sea of bitterness” or “sorrow.” One popular Mariel is actor Mariel Hemmingway
MarielaFemaleGermanThe German name Mariela means – a form of Mary
MarielenaFemaleGermanThe German name Marielena means – a form of Mary
MarielleFemaleGermanThe German name Marielle means – a form of Mary
MarigoldFemaleEnglishThe English name Marigold means – Mary’s gold. Botany: a plant with yellow or orange flowers
MarihaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mariha means – a form of Maria
MarijaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marija means – a form of Maria
MarillaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marilla means – a form of Mary
MarilynFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marilyn means – Mary’s line or descendants
MarilyneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marilyne means – a form of Marilyn
MarilynnFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marilynn means – a form of Marilyn
MarinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marin means – a form of Maren
MarinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marina means – sea
MarindaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marinda means – a form of Marina
MarineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marine means – a form of Maren
MarinnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marinna means – a form of Marina
MarisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maris means – sea
MarisaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marisa means – sea
MariselaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marisela means – a form of Marisa
MarissaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marissa means – a form of Marisa
MariyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mariya means – a form of Maria
MariyahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mariyah means – a form of Maria
MarizaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mariza means – a form of Marisa
MarkeishaFemaleEnglishThe English name Markeisha means – a combination of Mary + Keisha
MarkelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Markelle means – a form of Mark
MarkeshaFemaleEnglishThe English name Markesha means – a form of Markeisha
MarkeshiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Markeshia means – a form of Markeisha
MarkiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marki means – a form of Markie
MarkiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Markia means – a form of Markie
MarkieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Markie means – martial, warlike
MarkishaFemaleEnglishThe English name Markisha means – a form of Markeisha
MarlaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marla means – a short form of Marlena, Marlene
MarlainaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marlaina means – a form of Marlena
MarlanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marlana means – a form of Marlena
MarlaynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marlayna means – a form of Marlena
MarleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Marlee means – a form of Marlene
MarleighFemaleEnglishThe English name Marleigh means – a form of Marlene
MarlenaFemaleGermanThe German name Marlena means – a form of Marlene
MarlieFemaleEnglishThe English name Marlie means – a form of Marlene
MarlisFemaleEnglishThe English name Marlis means – a short form of Marlisa
MarlisaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marlisa means – a combination of Maria + Lisa
MarlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Marly means – a form of Marlene
MarlynFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marlyn means – a short form of Marilyn
MarniFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marni means – a short form of Marnina
MarnieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marnie means – a short form of Marnina
MarninaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marnina means – A name that means “rejoice.”
MarnishaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marnisha means – a form of Marnina
MarriahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marriah means – a form of Mary
MarrissaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marrissa means – a form of Marisa
MarshaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marsha means – a form of Marcia
MarshaeFemaleEnglishThe English name Marshae means – a form of Marsha
MarshayFemaleEnglishThe English name Marshay means – a form of Marsha
MartaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marta means – a short form of Martha, Martina
MartiFemaleEnglishThe English name Marti means – a familiar form of Martha, Martina
MartiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Martia means – a form of Marcia
MartinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Martina means – martial, warlike
MartineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Martine means – a form of Martina
MartinianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Martiniana means – a form of Martina
MartishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Martisha means – a form of Martina
MarvaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marva means – sweet sage
MarvinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Marvina means – lover of the sea
MaryFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mary means – “bitter” or “sea of bitterness.” Distinguished Marys inlcude author Mary Shelley, former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln, astronomer Mary Somerville, first-century chemist Mary Hebraea, and singer Mary O’Brien (better known as Dusty Spring-field)
Mary AnnFemaleEnglishThe English name Mary Ann means – a combination of Mary + Ann
MaryamFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Maryam means – a form of Miriam
MaryanFemaleEnglishThe English name Maryan means – a combination of Mary + Ann
MaryannFemaleEnglishThe English name Maryann means – a combination of Mary + Ann
MaryleneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marylene means – a form of Marylin
MarylinFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marylin means – a form of Marilyn
MarynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maryn means – a form of Maren
MarysaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Marysa means – a form of Marisa
MaryseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maryse means – a form of Marisa
MaryssaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maryssa means – a form of Marisa
MasadaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Masada means – strong foundation, support
MasielFemaleEnglishThe English name Masiel means – a form of Massiel
MassielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Massiel means – she who comes down from the stars
MatanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Matana means – “gift.”
MathenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mathena means – gift of God
MathildeFemaleGermanThe German name Mathilde means – a form of Matilda
MatildaFemaleGermanThe German name Matilda means – powerful battler
MatronaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Matrona means – mother
MatteaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mattea means – gift of God
MattieFemaleEnglishThe English name Mattie means – a familiar form of Martha, Matilda
MaudFemaleEnglishThe English name Maud means – Short forms of Madeline and Matilda. Maude Abbott was a pioneer in cardiology, Irish actor Maud Gonne
MaudeFemaleEnglishThe English name Maude means – a short form of Madeline, Matilda
MaxieFemaleEnglishThe English name Maxie means – a familiar form of Maxine
MaximaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maxima means – a form of Maxine
MaximilianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maximiliana means – eldest of all
MaximinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maximina means – a form of Maxine
MaxineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maxine means – greatest
MayFemaleLatinThe Latin name May means – great
MaybelineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maybeline means – a familiar form of Mabel
MaybellFemaleLatinThe Latin name Maybell means – a form of Mabel
MayolaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mayola means – a form of May
MazelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mazel means – lucky
MeadowFemaleEnglishThe English name Meadow means – meadow
MechaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mecha means – a form of Mercedes
MeeraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Meera means – a form of Meira
MegFemaleEnglishThe English name Meg means – a short form of Margaret, Megan
MeggieFemaleEnglishThe English name Meggie means – a familiar form of Margaret, Megan
MeggyFemaleEnglishThe English name Meggy means – a familiar form of Margaret, Megan
MehiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mehira means – speedy; energetic
MehitabelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mehitabel means – benefited by trusting God
MeiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Meira means – A name that has the significance “light.”
MekaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Meka means – a familiar form of Michaela
MelainaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Melaina means – a form of Melina
MeleaFemaleGermanThe German name Melea means – a form of Melia
MeleahFemaleGermanThe German name Meleah means – a form of Melia
MelecentFemaleEnglishThe English name Melecent means – a form of Millicent
MeliaFemaleGermanThe German name Melia means – a short form of Amelia
MelicentFemaleEnglishThe English name Melicent means – a form of Millicent
MelinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Melina means – canary yellow
MelioraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Meliora means – better
MelitinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Melitina means – a form of Melinda
MelynaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Melyna means – a form of Melina
MenaFemaleGermanThe German name Mena means – strong
MenoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Menora means – candleholder. Religion: a menorah is a special nine-branched candleholder used during the holiday of Hanukkah
MerandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Meranda means – a form of Miranda
MercadesFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mercades means – a form of Mercedes
MercedeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mercede means – a form of Mercedes
MercedesFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mercedes means – reward, payment
MercedezFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mercedez means – a form of Mercedes
MercesFemaleLatinThe Latin name Merces means – mercies
MerciaFemaleEnglishThe English name Mercia means – a form of Marcia. History: an ancient British kingdom
MercillaFemaleEnglishThe English name Mercilla means – a form of Mercy
MercyFemaleEnglishThe English name Mercy means – “Compassion; mercy.”
MeriahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Meriah means – a form of Mariah
MerilynFemaleEnglishThe English name Merilyn means – a combination of Merry + Lynn
MerinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Merina means – a form of Marina
MerisaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Merisa means – a form of Marisa
MerissaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Merissa means – a form of Marisa
MeriteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Merite means – deserving
MerrandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Merranda means – a form of Miranda
MerryFemaleEnglishThe English name Merry means – “cheerful” or “happy.”
MertysaFemaleEnglishThe English name Mertysa means – famous
MerudinaFemaleGermanThe German name Merudina means – famous, notable
MeruvinaFemaleGermanThe German name Meruvina means – famous victory
MerylFemaleGermanThe German name Meryl means – famous
MessalinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Messalina means – she who has an insatiable appetite
MessinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Messina means – middle child
MetaFemaleGermanThe German name Meta means – a short form of Margaret
MicaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mica means – a form of Micah
MicaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micaela means – a form of Michaela
MicailaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micaila means – a form of Michaela
MicalaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micala means – a form of Michaela
MicaylaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micayla means – a form of Michaela
MichaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michaela means – “Who is like the Lord?”
MichaellaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michaella means – a form of Michael
MichailaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michaila means – a form of Michaela
MichalaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michala means – a form of Michaela
MichallaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michalla means – a form of Michaela
MichaylaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michayla means – a form of Michaela
MichealaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micheala means – a form of Michaela
MichelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michela means – a form of Michala
MickaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mickaela means – a form of Michaela
MickalaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mickala means – a form of Michaela
MickaylaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mickayla means – a form of Michaela
MicolFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micol means – queen
MigdanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Migdana means – present
MikaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mikaela means – a form of Michaela
MikalaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mikala means – a form of Michaela
MikalahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mikalah means – a form of Michaela
MikelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mikela means – a form of Michaela
MikelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mikelle means – a short form of Michael, Michaela
MilagresFemaleLatinThe Latin name Milagres means – a form of Milagros
MilbaFemaleGermanThe German name Milba means – kind protector
MilburgaFemaleGermanThe German name Milburga means – pleasant city
MilburguesFemaleGermanThe German name Milburgues means – pleasant city
MilcaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Milca means – queen
MilcalFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Milcal means – queen
MilderedaFemaleGermanThe German name Mildereda means – a form of Mildred
MildredFemaleEnglishThe English name Mildred means – “gentle counselor.”
MildredaFemaleGermanThe German name Mildreda means – a form of Mildred
MiletaFemaleGermanThe German name Mileta means – generous, merciful
MilgitaFemaleGermanThe German name Milgita means – pleasant woman
MiliaFemaleGermanThe German name Milia means – industrious. A short form of Amelia, Emily
MillicentFemaleEnglishThe English name Millicent means – industrious
MillieFemaleEnglishThe English name Millie means – a familiar form of Amelia, Camille, Emily, Kamila, Melissa, Mildred, Millicent
MillyFemaleEnglishThe English name Milly means – a familiar form of Amelia, Camille, Emily, Kamila, Melissa, Mildred, Millicent
MilvaFemaleGermanThe German name Milva means – kind protector
MinaFemaleGermanThe German name Mina means – “love.” Celebrated people with this name include mathematician Mina Rees.
MinervaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Minerva means – wise. Mythology: the goddess of wisdom
MiniaFemaleGermanThe German name Minia means – great; strong
MinnaFemaleGermanThe German name Minna means – a short form of Wilhelmina
MintaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Minta means – mint, minty
MiraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mira means – wonderful
MirabelFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mirabel means – beautiful
MirahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mirah means – a form of Mira
MirandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Miranda means – strange; wonderful; admirable
MireilleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mireille means – God spoke
MirellaFemaleGermanThe German name Mirella means – a form of Meryl
MirenFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Miren means – bitter
MireyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mireya means – a form of Mireille
MiriahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Miriah means – a form of Mireille
MiriamFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Miriam means – bitter; sea of bitterness. Bible: the original form of Mary
MirianFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mirian means – a form of Miriam
MirrandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Mirranda means – a form of Miranda
MiryamFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Miryam means – a form of Miriam
MissyFemaleEnglishThe English name Missy means – a familiar form of Melissa, Millicent
MistiFemaleEnglishThe English name Misti means – a form of Misty
MistieFemaleEnglishThe English name Mistie means – a form of Misty
MistyFemaleEnglishThe English name Misty means – “enveloped by mist.”
MitziFemaleGermanThe German name Mitzi means – a form of Mary, Miriam
MitzyFemaleGermanThe German name Mitzy means – a form of Mary, Miriam
ModestyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Modesty means – modest
MonegundaFemaleGermanThe German name Monegunda means – overprotective
MonesaFemaleGermanThe German name Monesa means – protection
MonikaFemaleGermanThe German name Monika means – A form of Monica, which means “noble.”
MoonaFemaleEnglishThe English name Moona means – moon
MoraimaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Moraima means – beautiful as the blueberry tree
MoriahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Moriah means – God is my teacher
MoritFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Morit means – teacher
MorrisaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Morrisa means – dark skinned; moor; marshland
MoselleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Moselle means – drawn from the water
MosinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mosina means – a form of Moselle
MycahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mycah means – a form of Micah
MykaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Myka means – a form of Mika
MylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Myla means – merciful
MyraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Myra means – fragrant ointment
MyrandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Myranda means – a form of Miranda
MyriahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Myriah means – a form of Miriah
NachaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nacha means – a form of Ignacia
NagidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nagida means – “prosperous.”
NahamaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nahama means – sweetness
NahumFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nahum means – consolation
NanFemaleGermanThe German name Nan means – a short form of Fernanda
NanciFemaleEnglishThe English name Nanci means – a form of Nancy
NancyFemaleEnglishThe English name Nancy means – A form of Ann, meaning “gracious.” Among notable people with this name is former first lady Nancy Reagan
NantildeFemaleGermanThe German name Nantilde means – daring in combat
NaomiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Naomi means – Signifying “pleasant” or “beautiful.” The name of the mother-in-law of Ruth from the Hebrew Scriptures. Celebrity Naomis include supermodel Naomi Campbell, who personifies beauty, while author Naomi Wolf comments upon it
NaomieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Naomie means – a form of Naomi
NaomyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Naomy means – a form of Naomi
NapeaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Napea means – from the valleys
NardaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Narda means – fervently devoted
NasyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nasya means – A name that has the significance of “miracle.”
NataleeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Natalee means – a form of Natalie
NataliFemaleLatinThe Latin name Natali means – a form of Natalie
NatalieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Natalie means – born on Christmas day
NatalineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nataline means – a form of Natalie
NatalyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nataly means – a form of Natalie
NataniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Natania means – gift of God
NathaliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nathalia means – a form of Natalie
NathalieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nathalie means – a form of Natalie
NathalyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nathaly means – Natalie
NatieFemaleEnglishThe English name Natie means – a familiar form of Natalie
NatividadeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Natividade means – birth, nativity
NatureFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nature means – nature; essence; life
NavaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nava means – beautiful; pleasant
NavitFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Navit means – a form of Nava
NazarenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nazarena means – a form of Nazareth
NeddaFemaleEnglishThe English name Nedda means – prosperous guardian
NeftaliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Neftali means – she who fights and is victorious
NellieFemaleEnglishThe English name Nellie means – a familiar form of Cornelia, Eleanor, Helen, Prunella
NellwynFemaleEnglishThe English name Nellwyn means – Nellie’s friend
NellyFemaleEnglishThe English name Nelly means – a familiar form of Cornelia, Eleanor, Helen, Prunella
NeonellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Neonella means – beautiful, cute girl
NetaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Neta means – plant, shrub
NetanyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Netanya means – a form of Nathaniel
NevaehFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nevaeh means – life
NeveFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Neve means – life
NidiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nidia means – nest
NievesFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nieves means – refers to the Virgin Mary
NigeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nige means – dark night
NijaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nija means – a form of Nige
NijahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nijah means – a form of Nige
NilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nila means – Geography: the Nile River in Africa
NimiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nimia means – ambitious
NiraliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nirali means – a form of Nirel
NirelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nirel means – light of God
NissaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nissa means – “sign” or “emblem.”
NitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nita means – planter
NitzaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nitza means – flower bud
NixieFemaleGermanThe German name Nixie means – water sprite
NizanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nizana means – a form of Nitza
NoeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Noelia means – a form of Noel
NoelineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Noeline means – a form of Noel
NoelyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Noely means – a form of Noel
NoemiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noemi means – a form of Naomi
NoemieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noemie means – a form of Naomi
NoemyFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noemy means – a form of Naomi
NogaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noga means – morning light
NoheliFemaleLatinThe Latin name Noheli means – a form of Noel
NohelyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nohely means – a form of Noel
NohemiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nohemi means – a form of Naomi
NolaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nola means – small bell
NoletaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Noleta means – unwilling
NominandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nominanda means – she who will be elected
NonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nona means – ninth
NormaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Norma means – rule, precept
NotburgaFemaleGermanThe German name Notburga means – protected beauty
NovaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nova means – new. A short form of Novella, Novia
NovellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Novella means – newcomer
NumeriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Numeria means – she who enumerates
NunciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nuncia means – she who announces
NunciataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nunciata means – messenger
NunilonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nunilona means – a form of Nunila
NydiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nydia means – nest
NylaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Nyla means – a form of Nila
NyomiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nyomi means – a form of Naomi
ObduliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Obdulia means – she who takes away sadness and pain
OctaviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Octavia means – eighth
OdedaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Odeda means – strong; courageous
OdellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Odella means – wood hill
OderaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Odera means – plough
OdettaFemaleGermanThe German name Odetta means – a form of Odelia
OdetteFemaleGermanThe German name Odette means – a form of Odelia
OfiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ofira means – gold
OfraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ofra means – a form of Aphra
OhannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ohanna means – God’s gracious gift
OksanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oksana means – a form of Osanna
OleanderFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oleander means – Botany: a poisonous evergreen shrub with fragrant white, rose, or purple flowers
OletheaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Olethea means – truthful
OlindaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Olinda means – scented
OliveFemaleLatinThe Latin name Olive means – olive tree
OliveriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oliveria means – affectionate
OliviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Olivia means – a form of Olive
OlympieFemaleGermanThe German name Olympie means – a form of Olympia
OlyviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Olyvia means – a form of Olivia
OmaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oma means – reverent
OnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ona means – a form of Oona
OndineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ondine means – a form of Undine
OnesimaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Onesima means – she who is burdened
OnilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Onila means – a form of Petronella
OnofledisFemaleGermanThe German name Onofledis means – she who shows her sword
OnoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Onora means – a form of Honora
OonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oona means – a form of Una
OpaFemaleGermanThe German name Opa means – grandfather
OportunaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oportuna means – opportune
OprahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oprah means – a form of Orpah
OraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ora means – prayer
OrabellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Orabella means – a form of Arabella
OraleeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oralee means – the Lord is my light
OrelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Orela means – announcement from the gods; oracle
OrfiliaFemaleGermanThe German name Orfilia means – female wolf
OrianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oriana means – dawn, sunrise
OrielFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oriel means – fire
OrindaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Orinda means – pine tree
OrioleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Oriole means – golden; black-and-orange bird
OrlandaFemaleGermanThe German name Orlanda means – famous throughout the land
OrlenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Orlena means – golden
OrliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Orli means – light
OrmandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ormanda means – noble
OrnellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ornella means – she who is like an ash tree
OrniceFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ornice means – cedar tree
OrpahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Orpah means – “a fawn.”
OrsaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Orsa means – a short form of Orseline
OrselineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Orseline means – bearlike
OrwinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Orwina means – boar friend
OsannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Osanna means – praise the Lord
OsmaFemaleEnglishThe English name Osma means – divine protector
OswaldaFemaleEnglishThe English name Oswalda means – God’s power; God’s crest
OtthildFemaleGermanThe German name Otthild means – “lucky heroine.”
OviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ovia means – egg
OvidiaFemaleGermanThe German name Ovidia means – she who takes care of the sheep
OzaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ozara means – treasure, wealth
OzeraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ozera means – helpful
PacianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Paciana means – peaceful woman
PaganFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pagan means – from the country
PaigeFemaleEnglishThe English name Paige means – young child
PaitonFemaleEnglishThe English name Paiton means – warrior’s town
PalmaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Palma means – palm tree
PascualinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pascualina means – a form of Pascale
PascuasFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pascuas means – sacrificed for the good of the village
PassionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Passion means – passion
PatienceFemaleEnglishThe English name Patience means – Signifying the virtuous quality
PatriciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Patricia means – noblewoman
PatrishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Patrisha means – a form of Patricia
PatsyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Patsy means – a familiar form of Patricia
PattyFemaleEnglishThe English name Patty means – a familiar form of Patricia
PaulaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Paula means – small
PauletteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Paulette means – a familiar form of Paula
PaulieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Paulie means – a familiar form of Paula
PaygeFemaleEnglishThe English name Payge means – a form of Paige
PaziaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pazia means – golden
PeaceFemaleEnglishThe English name Peace means – peaceful
PearlFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pearl means – jewel
PeninahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Peninah means – pearl
PepperFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pepper means – condiment from the pepper plant
PerahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Perah means – flower
PerditaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Perdita means – lost
PeregrinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Peregrina means – pilgrim, traveler
PerlaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Perla means – a form of Pearl
PerlieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Perlie means – a familiar form of Pearl
PerseverandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Perseveranda means – she who perseveres
PersisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Persis means – from Persia
PetrisseFemaleGermanThe German name Petrisse means – a form of Petronella
PetronilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Petronila means – a form of Petronella
PetulaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Petula means – seeker
PhilbertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Philberta means – brilliant
PhiliciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Philicia means – a form of Phylicia
PhyliciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Phylicia means – fortunate; happy
PiedadeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Piedade means – pity
PienciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Piencia means – a form of Pia
PimpinelaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pimpinela means – fickle one
PiperFemaleEnglishThe English name Piper means – pipe player
PipinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pipina means – a form of Josefina
PippaFemaleEnglishThe English name Pippa means – a short form of Philippa
PixieFemaleEnglishThe English name Pixie means – mischievous fairy
PlacenciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Placencia means – pleasant woman
PlacidiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Placidia means – serene
PlenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Plena means – abundant; complete
PollyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Polly means – a familiar form of Paula
PollyannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Pollyanna means – a combination of Polly + Anna
PomonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pomona means – apple. Mythology: the goddess of fruit and fruit trees
PompeyaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pompeya means – lavish
PompiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pompilia means – fifth daughter
PomposaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pomposa means – lavish, magnificent
PoncianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ponciana means – blouse
PoppyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Poppy means – poppy flower
PoraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pora means – fruitful
PorchaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Porcha means – a form of Portia
PorcheFemaleLatinThe Latin name Porche means – a form of Portia
PorchiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Porchia means – a form of Portia
PoriaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Poria means – fruitful
PorschaFemaleGermanThe German name Porscha means – a form of Portia
PorscheFemaleGermanThe German name Porsche means – a form of Portia
PorshaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Porsha means – a form of Portia
PortiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Portia means – offering
PosyFemaleEnglishThe English name Posy means – flower, small bunch of flowers
PotencianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Potenciana means – powerful
PreciosaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Preciosa means – a form of Precious
PresleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Presley means – priest’s meadow
PricillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pricilla means – a form of Priscilla
PrimaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Prima means – first, beginning; first child
PrimroseFemaleEnglishThe English name Primrose means – primrose flower
PrincessFemaleEnglishThe English name Princess means – daughter of royalty
PriscaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Prisca means – a short form of Priscilla
PriscillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Priscilla means – ancient
PrissyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Prissy means – a familiar form of Priscilla
ProcopiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Procopia means – declared leader
PromiseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Promise means – promise, pledge
ProsperaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Prospera means – prosperous
PruFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pru means – a short form of Prudence
PrudenceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Prudence means – cautious; discreet
PrudyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Prudy means – a familiar form of Prudence
PrunellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Prunella means – brown; little plum
PubliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Publia means – from the village
PurityFemaleEnglishThe English name Purity means – purity
PusinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Pusina means – child
QuartillaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quartilla means – fourth
QueenFemaleEnglishThe English name Queen means – queen
QueenieFemaleEnglishThe English name Queenie means – “queen.”
QuellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Quella means – quiet, pacify
QuennaFemaleEnglishThe English name Quenna means – a form of Queen
QuesaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quesara means – youthful
QuietaFemaleEnglishThe English name Quieta means – quiet
QuinellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quinella means – a form of Quintana
QuinettaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quinetta means – a form of Quintana
QuinnFemaleEnglishThe English name Quinn means – Signifies “queen.”
QuintanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintana means – fifth
QuintessaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintessa means – essence
QuintiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintilia means – she who was born in the fifth month
QuintinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quintina means – a form of Quintana
QuirinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quirina means – she who carries the lance
QuiritaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Quirita means – citizen
RaananaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raanana means – fresh; luxuriant
RabeccaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rabecca means – a form of Rebecca
RachaelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rachael means – a form of Rachel
RachalFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rachal means – a form of Rachel
RachealFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Racheal means – a form of Rachel
RachelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rachel means – This name has the meaning “innocence of a lamb.” The name of the wife of the biblical patriarch Jacob. Among renowned Rachels are Rachel Carson and former first lady Rachel Jackson
RadegundaFemaleGermanThe German name Radegunda means – battle counselor
RadellaFemaleGermanThe German name Radella means – counselor
RadianteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Radiante means – radiant
RaeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rae means – a short form of Rachel
RaechelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raechel means – a form of Rachel
RaechelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raechelle means – a form of Rachel
RaenaFemaleGermanThe German name Raena means – a form of Raina
RaetrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Raetruda means – powerful advice
RaevenFemaleEnglishThe English name Raeven means – a form of Raven
RafaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rafaela means – a form of Raphaela
RagineFemaleEnglishThe English name Ragine means – a form of Regina
RahelFemaleGermanThe German name Rahel means – a form of Rachel
RainFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rain means – a short form of Regina
RainaFemaleGermanThe German name Raina means – mighty
RainbowFemaleEnglishThe English name Rainbow means – rainbow
RaineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Raine means – a short form of Regina
RaineeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rainee means – a familiar form of Regina
RainelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Rainelle means – a combination of Raina + Elle
RaingardaFemaleGermanThe German name Raingarda means – prudent defender
RainiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Raini means – a familiar form of Regina
RainyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rainy means – a familiar form of Regina
RajelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rajel means – bee
RamosaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ramosa means – branch
RandeeFemaleEnglishThe English name Randee means – a familiar form of Miranda
RandiFemaleEnglishThe English name Randi means – Familiar forms of Miranda and Randall
RandieFemaleEnglishThe English name Randie means – a familiar form of Miranda
RaniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rania means – a form of Rani
RanitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ranita means – song; joyful
RanyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ranya means – a form of Rani
RaphaelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raphaela means – healed by God
RaquildaFemaleGermanThe German name Raquilda means – a form of Radegunda
RaquildisFemaleGermanThe German name Raquildis means – fighting princess
RatrudisFemaleGermanThe German name Ratrudis means – faithful counselor
RaveenFemaleEnglishThe English name Raveen means – a form of Raven
RaveenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Raveena means – a form of Raven
RavinFemaleEnglishThe English name Ravin means – a form of Raven
RavynFemaleEnglishThe English name Ravyn means – a form of Raven
RayaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raya means – “friend.”
RaychelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raychel means – a form of Rachel
RaymondeFemaleGermanThe German name Raymonde means – wise protector
RayvenFemaleEnglishThe English name Rayven means – a form of Raven
ReannaFemaleGermanThe German name Reanna means – Raina
RebaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Reba means – fourth-born child
RebbeccaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebbecca means – a form of Rebecca
RebecaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebeca means – a form of Rebecca
RebeccaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebecca means – tied, bound. Bible: the wife of Isaac
RebeccahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebeccah means – a form of Rebecca
RebeckaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebecka means – a form of Rebecca
RebeckahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebeckah means – a form of Rebecca
RebekahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebekah means – a form of Rebecca
RebekkaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebekka means – a form of Rebecca
RebekkahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebekkah means – a form of Rebecca
RebiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rebi means – a form of Rebecca
RedemptaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Redempta means – redemption
RefugioFemaleLatinThe Latin name Refugio means – refuge
RegenfridaFemaleGermanThe German name Regenfrida means – peaceful advice
ReginaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Regina means – qyeen
RegineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Regine means – a form of Regina
RelindaFemaleGermanThe German name Relinda means – kind-hearted princess
RemigiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Remigia means – rower
RenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rena means – song; joy
RennieFemaleEnglishThe English name Rennie means – a familiar form of Renata
ReparadaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Reparada means – renewed
ResiFemaleGermanThe German name Resi means – a familiar form of Theresa
RestitutaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Restituta means – restitution
ReubenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Reubena means – behold a child
RevaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Reva means – revived
RevocataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Revocata means – call again
ReynaldaFemaleGermanThe German name Reynalda means – king’s advisor
RichelleFemaleGermanThe German name Richelle means – a form of Ricarda
RickmaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rickma means – woven
RictrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Rictruda means – powerful strength
RigobertaFemaleGermanThe German name Rigoberta means – brilliant advisor
RillaFemaleGermanThe German name Rilla means – small brook
RimonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rimona means – pomegranate
RinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Rina means – a short form of names ending in “rina”
RinahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rinah means – joyful
RisaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Risa means – laughter
RishonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rishona means – A name that means “first.”
RivkaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rivka means – A short form of Rebecca. Variations include Rivca, Rivcah, and Rivkah
RobbiFemaleEnglishThe English name Robbi means – a familiar form of Roberta
RobertaFemaleEnglishThe English name Roberta means – “bright fame.” A feminine form of Robert. Singer Roberta Flack
RobinetteFemaleEnglishThe English name Robinette means – a familiar form of Robin
RobustianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Robustiana means – well-built woman
RobynnFemaleEnglishThe English name Robynn means – a form of Robin
RochelyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rochely means – a form of Rochelle
RodericaFemaleGermanThe German name Roderica means – “renowned ruler.” A feminine form of Roderick
RogacianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rogaciana means – forgiving woman
RolandaFemaleGermanThe German name Rolanda means – A name that means “famous land.” A feminine form of Roland
RoleneFemaleGermanThe German name Rolene means – a form of Rolanda
RolondaFemaleGermanThe German name Rolonda means – a form of Rolanda
RomaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Roma means – from Rome
RomeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Romelda means – Roman fighter
RomeliaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Romelia means – God’s beloved one
RomiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Romia means – praised
RomolaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Romola means – a form of Roma
RomualdaFemaleGermanThe German name Romualda means – glorious governess
RonicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ronica means – a form of Veronica
RonikaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ronika means – a form of Veronica
RoniqueFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ronique means – a form of Veronica
RonliFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ronli means – joyful
RoqueliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Roquelia means – a form of Rochelle
RoquelinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Roquelina means – a form of Rochelle
RosFemaleEnglishThe English name Ros means – a short form of Rosalind
RosalbaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rosalba means – white rose
RosaleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosalee means – a form of Rosalind
RosaliaFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosalia means – a form of Rosalind
RosalieFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosalie means – A form of Rosalind
RosalvaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rosalva means – a form of Rosalba
RosamariaFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosamaria means – a form of Rose Marie
RosamondFemaleGermanThe German name Rosamond means – “famous protector.” Among notable people with this name is author Rosamond Bernier
RosanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosana means – a combination of Rose + Anna
RosannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosanna means – a combination of Rose + Anna
RosanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosanne means – a combination of Rose + Ann
RoseFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rose means – rose
Rose MarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Rose Marie means – a combination of Rose + Marie
RoseannFemaleEnglishThe English name Roseann means – a combination of Rose + Ann
RoseannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Roseanna means – a combination of Rose + Anna
RoseanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Roseanne means – A combination of Rose and Ann. Roseanne Barr got her start in stand up comedy
RosellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rosella means – a form of Rose
RosemarieFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosemarie means – a combination of Rose + Marie
RosemaryFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosemary means – A combination of Rose and Mary. Singer Rosemary Clooney, aunt of George
RosendaFemaleGermanThe German name Rosenda means – excellent lady
RosieFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosie means – A familiar form of Rosalind, Rosanna, and Rose. Talk show host and actress Rosie O’Donnell
RosildaFemaleGermanThe German name Rosilda means – horse-riding warrior
RosinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosina means – a familiar form of Rose
RosmiraFemaleGermanThe German name Rosmira means – a form of Rosilda
RosuraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rosura means – golden rose
RosyFemaleEnglishThe English name Rosy means – a familiar form of Rose, Rosalind
RowenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Rowena means – famous friend
RoyaFemaleEnglishThe English name Roya means – a short form of Royanna
RoyaleFemaleEnglishThe English name Royale means – royal
RoyannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Royanna means – queenly; royal
RozFemaleEnglishThe English name Roz means – a short form of Rosalind
RozelleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rozelle means – a form of Rose
RubenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rubena means – a form of Reubena
RudeeFemaleGermanThe German name Rudee means – a short form of Rudolfa
RudolfaFemaleGermanThe German name Rudolfa means – famous wolf
RueFemaleGermanThe German name Rue means – famous
RuelFemaleEnglishThe English name Ruel means – path
RufaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rufa means – a form of Ruffina
RuffinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ruffina means – redhead
RulaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Rula means – ruler
RumerFemaleEnglishThe English name Rumer means – gypsy
RustiFemaleEnglishThe English name Rusti means – redhead
RutFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rut means – a form of Ruth
RuthFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ruth means – This name means “friendship.” The biblical Ruth was a model of loyalty. Illustrious women with this name are actress and writer Ruth Gordon, actress Ruth Roman, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg
RuthieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ruthie means – a familiar form of Ruth
RutildaFemaleGermanThe German name Rutilda means – strong because of her fame
RutiliaFemaleGermanThe German name Rutilia means – she who shines brightly
SabanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabana means – a form of Savannah
SabinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabina means – a form of Sabine
SabineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabine means – History: the Sabine were a tribe in ancient Italy
SabinianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabiniana means – a form of Sabine
SableFemaleEnglishThe English name Sable means – sable; sleek
SabraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sabra means – thorny cactus fruit
SabreenFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabreen means – a short form of Sabreena
SabreenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabreena means – a form of Sabrina
SabrenaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabrena means – a form of Sabrina
SabrinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabrina means – boundary line
SabrineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sabrine means – a form of Sabrina
SabrynaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sabryna means – a form of Sabrina
SacramentoFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sacramento means – consecrated
SadeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sade means – a form of Sarah
SadiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sadi means – a form of Sadie
SadieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sadie means – a familiar form of Sarah
SahraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sahra means – a form of Sarah
SaigeFemaleEnglishThe English name Saige means – a form of Sage
SairaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Saira means – a form of Sara
SalabergaFemaleGermanThe German name Salaberga means – she who defens the sacrifice
SaletteFemaleEnglishThe English name Salette means – a form of Sally
SalliannFemaleEnglishThe English name Salliann means – a combination of Sally + Ann
SallieFemaleEnglishThe English name Sallie means – a form of Sally
SallyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sally means – A familiar form of Sarah, which means “princess.” Among notable people with this name are the first American woman in space, Sally Ride, and actress Sally Kellerman
SalomeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Salome means – peaceful. History: Salome Alexandra was a ruler of ancient Judea
SalustianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Salustiana means – healthy
SamahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samah means – a form of Sami
SamalaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samala means – asked of God
SamanathaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samanatha means – a form of Samantha
SamanfaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samanfa means – a form of Samantha
SamantaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samanta means – a form of Samantha
SamanthaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samantha means – told by God; listener
SamaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Samara means – elm-tree-seed
SamarahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Samarah means – a form of Samara
SamariaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Samaria means – a form of Samara
SamathaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samatha means – a form of Samantha
SamehFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sameh means – listener
SammanthaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sammantha means – a form of Samantha
SammiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sammi means – a familiar form of Samantha, Samuela
SamoneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samone means – a form of Simone
SamuelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samuela means – a form of Samuel
SamuelleFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samuelle means – a form of Samuel
SanneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sanne means – lily
SapphiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sapphira means – a form of Sapphire
SaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sara means – a form of Sarah
SarafinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarafina means – a form of Serafina
SarahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarah means – This name means “princess.” The name of the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Distinguished individuals with this name include former first lady Sarah Polk, astronomer Sarah F. Whiting, as well as actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Sarah Michelle Gellar
SarahiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarahi means – a form of Sarah
SaraiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarai means – a form of Sarah
SarayFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Saray means – a form of Sarah
SarenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarena means – a form of Sarina
SarhaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarha means – a form of Sarah
SariFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sari means – a form of Saree
SariahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sariah means – a form of Sarah
SarikaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarika means – a familiar form of Sarah
SarinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarina means – a familiar form of Sarah, Zarina
SaritaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarita means – a familiar form of Sarah
SarraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarra means – a form of Sarah
SarrahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sarrah means – a form of Sarah
SaturiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Saturia means – she who has it all
SaturnianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Saturniana means – healty
SaundraFemaleEnglishThe English name Saundra means – a form of Sandra, Sondra
SavinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Savina means – a form of Sabina
SaydeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sayde means – a form of Sadie
SaydeeFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Saydee means – a form of Sadie
SayraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sayra means – a form of Sarah
ScarletFemaleEnglishThe English name Scarlet means – a form of Scarlett
ScarlettFemaleEnglishThe English name Scarlett means – bright red. Literature: Scarlett O’Hara is the heroine of Margaret Mitchell’s novel “Gone with the Wind”
SealtielFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sealtiel means – my desire is God
SebrinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sebrina means – a form of Sabrina
SeciliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secilia means – a form of Cecilia
SecretFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secret means – secret
SecundaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secunda means – second
SecundinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Secundina means – second daughter
SedofaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sedofa means – silk
SeeliaFemaleEnglishThe English name Seelia means – a form of Sheila
SegeneFemaleGermanThe German name Segene means – victorious
SelaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sela means – a short form of Selena
SelahFemaleEnglishThe English name Selah means – a short form of Selena
SeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Selda means – A short form of Griselda, which means “gray warrior maid.”
SelesteFemaleLatinThe Latin name Seleste means – a form of Celeste
SelestinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Selestina means – a form of Celestina
SeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Selia means – a short form of Cecilia
SelimaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Selima means – peaceful
SelmaFemaleGermanThe German name Selma means – divine protector
SelvaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Selva means – a form of Silvana
SemeleFemaleLatinThe Latin name Semele means – once
SempronianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Semproniana means – eternal
SenorinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Senorina means – aged
SeptemberFemaleLatinThe Latin name September means – born in the ninth month
SeptimaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Septima means – seventh
SeraphinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Seraphina means – burning; ardent. Bible: seraphim are an order on angels
SerenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serena means – peaceful
SerenityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serenity means – peaceful
SerinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serina means – a form of Serena
SeritaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Serita means – a form of Sarita
SerotinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Serotina means – dusk
ServandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Servanda means – she who must be saved and protected
ServiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Servia means – daughter of those who serve the Lord
SevandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sevanda means – she who must be saved and protected
ShaelynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shaelyn means – a form of Shea
ShaelynnFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shaelynn means – a form of Shea
ShailaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shaila means – a form of Sheila
ShamiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shamira means – “precious stone.”
ShamyraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shamyra means – a form of Shamira
ShanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shana means – God is gracious
ShandiFemaleEnglishThe English name Shandi means – a familiar form of Shana
SharaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shara means – a short form of Sharon
SharaiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharai means – princess
ShareeFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharee means – a form of Shari
SharenFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharen means – a form of Sharon
ShariannFemaleEnglishThe English name Shariann means – a combination of Shari + Ann
SharianneFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharianne means – a combination of Shari + Ann
SharinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharina means – a form of Sharon
SharnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharna means – a form of Sharon
SharonFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharon means – “desert plain.” One of today’s popular Sharons is actor Sharon Stone who has gone from ingenue to sophisticate in the movies
SharondaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharonda means – a form of Sharon
SharronFemaleEnglishThe English name Sharron means – a form of Sharon
SharronaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sharrona means – a form of Sharon
ShaunaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shauna means – a form of Shana, Shaun
ShaunnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shaunna means – a form of Shauna
ShaunyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shaunya means – a form of Shauna
ShawnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shawna means – a form of Shana, Shawn
ShawnnaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shawnna means – a form of Shawna
ShaynaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shayna means – beautiful
SheenaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sheena means – God is gracious
SheilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sheila means – blind
ShelbeFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbe means – forms of Shelby
ShelbeeFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbee means – forms of Shelby
ShelbeyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbey means – forms of Shelby
ShelbiFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbi means – forms of Shelby
ShelbieFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelbie means – forms of Shelby
SheleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelee means – a form of Shelley
SheliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shelia means – a form of sheila
ShellbieFemaleEnglishThe English name Shellbie means – forms of Shelby
ShellbyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shellby means – forms of Shelby
ShelleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelley means – “meadow on the ledge.” Actresses Shelley Winters, Shelley Duvall, and Shelley Long; Congresswoman Shelley Berkley; country singer Shelley Streeter
ShellieFemaleEnglishThe English name Shellie means – meadow on the ledge
ShellyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shelly means – meadow on the ledge
SherleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sherley means – a form of Shirley
SherronFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sherron means – a form of Sharon
ShifraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shifra means – beautiful
ShilahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Shilah means – a form of Sheila
ShiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shira means – song
ShirleneFemaleEnglishThe English name Shirlene means – a form of Shirley
ShirleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Shirley means – “Bright meadow.” Among notable people with this name are former congresswoman and presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm and actress Shirley McLaine
ShoshanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shoshana means – a form of Susan
ShulamithFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shulamith means – peaceful
ShylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Shyla means – a form of Sheila
ShyloFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shylo means – a form of Shilo
ShyraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shyra means – a form of Shira
SibleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sibley means – sibling; friendly
SidoniaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sidonia means – enticing
SidraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sidra means – star child
SigfredaFemaleGermanThe German name Sigfreda means – victorious peace
SigmundaFemaleGermanThe German name Sigmunda means – victorious protector
SigneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Signe means – sign, signal
SigourneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Sigourney means – victorious conquerer
SigradaFemaleGermanThe German name Sigrada means – famous because of the victory
SileniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Silenia means – belongs to the earthly gods
SilvanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Silvana means – a form of Sylvana
SilverFemaleEnglishThe English name Silver means – a precious metal
SilviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Silvia means – a form of Sylvia
SimonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simona means – a form of Simone
SimoneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simone means – she heard
SinforosaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sinforosa means – full of misfortunes
SionFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sion means – a form of Asuncion
SiraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sira means – she who comes from Syria
SolabergaFemaleGermanThe German name Solaberga means – she who defens the sacrifice
SolitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Solita means – alone
SommerFemaleEnglishThe English name Sommer means – summer; summoner
SpicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Spica means – ear of wheat. Astronomy: a star in the constellation Virgo
SpringFemaleEnglishThe English name Spring means – springtime
StaciaFemaleEnglishThe English name Stacia means – a short form of Anastasia
StarFemaleEnglishThe English name Star means – star
StarlaFemaleEnglishThe English name Starla means – a form of Star
StarleenFemaleEnglishThe English name Starleen means – a form of Star
StarleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Starley means – a form of Star
StarlynFemaleEnglishThe English name Starlyn means – a form of Star
StasiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Stasia means – a short form of Anastasia
StellaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Stella means – star
StinaFemaleGermanThe German name Stina means – a short form of Christina
StockardFemaleEnglishThe English name Stockard means – stockyard
StormiFemaleEnglishThe English name Stormi means – a form of Stormy
StormieFemaleEnglishThe English name Stormie means – a form of Stormy
StormyFemaleEnglishThe English name Stormy means – impetuous by nature
SueFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sue means – a short form of Susan, Susana
SulamitaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sulamita means – peaceful woman
SuliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sulia means – a form of Julia
SulpiciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sulpicia means – Literature: a woman poet from ancient Rome
SumaFemaleEnglishThe English name Suma means – born in the summertime
SumerFemaleEnglishThe English name Sumer means – a form of Summer
SummerFemaleEnglishThe English name Summer means – summertime
SundayFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sunday means – born on the first day of the week
SunivaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Suniva means – radiant; enlightened
SunshineFemaleEnglishThe English name Sunshine means – sunshine
SusanFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susan means – lily
SusanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susana means – a form of Susan
SusannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susanna means – a form of Susan
SusannahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susannah means – a form of Susan
SusanneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Susanne means – a form of Susan
SuzanFemaleEnglishThe English name Suzan means – a form of Susan
SuzanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Suzana means – a form of Susan
SuzannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Suzanna means – a form of Susan
SuzannahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Suzannah means – a form of Susan
SuzanneFemaleEnglishThe English name Suzanne means – a form of Susan
SybellaFemaleEnglishThe English name Sybella means – a form of Sybil
SylvanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvana means – forest
SylviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvia means – forest. Literature: Sylvia Plath was a well-known American poet
SylvieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvie means – a familiar form of Sylvia
SylwiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Sylwia means – a form of Sylvia
SymoneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Symone means – a form of Simone
TabbyFemaleEnglishThe English name Tabby means – a familiar form of Tabitha
TaceyFemaleEnglishThe English name Tacey means – a familiar form of Tacia
TaciFemaleEnglishThe English name Taci means – a form of Tacey
TacitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tacita means – silent
TaelarFemaleEnglishThe English name Taelar means – a form of Taylor
TaelerFemaleEnglishThe English name Taeler means – a form of Taylor
TaelorFemaleEnglishThe English name Taelor means – a form of Taylor
TaeshaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Taesha means – a form of Tisha
TailerFemaleEnglishThe English name Tailer means – a form of Taylor
TailorFemaleEnglishThe English name Tailor means – a form of Taylor
TaiteFemaleEnglishThe English name Taite means – cheerful
TalisaFemaleEnglishThe English name Talisa means – a form of Tallis
TalissaFemaleEnglishThe English name Talissa means – a form of Tallis
TalorFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Talor means – dew
TamaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamara means – palm tree
TamarahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamarah means – a form of Tamara
TamariaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamaria means – a form of Tamara
TamarraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamarra means – a form of Tamara
TamassaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamassa means – a form of Thomasina
TameraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamera means – a form of Tamara
TamiaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamia means – a form of Tammy
TamiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamira means – a form of Tamara
TamiyaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamiya means – a form of Tammy
TammiFemaleEnglishThe English name Tammi means – a form of Tammy
TammieFemaleEnglishThe English name Tammie means – a form of Tammy
TammyFemaleEnglishThe English name Tammy means – twin
TamraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamra means – a short form of Tamara
TamsinFemaleEnglishThe English name Tamsin means – a short form of Thomasina
TamyraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamyra means – a form of Tamara
TandraFemaleEnglishThe English name Tandra means – a form of Tandy
TandyFemaleEnglishThe English name Tandy means – team
TannerFemaleEnglishThe English name Tanner means – leather worker; tanner
TarsiciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tarsicia means – she who was born in Tarso, the Turkish city where St. Paul was born
TasminFemaleEnglishThe English name Tasmin means – a short form of Thomasina
TassieFemaleEnglishThe English name Tassie means – a familiar form of Tasmin
TatumFemaleEnglishThe English name Tatum means – cheerful
TauraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Taura means – bull. Astrology: Taurus is a sign of the zodiac
TauriFemaleEnglishThe English name Tauri means – a form of Tory
TaviaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tavia means – a short form of Octavia
TawneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Tawnee means – a form of Tawny
TawneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Tawney means – a form of Tawny
TawniFemaleEnglishThe English name Tawni means – a form of Tawny
TawnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Tawnie means – a form of Tawny
TawnyFemaleEnglishThe English name Tawny means – brownish yellow, tan
TayaFemaleEnglishThe English name Taya means – a short form of Taylor
TayanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Tayana means – a form of Taya
TayeFemaleEnglishThe English name Taye means – a short form of Taylor
TaylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Tayla means – a short form of Taylor
TaylarFemaleEnglishThe English name Taylar means – a form of Taylor
TaylerFemaleEnglishThe English name Tayler means – a form of Taylor
TaylorFemaleEnglishThe English name Taylor means – Literally means “tailor.” Singer Taylor Dane
TayloreFemaleEnglishThe English name Taylore means – a form of Taylor
TaylourFemaleEnglishThe English name Taylour means – a form of Taylor
TaylreFemaleEnglishThe English name Taylre means – a form of Taylor
TeairaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teaira means – a form of Tiara
TeairraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teairra means – a form of Tiara
TealFemaleEnglishThe English name Teal means – Signifying a blue green color
TealaFemaleEnglishThe English name Teala means – a form of Teal
TearaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teara means – a form of Tiara
TearraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tearra means – a form of Tiara
TeashaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teasha means – a form of Taesha
TecusaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tecusa means – covered, hidden
TeelaFemaleEnglishThe English name Teela means – a form of Teala
TeeshaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teesha means – a form of Tisha
TeilaFemaleEnglishThe English name Teila means – a form of Teala
TeiraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teira means – a form of Tiara
TeirraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teirra means – a form of Tiara
TeishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teisha means – a form of Taesha
TemiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Temira means – tall
TeodelinaFemaleGermanThe German name Teodelina means – she who loves her village
TeodolindaFemaleGermanThe German name Teodolinda means – she who loves her village
TeolindaFemaleGermanThe German name Teolinda means – a short form of Teodelinda
TeraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tera means – earth
TerahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Terah means – earth
TerenneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Terenne means – smooth
TerraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Terra means – earth
TerrahFemaleLatinThe Latin name Terrah means – earth
TerrynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Terryn means – a form of Terrene
TertiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tertia means – third
TerynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Teryn means – a form of Terrene
TettyFemaleEnglishThe English name Tetty means – a familiar form of Elizabeth
TeyaFemaleEnglishThe English name Teya means – a form of Taya
TeylorFemaleEnglishThe English name Teylor means – a form of Taylor
ThamaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Thamara means – a form of Tamara
ThirzaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Thirza means – pleasant
ThomasinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Thomasina means – twin
TiairaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiaira means – a form of Tiara
TiaraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiara means – crowned
TiareFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiare means – a form of Tiara
TiarraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiarra means – a form of Tiara
TicianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ticiana means – valiant defender
TiearaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tieara means – a form of Tiara
TieraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiera means – a form of Tiara
TierraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tierra means – a form of Tiara
TieshaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiesha means – a form of Tisha
TifaniFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tifani means – a form of Tiffany
TifaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tifara means – happy
TiffFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiff means – a short form of Tiffany
TiffaneyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiffaney means – a form of Tiffany
TiffaniFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiffani means – a form of Tiffany
TiffanieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiffanie means – a form of Tiffany
TiffanyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiffany means – trinity
TiffiniFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiffini means – a form of Tiffany
TiffneyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiffney means – a form of Tiffany
TiffyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiffy means – a form of Tiffany
TikvahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tikvah means – hope
TildaFemaleGermanThe German name Tilda means – A short form of Matilda, which means “might battler.”
TillieFemaleGermanThe German name Tillie means – a familiar form of Matilda
TimaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Timara means – a form of Tamara
TimberFemaleEnglishThe English name Timber means – wood
TimiFemaleEnglishThe English name Timi means – a familiar form of Timothea
TimiaFemaleEnglishThe English name Timia means – a form of Timi
TimotheaFemaleEnglishThe English name Timothea means – honoring God
TinbleFemaleEnglishThe English name Tinble means – sound bells make
TiphanieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tiphanie means – a form of Tiffany
TirzaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tirza means – pleasant
TirzahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tirzah means – a form of Tirza
TishFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tish means – a form of Tisha
TishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tisha means – joy
TivonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tivona means – This name means “lover of nature.”
TiyanaFemaleEnglishThe English name Tiyana means – a form of Tayana
TiyannaFemaleEnglishThe English name Tiyanna means – a form of Tayana
TommiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tommi means – a short form of Thomasina
ToniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tonia means – a form of Toni, Tonya
TopazFemaleLatinThe Latin name Topaz means – golden yellow gem
TopsyFemaleEnglishThe English name Topsy means – on top
TorcuataFemaleLatinThe Latin name Torcuata means – adorned
ToreeFemaleEnglishThe English name Toree means – a form of Tori
ToriaFemaleEnglishThe English name Toria means – a form of Tori, Tory
TorianaFemaleEnglishThe English name Toriana means – a form of Tori
TorieFemaleEnglishThe English name Torie means – a form of Tori
TorilynFemaleEnglishThe English name Torilyn means – a combination of Tori + Lynn
TorriFemaleEnglishThe English name Torri means – a form of Tori
TorrieFemaleEnglishThe English name Torrie means – a form of Tori, Tory
ToscaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tosca means – native of Tuscany, a region in Italy
ToscanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Toscana means – native of Tuscany, a region in Italy
TottieFemaleEnglishThe English name Tottie means – a familiar form of Charlotte
TovaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tova means – a form of Tovah
TovahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tovah means – “good.” Among famous people with this name is actress Tovah Feldshuh
TraceyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tracey means – warrior
TraciFemaleLatinThe Latin name Traci means – a form of Tracey
TracieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tracie means – a form of Tracey
TracyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tracy means – warrior
TralenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tralena means – a combination of Tracey + Lena
TreasureFemaleLatinThe Latin name Treasure means – treasure, wealth; valuable
TrianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Triana means – third
TriciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Tricia means – a form of Trisha
TrilbyFemaleEnglishThe English name Trilby means – soft hat
TrindadeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trindade means – a form of Trinity
TrinityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trinity means – triad. Religion: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
TrishFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trish means – a form of Trisha
TrishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trisha means – noblewoman
TrissaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trissa means – a familiar form of Patricia
TristaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trista means – a short form of Tristan
TristabelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Tristabelle means – a combination of Tristan + Belle
TrudyFemaleGermanThe German name Trudy means – a familiar form of Gertrude
TryciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trycia means – a form of Trisha
TrystynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Trystyn means – a form of Tristan
TuesdayFemaleEnglishThe English name Tuesday means – born on the third day of the week
TusneldaFemaleGermanThe German name Tusnelda means – she who fights giants
TwylaFemaleEnglishThe English name Twyla means – woven of double thread
TyneFemaleEnglishThe English name Tyne means – river
UdeleFemaleEnglishThe English name Udele means – prosperous
UgolinaFemaleGermanThe German name Ugolina means – bright mind; bright spirit
UllaFemaleGermanThe German name Ulla means – willful
UlricaFemaleGermanThe German name Ulrica means – wolf ruler; ruler of all
UltimaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ultima means – last, endmost, fatrhest
UlvaFemaleGermanThe German name Ulva means – wolf
UmbelinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Umbelina means – she who gives protective shade
UnaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Una means – one; united
UndineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Undine means – litle wave. Mythology: the undines were water spirits
UniquaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Uniqua means – only one
UniqueFemaleEnglishThe English name Unique means – unique
UnityFemaleEnglishThe English name Unity means – “unity.”
UnnaFemaleGermanThe German name Unna means – woman
UrbanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Urbana means – city dweller
UritFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Urit means – bright
UrithFemaleGermanThe German name Urith means – worthy
UrsicinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ursicina means – bear meat
UrsinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Ursina means – a form of Ursula
UzziaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Uzzia means – God is my strength
ValaFemaleGermanThe German name Vala means – singled out
ValarieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valarie means – a form of Valerie
ValburgaFemaleGermanThe German name Valburga means – she who defends on the battlefield
ValdaFemaleGermanThe German name Valda means – famous ruler
ValdradaFemaleGermanThe German name Valdrada means – she who gives advice
ValeneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valene means – a short form of Valentina
ValentinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valentina means – strong. Histori: Valentina Tereshkova, a Soviet cosmonaut, was the first woman in space
ValeriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valeria means – a form of Valerie
ValerieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valerie means – strong
ValeryFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valery means – a form of Valerie
ValkiriaFemaleGermanThe German name Valkiria means – Mythology: the Valkyries were Norse handmaidens who carried warriors’souls to Valhalla
ValliFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valli means – a familiar form of Valentina, Valerie. Botany: a plant native to India
ValoniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valonia means – shadow valley
ValoraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valora means – a form of Valerie
ValorieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Valorie means – a form of Valerie
ValtrudaFemaleGermanThe German name Valtruda means – strong dynasty
VandaFemaleGermanThe German name Vanda means – a form of Wanda
VanettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Vanetta means – a form of Vanessa
VanityFemaleEnglishThe English name Vanity means – vain
VardaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Varda means – rose
VardinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Vardina means – a form of Varda
VarinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Varina means – thorn
VedisFemaleGermanThe German name Vedis means – spirit from the forest
VeldaFemaleGermanThe German name Velda means – a form of Valda
VeliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Velia means – concealed
VelmaFemaleGermanThe German name Velma means – a familiar form of Vilhelmina
VelvetFemaleEnglishThe English name Velvet means – velvety
VenanciaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Venancia means – hunter
VenerandaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Veneranda means – worthy of veneration
VenessaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Venessa means – a form of Vanessa
VenidleFemaleGermanThe German name Venidle means – flag of the warrior
VenusFemaleLatinThe Latin name Venus means – love. Mythology: the goddess of love and beauty
VenustianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Venustiana means – a form of Venus
VeraFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vera means – true
VeradisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Veradis means – truthful
VerbenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Verbena means – sacred plants
VerdaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Verda means – young, fresh
VeredignaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Veredigna means – she who has earned great honors for her dignity
VerenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Verena means – truthful. A familiar form of Vera, Verna
VereniceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Verenice means – a form of Veronica
VeridianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Veridiana means – truthful
VerityFemaleLatinThe Latin name Verity means – truthful
VerleneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Verlene means – a combination of Veronica + Lena
VernaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Verna means – springtime
VerniceFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vernice means – a form of Bernice, Verna
VernishaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vernisha means – a form of Vernice
VeronicFemaleLatinThe Latin name Veronic means – a short form of Veronice
VeronicaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Veronica means – true image
VeronikaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Veronika means – a form of Veronica
VespasianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vespasiana means – wasp
VesperaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vespera means – evening star
VestaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vesta means – keeper of the house
VicentiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vicentia means – a form of Vincent
VickaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vicka means – a familiar form of Victoria
VickiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vicki means – a familiar form of Victoria
VickieFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vickie means – a familiar form of Victoria
VickyFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vicky means – a familiar form of Victoria
VictoriaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Victoria means – victorious
VictorineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Victorine means – a form of Victoria
VictoryFemaleLatinThe Latin name Victory means – victory
VidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Vida means – a short form of Davida
ViennaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vienna means – Georraphy: the capital of Austria
VigiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vigilia means – wakeful, watching
VikaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vika means – a familiar form of Victoria
VikkiFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vikki means – a familiar form of Victoria
VilaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vila means – from a house in the country
VilanaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vilana means – inhabitant of a small village
VilhelminaFemaleGermanThe German name Vilhelmina means – a form of Wilhelmina
VilmaFemaleGermanThe German name Vilma means – a short form of Vilhelmina
ViniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vinia means – wine
ViolaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Viola means – violet; stringed instrument in the violin family
VirgiliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Virgilia means – rod bearer, staff bearer
VirginiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Virginia means – pure, virginal
ViridisFemaleLatinThe Latin name Viridis means – green
VirtudesFemaleLatinThe Latin name Virtudes means – blessed spirit
VirtueFemaleLatinThe Latin name Virtue means – virtuous
VirxiniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Virxinia means – pure
VisiaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Visia means – strenght, vigor
VitaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vita means – life
VitaliaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vitalia means – a form of Vita
VivFemaleLatinThe Latin name Viv means – a short form of Vivian
VivaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Viva means – a short form of Vivian
VivaldaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vivalda means – alive; brave in battle
VivianFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vivian means – full of life
VivianaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Viviana means – a form of Vivian
VivianeFemaleLatinThe Latin name Viviane means – a form of Vivian
ViviannaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vivianna means – a form of Vivian
VivianneFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vivianne means – a form of Vivian
VivienFemaleLatinThe Latin name Vivien means – a form of Vivian
VulpineFemaleEnglishThe English name Vulpine means – like a fox
WaldaFemaleGermanThe German name Walda means – powerful; famous
WallisFemaleEnglishThe English name Wallis means – from Wales
WandieFemaleGermanThe German name Wandie means – a familiar form of Wanda
WanettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Wanetta means – pale face
WardaFemaleGermanThe German name Warda means – guardian
WasilaFemaleEnglishThe English name Wasila means – healtly
WaverlyFemaleEnglishThe English name Waverly means – quaking aspen-tree meadow
WaynetteFemaleEnglishThe English name Waynette means – wagon maker
WendelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Wendelle means – wanderer
WesleeFemaleEnglishThe English name Weslee means – a form of Wesley
WhaleyFemaleEnglishThe English name Whaley means – whale meadow
WhisperFemaleEnglishThe English name Whisper means – whisper
WhitneeFemaleEnglishThe English name Whitnee means – a form of Whitney
WhitneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Whitney means – white island
WhitniFemaleEnglishThe English name Whitni means – a form of Whitney
WhitnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Whitnie means – a form of Whitney
WhittneyFemaleEnglishThe English name Whittney means – a form of Whitney
WhoopiFemaleEnglishThe English name Whoopi means – happy; excited
WiebkeFemaleGermanThe German name Wiebke means – “the young woman.”
WildaFemaleGermanThe German name Wilda means – untamed
WileenFemaleEnglishThe English name Wileen means – a short form of Wilhelmina
WillaFemaleGermanThe German name Willa means – A short form of Wilhelmina. Among notable people with this name are author Willa Cather and former congress-woman Willa Eslick.
WilletteFemaleEnglishThe English name Willette means – a familiar form of Wilhelmina
WillowFemaleEnglishThe English name Willow means – As in “willow tree.” Among notable people with this name, fashion model Willow Bay.
WilmaFemaleGermanThe German name Wilma means – A short form of Wilhelmina. Renounced Wilmas are track running star Wilma Rudolph and Wilma Mankiller, the first woman elected chief of the Cherokee Nation
WilonaFemaleEnglishThe English name Wilona means – desired
WindyFemaleEnglishThe English name Windy means – windy
WinifredFemaleGermanThe German name Winifred means – “friend of peace.” Among celebrated people with this name is former congresswoman Winnifred Huck
WinnieFemaleEnglishThe English name Winnie means – a familiar form of Edwina, Gwyneth, Winifred, Winona, Wynne. History: Winnie Mandela kept the anti-aparteid movement alive in South Africa while her then-husband, Nelson Mandela, was imprisoned. Literature: a lovable bear in A. A. Milne’s story
WinolaFemaleGermanThe German name Winola means – charming friend
WynterFemaleEnglishThe English name Wynter means – a form of Winter
XabrinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Xabrina means – a form of Sabrina
XamanthaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xamantha means – a form of Samantha
XamiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xami means – a form of Sami
XamuelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xamuela means – a form of Samuela
XaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xara means – a form of Sarah
XarikaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xarika means – a form of Sarika
XarinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xarina means – a form of Sarina
XemaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Xema means – precious
XerenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Xerena means – a form of Serena
XoanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xoana means – God is compassionate and merciful
XosefaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xosefa means – seated by God
YachneFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yachne means – “hospitable.”
YadiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yadira means – friend
YaelFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yael means – A name signifying “strength of God.” Among distinguished Yaels is Yael Dayan, an Israeli parliament member and author
YaffaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yaffa means – beautiful
YahairaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yahaira means – a form of Yakira
YajairaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yajaira means – a form of Yakira
YakiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yakira means – precious; dear
YannisFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yannis means – gift of God
YarkonaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yarkona means – green
YedidaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yedida means – dear friend
YehuditFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehudit means – Among notable people with this name is author Yehuudit Hendel
YeiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yeira means – light
YesicaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yesica means – a form of Jessica
YessicaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yessica means – a form of Jessica
YettaFemaleEnglishThe English name Yetta means – a short form of Henrietta
YoanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoana means – a form of Joana
YoannaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoanna means – a form of Joana
YoccelineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Yocceline means – a form of Jocelyn
YocelinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Yocelin means – a form of Jocelyn
YocelynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Yocelyn means – a form of Jocelyn
YohanaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yohana means – a form of Joana
YonieFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonie means – a familiar form of Yonina
YoninaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonina means – a form of Jonina
YoselinFemaleLatinThe Latin name Yoselin means – a form of Jocelyn
YoselineFemaleLatinThe Latin name Yoseline means – a form of Jocelyn
YoselynFemaleLatinThe Latin name Yoselyn means – a form of Jocelyn
YosephaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yosepha means – a form of Josephine
YovelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yovela means – joyful heart; rejoicer
YseultFemaleGermanThe German name Yseult means – ice rule
YudelleFemaleEnglishThe English name Yudelle means – a form of Udele
ZabaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaba means – she who offers a sacrifice to God
ZaharFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zahar means – daybreak; dawn
ZahavahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zahavah means – golden
ZairaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaira means – a form of Zara
ZakiraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zakira means – a form of Zacharie
ZamanthaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zamantha means – a form of Samantha
ZamiFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zami means – a form of Sami
ZamuelaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zamuela means – a form of Samuela
ZaraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zara means – a form of Sarah, Zora
ZarahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zarah means – a form of Sarah, Zora
ZariFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zari means – a form of Zara
ZariaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaria means – a form of Zara
ZariahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zariah means – a form of Zaria
ZarikaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zarika means – a form of Sarika
ZarinaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zarina means – a form of Sarina
ZavrinaFemaleEnglishThe English name Zavrina means – a form of Sabrina
ZayraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zayra means – a form of Zara
ZazaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaza means – golden
ZeaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Zea means – grain
ZedislavaFemaleGermanThe German name Zedislava means – glory, honor
ZeldaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zelda means – gray haired
ZeleneFemaleEnglishThe English name Zelene means – sunshine
ZelmaFemaleGermanThe German name Zelma means – a form of Selma
ZemirahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zemirah means – song of joy
ZephrineFemaleEnglishThe English name Zephrine means – breeze
ZeraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zera means – seeds
ZerenaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Zerena means – a form of Serena
ZerlinaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Zerlina means – beautiful dawn. Music: a character in Mozart’s opera
ZetaFemaleEnglishThe English name Zeta means – rose. Linguistics: a letter in the Greek alphabet
ZillaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zilla means – shadow
ZilpahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zilpah means – “dignified.”
ZinniaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Zinnia means – Botany: a plant with beautiful, colorful flowers
ZipporahFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zipporah means – bird. Bible: Moses’ wife
ZivaFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ziva means – bright; radiant
ZohraFemaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zohra means – blossom
ZonaFemaleLatinThe Latin name Zona means – belt, sash
AamirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aamir means – a form of Amir
AaranMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaran means – a form of Aaron
AaronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaron means – enlightened
AarronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aarron means – a form of Aaron
AarynMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaryn means – a form of Aaron
AbacoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abaco means – abacus
AbbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Abban means – white
AbbottMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbott means – a familiar form of father; abbot
AbdaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abda means – servant of God
AbdalongoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdalongo means – servant of Elon
AbdecalasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdecalas means – server of a dog
AbdericoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abderico means – rich and powerful servant
AbdielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdiel means – I serve God
AbeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abe means – a short form of Abel, Abraham
AbelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abel means – breath. Bible: Adam and Eve’s second son
AbelardMaleGermanThe German name Abelard means – noble; resolute
AbiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abiah means – God is my father
AbiboMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abibo means – beloved
AbieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abie means – a familiar form of Abraham
AbilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abilio means – expert: able
AbimaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abimael means – my father is God
AbirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abir means – strong
AbishaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abisha means – gift of God
AbnerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abner means – father of light. Bible: the commander of Saul’s army
AboMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abo means – father
AbraamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abraam means – a form of Abraham
AbrahamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abraham means – father of many nations. Bible: the first Hebrew patriarch
AbramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abram means – a short form of Abraham
AbsalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Absalom means – father of peace. Bible: the rebellious third so of King David
AbudemioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abudemio means – one who speaks in a sweet, refined way
AbundancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abundancio means – rich, affluent
AbundioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abundio means – he who has a lot of property
AcabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Acab means – uncle
AccasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Accas means – winding
AceMaleLatinThe Latin name Ace means – unity
AciscloMaleLatinThe Latin name Acisclo means – a pick used to work on rocks
AckerleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ackerley means – meadow of oak trees
AckleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ackley means – a form of Ackerley
ActonMaleEnglishThe English name Acton means – “oak-tree settlement.”
AcucioMaleLatinThe Latin name Acucio means – sharp: shrewd
AcursioMaleLatinThe Latin name Acursio means – he who heads toward God
AdabaldoMaleGermanThe German name Adabaldo means – noble and bold
AdacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Adacio means – determined: active
AdaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adael means – eternity of God
AdalbergoMaleGermanThe German name Adalbergo means – village
AdamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adam means – “earth.” According to the Bible, the first man. “Son of Adam” means “person.”
AdamsonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adamson means – son of Adam
AdauctoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adaucto means – increase
AddamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Addam means – a form of Adam
AddyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Addy means – a familiar form of Adam
AdelardMaleGermanThe German name Adelard means – noble; courageous
AdelelmoMaleGermanThe German name Adelelmo means – noble protector
AdelgarioMaleGermanThe German name Adelgario means – noble lance
AdelmoMaleGermanThe German name Adelmo means – noble protector
AdelricMaleGermanThe German name Adelric means – noble ruler
AdemarMaleGermanThe German name Ademar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdemaroMaleGermanThe German name Ademaro means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AderitoMaleGermanThe German name Aderito means – strong and powerful
AdhemarMaleGermanThe German name Adhemar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdifMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adif means – the preferred one
AdimarMaleGermanThe German name Adimar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adin means – This name means “pleasant.” Among famous individuals named Adin is Anglo-Jewish scholar Adin Steinsaltz.
AdinoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adino means – adorned
AdiosdadoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adiosdado means – given by God
AdirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adir means – majestic; noble
AdivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adiv means – pleasant; gentle
AdjutorMaleLatinThe Latin name Adjutor means – one who helps
AdlaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adlai means – my ornament
AdlerMaleGermanThe German name Adler means – eagle
AdmielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Admiel means – land of God
AdmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Admon means – Signifying “redness” or “health.”
AdneyMaleEnglishThe English name Adney means – noble’s island
AdoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ado means – beauty
AdolfMaleGermanThe German name Adolf means – noble wolf. History: Adolf Hitler’s German army was defeated in World War 2
AdolphMaleGermanThe German name Adolph means – a form of Adolf
AdonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adon means – Lord
AdonaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adonai means – my Lord
AdrianMaleLatinThe Latin name Adrian means – dark
AdrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adriel means – member of God’s flock
AdrodatoMaleGermanThe German name Adrodato means – daring father
AdyutoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adyuto means – one who helps
AdyutorMaleLatinThe Latin name Adyutor means – one who helps
AfonsoMaleGermanThe German name Afonso means – prepared for combat
AgapitoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Agapito means – the beloved one
AgbertoMaleGermanThe German name Agberto means – famous for the sword
AgentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agento means – efficient; active
AgeoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ageo means – having of festive character makes people happy
AgericoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agerico means – powerful sword
AgilbertoMaleGermanThe German name Agilberto means – famous sword from combat
AgileoMaleGermanThe German name Agileo means – spade of a fighter
AgilulfoMaleGermanThe German name Agilulfo means – spear of the warrior
AglibertoMaleGermanThe German name Agliberto means – a form of Agilberto
AgneloMaleLatinThe Latin name Agnelo means – reference to the lamb of God
AgoardoMaleGermanThe German name Agoardo means – strong sword
AgobardoMaleGermanThe German name Agobardo means – strong spear
AgofredoMaleGermanThe German name Agofredo means – spear that brings peace
AgomarMaleGermanThe German name Agomar means – distinguished sword
AgrestoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agresto means – rugged, rustic
AgrippaMaleLatinThe Latin name Agrippa means – born feet first. History: the commander of the Roman fleet that defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at Actium
AgurMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Agur means – accumulation
AgustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Agustin means – a form of Augustine
AgustineMaleLatinThe Latin name Agustine means – a form of Augustine
AhabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahab means – father’s brother. literature: the captain of the Pequod in Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick
AharonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aharon means – The brother of Moses, the first High Priest. He was noted for loving peace; a “student of Aharon” is a peacemaker. Aaron Copeland was one of the greatest American composers
AhkeemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahkeem means – a form of Akeem
AhuvMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahuv means – loved
AicardoMaleGermanThe German name Aicardo means – strong sword
AikenMaleEnglishThe English name Aiken means – made of oak
AimarioMaleGermanThe German name Aimario means – strong lineage
AjabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajab means – uncle
AjidanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajidan means – my brother judges
AjielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiel means – my brother is God
AjiezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiezer means – my brother is help
AjiramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiram means – my brother exalted
AjisharMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajishar means – my brother sings
AjitovMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajitov means – my brother is good
AjshalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajshalom means – brother of peace
AkeemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akeem means – a short form of Joachim
AkimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akim means – a short form of Joachim
AkivaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akiva means – A great scholar of the Mishna.
AlacrinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Alacrino means – a short form of alive; outgoing
AlaricMaleGermanThe German name Alaric means – ruler of all
AlbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Alban means – from Alba, Italy
AlbericMaleGermanThe German name Alberic means – smart; wise ruler
AlbericoMaleGermanThe German name Alberico means – a form of Alberic
AlbernMaleGermanThe German name Albern means – noble; courageous
AlbertMaleGermanThe German name Albert means – noble and bright
AlberteMaleGermanThe German name Alberte means – a form of Albert
AlbieMaleGermanThe German name Albie means – a familiar form of Albert
AlbinMaleLatinThe Latin name Albin means – a form of Alvin
AlbionMaleLatinThe Latin name Albion means – white cliffs. Geography: a reference to the white cliffs in Dover, England
AlbuinoMaleGermanThe German name Albuino means – powerful; noble home
AlbyMaleGermanThe German name Alby means – a familiar form of Albert
AlcottMaleEnglishThe English name Alcott means – old cottage
AldairMaleGermanThe German name Aldair means – a form of Alder
AldebertoMaleGermanThe German name Aldeberto means – famous leader
AldebrandoMaleGermanThe German name Aldebrando means – governs with the sword
AldelmoMaleGermanThe German name Aldelmo means – old helmet
AldemarMaleGermanThe German name Aldemar means – famous for nobility
AldenMaleEnglishThe English name Alden means – old; wise protector
AlderMaleGermanThe German name Alder means – alder tree
AlderidgeMaleEnglishThe English name Alderidge means – alder ridge
AldisMaleEnglishThe English name Aldis means – old house
AldousMaleGermanThe German name Aldous means – a form of Alden
AldredMaleEnglishThe English name Aldred means – old; wise counselor
AldrichMaleEnglishThe English name Aldrich means – wise counselor
AldwinMaleEnglishThe English name Aldwin means – old friend
AleoMaleGermanThe German name Aleo means – governor
AlericMaleGermanThe German name Aleric means – a form of Alaric
AleronMaleLatinThe Latin name Aleron means – winged
AlfieMaleEnglishThe English name Alfie means – a familiar form of Alfred
AlfordMaleEnglishThe English name Alford means – old river ford
AlfredMaleEnglishThe English name Alfred means – “counsel from elves.” Romantic poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock
AlgerMaleGermanThe German name Alger means – noble spearman
AlgericoMaleGermanThe German name Algerico means – a form of Algerio
AlgerioMaleGermanThe German name Algerio means – noble governor prepared for combat
AlgernonMaleEnglishThe English name Algernon means – bearded, wearing a moustache
AlgieMaleEnglishThe English name Algie means – a familiar form of Algernon
AlgisMaleGermanThe German name Algis means – spear
AlijahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alijah means – a form of Elijah
AlinandoMaleGermanThe German name Alinando means – daring ruler
AlistairMaleEnglishThe English name Alistair means – a form of Alexander
AlizMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aliz means – happy
AllardMaleEnglishThe English name Allard means – noble, brave
AllisterMaleEnglishThe English name Allister means – a form of Alistair
AlmagorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Almagor means – indestructible
AlmanoMaleGermanThe German name Almano means – famous for nobility
AlmericMaleGermanThe German name Almeric means – powerful ruler
AlmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Almon means – widower
AloisMaleGermanThe German name Alois means – a short form of Aloysius
AlonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alon means – oak
AloysiusMaleGermanThe German name Aloysius means – a form of Louis
AlphonseMaleGermanThe German name Alphonse means – noble and eager
AlredoMaleGermanThe German name Alredo means – advice from the governor
AlstonMaleEnglishThe English name Alston means – noble’s settlement
AltmanMaleGermanThe German name Altman means – old man
AltonMaleEnglishThe English name Alton means – “old town.”
AlucioMaleLatinThe Latin name Alucio means – he is lucid and illustrious
AlulaMaleLatinThe Latin name Alula means – winged, swift
AlvaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alva means – sublime
AlvanMaleGermanThe German name Alvan means – a form of Alvin
AlvarMaleEnglishThe English name Alvar means – army of elves
AlvernMaleLatinThe Latin name Alvern means – spring
AlvinMaleLatinThe Latin name Alvin means – white; light skinned
AlwinMaleGermanThe German name Alwin means – a form of Alvin
AmableMaleLatinThe Latin name Amable means – one who loves; nice
AmadeusMaleLatinThe Latin name Amadeus means – loves God. Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous eighteenth-century Austrian composer
AmancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Amancio means – he who loves God
AmbertoMaleGermanThe German name Amberto means – brilliant work
AmbicoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ambico means – one who is ambitious
AmeenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ameen means – a form of Amin
AmeerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ameer means – a form of Amir
AmerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amer means – a form of Amir
AmiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ami means – the builder
AmianoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiano means – a form of Amon
AmicusMaleLatinThe Latin name Amicus means – beloved friend
AmielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiel means – God of my people
AmiezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiezer means – my community is helped
AmijaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amijai means – my community is alive
AminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amin means – trustworthy; honest
AmineMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amine means – a form of Amin
AmiorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amior means – my community is light
AmirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amir means – proclaimed
AmishalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amishalom means – my community is peace
AmisharMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amishar means – my community sings
AmitaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amitai means – my truth
AmnicadoMaleLatinThe Latin name Amnicado means – one who lives close to the river
AmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amon means – trustworthy; faithful
AmoryMaleGermanThe German name Amory means – a form of Emory
AmosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amos means – “burdened.” This is the name of an eighth-century prophet, as well as the contemporary author Amos Oz.
AmparoMaleLatinThe Latin name Amparo means – to prepare oneself
AmpliatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ampliato means – illustrious
AmramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amram means – mighty nation
AnasvindoMaleGermanThe German name Anasvindo means – strength of God
AndonarroMaleGermanThe German name Andonarro means – notable God
AngelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Angelino means – messenger
AnguloMaleGermanThe German name Angulo means – lance
AnnoMaleGermanThe German name Anno means – a familiar form of Johann
AnsaldoMaleGermanThe German name Ansaldo means – he who represents God
AnsanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ansano means – ear
AnsbertoMaleGermanThe German name Ansberto means – brilliant God
AnsejisoMaleGermanThe German name Ansejiso means – lance
AnselmMaleGermanThe German name Anselm means – divine protector
AnsericoMaleGermanThe German name Anserico means – rich in God
AnsfridoMaleGermanThe German name Ansfrido means – peaceful God
AnsonMaleGermanThe German name Anson means – divine
AnsovinoMaleGermanThe German name Ansovino means – friend of God
AnticoMaleLatinThe Latin name Antico means – old; venerable
AntoniMaleLatinThe Latin name Antoni means – a form of Anthony
AntonyMaleLatinThe Latin name Antony means – a form of Anthony
AparicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Aparicio means – he who refers to the appearances of the Virgin in different stages
AradorMaleLatinThe Latin name Arador means – farmer; laborer
ArbelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arbel means – divine night
ArcherMaleEnglishThe English name Archer means – bowman
ArchibaldMaleGermanThe German name Archibald means – “bold and valorous.” Poet Archibald MacLeish is one well-known person with this name
ArchieMaleEnglishThe English name Archie means – a familiar form of Archer
ArdellMaleLatinThe Latin name Ardell means – eager; industrious
ArdleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ardley means – ardent meadow
ArdonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ardon means – bronzed
ArecioMaleLatinThe Latin name Arecio means – the god of war
ArgentinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Argentino means – shines like silver
ArgentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Argento means – shines like silver
ArgimundoMaleGermanThe German name Argimundo means – defending army
AriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ari means – A name that means “lion.”
ArionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arion means – melodious
ArledgeMaleEnglishThe English name Arledge means – lake with the hares
ArleyMaleEnglishThe English name Arley means – a short form of Harley
ArmandMaleLatinThe Latin name Armand means – a form of Herman
ArmenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armen means – a form of Armon
ArmengolMaleGermanThe German name Armengol means – ready for combat
ArmentaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Armentaro means – winner
ArminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armin means – a form of Armon
ArmogastesMaleGermanThe German name Armogastes means – guest of the eagle
ArmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armon means – high fortress, stronghold
ArmondMaleLatinThe Latin name Armond means – a form of Armand
ArmstrongMaleEnglishThe English name Armstrong means – strong arm. History: astronaut Neil Armstrong was the commander of Apollo 11 and the first person to walk on the moon
ArneMaleGermanThe German name Arne means – a form of Arnold
ArnianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Arniano means – lamb
ArnieMaleGermanThe German name Arnie means – a familiar form of Arnold
ArnoMaleGermanThe German name Arno means – a short form of Arnold
ArnoldMaleGermanThe German name Arnold means – “eagle strength.” Well-known Arnolds include historian Arnold Toynbee, golfer Arnold Palmer, and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
ArnonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arnon means – rushing river
ArnulfoMaleGermanThe German name Arnulfo means – a form of Arnold
AronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aron means – a form of Aaron
ArronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arron means – a form of Aaron
ArtMaleEnglishThe English name Art means – a short form of Arthur
ArtieMaleEnglishThe English name Artie means – a familiar form of Arthur
ArtisMaleEnglishThe English name Artis means – a form of Artis
ArtziMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Artzi means – my land
ArundelMaleEnglishThe English name Arundel means – eagle valley
ArvinMaleGermanThe German name Arvin means – friend of the people; friend of the army
ArvindMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arvind means – a form of Arvid
AryaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arya means – a form of Aria
AryehMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aryeh means – lion
AsaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asa means – “healers.” In the Bible, a king of Judah.
AsafMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asaf means – the one chosen by God
AscotMaleEnglishThe English name Ascot means – eastern cottage; style of necktie. Geography: a village near london and the site of the Royal Ascot horseraces
AsedioMaleLatinThe Latin name Asedio means – stable
AshMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ash means – ash tree
AshburnMaleEnglishThe English name Ashburn means – from the ash-tree stream
AsherMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asher means – “happy,” “blessed,” or “rich.” The son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Asher.
AshfordMaleEnglishThe English name Ashford means – ash-tree ford
AsielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asiel means – created by God
AsprenioMaleLatinThe Latin name Asprenio means – hard; rough
AstonMaleEnglishThe English name Aston means – “eastern town.”
AthertonMaleEnglishThe English name Atherton means – town by a spring
AtkinsMaleEnglishThe English name Atkins means – from the home of the relatives
AtleyMaleEnglishThe English name Atley means – meadow
AtticusMaleLatinThe Latin name Atticus means – from Attica, a region outside Athens
AturMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atur means – crowned
AtwaterMaleEnglishThe English name Atwater means – at the water’s edge
AtwellMaleEnglishThe English name Atwell means – at the well
AtwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Atwood means – at the forest
AtworthMaleEnglishThe English name Atworth means – at the farmstead
AtzelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atzel means – noble; generous
AuberonMaleGermanThe German name Auberon means – a form of Oberon
AudactoMaleLatinThe Latin name Audacto means – bold
AudasMaleLatinThe Latin name Audas means – valiant, bold
AudenMaleEnglishThe English name Auden means – old friend
AudieMaleGermanThe German name Audie means – noble; strong
AudricMaleEnglishThe English name Audric means – wise ruler
AugieMaleLatinThe Latin name Augie means – a familiar form of August
AugurioMaleLatinThe Latin name Augurio means – name of priests specializing in understanding divine will through the flight and sounds of birds
AugustMaleLatinThe Latin name August means – a short form of Augustine, Augustus
AugustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustin means – a form of Augustine
AugustineMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustine means – majestic. Religion: Saint Augustine was the first archbishop of Canterbury
AugustusMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustus means – majestic; venerable. History: an honorary title given to the first Roman emperor, Octavius Caesar
AurelianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Aureliano means – a form of Aurelius
AurelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Aurelio means – a short form of Aurelius
AureliusMaleLatinThe Latin name Aurelius means – golden. history: Marcus Aurelius was a second-century a.d. philosopher and emperor of Rome
AurickMaleGermanThe German name Aurick means – protecting ruler
AuspicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Auspicio means – protector
AustenMaleLatinThe Latin name Austen means – a short form of Augustine
AustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Austin means – a short form of Augustine
AustonMaleLatinThe Latin name Auston means – a short form of Augustine
AustynMaleLatinThe Latin name Austyn means – a short form of Augustine
AuxilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Auxilio means – he who saves, who brings help
AvdelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avdel means – servant of God
AvelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avelino means – he who was born in Avella, Italy
AvertanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avertano means – one who moves away
AveryMaleEnglishThe English name Avery means – a form of Aubrey
AviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avi means – God is my father
AviezriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviezri means – my father is my help
AvimaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avimael means – my father is of divine origin
AvimelejMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avimelej means – my father is king
AviramvMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviramv means – my father is lifted up
AvirazMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviraz means – father of the secret
AvishajarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avishajar means – father of the morning
AvitioMaleLatinThe Latin name Avitio means – from grandfather
AvitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avito means – from grandfather
AvitzedekMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avitzedek means – father of justice
AvivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviv means – A name meaning “Springtime.” One popular Aviv today is bad-boy rock star Aviv Geffen.
AvnerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avner means – “father of flame.” King Saul’s uncle and the commander of his army
AvrahamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avraham means – “father of multitudes.” The first patriarch, husband of Sarah, father of Isaac, grandfather of Jacob; at God’s command he left his home in Ur and traveled to the land of Canaan, where he made a covenant with God. Famous and infamous Avrahams include U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, yippie Abbie Hoffman, and Yiddish playwright Avrom Goldfadn
AvramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avram means – a form of Abraham, Abram
AvshalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avshalom means – father of peace
AxelMaleLatinThe Latin name Axel means – axe
AyersMaleEnglishThe English name Ayers means – heir to a fortune
AylmerMaleEnglishThe English name Aylmer means – a form of Elmer
AylwinMaleEnglishThe English name Aylwin means – noble friends
AzadanesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azadanes means – strong
AzadesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azades means – Azadanes
AzaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azael means – made from God
AzareMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azare means – God helped
AzariasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azarias means – the Lord sustains me
AzarielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azariel means – he who has control over the waters
AzasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azas means – strong
AzazaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azazael means – name of an evil spirit
AzazelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azazel means – cancerous spirit
AzecaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azeca means – strong
AzrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azriel means – God is my aid
AzuriahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azuriah means – aided by God
BadenMaleGermanThe German name Baden means – bather
BadrickMaleEnglishThe English name Badrick means – axe ruler
BailMaleEnglishThe English name Bail means – a form of Vail
BakerMaleEnglishThe English name Baker means – baker
BalbinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Balbino means – he who mumbles
BalboMaleLatinThe Latin name Balbo means – stammerer
BaldemarMaleGermanThe German name Baldemar means – bold; famous
BaldericoMaleGermanThe German name Balderico means – a form of Baldemar
BaldomeroMaleGermanThe German name Baldomero means – a form of Baldemar
BaldomianoMaleGermanThe German name Baldomiano means – governor
BaldricMaleGermanThe German name Baldric means – brave ruler
BaldwinMaleGermanThe German name Baldwin means – This name means “bold friend.”
BallardMaleGermanThe German name Ballard means – brave; strong
BalsemioMaleLatinThe Latin name Balsemio means – balm
BancroftMaleEnglishThe English name Bancroft means – bean frield
BandaridoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bandarido means – flag
BanditMaleGermanThe German name Bandit means – outlaw, robber
BannerMaleEnglishThe English name Banner means – flag bearer
BarakMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Barak means – “lightning.” The biblical warrior who helped the judge Devorah; also the name of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.
BaramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Baram means – son of the people
BarbacianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Barbaciano means – full of hair
BarclayMaleEnglishThe English name Barclay means – “place where birches grow.”
BardenMaleEnglishThe English name Barden means – barley valley
BardolfMaleGermanThe German name Bardolf means – bright wolf
BarkerMaleEnglishThe English name Barker means – lumberjack; advertiser at a carnival
BarlowMaleEnglishThe English name Barlow means – bare hillside
BarnabyMaleEnglishThe English name Barnaby means – a form of Barnabas
BarnesMaleEnglishThe English name Barnes means – bear; son of Barnett
BarneyMaleEnglishThe English name Barney means – Race car driver Barney Olfield and the enormously popular purple dinosaur “Barney.”
BarnumMaleGermanThe German name Barnum means – barn; storage place
BaronMaleGermanThe German name Baron means – nobleman, baron
BaroncioMaleLatinThe Latin name Baroncio means – clumsy
BarretMaleGermanThe German name Barret means – a form of Barrett
BarrettMaleGermanThe German name Barrett means – This name signifies “strong as a bear.”
BarricMaleEnglishThe English name Barric means – grain farm
BarringtonMaleEnglishThe English name Barrington means – fenced town
BarronMaleEnglishThe English name Barron means – a form of Baron
BartMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bart means – a short form of Barton
BartelMaleGermanThe German name Bartel means – a form of Bartholomew
BartholomewMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bartholomew means – son of Talmai. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles
BartletMaleEnglishThe English name Bartlet means – a form of Bartholomew
BartleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bartley means – barley meadow
BartonMaleEnglishThe English name Barton means – “barley farm” or “Bart’s town.” The eponymous writer in the movie Barton Fink
BartramMaleEnglishThe English name Bartram means – a form of Bertram
Baruc,BarujMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Baruc,Baruj means – he who is blessed by God
BaruchMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Baruch means – blessed
BasianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Basiano means – short and stout
BasilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Basilio means – a form of Basil
BassettMaleEnglishThe English name Bassett means – little person
BastienMaleGermanThe German name Bastien means – A short form of Sebastian, meaning “respectful.”
BatMaleEnglishThe English name Bat means – a short form of Bartholomew
BaxterMaleEnglishThe English name Baxter means – An alternate form of Baker
BayardMaleEnglishThe English name Bayard means – reddish brown hair
BayronMaleEnglishThe English name Bayron means – a form of Baron
BeacherMaleEnglishThe English name Beacher means – beech trees
BeamanMaleEnglishThe English name Beaman means – beekeeper
BeamerMaleEnglishThe English name Beamer means – trumpet player
BeasleyMaleEnglishThe English name Beasley means – field of peas
BeatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Beato means – happy; blessed
BeattieMaleLatinThe Latin name Beattie means – blessed; happy; bringer of joy
BeaverMaleEnglishThe English name Beaver means – beaver
BeckMaleEnglishThe English name Beck means – brook
BedeMaleEnglishThe English name Bede means – prayer. Religion: the patron saint of lectors
BeethovenMaleGermanThe German name Beethoven means – Music: ludvig va Beethoven was a german musical genius
BelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Belino means – man of war
BenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ben means – a short form of Benjamin
Ben ZionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ben Zion means – son of Zion
BenedictMaleLatinThe Latin name Benedict means – blessed
BenediktMaleGermanThe German name Benedikt means – a form of Benedict
BeneditoMaleLatinThe Latin name Benedito means – a form of Benedict
BeneventoMaleLatinThe Latin name Benevento means – welcome
BenicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Benicio means – riding friend
BenignoMaleLatinThe Latin name Benigno means – the prodigal son; he who does good deeds
BenjamenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjamen means – a form of Benjamin
BenjaminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjamin means – son of me right hand
BenjimanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjiman means – a form of Benjamin
BenjyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjy means – a familiar form of Benjamin
BennettMaleLatinThe Latin name Bennett means – little blessed one
BennieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bennie means – a familiar form of Benjamin
BennyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benny means – a familiar form of Benjamin
BenoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Beno means – son
BenoniMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benoni means – son of my sorrow. Bible: Ben-oni was the so of Jacob and Rachel
BensonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benson means – son of Ben
BentivolioMaleLatinThe Latin name Bentivolio means – I love you; I desire you
BentleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bentley means – moor; coarse grass meadow
BentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bento means – well-named
BentonMaleEnglishThe English name Benton means – Ben’s town; town on the moors
BenziMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benzi means – a familiar form of Ben Zion
BerMaleEnglishThe English name Ber means – boundary
BercarioMaleGermanThe German name Bercario means – prince of the army
BergMaleGermanThe German name Berg means – “mountain.”
BergenMaleGermanThe German name Bergen means – hill dweller
BerkeleyMaleEnglishThe English name Berkeley means – a form of Barclay
BerlMaleGermanThe German name Berl means – a form of Burl
BerlynMaleGermanThe German name Berlyn means – boundary line
BermudoMaleGermanThe German name Bermudo means – valiant bear; warrior
BernMaleGermanThe German name Bern means – a short form of Bernard
BernalMaleGermanThe German name Bernal means – strong as a bear
BernaldinoMaleGermanThe German name Bernaldino means – strong bear
BernardMaleGermanThe German name Bernard means – brave as a bear
BerndMaleGermanThe German name Bernd means – a form of Bernardo
BernieMaleGermanThe German name Bernie means – a familiar form of Bernard
BernsteinMaleGermanThe German name Bernstein means – amber stone
BerryMaleEnglishThe English name Berry means – berry; grape
BertMaleGermanThe German name Bert means – bright, shining. A short form of Berthold, Berton, Bertram
BertadioMaleGermanThe German name Bertadio means – a form of Burton
BertholdMaleGermanThe German name Berthold means – bright; illustrious; brilliant ruler
BertieMaleEnglishThe English name Bertie means – a familiar form of Bert
BertinoMaleGermanThe German name Bertino means – brilliant; famous
BertonMaleEnglishThe English name Berton means – bright settlement; fortified town
BertramMaleGermanThe German name Bertram means – bright; illustrious
BertrandMaleGermanThe German name Bertrand means – bright shield
BertualdoMaleGermanThe German name Bertualdo means – community; illustrious leader
BertuinoMaleGermanThe German name Bertuino means – brilliant
BerwickMaleEnglishThe English name Berwick means – barley farm
BetelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betel means – house of God
BetueMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betue means – house of God
BevalMaleEnglishThe English name Beval means – like the wind
BickfordMaleEnglishThe English name Bickford means – axe-man’s ford
BieitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bieito means – well-named
BietoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bieto means – well-named
BihanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bihan means – understanding; wise
BillMaleGermanThe German name Bill means – a short form of William
BillyMaleGermanThe German name Billy means – a familiar form of Bill
BingMaleGermanThe German name Bing means – kettle-shaped hollow
BinkyMaleEnglishThe English name Binky means – a familiar form of Bancroft, Vincent
BirchMaleEnglishThe English name Birch means – white; shining; birch tree
BirinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Birino means – reddish
BirkeyMaleEnglishThe English name Birkey means – island with birch trees
BirkittMaleEnglishThe English name Birkitt means – birch-tree coast
BirleyMaleEnglishThe English name Birley means – meadow with the cow barn
BirneyMaleEnglishThe English name Birney means – island with a brook
BirtleMaleEnglishThe English name Birtle means – hill with birds
BladeMaleEnglishThe English name Blade means – knife, sword
BlainMaleEnglishThe English name Blain means – a form of Blaine
BlaineMaleEnglishThe English name Blaine means – river source
BlakeMaleEnglishThe English name Blake means – Signifies “dark.”
BlandinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Blandino means – he who is flattered
BlascoMaleLatinThe Latin name Blasco means – of a pale color
BlaykeMaleEnglishThe English name Blayke means – a form of Blake
BlazeMaleLatinThe Latin name Blaze means – stammerer
BoMaleEnglishThe English name Bo means – a form of Beau
BoazMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Boaz means – swift; strong
BobMaleEnglishThe English name Bob means – a short form of Robert
BobbyMaleEnglishThe English name Bobby means – a familiar form of Bob, Robert
BogartMaleGermanThe German name Bogart means – strong as a bow
BoltonMaleEnglishThe English name Bolton means – from the manor farm
BondMaleEnglishThe English name Bond means – tiller of the soil
BonfilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonfilio means – good son
BonfiloMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonfilo means – good son
BoniMaleLatinThe Latin name Boni means – man of decency
BonifaceMaleLatinThe Latin name Boniface means – do-gooder
BonifacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonifacio means – do-gooder
BonitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonito means – worthy
BonoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bono means – man of decency
BonosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonoso means – man of decency
BookerMaleEnglishThe English name Booker means – bookmaker; book lover; Bible lover
BooneMaleLatinThe Latin name Boone means – good. History: Daniel Boone was an American pioneer
BoothMaleEnglishThe English name Booth means – hut
BosleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bosley means – grove of trees
BostonMaleEnglishThe English name Boston means – a form of Bosley
BoswellMaleEnglishThe English name Boswell means – boar enclosure by the stream
BourneMaleLatinThe Latin name Bourne means – boundary
BradMaleEnglishThe English name Brad means – A short form of Bradford or Bradley
BradburnMaleEnglishThe English name Bradburn means – broad stream
BradenMaleEnglishThe English name Braden means – broad valley
BradeyMaleEnglishThe English name Bradey means – a form of Brady
BradfordMaleEnglishThe English name Bradford means – “broad river ford.”
BradleeMaleEnglishThe English name Bradlee means – a form of Bradley
BradleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bradley means – “broad meadow.”
BradlyMaleEnglishThe English name Bradly means – a form of Bradley
BradonMaleEnglishThe English name Bradon means – broad hill
BradshawMaleEnglishThe English name Bradshaw means – broad forest
BradynMaleEnglishThe English name Bradyn means – a form of Braden
BraedanMaleEnglishThe English name Braedan means – a form of Braden
BraedenMaleEnglishThe English name Braeden means – a form of Braden
BraedonMaleEnglishThe English name Braedon means – a form of Bradon
BraedynMaleEnglishThe English name Braedyn means – a form of Braden
BraidenMaleEnglishThe English name Braiden means – a form of Braden
BraidonMaleEnglishThe English name Braidon means – a form of Bradon
BrainardMaleEnglishThe English name Brainard means – bold raven; prince
BramwellMaleEnglishThe English name Bramwell means – bramble spring
BranchMaleLatinThe Latin name Branch means – paw; claw; tree branch
BrandMaleEnglishThe English name Brand means – firebrand; sword
BrandanMaleEnglishThe English name Brandan means – a form of Brandon
BrandenMaleEnglishThe English name Branden means – beacon valley
BrandinMaleEnglishThe English name Brandin means – a form of Branden
BrandoMaleEnglishThe English name Brando means – a form of Brand
BrandonMaleEnglishThe English name Brandon means – beacon hill
BrandtMaleEnglishThe English name Brandt means – a form of Brant
BrandynMaleEnglishThe English name Brandyn means – a form of Brandon
BransenMaleEnglishThe English name Bransen means – a form of Branson
BransonMaleEnglishThe English name Branson means – son of Brandon
BrantMaleEnglishThe English name Brant means – proud
BrantleyMaleEnglishThe English name Brantley means – a form of Brant
BrantonMaleEnglishThe English name Branton means – Brant’s town
BraxtonMaleEnglishThe English name Braxton means – Brock’s town
BraydenMaleEnglishThe English name Brayden means – a form of Braden
BraydonMaleEnglishThe English name Braydon means – a form of Bradon
BraytonMaleEnglishThe English name Brayton means – a form of Brighton
BrendonMaleEnglishThe English name Brendon means – a form of Brandon
BrendynMaleEnglishThe English name Brendyn means – a form of Brendan
BrenenMaleEnglishThe English name Brenen means – a form of Brendan
BrennanMaleEnglishThe English name Brennan means – a form of Brendan
BrennenMaleEnglishThe English name Brennen means – a form of Brendan
BrennerMaleEnglishThe English name Brenner means – a form of Brendan
BrennonMaleEnglishThe English name Brennon means – a form of Brendan
BrentMaleEnglishThe English name Brent means – A short form of Brenton. A notable Brent is Brent Scowcroft, U.S. Navy admiral and former national security advisor
BrentenMaleEnglishThe English name Brenten means – a form of Brenton
BrentleyMaleEnglishThe English name Brentley means – a form of Brantley
BrentonMaleEnglishThe English name Brenton means – steep hill
BrewsterMaleEnglishThe English name Brewster means – brewer
BrickMaleEnglishThe English name Brick means – bridge
BridgelyMaleEnglishThe English name Bridgely means – meadow near a bridge
BridgerMaleEnglishThe English name Bridger means – bridge builder
BrighamMaleEnglishThe English name Brigham means – “village by the covered bridge.” Brigham Young was the Mormon leader who took Joseph Smith’s movement west.
BrinleyMaleEnglishThe English name Brinley means – tawny
BrocMaleEnglishThe English name Broc means – a form of Brock
BrockMaleEnglishThe English name Brock means – badger
BrocktonMaleEnglishThe English name Brockton means – a form of Brock
BrodMaleEnglishThe English name Brod means – a short form of Broderick
BromleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bromley means – brushwood meadow
BronsonMaleEnglishThe English name Bronson means – son of Brown
BrooksMaleEnglishThe English name Brooks means – son of Brook
BrownMaleEnglishThe English name Brown means – brown; bear
BrunoMaleGermanThe German name Bruno means – “brown haired” or “brown skinned.” Among noteworthy people with this name is conductor Bruno Walter
BrutusMaleLatinThe Latin name Brutus means – coarse, stupid. History: a Roman general who conspired to assassinate Julius Caesar
BrydenMaleEnglishThe English name Bryden means – a form of Braden
BrydonMaleEnglishThe English name Brydon means – a form of Braden
BrytonMaleEnglishThe English name Bryton means – a form of Brighton
BuckMaleGermanThe German name Buck means – male deer
BuckleyMaleEnglishThe English name Buckley means – deer meadow
BuckmisterMaleEnglishThe English name Buckmister means – preacher
BudMaleEnglishThe English name Bud means – herald, messenger
BuellMaleGermanThe German name Buell means – hill dweller
BuenaventuraMaleLatinThe Latin name Buenaventura means – he who predicts happiness
BufordMaleEnglishThe English name Buford means – ford near the castle
BundyMaleEnglishThe English name Bundy means – free
BurbankMaleEnglishThe English name Burbank means – from the castle on a slope
BurdanMaleEnglishThe English name Burdan means – birch valley
BurfordMaleEnglishThe English name Burford means – birch ford
BurgessMaleEnglishThe English name Burgess means – “town dweller” or “shopkeeper.” Actor Burgess Meredith
BurkeMaleGermanThe German name Burke means – fortress, castle
BurlMaleEnglishThe English name Burl means – cup bearer; wine servant; knot in a tree
BurleighMaleEnglishThe English name Burleigh means – meadow with knotted tree trunks
BurneMaleEnglishThe English name Burne means – brook
BurnettMaleEnglishThe English name Burnett means – burned nettle
BurneyMaleEnglishThe English name Burney means – island with a brook
BurrisMaleEnglishThe English name Burris means – town dweller
BurtMaleEnglishThe English name Burt means – a form of Bert
BurtonMaleEnglishThe English name Burton means – “fortified town.” Actor Burt Lancaster started his career as a circus acrobat
ButcherMaleEnglishThe English name Butcher means – butcher
BuzMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Buz means – rebelliousness; disdain
ByfordMaleEnglishThe English name Byford means – by the ford
ByramMaleEnglishThe English name Byram means – cattle yard
ByranMaleEnglishThe English name Byran means – a form of Byron
ByrdMaleEnglishThe English name Byrd means – birdlike
ByrneMaleEnglishThe English name Byrne means – a form of Burne
ByronMaleEnglishThe English name Byron means – barn
CableMaleEnglishThe English name Cable means – rope maker
CadbyMaleEnglishThe English name Cadby means – warrior’s settlement
CaesarMaleLatinThe Latin name Caesar means – long-haired. History: a title for Roman emperors
CaesearMaleLatinThe Latin name Caesear means – a form of Caesar
CagnoaldoMaleGermanThe German name Cagnoaldo means – illustrious
CainMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cain means – spear; gatherer. Bible: Adam and Eve’s oldest son
CaineMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Caine means – a form of Cain
CaitanMaleLatinThe Latin name Caitan means – a form of Cain
CalMaleLatinThe Latin name Cal means – a short form of Calvert, Calvin
CaldeoloMaleLatinThe Latin name Caldeolo means – hot
CaldwellMaleEnglishThe English name Caldwell means – cold well
CaleMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cale means – a form of Caleb
CalebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Caleb means – dog; faithful
CalibMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Calib means – a form of Caleb
CallisMaleLatinThe Latin name Callis means – chalice, goblet
CalminioMaleLatinThe Latin name Calminio means – calmed
CalrosMaleGermanThe German name Calros means – free man
CalvertMaleEnglishThe English name Calvert means – calf herder
CalvinMaleLatinThe Latin name Calvin means – bald
CamiloMaleLatinThe Latin name Camilo means – child born to freedom; noble
CampbellMaleLatinThe Latin name Campbell means – beautiful field
CancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cancio means – founder of the city of Anzio
CandideMaleLatinThe Latin name Candide means – pure; sincere
CandidoMaleLatinThe Latin name Candido means – a form of Candide
CantidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cantidio means – song
CanuteMaleLatinThe Latin name Canute means – white haired
CanutoMaleLatinThe Latin name Canuto means – a form of Canute
CanyonMaleLatinThe Latin name Canyon means – canyon
CaprasioMaleLatinThe Latin name Caprasio means – regarding the goat
CarlMaleGermanThe German name Carl means – a short form of Carlton
CarletonMaleEnglishThe English name Carleton means – a form of Carlton
CarlisleMaleEnglishThe English name Carlisle means – Carl’s island
CarltonMaleEnglishThe English name Carlton means – Literally means “Carl’s town.”
CarlyleMaleEnglishThe English name Carlyle means – a form of Carlisle
CarmeloMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Carmelo means – a form of Carmel
CarmineMaleLatinThe Latin name Carmine means – song; crimson
CarnellMaleEnglishThe English name Carnell means – defender of the castle
CarsenMaleEnglishThe English name Carsen means – a form of Carson
CarsonMaleEnglishThe English name Carson means – son of Carr
CarterMaleEnglishThe English name Carter means – cart driver
CartlandMaleEnglishThe English name Cartland means – cart builder’s island
CartwrightMaleEnglishThe English name Cartwright means – cart builder
CarvellMaleEnglishThe English name Carvell means – village on the marsh
CarverMaleEnglishThe English name Carver means – wood-carver; sculptor
CashMaleLatinThe Latin name Cash means – vain
CasianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Casiano means – he who is equipped with a helmet
CassiusMaleLatinThe Latin name Cassius means – box; protective cover
CastleMaleLatinThe Latin name Castle means – castle
CastrenseMaleLatinThe Latin name Castrense means – castle
CaterMaleEnglishThe English name Cater means – caterer
CatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cato means – knowledgeable wise
CatulinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Catulino means – little dog
CatuloMaleLatinThe Latin name Catulo means – little dog
CayetanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cayetano means – he who is from Gaeta, an ancient Italian city in the Lazio region
CayoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cayo means – happy and fun
CeasarMaleLatinThe Latin name Ceasar means – a form of Caesar
CecilMaleLatinThe Latin name Cecil means – blind
CecilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cecilio means – a form of Cecil
CedericMaleEnglishThe English name Cederic means – a form of Cedric
CedricMaleEnglishThe English name Cedric means – An alternative form of Kedrick, which means “war leader.” Actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke
CedrickMaleEnglishThe English name Cedrick means – a form of Cedric
CedrikMaleEnglishThe English name Cedrik means – a form of Cedric
CefasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cefas means – rock
CeledonioMaleLatinThe Latin name Celedonio means – he who is like the swallow
CelerinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Celerino means – fast
CelestinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Celestino means – a form of Celestine
CelonioMaleLatinThe Latin name Celonio means – he who is like the swallow
CenericoMaleGermanThe German name Cenerico means – bold; rich and powerful
CenobioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cenobio means – he who rejects the strangers
CensurioMaleLatinThe Latin name Censurio means – critic
CephasMaleLatinThe Latin name Cephas means – small rock. Bible: the term used by Jesus to describe Peter
CesidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cesidio means – blue
ChadMaleEnglishThe English name Chad means – From the Celtic meaning “warrior” or “battle.” The name of a country of north-central Africa. Among notable people with this name are actors Chad Everett and Chad Lowe
ChaddMaleEnglishThe English name Chadd means – a form of Chad
ChadrickMaleGermanThe German name Chadrick means – mighty warrior
ChadwickMaleEnglishThe English name Chadwick means – warrior’s town
ChaimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chaim means – life
ChananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chanan means – cloud
ChanceMaleEnglishThe English name Chance means – a short form of Chancellor
ChancellorMaleEnglishThe English name Chancellor means – record keeper
ChancelorMaleEnglishThe English name Chancelor means – a form of Chancellor
ChandlerMaleEnglishThe English name Chandler means – candle maker
ChanseMaleEnglishThe English name Chanse means – a form of Chance
ChapmanMaleEnglishThe English name Chapman means – merchant
CharlesMaleGermanThe German name Charles means – farmer
CharlestonMaleEnglishThe English name Charleston means – a form of Carlton
CharlieMaleEnglishThe English name Charlie means – a familiar form of Charles
CharltonMaleEnglishThe English name Charlton means – a form of Carlton
ChasMaleEnglishThe English name Chas means – a familiar form of Charles
ChathamMaleEnglishThe English name Chatham means – warrior’s home
ChaunceyMaleEnglishThe English name Chauncey means – chancellor; church official
ChauncyMaleEnglishThe English name Chauncy means – a form of Chauncey
ChazMaleEnglishThe English name Chaz means – a familiar form of Charles
ChazzMaleEnglishThe English name Chazz means – a familiar form of Charles
ChesterMaleEnglishThe English name Chester means – A short form of Rochester. Chester Allan Arthur was the twenty-first president of the United States
ChestonMaleEnglishThe English name Cheston means – a form of Chester
ChetMaleEnglishThe English name Chet means – a short form of Chester
ChickMaleEnglishThe English name Chick means – a familiar form of Charles
ChiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Chilton means – farm by the spring
ChipMaleEnglishThe English name Chip means – a familiar form of Charles
ChipperMaleEnglishThe English name Chipper means – a form of Chip
ChiramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chiram means – exalted; noble
ChuchoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chucho means – a familiar form of Jesus
ChurchillMaleEnglishThe English name Churchill means – church on the hill. History: Sir Winston Churchill served as British prime minister and won Nobel Prize for literature
CibardoMaleGermanThe German name Cibardo means – strong offering
CibraoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cibrao means – inhabitant of Chipre
CiceroMaleLatinThe Latin name Cicero means – chickpea. History: a famous Roman orator, philosopher, and statesman
CitinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Citino means – quick to act
ClarenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Clarence means – clear; victorious
ClarencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Clarencio means – a form of Clarence
ClaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Claro means – he who is clean and transparent
ClaudiusMaleGermanThe German name Claudius means – a form of Claude
ClausMaleGermanThe German name Claus means – A short form of Nicholas. One famous Claus is Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, German military officer who in 1944 was executed for his failed attempt to assassinate Hitler
ClayMaleEnglishThe English name Clay means – clay pit
ClayborneMaleEnglishThe English name Clayborne means – brook near the clay pit
ClaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Clayton means – “town built on clay.” Actor Clayton Moore played the Lone Ranger on TV
CleavonMaleEnglishThe English name Cleavon means – cliff
ClemMaleLatinThe Latin name Clem means – a short form of Clement
ClementMaleLatinThe Latin name Clement means – merciful. Bible: a coworker of Paul
CleveMaleEnglishThe English name Cleve means – a short form of Cleveland
ClevelandMaleEnglishThe English name Cleveland means – land of cliffs
CliffMaleEnglishThe English name Cliff means – a short form of Clifford
CliffordMaleEnglishThe English name Clifford means – “cliff at the river crossing.” Playwright Clifford Odets and actor Cliff Robertson
CliftonMaleEnglishThe English name Clifton means – Literally, “cliff town.” Among famous people with this name is actor Clifton Webb
ClintMaleEnglishThe English name Clint means – a short form of Clinton
ClintonMaleEnglishThe English name Clinton means – “hillside town.” Among famous people with this name are country singer Clint Black and actor Clint Eastwood
CliveMaleEnglishThe English name Clive means – “a steep bank.” An alternate form of Cliff. Among notable people with this name is movie and theater critic Clive Barnes
ClodioMaleGermanThe German name Clodio means – glorious
ClovisMaleGermanThe German name Clovis means – famous soldier
CoadyMaleEnglishThe English name Coady means – a form of Cody
CobiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cobi means – a familiar form of Jacob
CoburnMaleEnglishThe English name Coburn means – meeting of streams
CobyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Coby means – a familiar form of Jacob
CodeyMaleEnglishThe English name Codey means – a form of Cody
CodieMaleEnglishThe English name Codie means – a form of Cody
CodyMaleEnglishThe English name Cody means – cushion. History: William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was an American frontier scout who toured America and Europe with his Wild West show
ColbertMaleEnglishThe English name Colbert means – famous seafarer
ColbeyMaleEnglishThe English name Colbey means – a form of Colby
ColbyMaleEnglishThe English name Colby means – dark; dark haired
ColeMaleLatinThe Latin name Cole means – cabbage farmer
ColemanMaleLatinThe Latin name Coleman means – gabbage farmer
ColeyMaleEnglishThe English name Coley means – a familiar form of Cole
ColleyMaleEnglishThe English name Colley means – black haired; swarthy
CollierMaleEnglishThe English name Collier means – miner
ColmanMaleEnglishThe English name Colman means – a form of Coleman
ColombinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Colombino means – dove
ColonMaleLatinThe Latin name Colon means – he has the beauty of a dove
ColsonMaleEnglishThe English name Colson means – son of Nicholas
ColtMaleEnglishThe English name Colt means – young horse; frisky
ColtanMaleEnglishThe English name Coltan means – a form of Colton
ColtenMaleEnglishThe English name Colten means – a form of Colton
ColterMaleEnglishThe English name Colter means – herd of colts
ColtinMaleEnglishThe English name Coltin means – a form of Colton
ColtonMaleEnglishThe English name Colton means – coal town
ColtynMaleEnglishThe English name Coltyn means – a form of Colton
ColumboMaleLatinThe Latin name Columbo means – a form of Columba
ConcordioMaleLatinThe Latin name Concordio means – harmony; union
ConradMaleGermanThe German name Conrad means – brave counselor
ConstableMaleLatinThe Latin name Constable means – established
ConstancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Constancio means – the perseverant one
ConstantMaleLatinThe Latin name Constant means – a short form of Constantine
ConstantineMaleLatinThe Latin name Constantine means – firm, constant. History: Constantine the Great was the Roman emperor who adopted the Christian faith
ConstantinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Constantino means – a form of Constantine
CookMaleEnglishThe English name Cook means – cook
CooperMaleEnglishThe English name Cooper means – barrel maker
CorbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Corban means – a form of Corbin
CorbenMaleLatinThe Latin name Corben means – a form of Corbin
CorbettMaleLatinThe Latin name Corbett means – raven
CorbinMaleLatinThe Latin name Corbin means – raven
CorbinianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Corbiniano means – raven, crow
CorbyMaleLatinThe Latin name Corby means – a familiar form of Corbett, Corbin
CorentinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Corentino means – he who helps
CorlissMaleEnglishThe English name Corliss means – cheerful; goodhearted
CornwallisMaleEnglishThe English name Cornwallis means – from Cornwall
CorpusMaleLatinThe Latin name Corpus means – body
CorryMaleLatinThe Latin name Corry means – a form of Corey
CortMaleGermanThe German name Cort means – bold
CortlandMaleEnglishThe English name Cortland means – a form of Courtland
CorwinMaleEnglishThe English name Corwin means – heart’s companion; heart’s delight
CoryMaleLatinThe Latin name Cory means – a form of Corey
CosnoaldoMaleGermanThe German name Cosnoaldo means – daring ruler
CoulterMaleEnglishThe English name Coulter means – a form of Colter
CourtlandMaleEnglishThe English name Courtland means – court’s land
CoyMaleEnglishThe English name Coy means – woods
CramerMaleEnglishThe English name Cramer means – full
CrandallMaleEnglishThe English name Crandall means – crane’s valley
CraneMaleEnglishThe English name Crane means – crane
CranstonMaleEnglishThe English name Cranston means – crane’s town
CrawfordMaleEnglishThe English name Crawford means – town near the rock
CreightonMaleEnglishThe English name Creighton means – “rocky spot.”
CrescencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Crescencio means – he who constantly increases his virtue
CrescenteMaleLatinThe Latin name Crescente means – growing
CripoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cripo means – a form of Chrispin
CrisantemoMaleLatinThe Latin name Crisantemo means – the plant of the golden flowers
CrisolMaleLatinThe Latin name Crisol means – cross; light
CrispinMaleLatinThe Latin name Crispin means – curly haired
CromwellMaleEnglishThe English name Cromwell means – crooked spring, winding spring
CrosleyMaleEnglishThe English name Crosley means – meadow of the cross
CrowtherMaleEnglishThe English name Crowther means – fiddler
CuadradoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cuadrado means – complete; square
CuadratoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cuadrato means – square; medium height
CuasimodoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cuasimodo means – he who is childlike
CulmacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Culmacio means – elevated; important
CulverMaleEnglishThe English name Culver means – dove
CurtMaleLatinThe Latin name Curt means – a short form of Courtney
CurtisMaleLatinThe Latin name Curtis means – enclosure
CurtissMaleLatinThe Latin name Curtiss means – a form of Curtis
CustodioMaleLatinThe Latin name Custodio means – guardian spirit
CutbertoMaleGermanThe German name Cutberto means – famous for knowledge
CuthbertMaleEnglishThe English name Cuthbert means – brilliant
CutlerMaleEnglishThe English name Cutler means – knife maker
CutterMaleEnglishThe English name Cutter means – tailor
CyprianMaleLatinThe Latin name Cyprian means – from the island of Cyprus
DaegelMaleEnglishThe English name Daegel means – from Daegel, England
DaelenMaleEnglishThe English name Daelen means – a form of Dale
DaganMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dagan means – corn; grain
DagwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Dagwood means – shining forest
DalanMaleEnglishThe English name Dalan means – a form of Dale
DalbertMaleEnglishThe English name Dalbert means – bright, shining
DaleMaleEnglishThe English name Dale means – “valley.” Dale Evans, actress and singer, and wife of Roy Rogers.
DalenMaleEnglishThe English name Dalen means – a form of Dale
DalinMaleEnglishThe English name Dalin means – a form of Dallin
DallanMaleEnglishThe English name Dallan means – a form of Dalan, Dallin
DallenMaleEnglishThe English name Dallen means – a form of Dalan, Dallin
DallinMaleEnglishThe English name Dallin means – pride’s people
DallonMaleEnglishThe English name Dallon means – a form of Dallan
DallynMaleEnglishThe English name Dallyn means – pride’s people
DalmacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dalmacio means – a form of Dalmatia
DalonMaleEnglishThe English name Dalon means – a form of Dale
DalstonMaleEnglishThe English name Dalston means – Daegel’s place
DaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Dalton means – town in the valley
DalvinMaleEnglishThe English name Dalvin means – a form of Delvin
DalynMaleEnglishThe English name Dalyn means – a form of Dale
DamondMaleLatinThe Latin name Damond means – a form of Damon
DamoneMaleLatinThe Latin name Damone means – a form of Damon
DamontaMaleLatinThe Latin name Damonta means – a form of Damon
DamonteMaleLatinThe Latin name Damonte means – a form of Damon
DaneMaleEnglishThe English name Dane means – “from Denmark.”
DanforthMaleEnglishThe English name Danforth means – a form of Daniel
DanialMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danial means – a form of Daniel
DanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daniel means – “God is my judge.” A prophet during the Babylonian Exile.
DanishMaleEnglishThe English name Danish means – from Denmark
DannieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dannie means – a familiar form of Daniel
DannoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danno means – a familiar form of Daniel
DannyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danny means – a familiar form of Daniel
DantaeMaleLatinThe Latin name Dantae means – a form of Dante
DanteMaleLatinThe Latin name Dante means – lasting, enduring
DantelMaleLatinThe Latin name Dantel means – a form of Dante
DanyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dany means – a familiar form of Daniel
DarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dar means – pearl
DarekMaleGermanThe German name Darek means – a form of Derek
DarellMaleEnglishThe English name Darell means – a form of Darrell
DarickMaleGermanThe German name Darick means – a form of Derek
DarikMaleGermanThe German name Darik means – a form of Derek
DarkonMaleEnglishThe English name Darkon means – dark
DarnelMaleEnglishThe English name Darnel means – a form of Darnell
DarnellMaleEnglishThe English name Darnell means – hidden place
DarnelleMaleEnglishThe English name Darnelle means – a form of Darnell
DaronMaleEnglishThe English name Daron means – a form of Darren
DarrelMaleEnglishThe English name Darrel means – a form of Darrell
DarrickMaleGermanThe German name Darrick means – a form of Derek
DartonMaleEnglishThe English name Darton means – deer town
DarvellMaleEnglishThe English name Darvell means – eagle town
DarvinMaleEnglishThe English name Darvin means – a form of Darwin
DarwinMaleEnglishThe English name Darwin means – dear friend. History: Charles Darwin was the British naturalist who established the theory of evolution
DasioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dasio means – baron
DativoMaleLatinThe Latin name Dativo means – term from Roman law, applied to educators
DatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Dato means – a form of Donato
DaultonMaleEnglishThe English name Daulton means – a form of Dalton
DaveMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dave means – a short form of David
DavenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daven means – a form of David
DaveyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Davey means – a familiar form of David
DavidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name David means – A name that means “beloved,” it is the name of the second and greatest king of Israel
DavidiaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Davidia means – a form of David
DavyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Davy means – a familiar form of David
DawsonMaleEnglishThe English name Dawson means – son of David
DayMaleEnglishThe English name Day means – a form of Daniel
DaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Dayton means – day town; bright, sunny town
DeabornMaleEnglishThe English name Deaborn means – deer brook
DeanMaleEnglishThe English name Dean means – valley
DeanteMaleLatinThe Latin name Deante means – a form of Dante
DecimusMaleLatinThe Latin name Decimus means – tenth
DecioMaleLatinThe Latin name Decio means – tenth
DecorosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Decoroso means – he is practical
DedricMaleGermanThe German name Dedric means – a form of Dedrick
DedrickMaleGermanThe German name Dedrick means – ruler of the people
DeemsMaleEnglishThe English name Deems means – judge;s child
DeicolaMaleLatinThe Latin name Deicola means – he who cultivates a relationship with God
DekelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dekel means – palm tree, date tree
DelMaleEnglishThe English name Del means – a short form of Delbert
DelbertMaleEnglishThe English name Delbert means – A name that means “bright as day.”
DelfinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Delfino means – dolphin
DellMaleEnglishThe English name Dell means – “small valley.”
DelmarMaleLatinThe Latin name Delmar means – sea
DeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Delton means – a form of Dalton
DelvinMaleEnglishThe English name Delvin means – proud friend; friend from the valley
DelvonMaleEnglishThe English name Delvon means – a form of Delvin
DelwinMaleEnglishThe English name Delwin means – a form of Delvin
DempsterMaleEnglishThe English name Dempster means – one who judges
DenhamMaleEnglishThe English name Denham means – village in the valley
DenleyMaleEnglishThe English name Denley means – meadow; valley
DenmanMaleEnglishThe English name Denman means – man from the valley
DennisonMaleEnglishThe English name Dennison means – son of Dennis
DentonMaleEnglishThe English name Denton means – A name that means “settlement in the valley.”
DenverMaleEnglishThe English name Denver means – green valley
DeocaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Deocaro means – loved by God
DeodatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Deodato means – he who serves God
DereckMaleGermanThe German name Dereck means – a form of Derek
DerekMaleGermanThe German name Derek means – A short form of Theodoric, meaning “light face,” which signifies “ruler of the people.” One of today’s most popular Derks is actor Derek Jacobi, the star of I, Claudius
DericMaleGermanThe German name Deric means – a form of Derek
DerickMaleGermanThe German name Derick means – a form of Derek
DerikMaleGermanThe German name Derik means – a form of Derek
DeronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Deron means – bird; freedom
DerorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Deror means – lover of freedom
DerreckMaleGermanThe German name Derreck means – a form of Derek
DerrekMaleGermanThe German name Derrek means – a form of Derek
DerricMaleGermanThe German name Derric means – a form of Derek
DerrickMaleGermanThe German name Derrick means – a form of Derek
DerrikMaleGermanThe German name Derrik means – a form of Derek
DerwardMaleEnglishThe English name Derward means – deer keeper
DerwinMaleEnglishThe English name Derwin means – a form of Darwin
DeryckDerykMaleGermanThe German name DeryckDeryk means – a form of Derek
DesiMaleLatinThe Latin name Desi means – desiring
DesiertoMaleLatinThe Latin name Desierto means – wild
DetrickMaleGermanThe German name Detrick means – a form of Dedrick
DeuceMaleLatinThe Latin name Deuce means – two; devil
DeusdeditMaleLatinThe Latin name Deusdedit means – God has given to him
DeverellMaleEnglishThe English name Deverell means – riverbank
DevineMaleLatinThe Latin name Devine means – divine
DevotoMaleLatinThe Latin name Devoto means – dedicated
DexterMaleLatinThe Latin name Dexter means – dexterous, adroit
DiamondMaleEnglishThe English name Diamond means – brilliant gem; bright guardian
DickMaleGermanThe German name Dick means – a short form of Richard, Frederick
DicksonMaleEnglishThe English name Dickson means – son of Dick
DidiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Didi means – a familiar form of Jedidiah
DiedrichMaleGermanThe German name Diedrich means – a form of Dedrick
DietbaldMaleGermanThe German name Dietbald means – a form of Theobald
DieterMaleGermanThe German name Dieter means – A name that means “army of the people.”
DietrichMaleGermanThe German name Dietrich means – An alternate form of Dedrick. Notable people with this name include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a theologian, pastor, and active resistor of Nazism who helped Jews escape from Germany and actively worked toward overthrowing Hitler; and great baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
DignoMaleLatinThe Latin name Digno means – worthy of the best
DimanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Dimano means – to lose
DinoMaleGermanThe German name Dino means – little sword
DioscoroMaleLatinThe Latin name Dioscoro means – he who is of the Lord
DirkMaleGermanThe German name Dirk means – A short form of Derek and Theodoric. One well-known Dirk is actor Dirk Bogarde
DisibodoMaleGermanThe German name Disibodo means – bold wise one
DixonMaleEnglishThe English name Dixon means – son of Dick
DoaneMaleEnglishThe English name Doane means – low, rolling hills
DobMaleEnglishThe English name Dob means – a familiar form of Robert
DolfMaleGermanThe German name Dolf means – a form of Adolf, Adolph, Rudolf, Rudolph
DolphMaleGermanThe German name Dolph means – a form of Adolf, Adolph, Rudolf, Rudolph
DomMaleLatinThe Latin name Dom means – a short form of Dominic
DomanicMaleLatinThe Latin name Domanic means – a form of Dominic
DomenicMaleLatinThe Latin name Domenic means – a form of Dominic
DomenickMaleLatinThe Latin name Domenick means – a form of Dominic
DominadorMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominador means – to want to be loved
DominicMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominic means – belonging to the Lord
DominickMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominick means – a form of Dominic
DominikMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominik means – a form of Dominic
DomonicMaleLatinThe Latin name Domonic means – a form of Dominic
DomonickMaleLatinThe Latin name Domonick means – a form of Dominic
DontaeMaleLatinThe Latin name Dontae means – a form of Dante
DontayMaleLatinThe Latin name Dontay means – a form of Dante
DonteMaleLatinThe Latin name Donte means – a form of Dante
DorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dor means – generation
DorcasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dorcas means – gazelle
DosioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dosio means – rich
DotanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dotan means – law
DovMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dov means – a familiar form of David
DovevMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dovev means – whisper
DovidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dovid means – a form of Dov
DrakeMaleEnglishThe English name Drake means – dragon; owner of the inn with the dragon trademark
DraperMaleEnglishThe English name Draper means – fabric maker
DruMaleEnglishThe English name Dru means – a form of Drew
DrueMaleEnglishThe English name Drue means – a form of Drew
DrydenMaleEnglishThe English name Dryden means – dry valley
DubricMaleEnglishThe English name Dubric means – dark ruler
DuceMaleLatinThe Latin name Duce means – leader, commander
DuddMaleEnglishThe English name Dudd means – a short form of Dudley
DudleyMaleEnglishThe English name Dudley means – “common field.” British comic actor Dudley Moore will be remembered for his role in Arthur
DuilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Duilio means – ready to fight
DulcidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dulcidio means – sweet
DunleyMaleEnglishThe English name Dunley means – hilly meadow
DunstanMaleEnglishThe English name Dunstan means – brownstone fortress
DunstanoMaleEnglishThe English name Dunstano means – a form of Dunstan
DuntonMaleEnglishThe English name Dunton means – hill town
DurMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dur means – stacked up
DuranMaleLatinThe Latin name Duran means – a form of Durant
DurandMaleLatinThe Latin name Durand means – a form of Durant
DurandoMaleLatinThe Latin name Durando means – a form of Durant
DurantMaleLatinThe Latin name Durant means – enduring
DuronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Duron means – a form of Deron
DurwardMaleEnglishThe English name Durward means – gatekeeper
DurwinMaleEnglishThe English name Durwin means – a form of Darwin
DustanMaleGermanThe German name Dustan means – a form of Dustin
DustenMaleGermanThe German name Dusten means – a form of Dustin
DustinMaleGermanThe German name Dustin means – Valiant fighter
DustonMaleGermanThe German name Duston means – a form of Dustin
DustyMaleEnglishThe English name Dusty means – a familiar form of Dustin
DustynMaleGermanThe German name Dustyn means – a form of Dustin
DwightMaleEnglishThe English name Dwight means – a form of DeWitt
DyerMaleEnglishThe English name Dyer means – fabric dyer
DykeMaleEnglishThe English name Dyke means – dike; ditch
DysonMaleEnglishThe English name Dyson means – a short form of Dennison
EanMaleEnglishThe English name Ean means – a form of Ian
EarnestMaleEnglishThe English name Earnest means – Ernest
EastonMaleEnglishThe English name Easton means – eastern town
EatonMaleEnglishThe English name Eaton means – estate on the river
EbMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eb means – a short form of Ebenezer
EbenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eben means – rock
EbenezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ebenezer means – foundation stone
EberMaleGermanThe German name Eber means – a short form of Eberhard
EberhardMaleGermanThe German name Eberhard means – “courage of a boar.” One famous person with this name is Eberhard Diepgen is the governing mayor of Germany’s capital Berlin
EbnerMaleEnglishThe English name Ebner means – a form of Abner
EbonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ebon means – a form of Eben
EcioMaleLatinThe Latin name Ecio means – possessor of great strenght
EdMaleEnglishThe English name Ed means – a short form of Edgar, Edward
EdbertMaleEnglishThe English name Edbert means – wealthy; bright
EddieMaleEnglishThe English name Eddie means – a familiar form of Edgar, Edward
EddyMaleEnglishThe English name Eddy means – a familiar form of Edgar, Edward
EdelMaleGermanThe German name Edel means – noble
EdelbertoMaleGermanThe German name Edelberto means – a form of Edelbert
EderMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eder means – flock
EdgarMaleEnglishThe English name Edgar means – “wealthy spearman.” Famous people with this name include poet Edgar Allen ???, who wrote “The Raven,” and ventriloquist Edgar Bergen
EdgardMaleEnglishThe English name Edgard means – a form of Edgar
EdinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Edin means – a form of Eden
EdisonMaleEnglishThe English name Edison means – son of Edward
EdmondMaleEnglishThe English name Edmond means – a form of Edmund
EdmundMaleEnglishThe English name Edmund means – Which means “prosperous protector.” Among notable people with this name are former Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine and Mount Everest explorer Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to summit and survive
EdricMaleEnglishThe English name Edric means – prosperous ruler
EdselMaleEnglishThe English name Edsel means – rich man’s house
EdsonMaleEnglishThe English name Edson means – a short form of Edison
EdwardMaleEnglishThe English name Edward means – “prosperous guardian.” Noteworthy Edwards include senator Edward Moore Kennedy of Massachusetts and playwright Edward Albee, and actor Edward G. Robinson
EdwinMaleEnglishThe English name Edwin means – “prosperous friend.” Journalist and TV news commentator Edwin Newman
EfrainMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrain means – fruitful
EfratMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrat means – honored
EfremMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrem means – a short form of Ephraim
EfrenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efren means – a short form of Ephraim
EgbertMaleEnglishThe English name Egbert means – bright sword
EgertonMaleEnglishThe English name Egerton means – Edgar’s town
EginhardMaleGermanThe German name Eginhard means – power of the sword
EgonMaleGermanThe German name Egon means – “formidable.” Among noteworthy people who share this name is sociologist Egon Bittner.
EhrenMaleGermanThe German name Ehren means – honorable
EitanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eitan means – a form of Ethan
ElamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elam means – highlands
ElanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elan means – tree
ElazarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elazar means – “God has helped.”
ElbertMaleEnglishThe English name Elbert means – a form of Albert
ElchananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elchanan means – a form of John
EldenMaleEnglishThe English name Elden means – a form of Alden, Aldous
ElderMaleEnglishThe English name Elder means – dweller near the elder trees
EldonMaleEnglishThe English name Eldon means – “sacred hill.”
EldredMaleEnglishThe English name Eldred means – a form of Aldred
EldridgeMaleEnglishThe English name Eldridge means – a form of Aldrich
EldwinMaleEnglishThe English name Eldwin means – a form of Aldwin
EleazarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eleazar means – God has helped
EleazaroMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eleazaro means – a form of Eleazar
ElgerMaleGermanThe German name Elger means – a form of Alger
ElginMaleEnglishThe English name Elgin means – noble; white
EliMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eli means – A name that means “up” or “light.”
EliahuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliahu means – a form of Elijah
ElianMaleEnglishThe English name Elian means – a form of Elijah
EliazarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliazar means – a form of Eleazar
ElieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elie means – a form of Eli
EliecerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliecer means – God is his constant aid
EliezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliezer means – a form of Eleazar
ElifeletMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elifelet means – God is my liberation
EligioMaleLatinThe Latin name Eligio means – he who has been elected by God
ElihuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elihu means – a short form of Eliyahu
ElijahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elijah means – a form of Eliyahu. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
ElijhaMaleEnglishThe English name Elijha means – a form of Elijah
ElioMaleEnglishThe English name Elio means – a form of Elliot
EliotMaleEnglishThe English name Eliot means – a form of Elliot
EliseoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliseo means – a form of Elisha
EliyahuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliyahu means – “my God is God.” The name for a major prophet and harbinger of the Messiah
ElkanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elkan means – God is jealous
EllardMaleGermanThe German name Ellard means – sacred; brave
ElliotMaleEnglishThe English name Elliot means – Crime fighter Elliot Ness and actor Elliot Gould
ElliottMaleEnglishThe English name Elliott means – a form of Elijah
EllisMaleEnglishThe English name Ellis means – a form of Elias
EllsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Ellsworth means – nobleman’s estate
ElmanMaleGermanThe German name Elman means – like an elm tree
ElmerMaleEnglishThe English name Elmer means – “noble” or “famous.” Film music composer Elmer Bernstein and Sinclair Lewis’s title character in Elmer Gantry are well-known Elmers
ElmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Elmore means – moor where the elm trees grow
EloiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eloi means – a form of Eli
EloyMaleLatinThe Latin name Eloy means – chosen
ElradMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elrad means – God rules
ElsdonMaleEnglishThe English name Elsdon means – nobleman’s hill
ElstonMaleEnglishThe English name Elston means – noble’s town
ElsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Elsworth means – noble’s estate
EltonMaleEnglishThe English name Elton means – old town
ElvernMaleLatinThe Latin name Elvern means – a form of Alvern
ElvinMaleEnglishThe English name Elvin means – a form of Alvin
ElvyMaleEnglishThe English name Elvy means – elfin warrior
ElwellMaleEnglishThe English name Elwell means – old well
ElwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Elwood means – old forest
ElyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ely means – a form of Eli
ElzearioMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elzeario means – God has helped
EmanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emanuel means – a form of Emmanuel
EmerencianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Emerenciano means – deserving
EmersonMaleGermanThe German name Emerson means – son of Emery
EmeryMaleGermanThe German name Emery means – Signifying “home ruler.”
EmilMaleLatinThe Latin name Emil means – flatterer
EmilienMaleLatinThe Latin name Emilien means – friendly; industrious
EmillenMaleLatinThe Latin name Emillen means – a form of Emilien
EmmanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emmanuel means – God is with us
EmmetMaleGermanThe German name Emmet means – a form of Emmett
EmmettMaleGermanThe German name Emmett means – industrious; strong
EmmittMaleGermanThe German name Emmitt means – a form of Emmett
EmoryMaleGermanThe German name Emory means – a form of Emery
EmrickMaleGermanThe German name Emrick means – a form of Emery
EngelbertMaleGermanThe German name Engelbert means – bright as an angel
EnmanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enmanuel means – a form of Emmanuel
EnocMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enoc means – a form of Enoch
EnochMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enoch means – dedicated, consecrated. Bible: the father of Methuselah
EnosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enos means – man
EnoshMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enosh means – One of the first people, according to the Bible. In Hebrew, used to mean “human being” (like “guy” in English)
EphraimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ephraim means – fruitful. Bible: the second son of Joseph
ErbertMaleGermanThe German name Erbert means – a short form of Herbert
ErhardMaleGermanThe German name Erhard means – strong; resolute
EricMaleEnglishThe English name Eric means – brave ruler
ErichMaleGermanThe German name Erich means – a form of Eric
ErickMaleEnglishThe English name Erick means – a form of Eric
EricksonMaleEnglishThe English name Erickson means – son of Eric
ErlandMaleEnglishThe English name Erland means – nobleman’s land
ErlingMaleEnglishThe English name Erling means – nobleman’s son
ErmenegildoMaleGermanThe German name Ermenegildo means – strong warrior
ErnestMaleEnglishThe English name Ernest means – “earnest” or “sincere.” Actor Ernest Borgnine, author Ernest Hemingway, and comedian Ernie Kovacs
ErnieMaleEnglishThe English name Ernie means – a familiar form of Ernest
ErnstMaleGermanThe German name Ernst means – A form which means “earnest” or “sincere.” A notable person with this name is philosopher Ernst Bloch
ErrickMaleEnglishThe English name Errick means – a form of Eric
ErrolMaleLatinThe Latin name Errol means – wanderer
ErvinMaleEnglishThe English name Ervin means – sea friend
ErvineMaleEnglishThe English name Ervine means – a form of Irving
ErwinMaleEnglishThe English name Erwin means – sea friend
EsauMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esau means – rough; hairy. Jacob’s twin brother
EscipionMaleLatinThe Latin name Escipion means – man who uses a cane
EsdrasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esdras means – a form of Ezra
EsequielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esequiel means – a form of Ezekiel
EshkolMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eshkol means – grape clusters
EslebanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esleban means – bearer of children
EsmondMaleEnglishThe English name Esmond means – “protected by grace.”
EthanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ethan means – strong; firm
EthenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ethen means – a form of Ethan
EudaldoMaleGermanThe German name Eudaldo means – famous leader
EugenMaleGermanThe German name Eugen means – A form of Eugene, meaning “well born.”
EvelioMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Evelio means – he who gives life
EvencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Evencio means – successful
EverMaleEnglishThe English name Ever means – boar
EverardoMaleGermanThe German name Everardo means – strong as a boar
EverettMaleEnglishThe English name Everett means – A form of Eberhard. Senator Everett Dirksen
EveretteMaleEnglishThe English name Everette means – a form of Eberhard
EverleyMaleEnglishThe English name Everley means – boar meadow
EvertonMaleEnglishThe English name Everton means – boar town
EwaldMaleEnglishThe English name Ewald means – powerful lawman
EwertMaleEnglishThe English name Ewert means – ewe herder, shepherd
EwingMaleEnglishThe English name Ewing means – friend of the law
ExequielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Exequiel means – God is my strength
ExpeditoMaleLatinThe Latin name Expedito means – unencumbered
ExuperancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperancio means – he who is outstanding
ExuperioMaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperio means – he who exceeds expectations
EzekielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezekiel means – strength of God. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
EzequiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezequias means – Yahweh is my strength
EzequielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezequiel means – a form of Ezekiel
EzerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezer means – a form of Ezra
EzioMaleLatinThe Latin name Ezio means – he who has a nose like an eagle
EzraMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezra means – “shelter” or “help.” The name of a baby_names-exilic prophet and the poet Ezra Pound.
FaberMaleGermanThe German name Faber means – a form of Fabian
FabianMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabian means – bean grower
FabienMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabien means – a form of Fabien
FabioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabio means – a form of Fabian
FacundoMaleLatinThe Latin name Facundo means – he whu makes convincing arguments
FairfaxMaleEnglishThe English name Fairfax means – blond
FalcoMaleLatinThe Latin name Falco means – falconer
FalitoMaleEnglishThe English name Falito means – a familiar form of Rafael
FalknerMaleEnglishThe English name Falkner means – trainer of falcons. See also Falco
FaneMaleEnglishThe English name Fane means – joyful, glad
FantinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fantino means – innocent
FanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Fanuel means – vision of God
FarlaneMaleEnglishThe English name Farlane means – far lane
FarleyMaleEnglishThe English name Farley means – bull meadow; sheep meadow. See also Lee
FarnellMaleEnglishThe English name Farnell means – fern-covered hill
FarnhamMaleEnglishThe English name Farnham means – field of ferns
FarnleyMaleEnglishThe English name Farnley means – fern meadow
FarohMaleLatinThe Latin name Faroh means – a form of Pharaoh
FaroldMaleEnglishThe English name Farold means – mighty traveler
FaronMaleEnglishThe English name Faron means – a form of Faren (see Girls’Names)
FarrMaleEnglishThe English name Farr means – traveler
FarrarMaleEnglishThe English name Farrar means – blacksmith
FarrowMaleEnglishThe English name Farrow means – piglet
FaustMaleLatinThe Latin name Faust means – lucky, fortunate.History:the sixteenth-century German necromancer who inspired many legends
FavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Favian means – understanding
FebeMaleLatinThe Latin name Febe means – he who shines
FeboMaleLatinThe Latin name Febo means – he who shines
FelisardoMaleLatinThe Latin name Felisardo means – valiant and skillful man
FelixMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix means – fortunate;happy.See also Phelix,Pitin
Felix AntoineMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix Antoine means – a combination of Felix + Antoine
Felix OlivierMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix Olivier means – a combination of Felix + Olivier
FeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Felton means – field town
FentonMaleEnglishThe English name Fenton means – “marshland farm.” A noteworthy Fenton is educator Fenton Keyes
FerdMaleGermanThe German name Ferd means – horse
FerdinandMaleGermanThe German name Ferdinand means – daring,adventurous.See also Hernando
FerreoloMaleLatinThe Latin name Ferreolo means – referring to iron
FestusMaleLatinThe Latin name Festus means – happy
FiacroMaleLatinThe Latin name Fiacro means – the soldier
FidelMaleLatinThe Latin name Fidel means – faithful.History:Fidel Castro was the Cuban revolutionary who ower-threw a dictatorship in 1959 and established a communist regime in Cuba
FidencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fidencio means – trusting;fearless
FieldMaleEnglishThe English name Field means – a short form of Fielding
FieldingMaleEnglishThe English name Fielding means – field;field worker
FilbertMaleEnglishThe English name Filbert means – brilliant.See also Bert,Philbert
FilelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Filelio means – he who is trustworthy
FilmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Filmore means – famous
FinnMaleGermanThe German name Finn means – from Finland
FirminoMaleLatinThe Latin name Firmino means – firm, sure
FirmoMaleLatinThe Latin name Firmo means – morally and physically firm
FirthMaleEnglishThe English name Firth means – woodland
FischerMaleEnglishThe English name Fischer means – a form of Fisher
FisherMaleEnglishThe English name Fisher means – fisherman
FiskeMaleEnglishThe English name Fiske means – fisherman
FitchMaleEnglishThe English name Fitch means – weasel, ermine
FitxpatrickMaleEnglishThe English name Fitxpatrick means – son of Patrick
FitzMaleEnglishThe English name Fitz means – son
FitzgeraldMaleEnglishThe English name Fitzgerald means – son of Gerald
FitzhughMaleEnglishThe English name Fitzhugh means – son of Hugh
FizMaleLatinThe Latin name Fiz means – happy; fertile
FlavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Flavian means – blond, yellow haired
FlavianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Flaviano means – a form of Flavian
FlemingMaleEnglishThe English name Fleming means – from Denmark; from Flanders
FletcherMaleEnglishThe English name Fletcher means – From the Old French, meaning “arrow featherer” and “arrow maker.” Jazz great Fletcher Henderson
FlintMaleEnglishThe English name Flint means – stream; flint stone
FlorealMaleLatinThe Latin name Floreal means – alludes to the eighth month of the French Revolution
FlorenteMaleLatinThe Latin name Florente means – a form of Florent
FlorianMaleLatinThe Latin name Florian means – flowering, blooming
FloydMaleEnglishThe English name Floyd means – A form of Lloyd. Among notable Floyds is former heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson.
FlurryMaleEnglishThe English name Flurry means – flourishing, blooming
FocioMaleLatinThe Latin name Focio means – illuminated, shining
FolkeMaleGermanThe German name Folke means – a form of Volker
FonsoMaleGermanThe German name Fonso means – a short form of Alphonso
FonzieMaleGermanThe German name Fonzie means – a familiar form of Alphonse
FordMaleEnglishThe English name Ford means – “river crossing.” Among those who share this name is Ford Madox Ford, author of The Good Soldier.
FordonMaleGermanThe German name Fordon means – destroyer
ForesterMaleEnglishThe English name Forester means – forest guardian
FormerioMaleLatinThe Latin name Formerio means – beauty
FosterMaleLatinThe Latin name Foster means – a short form of Forester
FowlerMaleEnglishThe English name Fowler means – trapper of wildfowl
FranMaleLatinThe Latin name Fran means – a short form of Francis
FrancisMaleLatinThe Latin name Francis means – free; from France
FrancoMaleLatinThe Latin name Franco means – a short form of Francis
FrankMaleEnglishThe English name Frank means – A short form of Francis, which means a “free man.” Notable Franks are premier singer Frank Sinatra and architect Frank Lloyd Wright
FrankieMaleEnglishThe English name Frankie means – a familiar form of Frank
FranklinMaleEnglishThe English name Franklin means – “free landowner.” Persons with this name include two former U.S. presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Franklin Pierce
FranklynMaleEnglishThe English name Franklyn means – a form of Franklin
FrankyMaleEnglishThe English name Franky means – a familiar form of Frank
FrantzMaleGermanThe German name Frantz means – a form of Francis
FranzMaleGermanThe German name Franz means – A form of Francis, meaning “from France.” Notable people with this name include Austrian downhill skier Franz Klammer
FraternoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fraterno means – relating to the brother
FredMaleGermanThe German name Fred means – a short form of Alfred
FreddieMaleGermanThe German name Freddie means – a familiar form of Frederick
FreddrickMaleGermanThe German name Freddrick means – a form of Frederick
FreddyMaleGermanThe German name Freddy means – a familiar form of Frederick
FredericMaleGermanThe German name Frederic means – a form of Frederick
FrederickMaleGermanThe German name Frederick means – peaceful ruler
FrederikMaleGermanThe German name Frederik means – a form of Frederick
FrediMaleGermanThe German name Fredi means – a familiar form of Frederick
FredrickMaleGermanThe German name Fredrick means – a form of Frederick
FredyMaleGermanThe German name Fredy means – a familiar form of Frederick
FreebornMaleEnglishThe English name Freeborn means – child of freedom
FreemanMaleEnglishThe English name Freeman means – free
FremontMaleGermanThe German name Fremont means – free; noble protector
FrewinMaleEnglishThe English name Frewin means – free; noble friend
FreyMaleEnglishThe English name Frey means – lord
FrickMaleEnglishThe English name Frick means – bold
FridmundMaleGermanThe German name Fridmund means – peaceful guardian
FridolfMaleEnglishThe English name Fridolf means – peaceful wolf
FriedrichMaleGermanThe German name Friedrich means – a form of Frederick
FritzMaleGermanThe German name Fritz means – a familiar form of Frederick
FrontonMaleLatinThe Latin name Fronton means – he who thinks
FructuosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fructuoso means – he who bears much fruit
FrumencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Frumencio means – he who provides wheat
FrutosMaleLatinThe Latin name Frutos means – fertile
FulbrightMaleGermanThe German name Fulbright means – very bright
FulgencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fulgencio means – he who shines and stands out
FultonMaleEnglishThe English name Fulton means – field near town
FulvioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fulvio means – he who has reddish hair
GabeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabe means – a short form of Gabriel
GabrialMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabrial means – a form of Gabriel
GabrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabriel means – devoted to God. Bible: the angel of the Annunciation
GabryelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabryel means – a form of Gabriel
GaeryMaleEnglishThe English name Gaery means – variable, changeable
GaiusMaleLatinThe Latin name Gaius means – rejoicer
GaleasoMaleLatinThe Latin name Galeaso means – he who is protected by the helmet
GalileoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Galileo means – he who comes from Galilee
GaloMaleLatinThe Latin name Galo means – native of Galilee
GaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Galton means – owner of a rented estate
GamalielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gamaliel means – God is your reward
GarMaleEnglishThe English name Gar means – a short form of Gareth
GardnerMaleEnglishThe English name Gardner means – gardener
GarenMaleEnglishThe English name Garen means – a form of Garry
GarfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Garfield means – “field of spears; battlefield.”
GarinMaleEnglishThe English name Garin means – a form of Garry
GarionMaleEnglishThe English name Garion means – a form of Garry
GarmanMaleEnglishThe English name Garman means – spearman
GarnetMaleEnglishThe English name Garnet means – a form of Garnett
GarnettMaleEnglishThe English name Garnett means – armed with a spear
GarradMaleEnglishThe English name Garrad means – a form of Garrett, Gerald
GarrenMaleEnglishThe English name Garren means – a form of Garry
GarrickMaleEnglishThe English name Garrick means – oak spear
GarrinMaleEnglishThe English name Garrin means – a form of Garry
GarrisonMaleEnglishThe English name Garrison means – Garry’s son
GarrowayMaleEnglishThe English name Garroway means – spear fighter
GarryMaleEnglishThe English name Garry means – a form of Gary
GarsonMaleEnglishThe English name Garson means – son of Gar
GarvinMaleEnglishThe English name Garvin means – comrade in battle
GarwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Garwood means – evergreen forest
GaryMaleGermanThe German name Gary means – mighty spearman
GaudencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Gaudencio means – he who is happy and content
GaudiosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Gaudioso means – he who is happy and content
GavrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gavriel means – man of God
GeffreyMaleEnglishThe English name Geffrey means – a form of Geoffrey
GemeloMaleLatinThe Latin name Gemelo means – fraternal twin
GeminianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Geminiano means – identical twin
GenardoMaleGermanThe German name Genardo means – a strong lineage
GenaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Genaro means – consecrated to God
GencianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Genciano means – family
GentMaleEnglishThe English name Gent means – gentleman
GentyMaleEnglishThe English name Genty means – snow
GeoffMaleEnglishThe English name Geoff means – a short form of Geoffrey
GeofferyMaleEnglishThe English name Geoffery means – a form of Geoffrey
GeoffreyMaleEnglishThe English name Geoffrey means – a form of Jeffrey
GeraldMaleGermanThe German name Gerald means – “mighty spearman.” Former president Gerald Ford
GerardMaleEnglishThe English name Gerard means – brave spearman
GeremiaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Geremia means – exalted by God
GeremyMaleEnglishThe English name Geremy means – a form of Jeremy
GerhardMaleGermanThe German name Gerhard means – A form of Gerard, meaning “mighty spearman.”
GeriantMaleEnglishThe English name Geriant means – old
GerinoMaleGermanThe German name Gerino means – lance
GermanaMaleLatinThe Latin name Germana means – ready for action
GerminalMaleLatinThe Latin name Germinal means – he who sprouts
GeromeMaleEnglishThe English name Gerome means – a form of Jerome
GerrodMaleEnglishThe English name Gerrod means – a form of Garrad
GerryMaleEnglishThe English name Gerry means – a familiar form of Gerald
GershomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gershom means – exiled
GersonMaleEnglishThe English name Gerson means – son of Gar
GertMaleGermanThe German name Gert means – fighter
GetulioMaleLatinThe Latin name Getulio means – he who came from Getulia
GibMaleEnglishThe English name Gib means – a short form of Gilbert
GiborMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gibor means – powerful
GibsonMaleEnglishThe English name Gibson means – son of Gilbert
GideonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gideon means – tree cutter. Bible: the judge who defeated the Midianites
GidonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gidon means – a form of Gideon
GiffordMaleEnglishThe English name Gifford means – bold giver
GigMaleEnglishThe English name Gig means – horse-drawn carriage
GilbertMaleEnglishThe English name Gilbert means – brilliant pledge; tristworthy
GildardoMaleGermanThe German name Gildardo means – good
GilenMaleGermanThe German name Gilen means – illustious pledge
GilmerMaleEnglishThe English name Gilmer means – famous hostage
GilonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gilon means – circle
GipsyMaleEnglishThe English name Gipsy means – wanderer
GivonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Givon means – hill; heights
GladvilleMaleEnglishThe English name Gladville means – village with oak trees
GladwinMaleEnglishThe English name Gladwin means – cheerful
GodardoMaleGermanThe German name Godardo means – a form of Goddard
GoddardMaleGermanThe German name Goddard means – divinely firm
GodeardoMaleGermanThe German name Godeardo means – a form of Gotardo
GodwinMaleEnglishThe English name Godwin means – friend of God
GoelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Goel means – redeemer
GoldenMaleEnglishThe English name Golden means – a form of Goldwin
GoldwinMaleEnglishThe English name Goldwin means – golden friend
GoliatMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Goliat means – he who lives his life making pilgrimages
GoliathMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Goliath means – exiled. Bible: the giant Philistine whom David slew with a slingshot
GomerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gomer means – “completed.”
GordonMaleEnglishThe English name Gordon means – triangular-shaped hill
GordyMaleEnglishThe English name Gordy means – a familiar form of Gordon
GoreMaleEnglishThe English name Gore means – triangular-shaped land; wedge-shaped land
GorgeMaleLatinThe Latin name Gorge means – gorge
GottfriedMaleGermanThe German name Gottfried means – A form of Geoffrey, meaning “peace of the land.”
GotzonMaleGermanThe German name Gotzon means – a form of Angel
GozolMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gozol means – soaring bird
GraciaMaleLatinThe Latin name Gracia means – nice; welcome
GracianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Graciano means – the one recognized by God
GrahamMaleEnglishThe English name Graham means – grand home
GrantMaleEnglishThe English name Grant means – a short form of Grantland
GrantleyMaleEnglishThe English name Grantley means – great meadow
GratoMaleLatinThe Latin name Grato means – the one recognized by God
GrayMaleEnglishThe English name Gray means – gray haired
GraydenMaleEnglishThe English name Grayden means – gray haired
GraydonMaleEnglishThe English name Graydon means – gray hill
GraysonMaleEnglishThe English name Grayson means – bailiff’s son
GreeleyMaleEnglishThe English name Greeley means – gray meadow
GreenwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Greenwood means – green forest
GregMaleLatinThe Latin name Greg means – a short form of Gregory
GreggMaleLatinThe Latin name Gregg means – a short form of Gregory
GreggoryMaleLatinThe Latin name Greggory means – a form of Gregory
GregoryMaleLatinThe Latin name Gregory means – vigilant watchman
GreshamMaleEnglishThe English name Gresham means – village in the pasture
GreyMaleEnglishThe English name Grey means – a form of Gray
GreysonMaleEnglishThe English name Greyson means – a form of Grayson
GriffenMaleLatinThe Latin name Griffen means – a form of Griffin
GriffinMaleLatinThe Latin name Griffin means – hooked nose
GrimshawMaleEnglishThe English name Grimshaw means – dark woods
GriswoldMaleGermanThe German name Griswold means – gray forest
GroverMaleEnglishThe English name Grover means – grove
GualaMaleGermanThe German name Guala means – governor
GuiffordMaleEnglishThe English name Guifford means – chubby cheeks
GundislavoMaleGermanThe German name Gundislavo means – joy; strenght
GurionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gurion means – young lion
GuryonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Guryon means – This name means “young lion.” One noteworthy person with this name is Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.
GuthrieMaleGermanThe German name Guthrie means – war hero
GuyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Guy means – valley
HabacucMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Habacuc means – embrace
HackettMaleGermanThe German name Hackett means – little wood cutter
HackmanMaleGermanThe German name Hackman means – wood cutter
HadarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadar means – glory
HaddenMaleEnglishThe English name Hadden means – heather-covered hill
HadenMaleEnglishThe English name Haden means – a form of Hadden
HadrianMaleLatinThe Latin name Hadrian means – dark
HadwinMaleEnglishThe English name Hadwin means – frind in a time of war
HaganMaleGermanThe German name Hagan means – This name signifies “strong defense.”
HagarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hagar means – “forsaken” or “stranger.” The name of Sarah’s handmaiden, the mother of Ishmael
HagleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hagley means – enclosed meadow
HaidenMaleEnglishThe English name Haiden means – a form of Hayden
HaigMaleEnglishThe English name Haig means – enclosed with hedges
HainesMaleEnglishThe English name Haines means – from the vine-covered cottage
HalMaleEnglishThe English name Hal means – a short form of Harold, Halden
HalbertMaleEnglishThe English name Halbert means – shining hero
HaleMaleEnglishThe English name Hale means – a short form of Haley
HalfordMaleEnglishThe English name Halford means – valley ford
HallMaleEnglishThe English name Hall means – manor hall
HallamMaleEnglishThe English name Hallam means – valley
HallanMaleEnglishThe English name Hallan means – dweller at the hall; dweller at the manor
HalliwellMaleEnglishThe English name Halliwell means – holy well
HallwardMaleEnglishThe English name Hallward means – hall guard
HalsteadMaleEnglishThe English name Halstead means – manor grounds
HaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Halton means – estate on the hill
HamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ham means – hot. Bible: one of Noah’s sons
HamillMaleEnglishThe English name Hamill means – scarred
HamiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Hamilton means – proud estate
HamletMaleGermanThe German name Hamlet means – little village; home. Literature: one of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes
HamlinMaleGermanThe German name Hamlin means – loves his home
HammetMaleEnglishThe English name Hammet means – village
HammondMaleEnglishThe English name Hammond means – village
HamptonMaleEnglishThe English name Hampton means – Geography:a town in England
HananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hanan means – grace
HandelMaleGermanThe German name Handel means – a form of John.Music:George Frideric Handel was a German composer whose works include
HanfordMaleEnglishThe English name Hanford means – higt ford
HanleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hanley means – high meadow
HannaMaleGermanThe German name Hanna means – a form of Johann
HannahMaleGermanThe German name Hannah means – a form of Johann
HannoMaleGermanThe German name Hanno means – a short form of Johann
HarbinMaleGermanThe German name Harbin means – little bright warrior
HardenMaleEnglishThe English name Harden means – valley of the hares
HardingMaleEnglishThe English name Harding means – brave;hardy
HardwinMaleEnglishThe English name Hardwin means – brave friend
HardyMaleGermanThe German name Hardy means – bold,daring
HarelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Harel means – mountain of God
HarfordMaleEnglishThe English name Harford means – ford of the hares
HargroveMaleEnglishThe English name Hargrove means – grove of the hares
HarisMaleEnglishThe English name Haris means – a form of Harris
HarlanMaleEnglishThe English name Harlan means – hare’s land; army land
HarlandMaleEnglishThe English name Harland means – a form of Harlan
HarlowMaleEnglishThe English name Harlow means – hare’s hill;army hill.See also Arlo
HarmanMaleEnglishThe English name Harman means – forms of Herman
HarmonMaleEnglishThe English name Harmon means – forms of Herman
HarperMaleEnglishThe English name Harper means – harp player
HarringtonMaleEnglishThe English name Harrington means – Harry’s town
HarrisMaleEnglishThe English name Harris means – a short form of Harrison
HarrisonMaleEnglishThe English name Harrison means – Literally meaning “son of Harry.” Actor Harrison Ford
HarrodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Harrod means – hero;congueror
HarryMaleEnglishThe English name Harry means – a familiar form of Harold,Henry.See also Arrigo,Hale,Parry
HartMaleEnglishThe English name Hart means – a short form of Hartley
HartleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hartley means – deer meadow
HartmanMaleGermanThe German name Hartman means – hard;strong
HartwellMaleEnglishThe English name Hartwell means – deer well
HartwigMaleGermanThe German name Hartwig means – A name that means “strong advisor.”
HartwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Hartwood means – deer forest
HarveyMaleGermanThe German name Harvey means – army warrior
HaskelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Haskel means – Ezekiel
HaslettMaleEnglishThe English name Haslett means – hazel-tree land
HasselMaleEnglishThe English name Hassel means – witches’ corner
HastingsMaleLatinThe Latin name Hastings means – spear
HawkMaleEnglishThe English name Hawk means – hawk
HawleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hawley means – hedged meadow
HawthorneMaleEnglishThe English name Hawthorne means – hawthorn tree
HaydenMaleEnglishThe English name Hayden means – hedged valley
HaydnMaleEnglishThe English name Haydn means – a form of Hayden
HaydonMaleEnglishThe English name Haydon means – a form of Hayden
HayesMaleEnglishThe English name Hayes means – hedged valley
HaywardMaleEnglishThe English name Hayward means – guardian of the hedged area
HaywoodMaleEnglishThe English name Haywood means – hedged forest
HazielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Haziel means – visitor of God
HeathMaleEnglishThe English name Heath means – heath
HeathcliffMaleEnglishThe English name Heathcliff means – cliff near the heath
HeatonMaleEnglishThe English name Heaton means – high place
HeberMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Heber means – ally, partner
HedleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hedley means – heather-filled meadow
HedwigMaleGermanThe German name Hedwig means – “warfare” or “struggle.” Notable women with this name include actress Hedy Lamarr and author Hedwig Courths-Mahler
HeinrichMaleGermanThe German name Heinrich means – An alternate form of Henry, which means “estate ruler.” Among celebrated people with this name is German poet Heinrich Heine
HeliMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Heli means – he who offers himself to God
HelmerMaleGermanThe German name Helmer means – warrior’s wrath
HelmutMaleGermanThe German name Helmut means – “courageous protector.” Famous Helmuts include fashion designer Helmut Lang who has done things with rubber, and Helmut Kohl, German chancellor from 1982-98
HemanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Heman means – faithful
HenleyMaleEnglishThe English name Henley means – high meadow
HenningMaleGermanThe German name Henning means – a form of Hendrick
HerbertMaleGermanThe German name Herbert means – glorious soldier
HerchelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Herchel means – a form of Hershel
HerculanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Herculano means – belonging to Hercules
HerculesMaleLatinThe Latin name Hercules means – glorious gift. Mythology: a reek hero of fabulous strength, renowned for his twelve labors
HermalindoMaleGermanThe German name Hermalindo means – he who is like a shield of strength
HermanMaleLatinThe Latin name Herman means – noble
HermelindoMaleGermanThe German name Hermelindo means – he who is like a shield of strength
HermosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Hermoso means – with shape
HernanMaleGermanThe German name Hernan means – peacemaker
HerosMaleLatinThe Latin name Heros means – hero
HerrickMaleGermanThe German name Herrick means – war ruler
HershMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hersh means – a short form of Hershel
HershelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hershel means – deer
HewittMaleGermanThe German name Hewitt means – little smart one
HewsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hewson means – son of Hugh
HezekiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hezekiah means – God gives strength
HilariaMaleLatinThe Latin name Hilaria means – happy, content
HildericMaleGermanThe German name Hilderic means – warrior; fortress
HillelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hillel means – greatly praised. Religion: Rabbi Hillel originated the Talmud
HilliardMaleGermanThe German name Hilliard means – brave warrior
HiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Hilton means – town on a hill
HiramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hiram means – noblest; exalted
HobartMaleGermanThe German name Hobart means – Bart’s hill
HobertMaleGermanThe German name Hobert means – Bert’s hill
HobieMaleGermanThe German name Hobie means – a short form of Hobart, Hobert
HobsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hobson means – son of Robert
HodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hod means – a short form of Hodgson
HodgsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hodgson means – son of Roger
HoffmanMaleGermanThe German name Hoffman means – influential
HolbrookMaleEnglishThe English name Holbrook means – brook in the hollow
HoldenMaleEnglishThe English name Holden means – hollow in the valley
HolmesMaleEnglishThe English name Holmes means – river islands
HoltMaleEnglishThe English name Holt means – forest
HoniMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Honi means – gracious
HoraceMaleLatinThe Latin name Horace means – keeper of the hours. Literature: a famous Roman lyric poet and satirist
HoracioMaleLatinThe Latin name Horacio means – a form of Horace
HoratioMaleLatinThe Latin name Horatio means – clan name. See also Orris
HorstMaleGermanThe German name Horst means – dense grove, thicket
HortencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Hortencio means – he who has a garden and loves it
HortensioMaleLatinThe Latin name Hortensio means – he who has a garden and loves it
HortonMaleEnglishThe English name Horton means – garden estate
HoseaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hosea means – salvation. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
HoughtonMaleEnglishThe English name Houghton means – settlement on the headland
HoustonMaleEnglishThe English name Houston means – hill town. Geography: a city in Texas
HowardMaleEnglishThe English name Howard means – Which means “watchman.” Notable Howards are eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes and comedian Howie Mandel
HoweMaleGermanThe German name Howe means – high
HowieMaleEnglishThe English name Howie means – a familiar form of Howard, Howland
HowlandMaleEnglishThe English name Howland means – hilly land
HubbardMaleGermanThe German name Hubbard means – a form of Hubert
HubertMaleGermanThe German name Hubert means – “bright mind.” Among noteworthy people with this name was vice president and statesman Hubert Humphrey
HubieMaleEnglishThe English name Hubie means – a familiar form of Hubert
HudsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hudson means – son of Hud
HueyMaleEnglishThe English name Huey means – a familiar form of Hugh
HughMaleEnglishThe English name Hugh means – A short form of Hubert. Notable persons with this name include Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black and actor Hugh Grant
HugoMaleLatinThe Latin name Hugo means – a form of Hugh
HulbertMaleGermanThe German name Hulbert means – brilliant grace
HumbertMaleGermanThe German name Humbert means – brilliant strength. See also Umberto
HumphreyMaleGermanThe German name Humphrey means – peaceful strength
HuntMaleEnglishThe English name Hunt means – a short form of beginning with “Hunt”
HunterMaleEnglishThe English name Hunter means – hunter
HuntingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Huntington means – hunting estate
HuntleyMaleEnglishThe English name Huntley means – hunter’s meadow
HurstMaleEnglishThe English name Hurst means – a form of Horst
HusaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Husai means – the hirried one
HustonMaleEnglishThe English name Huston means – a form of Houston
HutchinsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hutchinson means – son of the hutch dweller
HuttonMaleEnglishThe English name Hutton means – house on the jutting ledge
HuxleyMaleEnglishThe English name Huxley means – Hugh’s meadow
HyattMaleEnglishThe English name Hyatt means – high gate
HydeMaleEnglishThe English name Hyde means – cache; measure of land equal to 120 acres; animal hide
HyderMaleEnglishThe English name Hyder means – tanner, preparer of animal hides for tanning
HymanMaleEnglishThe English name Hyman means – a form of Chaim
HyrumMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hyrum means – a form of Hiram
IaleelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ialeel means – waiting for God