Baby boy names A - Z and meaning

AamirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aamir means – a form of Amir
AaranMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaran means – a form of Aaron
AaronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaron means – enlightened
AarronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aarron means – a form of Aaron
AarynMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aaryn means – a form of Aaron
AbacoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abaco means – abacus
AbbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Abban means – white
AbbottMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abbott means – a familiar form of father; abbot
AbdaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abda means – servant of God
AbdalongoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdalongo means – servant of Elon
AbdecalasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdecalas means – server of a dog
AbdericoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abderico means – rich and powerful servant
AbdielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abdiel means – I serve God
AbeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abe means – a short form of Abel, Abraham
AbelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abel means – breath. Bible: Adam and Eve’s second son
AbelardMaleGermanThe German name Abelard means – noble; resolute
AbiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abiah means – God is my father
AbiboMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abibo means – beloved
AbieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abie means – a familiar form of Abraham
AbilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abilio means – expert: able
AbimaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abimael means – my father is God
AbirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abir means – strong
AbishaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abisha means – gift of God
AbnerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abner means – father of light. Bible: the commander of Saul’s army
AboMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abo means – father
AbraamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abraam means – a form of Abraham
AbrahamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abraham means – father of many nations. Bible: the first Hebrew patriarch
AbramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Abram means – a short form of Abraham
AbsalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Absalom means – father of peace. Bible: the rebellious third so of King David
AbudemioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abudemio means – one who speaks in a sweet, refined way
AbundancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abundancio means – rich, affluent
AbundioMaleLatinThe Latin name Abundio means – he who has a lot of property
AcabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Acab means – uncle
AccasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Accas means – winding
AceMaleLatinThe Latin name Ace means – unity
AciscloMaleLatinThe Latin name Acisclo means – a pick used to work on rocks
AckerleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ackerley means – meadow of oak trees
AckleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ackley means – a form of Ackerley
ActonMaleEnglishThe English name Acton means – “oak-tree settlement.”
AcucioMaleLatinThe Latin name Acucio means – sharp: shrewd
AcursioMaleLatinThe Latin name Acursio means – he who heads toward God
AdabaldoMaleGermanThe German name Adabaldo means – noble and bold
AdacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Adacio means – determined: active
AdaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adael means – eternity of God
AdalbergoMaleGermanThe German name Adalbergo means – village
AdamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adam means – “earth.” According to the Bible, the first man. “Son of Adam” means “person.”
AdamsonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adamson means – son of Adam
AdauctoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adaucto means – increase
AddamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Addam means – a form of Adam
AddyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Addy means – a familiar form of Adam
AdelardMaleGermanThe German name Adelard means – noble; courageous
AdelelmoMaleGermanThe German name Adelelmo means – noble protector
AdelgarioMaleGermanThe German name Adelgario means – noble lance
AdelmoMaleGermanThe German name Adelmo means – noble protector
AdelricMaleGermanThe German name Adelric means – noble ruler
AdemarMaleGermanThe German name Ademar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdemaroMaleGermanThe German name Ademaro means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AderitoMaleGermanThe German name Aderito means – strong and powerful
AdhemarMaleGermanThe German name Adhemar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdifMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adif means – the preferred one
AdimarMaleGermanThe German name Adimar means – he whose battles have made him distinguished; celebrated and famous combatant
AdinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adin means – This name means “pleasant.” Among famous individuals named Adin is Anglo-Jewish scholar Adin Steinsaltz.
AdinoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adino means – adorned
AdiosdadoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adiosdado means – given by God
AdirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adir means – majestic; noble
AdivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adiv means – pleasant; gentle
AdjutorMaleLatinThe Latin name Adjutor means – one who helps
AdlaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adlai means – my ornament
AdlerMaleGermanThe German name Adler means – eagle
AdmielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Admiel means – land of God
AdmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Admon means – Signifying “redness” or “health.”
AdneyMaleEnglishThe English name Adney means – noble’s island
AdoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ado means – beauty
AdolfMaleGermanThe German name Adolf means – noble wolf. History: Adolf Hitler’s German army was defeated in World War 2
AdolphMaleGermanThe German name Adolph means – a form of Adolf
AdonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adon means – Lord
AdonaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adonai means – my Lord
AdrianMaleLatinThe Latin name Adrian means – dark
AdrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Adriel means – member of God’s flock
AdrodatoMaleGermanThe German name Adrodato means – daring father
AdyutoMaleLatinThe Latin name Adyuto means – one who helps
AdyutorMaleLatinThe Latin name Adyutor means – one who helps
AfonsoMaleGermanThe German name Afonso means – prepared for combat
AgapitoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Agapito means – the beloved one
AgbertoMaleGermanThe German name Agberto means – famous for the sword
AgentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agento means – efficient; active
AgeoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ageo means – having of festive character makes people happy
AgericoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agerico means – powerful sword
AgilbertoMaleGermanThe German name Agilberto means – famous sword from combat
AgileoMaleGermanThe German name Agileo means – spade of a fighter
AgilulfoMaleGermanThe German name Agilulfo means – spear of the warrior
AglibertoMaleGermanThe German name Agliberto means – a form of Agilberto
AgneloMaleLatinThe Latin name Agnelo means – reference to the lamb of God
AgoardoMaleGermanThe German name Agoardo means – strong sword
AgobardoMaleGermanThe German name Agobardo means – strong spear
AgofredoMaleGermanThe German name Agofredo means – spear that brings peace
AgomarMaleGermanThe German name Agomar means – distinguished sword
AgrestoMaleLatinThe Latin name Agresto means – rugged, rustic
AgrippaMaleLatinThe Latin name Agrippa means – born feet first. History: the commander of the Roman fleet that defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at Actium
AgurMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Agur means – accumulation
AgustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Agustin means – a form of Augustine
AgustineMaleLatinThe Latin name Agustine means – a form of Augustine
AhabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahab means – father’s brother. literature: the captain of the Pequod in Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick
AharonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aharon means – The brother of Moses, the first High Priest. He was noted for loving peace; a “student of Aharon” is a peacemaker. Aaron Copeland was one of the greatest American composers
AhkeemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahkeem means – a form of Akeem
AhuvMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ahuv means – loved
AicardoMaleGermanThe German name Aicardo means – strong sword
AikenMaleEnglishThe English name Aiken means – made of oak
AimarioMaleGermanThe German name Aimario means – strong lineage
AjabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajab means – uncle
AjidanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajidan means – my brother judges
AjielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiel means – my brother is God
AjiezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiezer means – my brother is help
AjiramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajiram means – my brother exalted
AjisharMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajishar means – my brother sings
AjitovMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajitov means – my brother is good
AjshalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ajshalom means – brother of peace
AkeemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akeem means – a short form of Joachim
AkimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akim means – a short form of Joachim
AkivaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Akiva means – A great scholar of the Mishna.
AlacrinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Alacrino means – a short form of alive; outgoing
AlaricMaleGermanThe German name Alaric means – ruler of all
AlbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Alban means – from Alba, Italy
AlbericMaleGermanThe German name Alberic means – smart; wise ruler
AlbericoMaleGermanThe German name Alberico means – a form of Alberic
AlbernMaleGermanThe German name Albern means – noble; courageous
AlbertMaleGermanThe German name Albert means – noble and bright
AlberteMaleGermanThe German name Alberte means – a form of Albert
AlbieMaleGermanThe German name Albie means – a familiar form of Albert
AlbinMaleLatinThe Latin name Albin means – a form of Alvin
AlbionMaleLatinThe Latin name Albion means – white cliffs. Geography: a reference to the white cliffs in Dover, England
AlbuinoMaleGermanThe German name Albuino means – powerful; noble home
AlbyMaleGermanThe German name Alby means – a familiar form of Albert
AlcottMaleEnglishThe English name Alcott means – old cottage
AldairMaleGermanThe German name Aldair means – a form of Alder
AldebertoMaleGermanThe German name Aldeberto means – famous leader
AldebrandoMaleGermanThe German name Aldebrando means – governs with the sword
AldelmoMaleGermanThe German name Aldelmo means – old helmet
AldemarMaleGermanThe German name Aldemar means – famous for nobility
AldenMaleEnglishThe English name Alden means – old; wise protector
AlderMaleGermanThe German name Alder means – alder tree
AlderidgeMaleEnglishThe English name Alderidge means – alder ridge
AldisMaleEnglishThe English name Aldis means – old house
AldousMaleGermanThe German name Aldous means – a form of Alden
AldredMaleEnglishThe English name Aldred means – old; wise counselor
AldrichMaleEnglishThe English name Aldrich means – wise counselor
AldwinMaleEnglishThe English name Aldwin means – old friend
AleoMaleGermanThe German name Aleo means – governor
AlericMaleGermanThe German name Aleric means – a form of Alaric
AleronMaleLatinThe Latin name Aleron means – winged
AlfieMaleEnglishThe English name Alfie means – a familiar form of Alfred
AlfordMaleEnglishThe English name Alford means – old river ford
AlfredMaleEnglishThe English name Alfred means – “counsel from elves.” Romantic poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock
AlgerMaleGermanThe German name Alger means – noble spearman
AlgericoMaleGermanThe German name Algerico means – a form of Algerio
AlgerioMaleGermanThe German name Algerio means – noble governor prepared for combat
AlgernonMaleEnglishThe English name Algernon means – bearded, wearing a moustache
AlgieMaleEnglishThe English name Algie means – a familiar form of Algernon
AlgisMaleGermanThe German name Algis means – spear
AlijahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alijah means – a form of Elijah
AlinandoMaleGermanThe German name Alinando means – daring ruler
AlistairMaleEnglishThe English name Alistair means – a form of Alexander
AlizMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aliz means – happy
AllardMaleEnglishThe English name Allard means – noble, brave
AllisterMaleEnglishThe English name Allister means – a form of Alistair
AlmagorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Almagor means – indestructible
AlmanoMaleGermanThe German name Almano means – famous for nobility
AlmericMaleGermanThe German name Almeric means – powerful ruler
AlmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Almon means – widower
AloisMaleGermanThe German name Alois means – a short form of Aloysius
AlonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alon means – oak
AloysiusMaleGermanThe German name Aloysius means – a form of Louis
AlphonseMaleGermanThe German name Alphonse means – noble and eager
AlredoMaleGermanThe German name Alredo means – advice from the governor
AlstonMaleEnglishThe English name Alston means – noble’s settlement
AltmanMaleGermanThe German name Altman means – old man
AltonMaleEnglishThe English name Alton means – “old town.”
AlucioMaleLatinThe Latin name Alucio means – he is lucid and illustrious
AlulaMaleLatinThe Latin name Alula means – winged, swift
AlvaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Alva means – sublime
AlvanMaleGermanThe German name Alvan means – a form of Alvin
AlvarMaleEnglishThe English name Alvar means – army of elves
AlvernMaleLatinThe Latin name Alvern means – spring
AlvinMaleLatinThe Latin name Alvin means – white; light skinned
AlwinMaleGermanThe German name Alwin means – a form of Alvin
AmableMaleLatinThe Latin name Amable means – one who loves; nice
AmadeusMaleLatinThe Latin name Amadeus means – loves God. Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous eighteenth-century Austrian composer
AmancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Amancio means – he who loves God
AmbertoMaleGermanThe German name Amberto means – brilliant work
AmbicoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ambico means – one who is ambitious
AmeenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ameen means – a form of Amin
AmeerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ameer means – a form of Amir
AmerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amer means – a form of Amir
AmiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ami means – the builder
AmianoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiano means – a form of Amon
AmicusMaleLatinThe Latin name Amicus means – beloved friend
AmielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiel means – God of my people
AmiezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amiezer means – my community is helped
AmijaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amijai means – my community is alive
AminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amin means – trustworthy; honest
AmineMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amine means – a form of Amin
AmiorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amior means – my community is light
AmirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amir means – proclaimed
AmishalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amishalom means – my community is peace
AmisharMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amishar means – my community sings
AmitaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amitai means – my truth
AmnicadoMaleLatinThe Latin name Amnicado means – one who lives close to the river
AmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amon means – trustworthy; faithful
AmoryMaleGermanThe German name Amory means – a form of Emory
AmosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amos means – “burdened.” This is the name of an eighth-century prophet, as well as the contemporary author Amos Oz.
AmparoMaleLatinThe Latin name Amparo means – to prepare oneself
AmpliatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ampliato means – illustrious
AmramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Amram means – mighty nation
AnasvindoMaleGermanThe German name Anasvindo means – strength of God
AndonarroMaleGermanThe German name Andonarro means – notable God
AngelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Angelino means – messenger
AnguloMaleGermanThe German name Angulo means – lance
AnnoMaleGermanThe German name Anno means – a familiar form of Johann
AnsaldoMaleGermanThe German name Ansaldo means – he who represents God
AnsanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ansano means – ear
AnsbertoMaleGermanThe German name Ansberto means – brilliant God
AnsejisoMaleGermanThe German name Ansejiso means – lance
AnselmMaleGermanThe German name Anselm means – divine protector
AnsericoMaleGermanThe German name Anserico means – rich in God
AnsfridoMaleGermanThe German name Ansfrido means – peaceful God
AnsonMaleGermanThe German name Anson means – divine
AnsovinoMaleGermanThe German name Ansovino means – friend of God
AnticoMaleLatinThe Latin name Antico means – old; venerable
AntoniMaleLatinThe Latin name Antoni means – a form of Anthony
AntonyMaleLatinThe Latin name Antony means – a form of Anthony
AparicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Aparicio means – he who refers to the appearances of the Virgin in different stages
AradorMaleLatinThe Latin name Arador means – farmer; laborer
ArbelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arbel means – divine night
ArcherMaleEnglishThe English name Archer means – bowman
ArchibaldMaleGermanThe German name Archibald means – “bold and valorous.” Poet Archibald MacLeish is one well-known person with this name
ArchieMaleEnglishThe English name Archie means – a familiar form of Archer
ArdellMaleLatinThe Latin name Ardell means – eager; industrious
ArdleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ardley means – ardent meadow
ArdonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ardon means – bronzed
ArecioMaleLatinThe Latin name Arecio means – the god of war
ArgentinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Argentino means – shines like silver
ArgentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Argento means – shines like silver
ArgimundoMaleGermanThe German name Argimundo means – defending army
AriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ari means – A name that means “lion.”
ArionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arion means – melodious
ArledgeMaleEnglishThe English name Arledge means – lake with the hares
ArleyMaleEnglishThe English name Arley means – a short form of Harley
ArmandMaleLatinThe Latin name Armand means – a form of Herman
ArmenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armen means – a form of Armon
ArmengolMaleGermanThe German name Armengol means – ready for combat
ArmentaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Armentaro means – winner
ArminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armin means – a form of Armon
ArmogastesMaleGermanThe German name Armogastes means – guest of the eagle
ArmonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Armon means – high fortress, stronghold
ArmondMaleLatinThe Latin name Armond means – a form of Armand
ArmstrongMaleEnglishThe English name Armstrong means – strong arm. History: astronaut Neil Armstrong was the commander of Apollo 11 and the first person to walk on the moon
ArneMaleGermanThe German name Arne means – a form of Arnold
ArnianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Arniano means – lamb
ArnieMaleGermanThe German name Arnie means – a familiar form of Arnold
ArnoMaleGermanThe German name Arno means – a short form of Arnold
ArnoldMaleGermanThe German name Arnold means – “eagle strength.” Well-known Arnolds include historian Arnold Toynbee, golfer Arnold Palmer, and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
ArnonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arnon means – rushing river
ArnulfoMaleGermanThe German name Arnulfo means – a form of Arnold
AronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aron means – a form of Aaron
ArronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arron means – a form of Aaron
ArtMaleEnglishThe English name Art means – a short form of Arthur
ArtieMaleEnglishThe English name Artie means – a familiar form of Arthur
ArtisMaleEnglishThe English name Artis means – a form of Artis
ArtziMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Artzi means – my land
ArundelMaleEnglishThe English name Arundel means – eagle valley
ArvinMaleGermanThe German name Arvin means – friend of the people; friend of the army
ArvindMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arvind means – a form of Arvid
AryaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Arya means – a form of Aria
AryehMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aryeh means – lion
AsaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asa means – “healers.” In the Bible, a king of Judah.
AsafMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asaf means – the one chosen by God
AscotMaleEnglishThe English name Ascot means – eastern cottage; style of necktie. Geography: a village near london and the site of the Royal Ascot horseraces
AsedioMaleLatinThe Latin name Asedio means – stable
AshMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ash means – ash tree
AshburnMaleEnglishThe English name Ashburn means – from the ash-tree stream
AsherMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asher means – “happy,” “blessed,” or “rich.” The son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Asher.
AshfordMaleEnglishThe English name Ashford means – ash-tree ford
AsielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Asiel means – created by God
AsprenioMaleLatinThe Latin name Asprenio means – hard; rough
AstonMaleEnglishThe English name Aston means – “eastern town.”
AthertonMaleEnglishThe English name Atherton means – town by a spring
AtkinsMaleEnglishThe English name Atkins means – from the home of the relatives
AtleyMaleEnglishThe English name Atley means – meadow
AtticusMaleLatinThe Latin name Atticus means – from Attica, a region outside Athens
AturMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atur means – crowned
AtwaterMaleEnglishThe English name Atwater means – at the water’s edge
AtwellMaleEnglishThe English name Atwell means – at the well
AtwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Atwood means – at the forest
AtworthMaleEnglishThe English name Atworth means – at the farmstead
AtzelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Atzel means – noble; generous
AuberonMaleGermanThe German name Auberon means – a form of Oberon
AudactoMaleLatinThe Latin name Audacto means – bold
AudasMaleLatinThe Latin name Audas means – valiant, bold
AudenMaleEnglishThe English name Auden means – old friend
AudieMaleGermanThe German name Audie means – noble; strong
AudricMaleEnglishThe English name Audric means – wise ruler
AugieMaleLatinThe Latin name Augie means – a familiar form of August
AugurioMaleLatinThe Latin name Augurio means – name of priests specializing in understanding divine will through the flight and sounds of birds
AugustMaleLatinThe Latin name August means – a short form of Augustine, Augustus
AugustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustin means – a form of Augustine
AugustineMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustine means – majestic. Religion: Saint Augustine was the first archbishop of Canterbury
AugustusMaleLatinThe Latin name Augustus means – majestic; venerable. History: an honorary title given to the first Roman emperor, Octavius Caesar
AurelianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Aureliano means – a form of Aurelius
AurelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Aurelio means – a short form of Aurelius
AureliusMaleLatinThe Latin name Aurelius means – golden. history: Marcus Aurelius was a second-century a.d. philosopher and emperor of Rome
AurickMaleGermanThe German name Aurick means – protecting ruler
AuspicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Auspicio means – protector
AustenMaleLatinThe Latin name Austen means – a short form of Augustine
AustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Austin means – a short form of Augustine
AustonMaleLatinThe Latin name Auston means – a short form of Augustine
AustynMaleLatinThe Latin name Austyn means – a short form of Augustine
AuxilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Auxilio means – he who saves, who brings help
AvdelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avdel means – servant of God
AvelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avelino means – he who was born in Avella, Italy
AvertanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avertano means – one who moves away
AveryMaleEnglishThe English name Avery means – a form of Aubrey
AviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avi means – God is my father
AviezriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviezri means – my father is my help
AvimaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avimael means – my father is of divine origin
AvimelejMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avimelej means – my father is king
AviramvMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviramv means – my father is lifted up
AvirazMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviraz means – father of the secret
AvishajarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avishajar means – father of the morning
AvitioMaleLatinThe Latin name Avitio means – from grandfather
AvitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Avito means – from grandfather
AvitzedekMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avitzedek means – father of justice
AvivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Aviv means – A name meaning “Springtime.” One popular Aviv today is bad-boy rock star Aviv Geffen.
AvnerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avner means – “father of flame.” King Saul’s uncle and the commander of his army
AvrahamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avraham means – “father of multitudes.” The first patriarch, husband of Sarah, father of Isaac, grandfather of Jacob; at God’s command he left his home in Ur and traveled to the land of Canaan, where he made a covenant with God. Famous and infamous Avrahams include U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, yippie Abbie Hoffman, and Yiddish playwright Avrom Goldfadn
AvramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avram means – a form of Abraham, Abram
AvshalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Avshalom means – father of peace
AxelMaleLatinThe Latin name Axel means – axe
AyersMaleEnglishThe English name Ayers means – heir to a fortune
AylmerMaleEnglishThe English name Aylmer means – a form of Elmer
AylwinMaleEnglishThe English name Aylwin means – noble friends
AzadanesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azadanes means – strong
AzadesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azades means – Azadanes
AzaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azael means – made from God
AzareMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azare means – God helped
AzariasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azarias means – the Lord sustains me
AzarielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azariel means – he who has control over the waters
AzasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azas means – strong
AzazaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azazael means – name of an evil spirit
AzazelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azazel means – cancerous spirit
AzecaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azeca means – strong
AzrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azriel means – God is my aid
AzuriahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Azuriah means – aided by God
BadenMaleGermanThe German name Baden means – bather
BadrickMaleEnglishThe English name Badrick means – axe ruler
BailMaleEnglishThe English name Bail means – a form of Vail
BakerMaleEnglishThe English name Baker means – baker
BalbinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Balbino means – he who mumbles
BalboMaleLatinThe Latin name Balbo means – stammerer
BaldemarMaleGermanThe German name Baldemar means – bold; famous
BaldericoMaleGermanThe German name Balderico means – a form of Baldemar
BaldomeroMaleGermanThe German name Baldomero means – a form of Baldemar
BaldomianoMaleGermanThe German name Baldomiano means – governor
BaldricMaleGermanThe German name Baldric means – brave ruler
BaldwinMaleGermanThe German name Baldwin means – This name means “bold friend.”
BallardMaleGermanThe German name Ballard means – brave; strong
BalsemioMaleLatinThe Latin name Balsemio means – balm
BancroftMaleEnglishThe English name Bancroft means – bean frield
BandaridoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bandarido means – flag
BanditMaleGermanThe German name Bandit means – outlaw, robber
BannerMaleEnglishThe English name Banner means – flag bearer
BarakMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Barak means – “lightning.” The biblical warrior who helped the judge Devorah; also the name of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.
BaramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Baram means – son of the people
BarbacianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Barbaciano means – full of hair
BarclayMaleEnglishThe English name Barclay means – “place where birches grow.”
BardenMaleEnglishThe English name Barden means – barley valley
BardolfMaleGermanThe German name Bardolf means – bright wolf
BarkerMaleEnglishThe English name Barker means – lumberjack; advertiser at a carnival
BarlowMaleEnglishThe English name Barlow means – bare hillside
BarnabyMaleEnglishThe English name Barnaby means – a form of Barnabas
BarnesMaleEnglishThe English name Barnes means – bear; son of Barnett
BarneyMaleEnglishThe English name Barney means – Race car driver Barney Olfield and the enormously popular purple dinosaur “Barney.”
BarnumMaleGermanThe German name Barnum means – barn; storage place
BaronMaleGermanThe German name Baron means – nobleman, baron
BaroncioMaleLatinThe Latin name Baroncio means – clumsy
BarretMaleGermanThe German name Barret means – a form of Barrett
BarrettMaleGermanThe German name Barrett means – This name signifies “strong as a bear.”
BarricMaleEnglishThe English name Barric means – grain farm
BarringtonMaleEnglishThe English name Barrington means – fenced town
BarronMaleEnglishThe English name Barron means – a form of Baron
BartMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bart means – a short form of Barton
BartelMaleGermanThe German name Bartel means – a form of Bartholomew
BartholomewMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bartholomew means – son of Talmai. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles
BartletMaleEnglishThe English name Bartlet means – a form of Bartholomew
BartleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bartley means – barley meadow
BartonMaleEnglishThe English name Barton means – “barley farm” or “Bart’s town.” The eponymous writer in the movie Barton Fink
BartramMaleEnglishThe English name Bartram means – a form of Bertram
Baruc,BarujMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Baruc,Baruj means – he who is blessed by God
BaruchMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Baruch means – blessed
BasianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Basiano means – short and stout
BasilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Basilio means – a form of Basil
BassettMaleEnglishThe English name Bassett means – little person
BastienMaleGermanThe German name Bastien means – A short form of Sebastian, meaning “respectful.”
BatMaleEnglishThe English name Bat means – a short form of Bartholomew
BaxterMaleEnglishThe English name Baxter means – An alternate form of Baker
BayardMaleEnglishThe English name Bayard means – reddish brown hair
BayronMaleEnglishThe English name Bayron means – a form of Baron
BeacherMaleEnglishThe English name Beacher means – beech trees
BeamanMaleEnglishThe English name Beaman means – beekeeper
BeamerMaleEnglishThe English name Beamer means – trumpet player
BeasleyMaleEnglishThe English name Beasley means – field of peas
BeatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Beato means – happy; blessed
BeattieMaleLatinThe Latin name Beattie means – blessed; happy; bringer of joy
BeaverMaleEnglishThe English name Beaver means – beaver
BeckMaleEnglishThe English name Beck means – brook
BedeMaleEnglishThe English name Bede means – prayer. Religion: the patron saint of lectors
BeethovenMaleGermanThe German name Beethoven means – Music: ludvig va Beethoven was a german musical genius
BelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Belino means – man of war
BenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ben means – a short form of Benjamin
Ben ZionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ben Zion means – son of Zion
BenedictMaleLatinThe Latin name Benedict means – blessed
BenediktMaleGermanThe German name Benedikt means – a form of Benedict
BeneditoMaleLatinThe Latin name Benedito means – a form of Benedict
BeneventoMaleLatinThe Latin name Benevento means – welcome
BenicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Benicio means – riding friend
BenignoMaleLatinThe Latin name Benigno means – the prodigal son; he who does good deeds
BenjamenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjamen means – a form of Benjamin
BenjaminMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjamin means – son of me right hand
BenjimanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjiman means – a form of Benjamin
BenjyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benjy means – a familiar form of Benjamin
BennettMaleLatinThe Latin name Bennett means – little blessed one
BennieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bennie means – a familiar form of Benjamin
BennyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benny means – a familiar form of Benjamin
BenoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Beno means – son
BenoniMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benoni means – son of my sorrow. Bible: Ben-oni was the so of Jacob and Rachel
BensonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benson means – son of Ben
BentivolioMaleLatinThe Latin name Bentivolio means – I love you; I desire you
BentleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bentley means – moor; coarse grass meadow
BentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bento means – well-named
BentonMaleEnglishThe English name Benton means – Ben’s town; town on the moors
BenziMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Benzi means – a familiar form of Ben Zion
BerMaleEnglishThe English name Ber means – boundary
BercarioMaleGermanThe German name Bercario means – prince of the army
BergMaleGermanThe German name Berg means – “mountain.”
BergenMaleGermanThe German name Bergen means – hill dweller
BerkeleyMaleEnglishThe English name Berkeley means – a form of Barclay
BerlMaleGermanThe German name Berl means – a form of Burl
BerlynMaleGermanThe German name Berlyn means – boundary line
BermudoMaleGermanThe German name Bermudo means – valiant bear; warrior
BernMaleGermanThe German name Bern means – a short form of Bernard
BernalMaleGermanThe German name Bernal means – strong as a bear
BernaldinoMaleGermanThe German name Bernaldino means – strong bear
BernardMaleGermanThe German name Bernard means – brave as a bear
BerndMaleGermanThe German name Bernd means – a form of Bernardo
BernieMaleGermanThe German name Bernie means – a familiar form of Bernard
BernsteinMaleGermanThe German name Bernstein means – amber stone
BerryMaleEnglishThe English name Berry means – berry; grape
BertMaleGermanThe German name Bert means – bright, shining. A short form of Berthold, Berton, Bertram
BertadioMaleGermanThe German name Bertadio means – a form of Burton
BertholdMaleGermanThe German name Berthold means – bright; illustrious; brilliant ruler
BertieMaleEnglishThe English name Bertie means – a familiar form of Bert
BertinoMaleGermanThe German name Bertino means – brilliant; famous
BertonMaleEnglishThe English name Berton means – bright settlement; fortified town
BertramMaleGermanThe German name Bertram means – bright; illustrious
BertrandMaleGermanThe German name Bertrand means – bright shield
BertualdoMaleGermanThe German name Bertualdo means – community; illustrious leader
BertuinoMaleGermanThe German name Bertuino means – brilliant
BerwickMaleEnglishThe English name Berwick means – barley farm
BetelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betel means – house of God
BetueMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Betue means – house of God
BevalMaleEnglishThe English name Beval means – like the wind
BickfordMaleEnglishThe English name Bickford means – axe-man’s ford
BieitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bieito means – well-named
BietoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bieto means – well-named
BihanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Bihan means – understanding; wise
BillMaleGermanThe German name Bill means – a short form of William
BillyMaleGermanThe German name Billy means – a familiar form of Bill
BingMaleGermanThe German name Bing means – kettle-shaped hollow
BinkyMaleEnglishThe English name Binky means – a familiar form of Bancroft, Vincent
BirchMaleEnglishThe English name Birch means – white; shining; birch tree
BirinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Birino means – reddish
BirkeyMaleEnglishThe English name Birkey means – island with birch trees
BirkittMaleEnglishThe English name Birkitt means – birch-tree coast
BirleyMaleEnglishThe English name Birley means – meadow with the cow barn
BirneyMaleEnglishThe English name Birney means – island with a brook
BirtleMaleEnglishThe English name Birtle means – hill with birds
BladeMaleEnglishThe English name Blade means – knife, sword
BlainMaleEnglishThe English name Blain means – a form of Blaine
BlaineMaleEnglishThe English name Blaine means – river source
BlakeMaleEnglishThe English name Blake means – Signifies “dark.”
BlandinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Blandino means – he who is flattered
BlascoMaleLatinThe Latin name Blasco means – of a pale color
BlaykeMaleEnglishThe English name Blayke means – a form of Blake
BlazeMaleLatinThe Latin name Blaze means – stammerer
BoMaleEnglishThe English name Bo means – a form of Beau
BoazMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Boaz means – swift; strong
BobMaleEnglishThe English name Bob means – a short form of Robert
BobbyMaleEnglishThe English name Bobby means – a familiar form of Bob, Robert
BogartMaleGermanThe German name Bogart means – strong as a bow
BoltonMaleEnglishThe English name Bolton means – from the manor farm
BondMaleEnglishThe English name Bond means – tiller of the soil
BonfilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonfilio means – good son
BonfiloMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonfilo means – good son
BoniMaleLatinThe Latin name Boni means – man of decency
BonifaceMaleLatinThe Latin name Boniface means – do-gooder
BonifacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonifacio means – do-gooder
BonitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonito means – worthy
BonoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bono means – man of decency
BonosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Bonoso means – man of decency
BookerMaleEnglishThe English name Booker means – bookmaker; book lover; Bible lover
BooneMaleLatinThe Latin name Boone means – good. History: Daniel Boone was an American pioneer
BoothMaleEnglishThe English name Booth means – hut
BosleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bosley means – grove of trees
BostonMaleEnglishThe English name Boston means – a form of Bosley
BoswellMaleEnglishThe English name Boswell means – boar enclosure by the stream
BourneMaleLatinThe Latin name Bourne means – boundary
BradMaleEnglishThe English name Brad means – A short form of Bradford or Bradley
BradburnMaleEnglishThe English name Bradburn means – broad stream
BradenMaleEnglishThe English name Braden means – broad valley
BradeyMaleEnglishThe English name Bradey means – a form of Brady
BradfordMaleEnglishThe English name Bradford means – “broad river ford.”
BradleeMaleEnglishThe English name Bradlee means – a form of Bradley
BradleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bradley means – “broad meadow.”
BradlyMaleEnglishThe English name Bradly means – a form of Bradley
BradonMaleEnglishThe English name Bradon means – broad hill
BradshawMaleEnglishThe English name Bradshaw means – broad forest
BradynMaleEnglishThe English name Bradyn means – a form of Braden
BraedanMaleEnglishThe English name Braedan means – a form of Braden
BraedenMaleEnglishThe English name Braeden means – a form of Braden
BraedonMaleEnglishThe English name Braedon means – a form of Bradon
BraedynMaleEnglishThe English name Braedyn means – a form of Braden
BraidenMaleEnglishThe English name Braiden means – a form of Braden
BraidonMaleEnglishThe English name Braidon means – a form of Bradon
BrainardMaleEnglishThe English name Brainard means – bold raven; prince
BramwellMaleEnglishThe English name Bramwell means – bramble spring
BranchMaleLatinThe Latin name Branch means – paw; claw; tree branch
BrandMaleEnglishThe English name Brand means – firebrand; sword
BrandanMaleEnglishThe English name Brandan means – a form of Brandon
BrandenMaleEnglishThe English name Branden means – beacon valley
BrandinMaleEnglishThe English name Brandin means – a form of Branden
BrandoMaleEnglishThe English name Brando means – a form of Brand
BrandonMaleEnglishThe English name Brandon means – beacon hill
BrandtMaleEnglishThe English name Brandt means – a form of Brant
BrandynMaleEnglishThe English name Brandyn means – a form of Brandon
BransenMaleEnglishThe English name Bransen means – a form of Branson
BransonMaleEnglishThe English name Branson means – son of Brandon
BrantMaleEnglishThe English name Brant means – proud
BrantleyMaleEnglishThe English name Brantley means – a form of Brant
BrantonMaleEnglishThe English name Branton means – Brant’s town
BraxtonMaleEnglishThe English name Braxton means – Brock’s town
BraydenMaleEnglishThe English name Brayden means – a form of Braden
BraydonMaleEnglishThe English name Braydon means – a form of Bradon
BraytonMaleEnglishThe English name Brayton means – a form of Brighton
BrendonMaleEnglishThe English name Brendon means – a form of Brandon
BrendynMaleEnglishThe English name Brendyn means – a form of Brendan
BrenenMaleEnglishThe English name Brenen means – a form of Brendan
BrennanMaleEnglishThe English name Brennan means – a form of Brendan
BrennenMaleEnglishThe English name Brennen means – a form of Brendan
BrennerMaleEnglishThe English name Brenner means – a form of Brendan
BrennonMaleEnglishThe English name Brennon means – a form of Brendan
BrentMaleEnglishThe English name Brent means – A short form of Brenton. A notable Brent is Brent Scowcroft, U.S. Navy admiral and former national security advisor
BrentenMaleEnglishThe English name Brenten means – a form of Brenton
BrentleyMaleEnglishThe English name Brentley means – a form of Brantley
BrentonMaleEnglishThe English name Brenton means – steep hill
BrewsterMaleEnglishThe English name Brewster means – brewer
BrickMaleEnglishThe English name Brick means – bridge
BridgelyMaleEnglishThe English name Bridgely means – meadow near a bridge
BridgerMaleEnglishThe English name Bridger means – bridge builder
BrighamMaleEnglishThe English name Brigham means – “village by the covered bridge.” Brigham Young was the Mormon leader who took Joseph Smith’s movement west.
BrinleyMaleEnglishThe English name Brinley means – tawny
BrocMaleEnglishThe English name Broc means – a form of Brock
BrockMaleEnglishThe English name Brock means – badger
BrocktonMaleEnglishThe English name Brockton means – a form of Brock
BrodMaleEnglishThe English name Brod means – a short form of Broderick
BromleyMaleEnglishThe English name Bromley means – brushwood meadow
BronsonMaleEnglishThe English name Bronson means – son of Brown
BrooksMaleEnglishThe English name Brooks means – son of Brook
BrownMaleEnglishThe English name Brown means – brown; bear
BrunoMaleGermanThe German name Bruno means – “brown haired” or “brown skinned.” Among noteworthy people with this name is conductor Bruno Walter
BrutusMaleLatinThe Latin name Brutus means – coarse, stupid. History: a Roman general who conspired to assassinate Julius Caesar
BrydenMaleEnglishThe English name Bryden means – a form of Braden
BrydonMaleEnglishThe English name Brydon means – a form of Braden
BrytonMaleEnglishThe English name Bryton means – a form of Brighton
BuckMaleGermanThe German name Buck means – male deer
BuckleyMaleEnglishThe English name Buckley means – deer meadow
BuckmisterMaleEnglishThe English name Buckmister means – preacher
BudMaleEnglishThe English name Bud means – herald, messenger
BuellMaleGermanThe German name Buell means – hill dweller
BuenaventuraMaleLatinThe Latin name Buenaventura means – he who predicts happiness
BufordMaleEnglishThe English name Buford means – ford near the castle
BundyMaleEnglishThe English name Bundy means – free
BurbankMaleEnglishThe English name Burbank means – from the castle on a slope
BurdanMaleEnglishThe English name Burdan means – birch valley
BurfordMaleEnglishThe English name Burford means – birch ford
BurgessMaleEnglishThe English name Burgess means – “town dweller” or “shopkeeper.” Actor Burgess Meredith
BurkeMaleGermanThe German name Burke means – fortress, castle
BurlMaleEnglishThe English name Burl means – cup bearer; wine servant; knot in a tree
BurleighMaleEnglishThe English name Burleigh means – meadow with knotted tree trunks
BurneMaleEnglishThe English name Burne means – brook
BurnettMaleEnglishThe English name Burnett means – burned nettle
BurneyMaleEnglishThe English name Burney means – island with a brook
BurrisMaleEnglishThe English name Burris means – town dweller
BurtMaleEnglishThe English name Burt means – a form of Bert
BurtonMaleEnglishThe English name Burton means – “fortified town.” Actor Burt Lancaster started his career as a circus acrobat
ButcherMaleEnglishThe English name Butcher means – butcher
BuzMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Buz means – rebelliousness; disdain
ByfordMaleEnglishThe English name Byford means – by the ford
ByramMaleEnglishThe English name Byram means – cattle yard
ByranMaleEnglishThe English name Byran means – a form of Byron
ByrdMaleEnglishThe English name Byrd means – birdlike
ByrneMaleEnglishThe English name Byrne means – a form of Burne
ByronMaleEnglishThe English name Byron means – barn
CableMaleEnglishThe English name Cable means – rope maker
CadbyMaleEnglishThe English name Cadby means – warrior’s settlement
CaesarMaleLatinThe Latin name Caesar means – long-haired. History: a title for Roman emperors
CaesearMaleLatinThe Latin name Caesear means – a form of Caesar
CagnoaldoMaleGermanThe German name Cagnoaldo means – illustrious
CainMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cain means – spear; gatherer. Bible: Adam and Eve’s oldest son
CaineMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Caine means – a form of Cain
CaitanMaleLatinThe Latin name Caitan means – a form of Cain
CalMaleLatinThe Latin name Cal means – a short form of Calvert, Calvin
CaldeoloMaleLatinThe Latin name Caldeolo means – hot
CaldwellMaleEnglishThe English name Caldwell means – cold well
CaleMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cale means – a form of Caleb
CalebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Caleb means – dog; faithful
CalibMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Calib means – a form of Caleb
CallisMaleLatinThe Latin name Callis means – chalice, goblet
CalminioMaleLatinThe Latin name Calminio means – calmed
CalrosMaleGermanThe German name Calros means – free man
CalvertMaleEnglishThe English name Calvert means – calf herder
CalvinMaleLatinThe Latin name Calvin means – bald
CamiloMaleLatinThe Latin name Camilo means – child born to freedom; noble
CampbellMaleLatinThe Latin name Campbell means – beautiful field
CancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cancio means – founder of the city of Anzio
CandideMaleLatinThe Latin name Candide means – pure; sincere
CandidoMaleLatinThe Latin name Candido means – a form of Candide
CantidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cantidio means – song
CanuteMaleLatinThe Latin name Canute means – white haired
CanutoMaleLatinThe Latin name Canuto means – a form of Canute
CanyonMaleLatinThe Latin name Canyon means – canyon
CaprasioMaleLatinThe Latin name Caprasio means – regarding the goat
CarlMaleGermanThe German name Carl means – a short form of Carlton
CarletonMaleEnglishThe English name Carleton means – a form of Carlton
CarlisleMaleEnglishThe English name Carlisle means – Carl’s island
CarltonMaleEnglishThe English name Carlton means – Literally means “Carl’s town.”
CarlyleMaleEnglishThe English name Carlyle means – a form of Carlisle
CarmeloMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Carmelo means – a form of Carmel
CarmineMaleLatinThe Latin name Carmine means – song; crimson
CarnellMaleEnglishThe English name Carnell means – defender of the castle
CarsenMaleEnglishThe English name Carsen means – a form of Carson
CarsonMaleEnglishThe English name Carson means – son of Carr
CarterMaleEnglishThe English name Carter means – cart driver
CartlandMaleEnglishThe English name Cartland means – cart builder’s island
CartwrightMaleEnglishThe English name Cartwright means – cart builder
CarvellMaleEnglishThe English name Carvell means – village on the marsh
CarverMaleEnglishThe English name Carver means – wood-carver; sculptor
CashMaleLatinThe Latin name Cash means – vain
CasianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Casiano means – he who is equipped with a helmet
CassiusMaleLatinThe Latin name Cassius means – box; protective cover
CastleMaleLatinThe Latin name Castle means – castle
CastrenseMaleLatinThe Latin name Castrense means – castle
CaterMaleEnglishThe English name Cater means – caterer
CatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cato means – knowledgeable wise
CatulinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Catulino means – little dog
CatuloMaleLatinThe Latin name Catulo means – little dog
CayetanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cayetano means – he who is from Gaeta, an ancient Italian city in the Lazio region
CayoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cayo means – happy and fun
CeasarMaleLatinThe Latin name Ceasar means – a form of Caesar
CecilMaleLatinThe Latin name Cecil means – blind
CecilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cecilio means – a form of Cecil
CedericMaleEnglishThe English name Cederic means – a form of Cedric
CedricMaleEnglishThe English name Cedric means – An alternative form of Kedrick, which means “war leader.” Actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke
CedrickMaleEnglishThe English name Cedrick means – a form of Cedric
CedrikMaleEnglishThe English name Cedrik means – a form of Cedric
CefasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cefas means – rock
CeledonioMaleLatinThe Latin name Celedonio means – he who is like the swallow
CelerinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Celerino means – fast
CelestinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Celestino means – a form of Celestine
CelonioMaleLatinThe Latin name Celonio means – he who is like the swallow
CenericoMaleGermanThe German name Cenerico means – bold; rich and powerful
CenobioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cenobio means – he who rejects the strangers
CensurioMaleLatinThe Latin name Censurio means – critic
CephasMaleLatinThe Latin name Cephas means – small rock. Bible: the term used by Jesus to describe Peter
CesidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Cesidio means – blue
ChadMaleEnglishThe English name Chad means – From the Celtic meaning “warrior” or “battle.” The name of a country of north-central Africa. Among notable people with this name are actors Chad Everett and Chad Lowe
ChaddMaleEnglishThe English name Chadd means – a form of Chad
ChadrickMaleGermanThe German name Chadrick means – mighty warrior
ChadwickMaleEnglishThe English name Chadwick means – warrior’s town
ChaimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chaim means – life
ChananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chanan means – cloud
ChanceMaleEnglishThe English name Chance means – a short form of Chancellor
ChancellorMaleEnglishThe English name Chancellor means – record keeper
ChancelorMaleEnglishThe English name Chancelor means – a form of Chancellor
ChandlerMaleEnglishThe English name Chandler means – candle maker
ChanseMaleEnglishThe English name Chanse means – a form of Chance
ChapmanMaleEnglishThe English name Chapman means – merchant
CharlesMaleGermanThe German name Charles means – farmer
CharlestonMaleEnglishThe English name Charleston means – a form of Carlton
CharlieMaleEnglishThe English name Charlie means – a familiar form of Charles
CharltonMaleEnglishThe English name Charlton means – a form of Carlton
ChasMaleEnglishThe English name Chas means – a familiar form of Charles
ChathamMaleEnglishThe English name Chatham means – warrior’s home
ChaunceyMaleEnglishThe English name Chauncey means – chancellor; church official
ChauncyMaleEnglishThe English name Chauncy means – a form of Chauncey
ChazMaleEnglishThe English name Chaz means – a familiar form of Charles
ChazzMaleEnglishThe English name Chazz means – a familiar form of Charles
ChesterMaleEnglishThe English name Chester means – A short form of Rochester. Chester Allan Arthur was the twenty-first president of the United States
ChestonMaleEnglishThe English name Cheston means – a form of Chester
ChetMaleEnglishThe English name Chet means – a short form of Chester
ChickMaleEnglishThe English name Chick means – a familiar form of Charles
ChiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Chilton means – farm by the spring
ChipMaleEnglishThe English name Chip means – a familiar form of Charles
ChipperMaleEnglishThe English name Chipper means – a form of Chip
ChiramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chiram means – exalted; noble
ChuchoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Chucho means – a familiar form of Jesus
ChurchillMaleEnglishThe English name Churchill means – church on the hill. History: Sir Winston Churchill served as British prime minister and won Nobel Prize for literature
CibardoMaleGermanThe German name Cibardo means – strong offering
CibraoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cibrao means – inhabitant of Chipre
CiceroMaleLatinThe Latin name Cicero means – chickpea. History: a famous Roman orator, philosopher, and statesman
CitinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Citino means – quick to act
ClarenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Clarence means – clear; victorious
ClarencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Clarencio means – a form of Clarence
ClaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Claro means – he who is clean and transparent
ClaudiusMaleGermanThe German name Claudius means – a form of Claude
ClausMaleGermanThe German name Claus means – A short form of Nicholas. One famous Claus is Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, German military officer who in 1944 was executed for his failed attempt to assassinate Hitler
ClayMaleEnglishThe English name Clay means – clay pit
ClayborneMaleEnglishThe English name Clayborne means – brook near the clay pit
ClaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Clayton means – “town built on clay.” Actor Clayton Moore played the Lone Ranger on TV
CleavonMaleEnglishThe English name Cleavon means – cliff
ClemMaleLatinThe Latin name Clem means – a short form of Clement
ClementMaleLatinThe Latin name Clement means – merciful. Bible: a coworker of Paul
CleveMaleEnglishThe English name Cleve means – a short form of Cleveland
ClevelandMaleEnglishThe English name Cleveland means – land of cliffs
CliffMaleEnglishThe English name Cliff means – a short form of Clifford
CliffordMaleEnglishThe English name Clifford means – “cliff at the river crossing.” Playwright Clifford Odets and actor Cliff Robertson
CliftonMaleEnglishThe English name Clifton means – Literally, “cliff town.” Among famous people with this name is actor Clifton Webb
ClintMaleEnglishThe English name Clint means – a short form of Clinton
ClintonMaleEnglishThe English name Clinton means – “hillside town.” Among famous people with this name are country singer Clint Black and actor Clint Eastwood
CliveMaleEnglishThe English name Clive means – “a steep bank.” An alternate form of Cliff. Among notable people with this name is movie and theater critic Clive Barnes
ClodioMaleGermanThe German name Clodio means – glorious
ClovisMaleGermanThe German name Clovis means – famous soldier
CoadyMaleEnglishThe English name Coady means – a form of Cody
CobiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Cobi means – a familiar form of Jacob
CoburnMaleEnglishThe English name Coburn means – meeting of streams
CobyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Coby means – a familiar form of Jacob
CodeyMaleEnglishThe English name Codey means – a form of Cody
CodieMaleEnglishThe English name Codie means – a form of Cody
CodyMaleEnglishThe English name Cody means – cushion. History: William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was an American frontier scout who toured America and Europe with his Wild West show
ColbertMaleEnglishThe English name Colbert means – famous seafarer
ColbeyMaleEnglishThe English name Colbey means – a form of Colby
ColbyMaleEnglishThe English name Colby means – dark; dark haired
ColeMaleLatinThe Latin name Cole means – cabbage farmer
ColemanMaleLatinThe Latin name Coleman means – gabbage farmer
ColeyMaleEnglishThe English name Coley means – a familiar form of Cole
ColleyMaleEnglishThe English name Colley means – black haired; swarthy
CollierMaleEnglishThe English name Collier means – miner
ColmanMaleEnglishThe English name Colman means – a form of Coleman
ColombinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Colombino means – dove
ColonMaleLatinThe Latin name Colon means – he has the beauty of a dove
ColsonMaleEnglishThe English name Colson means – son of Nicholas
ColtMaleEnglishThe English name Colt means – young horse; frisky
ColtanMaleEnglishThe English name Coltan means – a form of Colton
ColtenMaleEnglishThe English name Colten means – a form of Colton
ColterMaleEnglishThe English name Colter means – herd of colts
ColtinMaleEnglishThe English name Coltin means – a form of Colton
ColtonMaleEnglishThe English name Colton means – coal town
ColtynMaleEnglishThe English name Coltyn means – a form of Colton
ColumboMaleLatinThe Latin name Columbo means – a form of Columba
ConcordioMaleLatinThe Latin name Concordio means – harmony; union
ConradMaleGermanThe German name Conrad means – brave counselor
ConstableMaleLatinThe Latin name Constable means – established
ConstancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Constancio means – the perseverant one
ConstantMaleLatinThe Latin name Constant means – a short form of Constantine
ConstantineMaleLatinThe Latin name Constantine means – firm, constant. History: Constantine the Great was the Roman emperor who adopted the Christian faith
ConstantinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Constantino means – a form of Constantine
CookMaleEnglishThe English name Cook means – cook
CooperMaleEnglishThe English name Cooper means – barrel maker
CorbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Corban means – a form of Corbin
CorbenMaleLatinThe Latin name Corben means – a form of Corbin
CorbettMaleLatinThe Latin name Corbett means – raven
CorbinMaleLatinThe Latin name Corbin means – raven
CorbinianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Corbiniano means – raven, crow
CorbyMaleLatinThe Latin name Corby means – a familiar form of Corbett, Corbin
CorentinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Corentino means – he who helps
CorlissMaleEnglishThe English name Corliss means – cheerful; goodhearted
CornwallisMaleEnglishThe English name Cornwallis means – from Cornwall
CorpusMaleLatinThe Latin name Corpus means – body
CorryMaleLatinThe Latin name Corry means – a form of Corey
CortMaleGermanThe German name Cort means – bold
CortlandMaleEnglishThe English name Cortland means – a form of Courtland
CorwinMaleEnglishThe English name Corwin means – heart’s companion; heart’s delight
CoryMaleLatinThe Latin name Cory means – a form of Corey
CosnoaldoMaleGermanThe German name Cosnoaldo means – daring ruler
CoulterMaleEnglishThe English name Coulter means – a form of Colter
CourtlandMaleEnglishThe English name Courtland means – court’s land
CoyMaleEnglishThe English name Coy means – woods
CramerMaleEnglishThe English name Cramer means – full
CrandallMaleEnglishThe English name Crandall means – crane’s valley
CraneMaleEnglishThe English name Crane means – crane
CranstonMaleEnglishThe English name Cranston means – crane’s town
CrawfordMaleEnglishThe English name Crawford means – town near the rock
CreightonMaleEnglishThe English name Creighton means – “rocky spot.”
CrescencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Crescencio means – he who constantly increases his virtue
CrescenteMaleLatinThe Latin name Crescente means – growing
CripoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cripo means – a form of Chrispin
CrisantemoMaleLatinThe Latin name Crisantemo means – the plant of the golden flowers
CrisolMaleLatinThe Latin name Crisol means – cross; light
CrispinMaleLatinThe Latin name Crispin means – curly haired
CromwellMaleEnglishThe English name Cromwell means – crooked spring, winding spring
CrosleyMaleEnglishThe English name Crosley means – meadow of the cross
CrowtherMaleEnglishThe English name Crowther means – fiddler
CuadradoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cuadrado means – complete; square
CuadratoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cuadrato means – square; medium height
CuasimodoMaleLatinThe Latin name Cuasimodo means – he who is childlike
CulmacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Culmacio means – elevated; important
CulverMaleEnglishThe English name Culver means – dove
CurtMaleLatinThe Latin name Curt means – a short form of Courtney
CurtisMaleLatinThe Latin name Curtis means – enclosure
CurtissMaleLatinThe Latin name Curtiss means – a form of Curtis
CustodioMaleLatinThe Latin name Custodio means – guardian spirit
CutbertoMaleGermanThe German name Cutberto means – famous for knowledge
CuthbertMaleEnglishThe English name Cuthbert means – brilliant
CutlerMaleEnglishThe English name Cutler means – knife maker
CutterMaleEnglishThe English name Cutter means – tailor
CyprianMaleLatinThe Latin name Cyprian means – from the island of Cyprus
DaegelMaleEnglishThe English name Daegel means – from Daegel, England
DaelenMaleEnglishThe English name Daelen means – a form of Dale
DaganMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dagan means – corn; grain
DagwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Dagwood means – shining forest
DalanMaleEnglishThe English name Dalan means – a form of Dale
DalbertMaleEnglishThe English name Dalbert means – bright, shining
DaleMaleEnglishThe English name Dale means – “valley.” Dale Evans, actress and singer, and wife of Roy Rogers.
DalenMaleEnglishThe English name Dalen means – a form of Dale
DalinMaleEnglishThe English name Dalin means – a form of Dallin
DallanMaleEnglishThe English name Dallan means – a form of Dalan, Dallin
DallenMaleEnglishThe English name Dallen means – a form of Dalan, Dallin
DallinMaleEnglishThe English name Dallin means – pride’s people
DallonMaleEnglishThe English name Dallon means – a form of Dallan
DallynMaleEnglishThe English name Dallyn means – pride’s people
DalmacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dalmacio means – a form of Dalmatia
DalonMaleEnglishThe English name Dalon means – a form of Dale
DalstonMaleEnglishThe English name Dalston means – Daegel’s place
DaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Dalton means – town in the valley
DalvinMaleEnglishThe English name Dalvin means – a form of Delvin
DalynMaleEnglishThe English name Dalyn means – a form of Dale
DamondMaleLatinThe Latin name Damond means – a form of Damon
DamoneMaleLatinThe Latin name Damone means – a form of Damon
DamontaMaleLatinThe Latin name Damonta means – a form of Damon
DamonteMaleLatinThe Latin name Damonte means – a form of Damon
DaneMaleEnglishThe English name Dane means – “from Denmark.”
DanforthMaleEnglishThe English name Danforth means – a form of Daniel
DanialMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danial means – a form of Daniel
DanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daniel means – “God is my judge.” A prophet during the Babylonian Exile.
DanishMaleEnglishThe English name Danish means – from Denmark
DannieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dannie means – a familiar form of Daniel
DannoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danno means – a familiar form of Daniel
DannyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Danny means – a familiar form of Daniel
DantaeMaleLatinThe Latin name Dantae means – a form of Dante
DanteMaleLatinThe Latin name Dante means – lasting, enduring
DantelMaleLatinThe Latin name Dantel means – a form of Dante
DanyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dany means – a familiar form of Daniel
DarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dar means – pearl
DarekMaleGermanThe German name Darek means – a form of Derek
DarellMaleEnglishThe English name Darell means – a form of Darrell
DarickMaleGermanThe German name Darick means – a form of Derek
DarikMaleGermanThe German name Darik means – a form of Derek
DarkonMaleEnglishThe English name Darkon means – dark
DarnelMaleEnglishThe English name Darnel means – a form of Darnell
DarnellMaleEnglishThe English name Darnell means – hidden place
DarnelleMaleEnglishThe English name Darnelle means – a form of Darnell
DaronMaleEnglishThe English name Daron means – a form of Darren
DarrelMaleEnglishThe English name Darrel means – a form of Darrell
DarrickMaleGermanThe German name Darrick means – a form of Derek
DartonMaleEnglishThe English name Darton means – deer town
DarvellMaleEnglishThe English name Darvell means – eagle town
DarvinMaleEnglishThe English name Darvin means – a form of Darwin
DarwinMaleEnglishThe English name Darwin means – dear friend. History: Charles Darwin was the British naturalist who established the theory of evolution
DasioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dasio means – baron
DativoMaleLatinThe Latin name Dativo means – term from Roman law, applied to educators
DatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Dato means – a form of Donato
DaultonMaleEnglishThe English name Daulton means – a form of Dalton
DaveMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dave means – a short form of David
DavenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Daven means – a form of David
DaveyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Davey means – a familiar form of David
DavidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name David means – A name that means “beloved,” it is the name of the second and greatest king of Israel
DavidiaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Davidia means – a form of David
DavyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Davy means – a familiar form of David
DawsonMaleEnglishThe English name Dawson means – son of David
DayMaleEnglishThe English name Day means – a form of Daniel
DaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Dayton means – day town; bright, sunny town
DeabornMaleEnglishThe English name Deaborn means – deer brook
DeanMaleEnglishThe English name Dean means – valley
DeanteMaleLatinThe Latin name Deante means – a form of Dante
DecimusMaleLatinThe Latin name Decimus means – tenth
DecioMaleLatinThe Latin name Decio means – tenth
DecorosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Decoroso means – he is practical
DedricMaleGermanThe German name Dedric means – a form of Dedrick
DedrickMaleGermanThe German name Dedrick means – ruler of the people
DeemsMaleEnglishThe English name Deems means – judge;s child
DeicolaMaleLatinThe Latin name Deicola means – he who cultivates a relationship with God
DekelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dekel means – palm tree, date tree
DelMaleEnglishThe English name Del means – a short form of Delbert
DelbertMaleEnglishThe English name Delbert means – A name that means “bright as day.”
DelfinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Delfino means – dolphin
DellMaleEnglishThe English name Dell means – “small valley.”
DelmarMaleLatinThe Latin name Delmar means – sea
DeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Delton means – a form of Dalton
DelvinMaleEnglishThe English name Delvin means – proud friend; friend from the valley
DelvonMaleEnglishThe English name Delvon means – a form of Delvin
DelwinMaleEnglishThe English name Delwin means – a form of Delvin
DempsterMaleEnglishThe English name Dempster means – one who judges
DenhamMaleEnglishThe English name Denham means – village in the valley
DenleyMaleEnglishThe English name Denley means – meadow; valley
DenmanMaleEnglishThe English name Denman means – man from the valley
DennisonMaleEnglishThe English name Dennison means – son of Dennis
DentonMaleEnglishThe English name Denton means – A name that means “settlement in the valley.”
DenverMaleEnglishThe English name Denver means – green valley
DeocaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Deocaro means – loved by God
DeodatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Deodato means – he who serves God
DereckMaleGermanThe German name Dereck means – a form of Derek
DerekMaleGermanThe German name Derek means – A short form of Theodoric, meaning “light face,” which signifies “ruler of the people.” One of today’s most popular Derks is actor Derek Jacobi, the star of I, Claudius
DericMaleGermanThe German name Deric means – a form of Derek
DerickMaleGermanThe German name Derick means – a form of Derek
DerikMaleGermanThe German name Derik means – a form of Derek
DeronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Deron means – bird; freedom
DerorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Deror means – lover of freedom
DerreckMaleGermanThe German name Derreck means – a form of Derek
DerrekMaleGermanThe German name Derrek means – a form of Derek
DerricMaleGermanThe German name Derric means – a form of Derek
DerrickMaleGermanThe German name Derrick means – a form of Derek
DerrikMaleGermanThe German name Derrik means – a form of Derek
DerwardMaleEnglishThe English name Derward means – deer keeper
DerwinMaleEnglishThe English name Derwin means – a form of Darwin
DeryckDerykMaleGermanThe German name DeryckDeryk means – a form of Derek
DesiMaleLatinThe Latin name Desi means – desiring
DesiertoMaleLatinThe Latin name Desierto means – wild
DetrickMaleGermanThe German name Detrick means – a form of Dedrick
DeuceMaleLatinThe Latin name Deuce means – two; devil
DeusdeditMaleLatinThe Latin name Deusdedit means – God has given to him
DeverellMaleEnglishThe English name Deverell means – riverbank
DevineMaleLatinThe Latin name Devine means – divine
DevotoMaleLatinThe Latin name Devoto means – dedicated
DexterMaleLatinThe Latin name Dexter means – dexterous, adroit
DiamondMaleEnglishThe English name Diamond means – brilliant gem; bright guardian
DickMaleGermanThe German name Dick means – a short form of Richard, Frederick
DicksonMaleEnglishThe English name Dickson means – son of Dick
DidiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Didi means – a familiar form of Jedidiah
DiedrichMaleGermanThe German name Diedrich means – a form of Dedrick
DietbaldMaleGermanThe German name Dietbald means – a form of Theobald
DieterMaleGermanThe German name Dieter means – A name that means “army of the people.”
DietrichMaleGermanThe German name Dietrich means – An alternate form of Dedrick. Notable people with this name include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a theologian, pastor, and active resistor of Nazism who helped Jews escape from Germany and actively worked toward overthrowing Hitler; and great baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
DignoMaleLatinThe Latin name Digno means – worthy of the best
DimanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Dimano means – to lose
DinoMaleGermanThe German name Dino means – little sword
DioscoroMaleLatinThe Latin name Dioscoro means – he who is of the Lord
DirkMaleGermanThe German name Dirk means – A short form of Derek and Theodoric. One well-known Dirk is actor Dirk Bogarde
DisibodoMaleGermanThe German name Disibodo means – bold wise one
DixonMaleEnglishThe English name Dixon means – son of Dick
DoaneMaleEnglishThe English name Doane means – low, rolling hills
DobMaleEnglishThe English name Dob means – a familiar form of Robert
DolfMaleGermanThe German name Dolf means – a form of Adolf, Adolph, Rudolf, Rudolph
DolphMaleGermanThe German name Dolph means – a form of Adolf, Adolph, Rudolf, Rudolph
DomMaleLatinThe Latin name Dom means – a short form of Dominic
DomanicMaleLatinThe Latin name Domanic means – a form of Dominic
DomenicMaleLatinThe Latin name Domenic means – a form of Dominic
DomenickMaleLatinThe Latin name Domenick means – a form of Dominic
DominadorMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominador means – to want to be loved
DominicMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominic means – belonging to the Lord
DominickMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominick means – a form of Dominic
DominikMaleLatinThe Latin name Dominik means – a form of Dominic
DomonicMaleLatinThe Latin name Domonic means – a form of Dominic
DomonickMaleLatinThe Latin name Domonick means – a form of Dominic
DontaeMaleLatinThe Latin name Dontae means – a form of Dante
DontayMaleLatinThe Latin name Dontay means – a form of Dante
DonteMaleLatinThe Latin name Donte means – a form of Dante
DorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dor means – generation
DorcasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dorcas means – gazelle
DosioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dosio means – rich
DotanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dotan means – law
DovMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dov means – a familiar form of David
DovevMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dovev means – whisper
DovidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dovid means – a form of Dov
DrakeMaleEnglishThe English name Drake means – dragon; owner of the inn with the dragon trademark
DraperMaleEnglishThe English name Draper means – fabric maker
DruMaleEnglishThe English name Dru means – a form of Drew
DrueMaleEnglishThe English name Drue means – a form of Drew
DrydenMaleEnglishThe English name Dryden means – dry valley
DubricMaleEnglishThe English name Dubric means – dark ruler
DuceMaleLatinThe Latin name Duce means – leader, commander
DuddMaleEnglishThe English name Dudd means – a short form of Dudley
DudleyMaleEnglishThe English name Dudley means – “common field.” British comic actor Dudley Moore will be remembered for his role in Arthur
DuilioMaleLatinThe Latin name Duilio means – ready to fight
DulcidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Dulcidio means – sweet
DunleyMaleEnglishThe English name Dunley means – hilly meadow
DunstanMaleEnglishThe English name Dunstan means – brownstone fortress
DunstanoMaleEnglishThe English name Dunstano means – a form of Dunstan
DuntonMaleEnglishThe English name Dunton means – hill town
DurMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Dur means – stacked up
DuranMaleLatinThe Latin name Duran means – a form of Durant
DurandMaleLatinThe Latin name Durand means – a form of Durant
DurandoMaleLatinThe Latin name Durando means – a form of Durant
DurantMaleLatinThe Latin name Durant means – enduring
DuronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Duron means – a form of Deron
DurwardMaleEnglishThe English name Durward means – gatekeeper
DurwinMaleEnglishThe English name Durwin means – a form of Darwin
DustanMaleGermanThe German name Dustan means – a form of Dustin
DustenMaleGermanThe German name Dusten means – a form of Dustin
DustinMaleGermanThe German name Dustin means – Valiant fighter
DustonMaleGermanThe German name Duston means – a form of Dustin
DustyMaleEnglishThe English name Dusty means – a familiar form of Dustin
DustynMaleGermanThe German name Dustyn means – a form of Dustin
DwightMaleEnglishThe English name Dwight means – a form of DeWitt
DyerMaleEnglishThe English name Dyer means – fabric dyer
DykeMaleEnglishThe English name Dyke means – dike; ditch
DysonMaleEnglishThe English name Dyson means – a short form of Dennison
EanMaleEnglishThe English name Ean means – a form of Ian
EarnestMaleEnglishThe English name Earnest means – Ernest
EastonMaleEnglishThe English name Easton means – eastern town
EatonMaleEnglishThe English name Eaton means – estate on the river
EbMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eb means – a short form of Ebenezer
EbenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eben means – rock
EbenezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ebenezer means – foundation stone
EberMaleGermanThe German name Eber means – a short form of Eberhard
EberhardMaleGermanThe German name Eberhard means – “courage of a boar.” One famous person with this name is Eberhard Diepgen is the governing mayor of Germany’s capital Berlin
EbnerMaleEnglishThe English name Ebner means – a form of Abner
EbonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ebon means – a form of Eben
EcioMaleLatinThe Latin name Ecio means – possessor of great strenght
EdMaleEnglishThe English name Ed means – a short form of Edgar, Edward
EdbertMaleEnglishThe English name Edbert means – wealthy; bright
EddieMaleEnglishThe English name Eddie means – a familiar form of Edgar, Edward
EddyMaleEnglishThe English name Eddy means – a familiar form of Edgar, Edward
EdelMaleGermanThe German name Edel means – noble
EdelbertoMaleGermanThe German name Edelberto means – a form of Edelbert
EderMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eder means – flock
EdgarMaleEnglishThe English name Edgar means – “wealthy spearman.” Famous people with this name include poet Edgar Allen ???, who wrote “The Raven,” and ventriloquist Edgar Bergen
EdgardMaleEnglishThe English name Edgard means – a form of Edgar
EdinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Edin means – a form of Eden
EdisonMaleEnglishThe English name Edison means – son of Edward
EdmondMaleEnglishThe English name Edmond means – a form of Edmund
EdmundMaleEnglishThe English name Edmund means – Which means “prosperous protector.” Among notable people with this name are former Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine and Mount Everest explorer Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to summit and survive
EdricMaleEnglishThe English name Edric means – prosperous ruler
EdselMaleEnglishThe English name Edsel means – rich man’s house
EdsonMaleEnglishThe English name Edson means – a short form of Edison
EdwardMaleEnglishThe English name Edward means – “prosperous guardian.” Noteworthy Edwards include senator Edward Moore Kennedy of Massachusetts and playwright Edward Albee, and actor Edward G. Robinson
EdwinMaleEnglishThe English name Edwin means – “prosperous friend.” Journalist and TV news commentator Edwin Newman
EfrainMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrain means – fruitful
EfratMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrat means – honored
EfremMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efrem means – a short form of Ephraim
EfrenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Efren means – a short form of Ephraim
EgbertMaleEnglishThe English name Egbert means – bright sword
EgertonMaleEnglishThe English name Egerton means – Edgar’s town
EginhardMaleGermanThe German name Eginhard means – power of the sword
EgonMaleGermanThe German name Egon means – “formidable.” Among noteworthy people who share this name is sociologist Egon Bittner.
EhrenMaleGermanThe German name Ehren means – honorable
EitanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eitan means – a form of Ethan
ElamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elam means – highlands
ElanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elan means – tree
ElazarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elazar means – “God has helped.”
ElbertMaleEnglishThe English name Elbert means – a form of Albert
ElchananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elchanan means – a form of John
EldenMaleEnglishThe English name Elden means – a form of Alden, Aldous
ElderMaleEnglishThe English name Elder means – dweller near the elder trees
EldonMaleEnglishThe English name Eldon means – “sacred hill.”
EldredMaleEnglishThe English name Eldred means – a form of Aldred
EldridgeMaleEnglishThe English name Eldridge means – a form of Aldrich
EldwinMaleEnglishThe English name Eldwin means – a form of Aldwin
EleazarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eleazar means – God has helped
EleazaroMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eleazaro means – a form of Eleazar
ElgerMaleGermanThe German name Elger means – a form of Alger
ElginMaleEnglishThe English name Elgin means – noble; white
EliMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eli means – A name that means “up” or “light.”
EliahuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliahu means – a form of Elijah
ElianMaleEnglishThe English name Elian means – a form of Elijah
EliazarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliazar means – a form of Eleazar
ElieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elie means – a form of Eli
EliecerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliecer means – God is his constant aid
EliezerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliezer means – a form of Eleazar
ElifeletMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elifelet means – God is my liberation
EligioMaleLatinThe Latin name Eligio means – he who has been elected by God
ElihuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elihu means – a short form of Eliyahu
ElijahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elijah means – a form of Eliyahu. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
ElijhaMaleEnglishThe English name Elijha means – a form of Elijah
ElioMaleEnglishThe English name Elio means – a form of Elliot
EliotMaleEnglishThe English name Eliot means – a form of Elliot
EliseoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliseo means – a form of Elisha
EliyahuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eliyahu means – “my God is God.” The name for a major prophet and harbinger of the Messiah
ElkanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elkan means – God is jealous
EllardMaleGermanThe German name Ellard means – sacred; brave
ElliotMaleEnglishThe English name Elliot means – Crime fighter Elliot Ness and actor Elliot Gould
ElliottMaleEnglishThe English name Elliott means – a form of Elijah
EllisMaleEnglishThe English name Ellis means – a form of Elias
EllsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Ellsworth means – nobleman’s estate
ElmanMaleGermanThe German name Elman means – like an elm tree
ElmerMaleEnglishThe English name Elmer means – “noble” or “famous.” Film music composer Elmer Bernstein and Sinclair Lewis’s title character in Elmer Gantry are well-known Elmers
ElmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Elmore means – moor where the elm trees grow
EloiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eloi means – a form of Eli
EloyMaleLatinThe Latin name Eloy means – chosen
ElradMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elrad means – God rules
ElsdonMaleEnglishThe English name Elsdon means – nobleman’s hill
ElstonMaleEnglishThe English name Elston means – noble’s town
ElsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Elsworth means – noble’s estate
EltonMaleEnglishThe English name Elton means – old town
ElvernMaleLatinThe Latin name Elvern means – a form of Alvern
ElvinMaleEnglishThe English name Elvin means – a form of Alvin
ElvyMaleEnglishThe English name Elvy means – elfin warrior
ElwellMaleEnglishThe English name Elwell means – old well
ElwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Elwood means – old forest
ElyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ely means – a form of Eli
ElzearioMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Elzeario means – God has helped
EmanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emanuel means – a form of Emmanuel
EmerencianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Emerenciano means – deserving
EmersonMaleGermanThe German name Emerson means – son of Emery
EmeryMaleGermanThe German name Emery means – Signifying “home ruler.”
EmilMaleLatinThe Latin name Emil means – flatterer
EmilienMaleLatinThe Latin name Emilien means – friendly; industrious
EmillenMaleLatinThe Latin name Emillen means – a form of Emilien
EmmanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Emmanuel means – God is with us
EmmetMaleGermanThe German name Emmet means – a form of Emmett
EmmettMaleGermanThe German name Emmett means – industrious; strong
EmmittMaleGermanThe German name Emmitt means – a form of Emmett
EmoryMaleGermanThe German name Emory means – a form of Emery
EmrickMaleGermanThe German name Emrick means – a form of Emery
EngelbertMaleGermanThe German name Engelbert means – bright as an angel
EnmanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enmanuel means – a form of Emmanuel
EnocMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enoc means – a form of Enoch
EnochMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enoch means – dedicated, consecrated. Bible: the father of Methuselah
EnosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enos means – man
EnoshMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Enosh means – One of the first people, according to the Bible. In Hebrew, used to mean “human being” (like “guy” in English)
EphraimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ephraim means – fruitful. Bible: the second son of Joseph
ErbertMaleGermanThe German name Erbert means – a short form of Herbert
ErhardMaleGermanThe German name Erhard means – strong; resolute
EricMaleEnglishThe English name Eric means – brave ruler
ErichMaleGermanThe German name Erich means – a form of Eric
ErickMaleEnglishThe English name Erick means – a form of Eric
EricksonMaleEnglishThe English name Erickson means – son of Eric
ErlandMaleEnglishThe English name Erland means – nobleman’s land
ErlingMaleEnglishThe English name Erling means – nobleman’s son
ErmenegildoMaleGermanThe German name Ermenegildo means – strong warrior
ErnestMaleEnglishThe English name Ernest means – “earnest” or “sincere.” Actor Ernest Borgnine, author Ernest Hemingway, and comedian Ernie Kovacs
ErnieMaleEnglishThe English name Ernie means – a familiar form of Ernest
ErnstMaleGermanThe German name Ernst means – A form which means “earnest” or “sincere.” A notable person with this name is philosopher Ernst Bloch
ErrickMaleEnglishThe English name Errick means – a form of Eric
ErrolMaleLatinThe Latin name Errol means – wanderer
ErvinMaleEnglishThe English name Ervin means – sea friend
ErvineMaleEnglishThe English name Ervine means – a form of Irving
ErwinMaleEnglishThe English name Erwin means – sea friend
EsauMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esau means – rough; hairy. Jacob’s twin brother
EscipionMaleLatinThe Latin name Escipion means – man who uses a cane
EsdrasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esdras means – a form of Ezra
EsequielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esequiel means – a form of Ezekiel
EshkolMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Eshkol means – grape clusters
EslebanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Esleban means – bearer of children
EsmondMaleEnglishThe English name Esmond means – “protected by grace.”
EthanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ethan means – strong; firm
EthenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ethen means – a form of Ethan
EudaldoMaleGermanThe German name Eudaldo means – famous leader
EugenMaleGermanThe German name Eugen means – A form of Eugene, meaning “well born.”
EvelioMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Evelio means – he who gives life
EvencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Evencio means – successful
EverMaleEnglishThe English name Ever means – boar
EverardoMaleGermanThe German name Everardo means – strong as a boar
EverettMaleEnglishThe English name Everett means – A form of Eberhard. Senator Everett Dirksen
EveretteMaleEnglishThe English name Everette means – a form of Eberhard
EverleyMaleEnglishThe English name Everley means – boar meadow
EvertonMaleEnglishThe English name Everton means – boar town
EwaldMaleEnglishThe English name Ewald means – powerful lawman
EwertMaleEnglishThe English name Ewert means – ewe herder, shepherd
EwingMaleEnglishThe English name Ewing means – friend of the law
ExequielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Exequiel means – God is my strength
ExpeditoMaleLatinThe Latin name Expedito means – unencumbered
ExuperancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperancio means – he who is outstanding
ExuperioMaleLatinThe Latin name Exuperio means – he who exceeds expectations
EzekielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezekiel means – strength of God. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
EzequiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezequias means – Yahweh is my strength
EzequielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezequiel means – a form of Ezekiel
EzerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezer means – a form of Ezra
EzioMaleLatinThe Latin name Ezio means – he who has a nose like an eagle
EzraMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ezra means – “shelter” or “help.” The name of a baby_names-exilic prophet and the poet Ezra Pound.
FaberMaleGermanThe German name Faber means – a form of Fabian
FabianMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabian means – bean grower
FabienMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabien means – a form of Fabien
FabioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fabio means – a form of Fabian
FacundoMaleLatinThe Latin name Facundo means – he whu makes convincing arguments
FairfaxMaleEnglishThe English name Fairfax means – blond
FalcoMaleLatinThe Latin name Falco means – falconer
FalitoMaleEnglishThe English name Falito means – a familiar form of Rafael
FalknerMaleEnglishThe English name Falkner means – trainer of falcons. See also Falco
FaneMaleEnglishThe English name Fane means – joyful, glad
FantinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fantino means – innocent
FanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Fanuel means – vision of God
FarlaneMaleEnglishThe English name Farlane means – far lane
FarleyMaleEnglishThe English name Farley means – bull meadow; sheep meadow. See also Lee
FarnellMaleEnglishThe English name Farnell means – fern-covered hill
FarnhamMaleEnglishThe English name Farnham means – field of ferns
FarnleyMaleEnglishThe English name Farnley means – fern meadow
FarohMaleLatinThe Latin name Faroh means – a form of Pharaoh
FaroldMaleEnglishThe English name Farold means – mighty traveler
FaronMaleEnglishThe English name Faron means – a form of Faren (see Girls’Names)
FarrMaleEnglishThe English name Farr means – traveler
FarrarMaleEnglishThe English name Farrar means – blacksmith
FarrowMaleEnglishThe English name Farrow means – piglet
FaustMaleLatinThe Latin name Faust means – lucky, fortunate.History:the sixteenth-century German necromancer who inspired many legends
FavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Favian means – understanding
FebeMaleLatinThe Latin name Febe means – he who shines
FeboMaleLatinThe Latin name Febo means – he who shines
FelisardoMaleLatinThe Latin name Felisardo means – valiant and skillful man
FelixMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix means – fortunate;happy.See also Phelix,Pitin
Felix AntoineMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix Antoine means – a combination of Felix + Antoine
Felix OlivierMaleLatinThe Latin name Felix Olivier means – a combination of Felix + Olivier
FeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Felton means – field town
FentonMaleEnglishThe English name Fenton means – “marshland farm.” A noteworthy Fenton is educator Fenton Keyes
FerdMaleGermanThe German name Ferd means – horse
FerdinandMaleGermanThe German name Ferdinand means – daring,adventurous.See also Hernando
FerreoloMaleLatinThe Latin name Ferreolo means – referring to iron
FestusMaleLatinThe Latin name Festus means – happy
FiacroMaleLatinThe Latin name Fiacro means – the soldier
FidelMaleLatinThe Latin name Fidel means – faithful.History:Fidel Castro was the Cuban revolutionary who ower-threw a dictatorship in 1959 and established a communist regime in Cuba
FidencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fidencio means – trusting;fearless
FieldMaleEnglishThe English name Field means – a short form of Fielding
FieldingMaleEnglishThe English name Fielding means – field;field worker
FilbertMaleEnglishThe English name Filbert means – brilliant.See also Bert,Philbert
FilelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Filelio means – he who is trustworthy
FilmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Filmore means – famous
FinnMaleGermanThe German name Finn means – from Finland
FirminoMaleLatinThe Latin name Firmino means – firm, sure
FirmoMaleLatinThe Latin name Firmo means – morally and physically firm
FirthMaleEnglishThe English name Firth means – woodland
FischerMaleEnglishThe English name Fischer means – a form of Fisher
FisherMaleEnglishThe English name Fisher means – fisherman
FiskeMaleEnglishThe English name Fiske means – fisherman
FitchMaleEnglishThe English name Fitch means – weasel, ermine
FitxpatrickMaleEnglishThe English name Fitxpatrick means – son of Patrick
FitzMaleEnglishThe English name Fitz means – son
FitzgeraldMaleEnglishThe English name Fitzgerald means – son of Gerald
FitzhughMaleEnglishThe English name Fitzhugh means – son of Hugh
FizMaleLatinThe Latin name Fiz means – happy; fertile
FlavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Flavian means – blond, yellow haired
FlavianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Flaviano means – a form of Flavian
FlemingMaleEnglishThe English name Fleming means – from Denmark; from Flanders
FletcherMaleEnglishThe English name Fletcher means – From the Old French, meaning “arrow featherer” and “arrow maker.” Jazz great Fletcher Henderson
FlintMaleEnglishThe English name Flint means – stream; flint stone
FlorealMaleLatinThe Latin name Floreal means – alludes to the eighth month of the French Revolution
FlorenteMaleLatinThe Latin name Florente means – a form of Florent
FlorianMaleLatinThe Latin name Florian means – flowering, blooming
FloydMaleEnglishThe English name Floyd means – A form of Lloyd. Among notable Floyds is former heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson.
FlurryMaleEnglishThe English name Flurry means – flourishing, blooming
FocioMaleLatinThe Latin name Focio means – illuminated, shining
FolkeMaleGermanThe German name Folke means – a form of Volker
FonsoMaleGermanThe German name Fonso means – a short form of Alphonso
FonzieMaleGermanThe German name Fonzie means – a familiar form of Alphonse
FordMaleEnglishThe English name Ford means – “river crossing.” Among those who share this name is Ford Madox Ford, author of The Good Soldier.
FordonMaleGermanThe German name Fordon means – destroyer
ForesterMaleEnglishThe English name Forester means – forest guardian
FormerioMaleLatinThe Latin name Formerio means – beauty
FosterMaleLatinThe Latin name Foster means – a short form of Forester
FowlerMaleEnglishThe English name Fowler means – trapper of wildfowl
FranMaleLatinThe Latin name Fran means – a short form of Francis
FrancisMaleLatinThe Latin name Francis means – free; from France
FrancoMaleLatinThe Latin name Franco means – a short form of Francis
FrankMaleEnglishThe English name Frank means – A short form of Francis, which means a “free man.” Notable Franks are premier singer Frank Sinatra and architect Frank Lloyd Wright
FrankieMaleEnglishThe English name Frankie means – a familiar form of Frank
FranklinMaleEnglishThe English name Franklin means – “free landowner.” Persons with this name include two former U.S. presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Franklin Pierce
FranklynMaleEnglishThe English name Franklyn means – a form of Franklin
FrankyMaleEnglishThe English name Franky means – a familiar form of Frank
FrantzMaleGermanThe German name Frantz means – a form of Francis
FranzMaleGermanThe German name Franz means – A form of Francis, meaning “from France.” Notable people with this name include Austrian downhill skier Franz Klammer
FraternoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fraterno means – relating to the brother
FredMaleGermanThe German name Fred means – a short form of Alfred
FreddieMaleGermanThe German name Freddie means – a familiar form of Frederick
FreddrickMaleGermanThe German name Freddrick means – a form of Frederick
FreddyMaleGermanThe German name Freddy means – a familiar form of Frederick
FredericMaleGermanThe German name Frederic means – a form of Frederick
FrederickMaleGermanThe German name Frederick means – peaceful ruler
FrederikMaleGermanThe German name Frederik means – a form of Frederick
FrediMaleGermanThe German name Fredi means – a familiar form of Frederick
FredrickMaleGermanThe German name Fredrick means – a form of Frederick
FredyMaleGermanThe German name Fredy means – a familiar form of Frederick
FreebornMaleEnglishThe English name Freeborn means – child of freedom
FreemanMaleEnglishThe English name Freeman means – free
FremontMaleGermanThe German name Fremont means – free; noble protector
FrewinMaleEnglishThe English name Frewin means – free; noble friend
FreyMaleEnglishThe English name Frey means – lord
FrickMaleEnglishThe English name Frick means – bold
FridmundMaleGermanThe German name Fridmund means – peaceful guardian
FridolfMaleEnglishThe English name Fridolf means – peaceful wolf
FriedrichMaleGermanThe German name Friedrich means – a form of Frederick
FritzMaleGermanThe German name Fritz means – a familiar form of Frederick
FrontonMaleLatinThe Latin name Fronton means – he who thinks
FructuosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Fructuoso means – he who bears much fruit
FrumencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Frumencio means – he who provides wheat
FrutosMaleLatinThe Latin name Frutos means – fertile
FulbrightMaleGermanThe German name Fulbright means – very bright
FulgencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fulgencio means – he who shines and stands out
FultonMaleEnglishThe English name Fulton means – field near town
FulvioMaleLatinThe Latin name Fulvio means – he who has reddish hair
GabeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabe means – a short form of Gabriel
GabrialMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabrial means – a form of Gabriel
GabrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabriel means – devoted to God. Bible: the angel of the Annunciation
GabryelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gabryel means – a form of Gabriel
GaeryMaleEnglishThe English name Gaery means – variable, changeable
GaiusMaleLatinThe Latin name Gaius means – rejoicer
GaleasoMaleLatinThe Latin name Galeaso means – he who is protected by the helmet
GalileoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Galileo means – he who comes from Galilee
GaloMaleLatinThe Latin name Galo means – native of Galilee
GaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Galton means – owner of a rented estate
GamalielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gamaliel means – God is your reward
GarMaleEnglishThe English name Gar means – a short form of Gareth
GardnerMaleEnglishThe English name Gardner means – gardener
GarenMaleEnglishThe English name Garen means – a form of Garry
GarfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Garfield means – “field of spears; battlefield.”
GarinMaleEnglishThe English name Garin means – a form of Garry
GarionMaleEnglishThe English name Garion means – a form of Garry
GarmanMaleEnglishThe English name Garman means – spearman
GarnetMaleEnglishThe English name Garnet means – a form of Garnett
GarnettMaleEnglishThe English name Garnett means – armed with a spear
GarradMaleEnglishThe English name Garrad means – a form of Garrett, Gerald
GarrenMaleEnglishThe English name Garren means – a form of Garry
GarrickMaleEnglishThe English name Garrick means – oak spear
GarrinMaleEnglishThe English name Garrin means – a form of Garry
GarrisonMaleEnglishThe English name Garrison means – Garry’s son
GarrowayMaleEnglishThe English name Garroway means – spear fighter
GarryMaleEnglishThe English name Garry means – a form of Gary
GarsonMaleEnglishThe English name Garson means – son of Gar
GarvinMaleEnglishThe English name Garvin means – comrade in battle
GarwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Garwood means – evergreen forest
GaryMaleGermanThe German name Gary means – mighty spearman
GaudencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Gaudencio means – he who is happy and content
GaudiosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Gaudioso means – he who is happy and content
GavrielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gavriel means – man of God
GeffreyMaleEnglishThe English name Geffrey means – a form of Geoffrey
GemeloMaleLatinThe Latin name Gemelo means – fraternal twin
GeminianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Geminiano means – identical twin
GenardoMaleGermanThe German name Genardo means – a strong lineage
GenaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Genaro means – consecrated to God
GencianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Genciano means – family
GentMaleEnglishThe English name Gent means – gentleman
GentyMaleEnglishThe English name Genty means – snow
GeoffMaleEnglishThe English name Geoff means – a short form of Geoffrey
GeofferyMaleEnglishThe English name Geoffery means – a form of Geoffrey
GeoffreyMaleEnglishThe English name Geoffrey means – a form of Jeffrey
GeraldMaleGermanThe German name Gerald means – “mighty spearman.” Former president Gerald Ford
GerardMaleEnglishThe English name Gerard means – brave spearman
GeremiaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Geremia means – exalted by God
GeremyMaleEnglishThe English name Geremy means – a form of Jeremy
GerhardMaleGermanThe German name Gerhard means – A form of Gerard, meaning “mighty spearman.”
GeriantMaleEnglishThe English name Geriant means – old
GerinoMaleGermanThe German name Gerino means – lance
GermanaMaleLatinThe Latin name Germana means – ready for action
GerminalMaleLatinThe Latin name Germinal means – he who sprouts
GeromeMaleEnglishThe English name Gerome means – a form of Jerome
GerrodMaleEnglishThe English name Gerrod means – a form of Garrad
GerryMaleEnglishThe English name Gerry means – a familiar form of Gerald
GershomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gershom means – exiled
GersonMaleEnglishThe English name Gerson means – son of Gar
GertMaleGermanThe German name Gert means – fighter
GetulioMaleLatinThe Latin name Getulio means – he who came from Getulia
GibMaleEnglishThe English name Gib means – a short form of Gilbert
GiborMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gibor means – powerful
GibsonMaleEnglishThe English name Gibson means – son of Gilbert
GideonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gideon means – tree cutter. Bible: the judge who defeated the Midianites
GidonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gidon means – a form of Gideon
GiffordMaleEnglishThe English name Gifford means – bold giver
GigMaleEnglishThe English name Gig means – horse-drawn carriage
GilbertMaleEnglishThe English name Gilbert means – brilliant pledge; tristworthy
GildardoMaleGermanThe German name Gildardo means – good
GilenMaleGermanThe German name Gilen means – illustious pledge
GilmerMaleEnglishThe English name Gilmer means – famous hostage
GilonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gilon means – circle
GipsyMaleEnglishThe English name Gipsy means – wanderer
GivonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Givon means – hill; heights
GladvilleMaleEnglishThe English name Gladville means – village with oak trees
GladwinMaleEnglishThe English name Gladwin means – cheerful
GodardoMaleGermanThe German name Godardo means – a form of Goddard
GoddardMaleGermanThe German name Goddard means – divinely firm
GodeardoMaleGermanThe German name Godeardo means – a form of Gotardo
GodwinMaleEnglishThe English name Godwin means – friend of God
GoelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Goel means – redeemer
GoldenMaleEnglishThe English name Golden means – a form of Goldwin
GoldwinMaleEnglishThe English name Goldwin means – golden friend
GoliatMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Goliat means – he who lives his life making pilgrimages
GoliathMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Goliath means – exiled. Bible: the giant Philistine whom David slew with a slingshot
GomerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gomer means – “completed.”
GordonMaleEnglishThe English name Gordon means – triangular-shaped hill
GordyMaleEnglishThe English name Gordy means – a familiar form of Gordon
GoreMaleEnglishThe English name Gore means – triangular-shaped land; wedge-shaped land
GorgeMaleLatinThe Latin name Gorge means – gorge
GottfriedMaleGermanThe German name Gottfried means – A form of Geoffrey, meaning “peace of the land.”
GotzonMaleGermanThe German name Gotzon means – a form of Angel
GozolMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gozol means – soaring bird
GraciaMaleLatinThe Latin name Gracia means – nice; welcome
GracianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Graciano means – the one recognized by God
GrahamMaleEnglishThe English name Graham means – grand home
GrantMaleEnglishThe English name Grant means – a short form of Grantland
GrantleyMaleEnglishThe English name Grantley means – great meadow
GratoMaleLatinThe Latin name Grato means – the one recognized by God
GrayMaleEnglishThe English name Gray means – gray haired
GraydenMaleEnglishThe English name Grayden means – gray haired
GraydonMaleEnglishThe English name Graydon means – gray hill
GraysonMaleEnglishThe English name Grayson means – bailiff’s son
GreeleyMaleEnglishThe English name Greeley means – gray meadow
GreenwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Greenwood means – green forest
GregMaleLatinThe Latin name Greg means – a short form of Gregory
GreggMaleLatinThe Latin name Gregg means – a short form of Gregory
GreggoryMaleLatinThe Latin name Greggory means – a form of Gregory
GregoryMaleLatinThe Latin name Gregory means – vigilant watchman
GreshamMaleEnglishThe English name Gresham means – village in the pasture
GreyMaleEnglishThe English name Grey means – a form of Gray
GreysonMaleEnglishThe English name Greyson means – a form of Grayson
GriffenMaleLatinThe Latin name Griffen means – a form of Griffin
GriffinMaleLatinThe Latin name Griffin means – hooked nose
GrimshawMaleEnglishThe English name Grimshaw means – dark woods
GriswoldMaleGermanThe German name Griswold means – gray forest
GroverMaleEnglishThe English name Grover means – grove
GualaMaleGermanThe German name Guala means – governor
GuiffordMaleEnglishThe English name Guifford means – chubby cheeks
GundislavoMaleGermanThe German name Gundislavo means – joy; strenght
GurionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Gurion means – young lion
GuryonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Guryon means – This name means “young lion.” One noteworthy person with this name is Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.
GuthrieMaleGermanThe German name Guthrie means – war hero
GuyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Guy means – valley
HabacucMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Habacuc means – embrace
HackettMaleGermanThe German name Hackett means – little wood cutter
HackmanMaleGermanThe German name Hackman means – wood cutter
HadarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hadar means – glory
HaddenMaleEnglishThe English name Hadden means – heather-covered hill
HadenMaleEnglishThe English name Haden means – a form of Hadden
HadrianMaleLatinThe Latin name Hadrian means – dark
HadwinMaleEnglishThe English name Hadwin means – frind in a time of war
HaganMaleGermanThe German name Hagan means – This name signifies “strong defense.”
HagarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hagar means – “forsaken” or “stranger.” The name of Sarah’s handmaiden, the mother of Ishmael
HagleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hagley means – enclosed meadow
HaidenMaleEnglishThe English name Haiden means – a form of Hayden
HaigMaleEnglishThe English name Haig means – enclosed with hedges
HainesMaleEnglishThe English name Haines means – from the vine-covered cottage
HalMaleEnglishThe English name Hal means – a short form of Harold, Halden
HalbertMaleEnglishThe English name Halbert means – shining hero
HaleMaleEnglishThe English name Hale means – a short form of Haley
HalfordMaleEnglishThe English name Halford means – valley ford
HallMaleEnglishThe English name Hall means – manor hall
HallamMaleEnglishThe English name Hallam means – valley
HallanMaleEnglishThe English name Hallan means – dweller at the hall; dweller at the manor
HalliwellMaleEnglishThe English name Halliwell means – holy well
HallwardMaleEnglishThe English name Hallward means – hall guard
HalsteadMaleEnglishThe English name Halstead means – manor grounds
HaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Halton means – estate on the hill
HamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ham means – hot. Bible: one of Noah’s sons
HamillMaleEnglishThe English name Hamill means – scarred
HamiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Hamilton means – proud estate
HamletMaleGermanThe German name Hamlet means – little village; home. Literature: one of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes
HamlinMaleGermanThe German name Hamlin means – loves his home
HammetMaleEnglishThe English name Hammet means – village
HammondMaleEnglishThe English name Hammond means – village
HamptonMaleEnglishThe English name Hampton means – Geography:a town in England
HananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hanan means – grace
HandelMaleGermanThe German name Handel means – a form of John.Music:George Frideric Handel was a German composer whose works include
HanfordMaleEnglishThe English name Hanford means – higt ford
HanleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hanley means – high meadow
HannaMaleGermanThe German name Hanna means – a form of Johann
HannahMaleGermanThe German name Hannah means – a form of Johann
HannoMaleGermanThe German name Hanno means – a short form of Johann
HarbinMaleGermanThe German name Harbin means – little bright warrior
HardenMaleEnglishThe English name Harden means – valley of the hares
HardingMaleEnglishThe English name Harding means – brave;hardy
HardwinMaleEnglishThe English name Hardwin means – brave friend
HardyMaleGermanThe German name Hardy means – bold,daring
HarelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Harel means – mountain of God
HarfordMaleEnglishThe English name Harford means – ford of the hares
HargroveMaleEnglishThe English name Hargrove means – grove of the hares
HarisMaleEnglishThe English name Haris means – a form of Harris
HarlanMaleEnglishThe English name Harlan means – hare’s land; army land
HarlandMaleEnglishThe English name Harland means – a form of Harlan
HarlowMaleEnglishThe English name Harlow means – hare’s hill;army hill.See also Arlo
HarmanMaleEnglishThe English name Harman means – forms of Herman
HarmonMaleEnglishThe English name Harmon means – forms of Herman
HarperMaleEnglishThe English name Harper means – harp player
HarringtonMaleEnglishThe English name Harrington means – Harry’s town
HarrisMaleEnglishThe English name Harris means – a short form of Harrison
HarrisonMaleEnglishThe English name Harrison means – Literally meaning “son of Harry.” Actor Harrison Ford
HarrodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Harrod means – hero;congueror
HarryMaleEnglishThe English name Harry means – a familiar form of Harold,Henry.See also Arrigo,Hale,Parry
HartMaleEnglishThe English name Hart means – a short form of Hartley
HartleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hartley means – deer meadow
HartmanMaleGermanThe German name Hartman means – hard;strong
HartwellMaleEnglishThe English name Hartwell means – deer well
HartwigMaleGermanThe German name Hartwig means – A name that means “strong advisor.”
HartwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Hartwood means – deer forest
HarveyMaleGermanThe German name Harvey means – army warrior
HaskelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Haskel means – Ezekiel
HaslettMaleEnglishThe English name Haslett means – hazel-tree land
HasselMaleEnglishThe English name Hassel means – witches’ corner
HastingsMaleLatinThe Latin name Hastings means – spear
HawkMaleEnglishThe English name Hawk means – hawk
HawleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hawley means – hedged meadow
HawthorneMaleEnglishThe English name Hawthorne means – hawthorn tree
HaydenMaleEnglishThe English name Hayden means – hedged valley
HaydnMaleEnglishThe English name Haydn means – a form of Hayden
HaydonMaleEnglishThe English name Haydon means – a form of Hayden
HayesMaleEnglishThe English name Hayes means – hedged valley
HaywardMaleEnglishThe English name Hayward means – guardian of the hedged area
HaywoodMaleEnglishThe English name Haywood means – hedged forest
HazielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Haziel means – visitor of God
HeathMaleEnglishThe English name Heath means – heath
HeathcliffMaleEnglishThe English name Heathcliff means – cliff near the heath
HeatonMaleEnglishThe English name Heaton means – high place
HeberMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Heber means – ally, partner
HedleyMaleEnglishThe English name Hedley means – heather-filled meadow
HedwigMaleGermanThe German name Hedwig means – “warfare” or “struggle.” Notable women with this name include actress Hedy Lamarr and author Hedwig Courths-Mahler
HeinrichMaleGermanThe German name Heinrich means – An alternate form of Henry, which means “estate ruler.” Among celebrated people with this name is German poet Heinrich Heine
HeliMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Heli means – he who offers himself to God
HelmerMaleGermanThe German name Helmer means – warrior’s wrath
HelmutMaleGermanThe German name Helmut means – “courageous protector.” Famous Helmuts include fashion designer Helmut Lang who has done things with rubber, and Helmut Kohl, German chancellor from 1982-98
HemanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Heman means – faithful
HenleyMaleEnglishThe English name Henley means – high meadow
HenningMaleGermanThe German name Henning means – a form of Hendrick
HerbertMaleGermanThe German name Herbert means – glorious soldier
HerchelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Herchel means – a form of Hershel
HerculanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Herculano means – belonging to Hercules
HerculesMaleLatinThe Latin name Hercules means – glorious gift. Mythology: a reek hero of fabulous strength, renowned for his twelve labors
HermalindoMaleGermanThe German name Hermalindo means – he who is like a shield of strength
HermanMaleLatinThe Latin name Herman means – noble
HermelindoMaleGermanThe German name Hermelindo means – he who is like a shield of strength
HermosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Hermoso means – with shape
HernanMaleGermanThe German name Hernan means – peacemaker
HerosMaleLatinThe Latin name Heros means – hero
HerrickMaleGermanThe German name Herrick means – war ruler
HershMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hersh means – a short form of Hershel
HershelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hershel means – deer
HewittMaleGermanThe German name Hewitt means – little smart one
HewsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hewson means – son of Hugh
HezekiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hezekiah means – God gives strength
HilariaMaleLatinThe Latin name Hilaria means – happy, content
HildericMaleGermanThe German name Hilderic means – warrior; fortress
HillelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hillel means – greatly praised. Religion: Rabbi Hillel originated the Talmud
HilliardMaleGermanThe German name Hilliard means – brave warrior
HiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Hilton means – town on a hill
HiramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hiram means – noblest; exalted
HobartMaleGermanThe German name Hobart means – Bart’s hill
HobertMaleGermanThe German name Hobert means – Bert’s hill
HobieMaleGermanThe German name Hobie means – a short form of Hobart, Hobert
HobsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hobson means – son of Robert
HodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hod means – a short form of Hodgson
HodgsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hodgson means – son of Roger
HoffmanMaleGermanThe German name Hoffman means – influential
HolbrookMaleEnglishThe English name Holbrook means – brook in the hollow
HoldenMaleEnglishThe English name Holden means – hollow in the valley
HolmesMaleEnglishThe English name Holmes means – river islands
HoltMaleEnglishThe English name Holt means – forest
HoniMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Honi means – gracious
HoraceMaleLatinThe Latin name Horace means – keeper of the hours. Literature: a famous Roman lyric poet and satirist
HoracioMaleLatinThe Latin name Horacio means – a form of Horace
HoratioMaleLatinThe Latin name Horatio means – clan name. See also Orris
HorstMaleGermanThe German name Horst means – dense grove, thicket
HortencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Hortencio means – he who has a garden and loves it
HortensioMaleLatinThe Latin name Hortensio means – he who has a garden and loves it
HortonMaleEnglishThe English name Horton means – garden estate
HoseaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hosea means – salvation. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
HoughtonMaleEnglishThe English name Houghton means – settlement on the headland
HoustonMaleEnglishThe English name Houston means – hill town. Geography: a city in Texas
HowardMaleEnglishThe English name Howard means – Which means “watchman.” Notable Howards are eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes and comedian Howie Mandel
HoweMaleGermanThe German name Howe means – high
HowieMaleEnglishThe English name Howie means – a familiar form of Howard, Howland
HowlandMaleEnglishThe English name Howland means – hilly land
HubbardMaleGermanThe German name Hubbard means – a form of Hubert
HubertMaleGermanThe German name Hubert means – “bright mind.” Among noteworthy people with this name was vice president and statesman Hubert Humphrey
HubieMaleEnglishThe English name Hubie means – a familiar form of Hubert
HudsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hudson means – son of Hud
HueyMaleEnglishThe English name Huey means – a familiar form of Hugh
HughMaleEnglishThe English name Hugh means – A short form of Hubert. Notable persons with this name include Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black and actor Hugh Grant
HugoMaleLatinThe Latin name Hugo means – a form of Hugh
HulbertMaleGermanThe German name Hulbert means – brilliant grace
HumbertMaleGermanThe German name Humbert means – brilliant strength. See also Umberto
HumphreyMaleGermanThe German name Humphrey means – peaceful strength
HuntMaleEnglishThe English name Hunt means – a short form of beginning with “Hunt”
HunterMaleEnglishThe English name Hunter means – hunter
HuntingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Huntington means – hunting estate
HuntleyMaleEnglishThe English name Huntley means – hunter’s meadow
HurstMaleEnglishThe English name Hurst means – a form of Horst
HusaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Husai means – the hirried one
HustonMaleEnglishThe English name Huston means – a form of Houston
HutchinsonMaleEnglishThe English name Hutchinson means – son of the hutch dweller
HuttonMaleEnglishThe English name Hutton means – house on the jutting ledge
HuxleyMaleEnglishThe English name Huxley means – Hugh’s meadow
HyattMaleEnglishThe English name Hyatt means – high gate
HydeMaleEnglishThe English name Hyde means – cache; measure of land equal to 120 acres; animal hide
HyderMaleEnglishThe English name Hyder means – tanner, preparer of animal hides for tanning
HymanMaleEnglishThe English name Hyman means – a form of Chaim
HyrumMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Hyrum means – a form of Hiram
IaleelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ialeel means – waiting for God
IazeelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iazeel means – contributions of God
IberMaleLatinThe Latin name Iber means – native of Iberia
IberioMaleLatinThe Latin name Iberio means – native of Iberia
IberoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ibero means – native of Iberia
IbiMaleLatinThe Latin name Ibi means – native of Iberia
IbsenMaleGermanThe German name Ibsen means – archer’s son
IcabodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Icabod means – without glory
IchabodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ichabod means – glory is gone. Literature: Ichabod Crabe is the main character of Washington Irving’s story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”
IdenMaleEnglishThe English name Iden means – pasture in the wood
IdumeoMaleLatinThe Latin name Idumeo means – red
IejielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iejiel means – God lives
IggyMaleLatinThe Latin name Iggy means – a familiar form of Ignatius
IkeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ike means – a familiar form of Issac
IlanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ilan means – tree
IlbertMaleGermanThe German name Ilbert means – distinguished fighter
IldefonsoMaleGermanThe German name Ildefonso means – totally prepared for combat
IlidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Ilidio means – troop
IllanMaleLatinThe Latin name Illan means – youth
IluminadoMaleLatinThe Latin name Iluminado means – he who receives the inspiration of God
ImanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iman means – a short form of Immanuel
ImaniMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Imani means – a short form of Immanuel
ImbertMaleGermanThe German name Imbert means – poet
ImmanuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Immanuel means – a form of Emmanuel
IngelbertMaleGermanThe German name Ingelbert means – a form of Engelbert
IngnatiusMaleLatinThe Latin name Ingnatius means – fiery, ardent. Religion: Saint Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuit order
IngramMaleEnglishThe English name Ingram means – angel
IosefMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Iosef means – a form of Iosif
IramMaleEnglishThe English name Iram means – bright
IrminMaleGermanThe German name Irmin means – strong
IrwinMaleEnglishThe English name Irwin means – a form of Irving
IsaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isa means – a form of Isaiah
IsaacMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isaac means – he will laugh. Bible: the son of Abraham and Sarah
IsaakMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isaak means – a form of Isaac
IsacMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isac means – a form of Isaac
IsacarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isacar means – he was given for a favor
IsaccMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isacc means – a form of Isaac
IsaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isai means – a form of Isaiah
IsaiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isaiah means – God is my salvation. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
IsaiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isaias means – a form of Isaiah
IsaihMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isaih means – a form of Isaiah
IshamMaleEnglishThe English name Isham means – home of the iron one
IshboshetMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ishboshet means – man of shame
IshmaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ishmael means – God will near
IshmeraiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ishmerai means – God takes care
IsiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isiah means – a form of Isaiah
IsodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isod means – God fights and prevails
IsraelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Israel means – prince of God. wrestled with God. History: the nation of Israel took its name from the name given Jacob after he wrestled with the angel of the Lord
IsrealMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Isreal means – a form of Israel
IssacMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Issac means – a form of Isaac
IssiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Issiah means – a form of Isaiah
ItaloMaleLatinThe Latin name Italo means – he came from the land that is between the seas
IthamatMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ithamat means – a form of Ittamar
ItzakMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Itzak means – a form of Isaac
IvanhoeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ivanhoe means – God’s tiller
IvesMaleEnglishThe English name Ives means – young archer
IvoMaleGermanThe German name Ivo means – yew wood; bow wood
IzzyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Izzy means – a familiar form of Isaac
JabezMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jabez means – born in pain
JabinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jabin means – God has created
JacanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacan means – trouble
JacobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacob means – “the supplanter.”
JacobeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacobe means – a form of Jacob
JacobiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacobi means – a form of Jacob
JacoboMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacobo means – a form of Jacob
JacobsonMaleEnglishThe English name Jacobson means – son of Jacob
JacobyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacoby means – a form of Jacob
JacolbyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacolby means – a form of Jacob
JacoobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jacoob means – a form of Jacob
JadMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jad means – a short form of Jadon
JadenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaden means – a form of Jadon
JadonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jadon means – God has heard
JaedenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaeden means – a form of Jadon
JaedonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaedon means – a form of Jadon
JaegarMaleGermanThe German name Jaegar means – hunter
JafetMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jafet means – enlargement
JaggerMaleEnglishThe English name Jagger means – carter
JagoMaleEnglishThe English name Jago means – a form of Jacob
JahnathenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jahnathen means – a form of Jonathan
JahvonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jahvon means – a form of Javan
JaidenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaiden means – a form of Jadon
JaivonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaivon means – a form of Javan
JakeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jake means – a short form of Jacob
JakebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jakeb means – a form of Jacob
JakeobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jakeob means – a form of Jacob
JakobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jakob means – a form of Jacob
JakubMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jakub means – a form of Jacob
JamenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jamen means – a form of Jamin
JamesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name James means – supplanter, substitute. Bible: James the Great and James the Less were two of the Twelve Apostles
JamesonMaleEnglishThe English name Jameson means – son of James
JamezMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jamez means – a form of James
JamiesonMaleEnglishThe English name Jamieson means – a form of Jamison
JamisonMaleEnglishThe English name Jamison means – son of James
JamonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jamon means – a form of Jamin
JaninaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Janina means – grace
JanusMaleLatinThe Latin name Janus means – gate, passageway; born in January. Mythology: the Roman god of beginnings and endings
JapnethMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Japneth means – handsome. Bible: a son oh Noah
JaradMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarad means – a form of Jared
JarahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarah means – sweet as honey
JaranMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaran means – a form of Jaron
JarebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jareb means – countending
JaredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jared means – a form of Jordan
JarenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaren means – a form of Jaron
JaretMaleEnglishThe English name Jaret means – a form of Jarrett
JarettMaleEnglishThe English name Jarett means – a form of Jarrett
JaridMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarid means – a form of Jared
JarinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarin means – a form of Jaron
JarlathMaleLatinThe Latin name Jarlath means – in control
JarmanMaleGermanThe German name Jarman means – from Germany
JarodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarod means – a form of Jared
JaromMaleLatinThe Latin name Jarom means – a form of Jerome
JaronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaron means – he will sing; he will cry out
JarradMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarrad means – a form of Jared
JarredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarred means – a form of Jared
JarrellMaleEnglishThe English name Jarrell means – a form of Gerald
JarrenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarren means – a form of Jaron
JarretMaleEnglishThe English name Jarret means – a form of Jarrett
JarrettMaleEnglishThe English name Jarrett means – a form of Garrett
JarridMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarrid means – a form of Jared
JarrodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarrod means – a form of Jared
JarronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarron means – a form of Jaron
JarryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jarry means – a form of Jared
JarvisMaleGermanThe German name Jarvis means – skilled with a spear
JarydMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaryd means – a form of Jared
JarynMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaryn means – a form of Jaron
JasMaleEnglishThe English name Jas means – a familiar form of James
JashuaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jashua means – a form of Joshua
JavanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Javan means – Bible: son of Japheth
JavarisMaleEnglishThe English name Javaris means – a form of Javar
JavenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Javen means – a form of Javan
JavinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Javin means – a form of Javan
JavonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Javon means – a form of Javan
JavonteMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Javonte means – a form of Javan
JaxMaleEnglishThe English name Jax means – a short form of Jackson
JaxonMaleEnglishThe English name Jaxon means – a form of Jackson
JaxsonMaleEnglishThe English name Jaxson means – a form of Jackson
JayMaleEnglishThe English name Jay means – a short form of James, Jason
JaycobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaycob means – a form of Jacob
JaydenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jayden means – a form of Jadon
JaydinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaydin means – a form of Jayden
JaydonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jaydon means – a form of Jadon
JaymeMaleEnglishThe English name Jayme means – a form of Jamey
JaymesMaleEnglishThe English name Jaymes means – a form of James
JaymzMaleEnglishThe English name Jaymz means – a form of James
JazaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jazael means – perceives God
JebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeb means – a short form of Jebediah
JebedianMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jebedian means – a form of Jedidiah
JedMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jed means – a short form of Jedidiah
JediahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jediah means – hand of God
JedidiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jedidiah means – friend of God, beloved of God
JeffMaleEnglishThe English name Jeff means – a short form of Jefferson
JeffereyMaleEnglishThe English name Jefferey means – a form of Jeffrey
JeffersonMaleEnglishThe English name Jefferson means – “son of Jeff.” Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States of America
JefferyMaleEnglishThe English name Jeffery means – a form of Jeffrey
JeffordMaleEnglishThe English name Jefford means – Jeff;s ford
JeffreyMaleEnglishThe English name Jeffrey means – “divinely peaceful.”
JeffryMaleEnglishThe English name Jeffry means – a form of Jeffrey
JehuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jehu means – God lives. Bible: a military commander and king of Israel
JemMaleEnglishThe English name Jem means – a short form of James
JenaroMaleLatinThe Latin name Jenaro means – born in January
JeradMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerad means – a form of Jared
JerahmyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerahmy means – a form of Jeremy
JeraldMaleEnglishThe English name Jerald means – a form of Gerald
JerallMaleEnglishThe English name Jerall means – a form of Gerald
JerameyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeramey means – a form of Jeremy
JeramiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeramiah means – a form of Jeremiah
JeramieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeramie means – a form of Jeremy
JeramyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeramy means – a form of Jeremy
JereMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jere means – a short form of Jeremiah
JeredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jered means – a form of Jared
JerelMaleEnglishThe English name Jerel means – a form of Gerald
JerellMaleEnglishThe English name Jerell means – a form of Gerald
JeremeMaleEnglishThe English name Jereme means – a form of Jeremy
JeremeyMaleEnglishThe English name Jeremey means – a form of Jeremy
JeremiMaleEnglishThe English name Jeremi means – a form of Jeremy
JeremiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeremiah means – God will uplift
JeremiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeremias means – a form of Jeremiah
JeremieMaleEnglishThe English name Jeremie means – a form of Jeremy
JeremielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeremiel means – God lifts me up
JeremyMaleEnglishThe English name Jeremy means – “exalted by the Lord.” Actor Jeremy Irons
JeriahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeriah means – Jehovah has seen
JeridMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerid means – a form of Jared
JerimiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerimiah means – a form of Jeremiah
JermeyMaleEnglishThe English name Jermey means – a form of Jeremy
JermiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jermiah means – a form of Jeremiah
JerodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerod means – a form of Jared
JeroldMaleEnglishThe English name Jerold means – a form of Gerald
JeromeMaleLatinThe Latin name Jerome means – holy
JeromyMaleLatinThe Latin name Jeromy means – a form of Jerome
JeronMaleEnglishThe English name Jeron means – a form of Jerome
JerradMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerrad means – a form of Jared
JerredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerred means – a form of Jared
JerrellMaleEnglishThe English name Jerrell means – a form of Gerald
JerretMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerret means – a form of Jarrett
JerrettMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerrett means – a form of Jarrett
JerridMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerrid means – a form of Jared
JerrinMaleEnglishThe English name Jerrin means – a form of Jerome
JerrodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerrod means – a form of Jared
JerroldMaleEnglishThe English name Jerrold means – a form of Gerald
JerronMaleEnglishThe English name Jerron means – a form of Jerome
JerryMaleGermanThe German name Jerry means – mighty spearman
JerusalemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jerusalem means – vision of peace. Geography: Jerusalem is a holy city in Israel
JervisMaleEnglishThe English name Jervis means – a form of Jarvis
JesabelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jesabel means – oath of God
JeshuaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jeshua means – a form of Joshua
JessMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jess means – a short form of Jesse
JesseMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jesse means – wealthy. Bible: the father of David
JesseeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessee means – a form of Jesse
JesseyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessey means – a form of Jesse
JessyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jessy means – a form of Jesse
JestinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jestin means – a form of Justin
JesusMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jesus means – Bible: son of Mary and Joseph, believed by Christians to be the Son of God
JethroMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jethro means – abundant. Bible: the father-in-law of Moses
JettMaleEnglishThe English name Jett means – hard, black mineral
JevanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jevan means – a form of Javan
JevinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jevin means – a form of Javan
JevonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jevon means – a form of Javan
JezabelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jezabel means – oath of God
JhonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jhon means – a form of John
JhonathanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jhonathan means – a form of Jonathan
JhonnyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jhonny means – a form of Johnie
JimMaleEnglishThe English name Jim means – a short form of James
JimiMaleEnglishThe English name Jimi means – a form of Jimmy
JimmieMaleEnglishThe English name Jimmie means – a form of Jimmy
JimmyMaleEnglishThe English name Jimmy means – a familiar form of Jim
JoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jo means – a form of Joe
JoabMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joab means – God is father
JoachimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joachim means – God will establish
JoanMaleGermanThe German name Joan means – a form of Johann
JobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Job means – afflicted. Bible: a righteous man whose faith in God survived the test of many afflictions
JobyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joby means – a familiar form of Job
JocundoMaleLatinThe Latin name Jocundo means – pleasant, festive
JodanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jodan means – a combination of Jo + Dan
JodyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jody means – a familiar form of Joseph
JoeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joe means – a short form of Joseph
JoelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joel means – God is willing. Bible: an Old Testament Hebrew prophet
JoesephMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joeseph means – a form of Joseph
JoesphMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joesph means – a form of Joseph
JoeyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joey means – a familiar form of Joe, Joseph
JohanMaleGermanThe German name Johan means – a form of Johann
JohannMaleGermanThe German name Johann means – A form of John, meaning “God’s gracious gift.” Composer Johann Sebastian Bach, poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
JohannesMaleGermanThe German name Johannes means – a form of Johann
JohathanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johathan means – a form of Jonathan
JohnMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name John means – God is cracious. Bible: the name honorign John the Baptist and John the Evangelist
JohnathanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johnathan means – a form of Jonathan
JohnathonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johnathon means – a form of Jonathan
JohnieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johnie means – a familiar form of John
JohnnieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johnnie means – a familiar form of John
JohnnyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johnny means – a familiar form of John
JohnsonMaleEnglishThe English name Johnson means – son of John
JohnthanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johnthan means – a form of Jonathan
JohnyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Johny means – a familiar form of John
JonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jon means – a form of John
JonahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonah means – dove; Bible an Old Testament prophet who was swallowed by a large fish
JonasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonas means – he accomplishes
JonatanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonatan means – a form of Jonathan
JonathanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonathan means – gift of God. Bible: the son of King Saul who became a loyal friend of David
JonathenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonathen means – a form of Jonathan
JonathonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonathon means – a form of Jonathan
JonnathanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonnathan means – a form of Jonathan
JonnyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonny means – a familiar form of John
JonothanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonothan means – a form of Jonathan
JonthanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jonthan means – a form of Jonathan
JordanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordan means – “descend.” Supermodel Jordan follows the trend of single names among celebrities
JordenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jorden means – a form of Jordan
JordiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordi means – a familiar form of Jordan
JordieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordie means – a familiar form of Jordan
JordonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordon means – a form of Jordan
JordyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jordy means – a familiar form of Jordan
JoreyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jorey means – a familiar form of Jordan
JorgMaleGermanThe German name Jorg means – A form of the name George, meaning “farmer.”
JoryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jory means – a familiar form of Jordan
JosafatMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josafat means – God’s judgment
JosefMaleGermanThe German name Josef means – A form of Joseph, meaning “he shall add.” Virtuoso pianist Josef Hoffman is one popular Josef.
JosephMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joseph means – God will add, God will increase. Bible: in the Old Testament, the son of Jacob who came to rule Egypt; in the New Testament, the husband of Mary
JoshMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josh means – a short form of Joshua
JoshawaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joshawa means – a form of Joshua
JoshuaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joshua means – God is my salvation. Bible: led the Israelites into the Promised Land
JoshuahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joshuah means – a form of Joshua
JoshueMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Joshue means – a form of Joshua
JosiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josiah means – fire of the Lord
JosiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josias means – a form of Josiah
JosueMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Josue means – a form of Joshua
JothamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jotham means – may God complete. Bible: a king of Judah
JovanMaleLatinThe Latin name Jovan means – Jove-like, majestic
JovaniMaleLatinThe Latin name Jovani means – a form of Jovan
JovanniMaleLatinThe Latin name Jovanni means – a form of Jovan
JovannyMaleLatinThe Latin name Jovanny means – a form of Jovan
JovanyMaleLatinThe Latin name Jovany means – a form of Jovan
JozefMaleGermanThe German name Jozef means – a form of Josef
JrMaleLatinThe Latin name Jr means – a short form of Junior
JubalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Jubal means – ram’s horn. Bible: a musucian and a descendant of Cain
JucundoMaleLatinThe Latin name Jucundo means – happy, joyous one
JudahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Judah means – praised. Bible: the fourth of Jacob’s son
JudasMaleLatinThe Latin name Judas means – a form of Judah. Bible: Judas Iscariot was the disciple who betrayed Jesus
JuddMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Judd means – a short form of Judah
JudeMaleLatinThe Latin name Jude means – a short form of Judah, Judas. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles, author of “The Epistle of Jude”
JudsonMaleEnglishThe English name Judson means – son of Judd
JulianMaleLatinThe Latin name Julian means – a form of Julius
JulienMaleLatinThe Latin name Julien means – a form of Julian
JuniorMaleLatinThe Latin name Junior means – young
JuppMaleGermanThe German name Jupp means – a form of Joseph
JustanMaleLatinThe Latin name Justan means – forms of Justin
JustenMaleLatinThe Latin name Justen means – Justin
JustinMaleLatinThe Latin name Justin means – just, righteous. See also Giustino, Iestyn, Tutu,Ustin, Yustyn
JustonMaleLatinThe Latin name Juston means – forms of Justin
JustynMaleLatinThe Latin name Justyn means – forms of Justin
JuvenMaleLatinThe Latin name Juven means – one that represents youth
JuvenalMaleLatinThe Latin name Juvenal means – young. Literature: a Roman satirist
JuvencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Juvencio means – one that represents youth
JuventinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Juventino means – one that represents youth
KaelebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaeleb means – a form of Kaleb
KaiserMaleGermanThe German name Kaiser means – a form of Caesar
KalebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaleb means – a form of Caleb
KalibMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kalib means – a form of Caleb
KalobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kalob means – a form of Caleb
KaltanMaleEnglishThe English name Kaltan means – a form of Colton
KalvinMaleLatinThe Latin name Kalvin means – a form of Calvin
KamiloMaleLatinThe Latin name Kamilo means – a form of Camilo
KanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kaniel means – stalk, reed
KanyonMaleLatinThe Latin name Kanyon means – a form of Canyon
KarlMaleGermanThe German name Karl means – a form of Carl
KarltonMaleEnglishThe English name Karlton means – a form of Carlton
KarsonMaleEnglishThe English name Karson means – a form of Carson
KassMaleGermanThe German name Kass means – blackbird
KaufmanMaleGermanThe German name Kaufman means – merchant
KaylebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kayleb means – a form of Caleb
KayneMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kayne means – a form of Cain
KeanMaleGermanThe German name Kean means – a form of Keane
KeaneMaleGermanThe German name Keane means – bold; sharp
KeatonMaleEnglishThe English name Keaton means – where hawks fly
KedemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kedem means – ancient
KedricMaleEnglishThe English name Kedric means – a form of Cedric
KedrickMaleEnglishThe English name Kedrick means – a form of Cedric
KeeneMaleEnglishThe English name Keene means – smart
KeiferMaleGermanThe German name Keifer means – a form of Cooper
KeifferMaleGermanThe German name Keiffer means – a form of Cooper
KelbyMaleGermanThe German name Kelby means – farm by the spring
KeldonMaleEnglishThe English name Keldon means – a form of Kelton
KelsonMaleEnglishThe English name Kelson means – a form of Kelton
KeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Kelton means – keel town; port
KelwinMaleEnglishThe English name Kelwin means – friend from the ridge
KempMaleEnglishThe English name Kemp means – fighter; champion
KemptonMaleEnglishThe English name Kempton means – millitary town
KenazMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kenaz means – bright
KendaleMaleEnglishThe English name Kendale means – a form of Kendall
KendrellMaleEnglishThe English name Kendrell means – a form of Kendall
KenricMaleEnglishThe English name Kenric means – a form of Kenrick
KenrickMaleEnglishThe English name Kenrick means – bold ruler; royal ruler
KentonMaleEnglishThe English name Kenton means – Literally signifies from Kent, England
KentrellMaleEnglishThe English name Kentrell means – king’s estate
KenwardMaleEnglishThe English name Kenward means – brave; royal guardian
KeronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Keron means – a form of Keren
KerrickMaleEnglishThe English name Kerrick means – king’s rule
KervinMaleEnglishThe English name Kervin means – a form of Kerwin
KerwinMaleEnglishThe English name Kerwin means – friend of the marshlands
KesterMaleEnglishThe English name Kester means – a form of Christopher
KestrelMaleEnglishThe English name Kestrel means – falcon
KeyMaleEnglishThe English name Key means – key; protected
KeytonMaleEnglishThe English name Keyton means – a form of Keaton
KiddMaleEnglishThe English name Kidd means – child; young goat
KimokeoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Kimokeo means – a form of Timothy
KingMaleEnglishThe English name King means – “supreme ruler.” Among celebrated men with this name is director King Vidor, famous for Duel in the Sun and King Camp Gillette, inventor of the disposable safety razor.
KingsleyMaleEnglishThe English name Kingsley means – “king’s meadow.” For example Bristish novelist Kings-ley Amis
KingstonMaleEnglishThe English name Kingston means – king’s estate
KingswellMaleEnglishThe English name Kingswell means – king’s well
KippMaleEnglishThe English name Kipp means – pointed hill
KirklandMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkland means – church land
KirkleyMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkley means – church meadow
KirklinMaleEnglishThe English name Kirklin means – a form of Kirkland
KirkwellMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkwell means – church well; church spring
KirkwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Kirkwood means – church forest
KirtMaleLatinThe Latin name Kirt means – a form of Kurt
KirtonMaleEnglishThe English name Kirton means – church town
KlausMaleGermanThe German name Klaus means – a short form of Nicholas
KlayMaleEnglishThe English name Klay means – a form of Clay
KlaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Klayton means – a form of Clayton
KnightMaleEnglishThe English name Knight means – armored knight
KnowlesMaleEnglishThe English name Knowles means – grassy slope
KnoxMaleEnglishThe English name Knox means – hill
KodeyMaleEnglishThe English name Kodey means – a form of Cody
KodiMaleEnglishThe English name Kodi means – a form of Cody
KodieMaleEnglishThe English name Kodie means – a form of Cody
KodyMaleEnglishThe English name Kody means – a form of Cody
KohlMaleEnglishThe English name Kohl means – a form of Cole
KolbyMaleEnglishThe English name Kolby means – a form of Colby
KoleMaleEnglishThe English name Kole means – a form of Cole
KolemanMaleEnglishThe English name Koleman means – a form of Coleman
KolinMaleEnglishThe English name Kolin means – a form of Colin
KollinMaleEnglishThe English name Kollin means – a form of Colin
KoltMaleEnglishThe English name Kolt means – a short form of Koltan
KoltenMaleEnglishThe English name Kolten means – a form of Colton
KoltinMaleEnglishThe English name Koltin means – a form of Colton
KoltonMaleEnglishThe English name Kolton means – a form of Colton
KoltynMaleEnglishThe English name Koltyn means – a form of Colton
KonradMaleGermanThe German name Konrad means – a form of Conrad
KorbMaleGermanThe German name Korb means – basket
KorbinMaleEnglishThe English name Korbin means – a form of Corbin
KordellMaleEnglishThe English name Kordell means – a form of Cordell
KornelMaleLatinThe Latin name Kornel means – a form of Cornelius
KorneliusMaleLatinThe Latin name Kornelius means – a form of Cornelius
KortMaleGermanThe German name Kort means – a form of Cort
KotyMaleEnglishThe English name Koty means – a form of Cody
KourtlandMaleEnglishThe English name Kourtland means – a form of Courtland
KramerMaleEnglishThe English name Kramer means – a form of Cramer
KrischanMaleGermanThe German name Krischan means – a form of Christian
KrishanMaleGermanThe German name Krishan means – a form of Christian
KrispinMaleLatinThe Latin name Krispin means – a form of Crispin
KurtMaleLatinThe Latin name Kurt means – a short form of Kurtis
KurtisMaleLatinThe Latin name Kurtis means – a form of Curtis
KylarMaleEnglishThe English name Kylar means – a form of Kyle
KylerMaleEnglishThe English name Kyler means – a form of Kyle
KylorMaleEnglishThe English name Kylor means – a form of Kyle
LaddMaleEnglishThe English name Ladd means – attendant
LaidleyMaleEnglishThe English name Laidley means – path along the marshy meadow
LainMaleEnglishThe English name Lain means – a form of Lane
LakeMaleEnglishThe English name Lake means – lake
LambertMaleGermanThe German name Lambert means – bright land
LanceMaleGermanThe German name Lance means – a short form of Lancelot
LandanMaleEnglishThe English name Landan means – a form of Landon
LandenMaleEnglishThe English name Landen means – a form of Landon
LandinMaleEnglishThe English name Landin means – a form of Landon
LandonMaleEnglishThe English name Landon means – open, grassy meadow
LandricMaleGermanThe German name Landric means – ruler of the land
LandryMaleEnglishThe English name Landry means – ruler
LaneMaleEnglishThe English name Lane means – narrow road
LangdonMaleEnglishThe English name Langdon means – long hill
LangfordMaleEnglishThe English name Langford means – long ford
LangstonMaleEnglishThe English name Langston means – long, narrow town
LapidosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lapidos means – torches
LarryMaleLatinThe Latin name Larry means – a familiar form of Lawrence
LathropMaleEnglishThe English name Lathrop means – barn, farmstead
LatimerMaleEnglishThe English name Latimer means – interpreter
LaurelinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurelino means – winner
LaurelitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurelito means – winner
LaurenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurence means – crowned with laurel
LaurentinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Laurentino means – winner
LavanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lavan means – white
LaviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lavi means – lion
LawfordMaleEnglishThe English name Lawford means – ford on the hill
LawleyMaleEnglishThe English name Lawley means – low meadow on a hill
LawrenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Lawrence means – crowned with laurel
LawryMaleEnglishThe English name Lawry means – a familiar form of Lawrence
LawsonMaleEnglishThe English name Lawson means – son of Lawrence
LawtonMaleEnglishThe English name Lawton means – town on the hill
LayneMaleEnglishThe English name Layne means – a form of Lane
LaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Layton means – a form of Leighton
LeeMaleEnglishThe English name Lee means – A short form of Farley. Actor Lee Marvin led The Dirty Dozen
LeibMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leib means – roaring lion
LeightonMaleEnglishThe English name Leighton means – meadow farm
LelandMaleEnglishThe English name Leland means – Signifies “meadow-land.” A famous Leland was theatrical agent Leland Hayward
LelioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lelio means – he who is talkative
LemuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lemuel means – devoted to God
LenMaleGermanThe German name Len means – a short form of Leonard
LenardMaleGermanThe German name Lenard means – a form of Leonard
LennieMaleGermanThe German name Lennie means – a familiar form of Leonard
LennyMaleGermanThe German name Lenny means – a familiar form of Leonard
LeoMaleLatinThe Latin name Leo means – lion
LeocadioMaleLatinThe Latin name Leocadio means – he who shines because of his whiteness
LeonardMaleGermanThe German name Leonard means – brave as a lion
LeonelMaleEnglishThe English name Leonel means – little lion
LeonhardMaleGermanThe German name Leonhard means – a form of Leonard
LeontinoMaleGermanThe German name Leontino means – strong as a lion
LeopoldMaleGermanThe German name Leopold means – “brave people.” Notable people with Wolfgang’s father, Leopold Mozart, also a composer
LeorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Leor means – my light
LesterMaleLatinThe Latin name Lester means – chosen camp
LetoMaleLatinThe Latin name Leto means – he who is always happy
LevMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lev means – “heart.”
LevantMaleLatinThe Latin name Levant means – rising
LeviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Levi means – A son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Levi, the priestly tribe.
LevinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Levin means – a form of Levi
LewMaleEnglishThe English name Lew means – a short form of Lewis
LewinMaleEnglishThe English name Lewin means – a form of Louis
LexMaleEnglishThe English name Lex means – a short form of Alexander
LibanioMaleLatinThe Latin name Libanio means – tree of incence
LibanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Libano means – white
LiberMaleLatinThe Latin name Liber means – he who spreads adundance
LiberalMaleLatinThe Latin name Liberal means – the lover of liberty
LiberatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Liberato means – the liberated one
LibioMaleLatinThe Latin name Libio means – born in a dry place
LincMaleEnglishThe English name Linc means – a short form of Lincoln
LincolnMaleEnglishThe English name Lincoln means – Signifies “settlement by the pool.” American author Lincoln Child wrote the bestseller The Relic
LindbergMaleGermanThe German name Lindberg means – mountain where linden grow
LindbertMaleGermanThe German name Lindbert means – a form of Lindberg
LindellMaleEnglishThe English name Lindell means – valley of the linden
LindenMaleEnglishThe English name Linden means – a form of Lyndon
LindleyMaleEnglishThe English name Lindley means – linden field
LindonMaleEnglishThe English name Lindon means – a form of Lyndon
LindorMaleLatinThe Latin name Lindor means – he who seduces
LinfordMaleEnglishThe English name Linford means – linden ford
LinfredMaleGermanThe German name Linfred means – peaceful, calm
LintonMaleEnglishThe English name Linton means – flax town
LinwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Linwood means – flax wood
LisardoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lisardo means – defender of the faith
ListerMaleEnglishThe English name Lister means – dyer
LittonMaleEnglishThe English name Litton means – town on the hill
LivingstonMaleEnglishThe English name Livingston means – Leif’s town
LivioMaleLatinThe Latin name Livio means – born in a dry place
LleytonMaleEnglishThe English name Lleyton means – a form of Leighton
LockeMaleEnglishThe English name Locke means – forest
LombardMaleLatinThe Latin name Lombard means – long bearded
LondonMaleEnglishThe English name London means – fortress of the moon. Geography: the capital of the United Kingdom
LonginosMaleLatinThe Latin name Longinos means – long
LopeMaleLatinThe Latin name Lope means – wolf
LordMaleEnglishThe English name Lord means – noble title
LorimerMaleLatinThe Latin name Lorimer means – harness maker
LoringMaleGermanThe German name Loring means – son of the famous warrior
LoritzMaleLatinThe Latin name Loritz means – laurel
LorneMaleLatinThe Latin name Lorne means – a short form of Lawrence
LorryMaleEnglishThe English name Lorry means – a form of Laurie
LotMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Lot means – hidden, covered. Bible: Lot fled from Sodom, but his wife glanced back upon its destruction and was transformed into a pillar of salt
LotharMaleGermanThe German name Lothar means – An alternate form of Luther, which means “famous warrior.” German soccer player Lothar Matthaus is one popular Lothar. A “ladies man” is sometimes called a lothario
LouMaleGermanThe German name Lou means – a short form of Louis
LoudonMaleGermanThe German name Loudon means – low valley
LouieMaleGermanThe German name Louie means – a familiar form of Louis
LouisMaleGermanThe German name Louis means – “famous battler.” Celebrated men with this name include jazz giant Louis Armstrong and innovative chemist Louis Pasteur
LouvainMaleEnglishThe English name Louvain means – Lou’s vanity
LovellMaleEnglishThe English name Lovell means – a form of Lowell
LowellMaleEnglishThe English name Lowell means – beloved
LoyalMaleEnglishThe English name Loyal means – faithful, loyal
LoyolaMaleLatinThe Latin name Loyola means – has a wolf on his shield
LuanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Luano means – fountain
LucasMaleGermanThe German name Lucas means – a form of Lucius
LucianMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucian means – a form of Lucius
LuciferoMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucifero means – he who gives light
LuciusMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucius means – light; bringer of light
LucrecioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lucrecio means – twilight of dawn
LucusMaleGermanThe German name Lucus means – a form of Lucas
LudlowMaleEnglishThe English name Ludlow means – prince’s hill
LudovicMaleGermanThe German name Ludovic means – a form of Ludwig
LudovickMaleGermanThe German name Ludovick means – a form of Ludwig
LudwigMaleGermanThe German name Ludwig means – An alternate form of Louis. Great 19th-century German composer Ludwig van Beethoven
LukeMaleLatinThe Latin name Luke means – a form of Lucius. Bible: companion os Saint Paul and author of the third Gospel ot the New Testament
LupercioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lupercio means – name given to people from Lupercus
LupercoMaleLatinThe Latin name Luperco means – he who frightens off wolves
LusorioMaleLatinThe Latin name Lusorio means – he enjoys games
LutherMaleGermanThe German name Luther means – famous warrior
LymanMaleEnglishThe English name Lyman means – meadow
LyndalMaleEnglishThe English name Lyndal means – valley of lime trees
LyndenMaleEnglishThe English name Lynden means – a form of Lyndon
LyndonMaleEnglishThe English name Lyndon means – Suggests “linden tree hill.” Lyndon B. Johnson, former U.S. president
MacabeeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Macabee means – hammer
MacielMaleLatinThe Latin name Maciel means – very slender
MaconMaleGermanThe German name Macon means – maker
MafarlaneMaleEnglishThe English name Mafarlane means – son of Farlane
MagnoMaleLatinThe Latin name Magno means – great
MagnusMaleLatinThe Latin name Magnus means – great
MairMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mair means – one who brightens, shines; enlightener. History: Golda Meir was a prime minister of Israel
MajencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Majencio means – he who becomes more famous
MajorMaleLatinThe Latin name Major means – greater; military rank
MalachiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malachi means – angel of God. Bible: the last canonical Hebre prophet
MalakaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malakai means – a form of Malachi
MalakiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malaki means – a form of Malakai
MalaquiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malaquias means – God’s messenger
MalcoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malco means – he who is like a king
MalconMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Malcon means – he who is like a king
MaldenMaleEnglishThe English name Malden means – meeting place in a pasture
MalinMaleEnglishThe English name Malin means – strong, little warrior
ManasesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Manases means – he who forgets everything
MancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Mancio means – he who foretells the future
MandelMaleGermanThe German name Mandel means – almond
ManfordMaleEnglishThe English name Manford means – small ford
ManheimMaleGermanThe German name Manheim means – servant’s home
ManiloMaleLatinThe Latin name Manilo means – he who was born in the morning
ManleyMaleEnglishThe English name Manley means – hero’s meadow
MannMaleGermanThe German name Mann means – man
ManningMaleEnglishThe English name Manning means – son of the hero
ManselMaleEnglishThe English name Mansel means – manse; house occupied by a clergyman
MansfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Mansfield means – field by the river; hero’s field
MansoMaleLatinThe Latin name Manso means – the delivered, trusted one
MansuetoMaleLatinThe Latin name Mansueto means – he who is peaceful
MantonMaleEnglishThe English name Manton means – man’s town; hero’s town
ManuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Manuel means – a short form of Emmanuel
MarcellisMaleLatinThe Latin name Marcellis means – Marcellus
MarcellousMaleLatinThe Latin name Marcellous means – Marcellus
MarcellusMaleLatinThe Latin name Marcellus means – a familiar form of Marcus
MarchMaleEnglishThe English name March means – dweller by a boundary
MarcusMaleLatinThe Latin name Marcus means – martial, warlike
MardenMaleEnglishThe English name Marden means – valley with a pool
MardoqueoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mardoqueo means – he who adores the god of war
MargaritoMaleLatinThe Latin name Margarito means – pearl
MariusMaleLatinThe Latin name Marius means – a form of Marin
MarkMaleLatinThe Latin name Mark means – a form of Marcus. Bible: author of the second Gospel in the New Testament
MarkelMaleLatinThe Latin name Markel means – a form of Mark
MarkellMaleLatinThe Latin name Markell means – a form of Mark
MarkhamMaleEnglishThe English name Markham means – homestead on the boundary
MarkoMaleLatinThe Latin name Marko means – a form of Marco, Mark
MarkusMaleLatinThe Latin name Markus means – a form of Marcus
MarlandMaleEnglishThe English name Marland means – lake land
MarleyMaleEnglishThe English name Marley means – lake meadow
MarlinMaleEnglishThe English name Marlin means – deep-sea fish
MarloMaleEnglishThe English name Marlo means – a form of Marlow
MarlowMaleEnglishThe English name Marlow means – hill by the lake
MarninMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Marnin means – singer; bringer of joy
MarsMaleLatinThe Latin name Mars means – bold warrior. Mythology: the Roman god of war
MarsdenMaleEnglishThe English name Marsden means – marsh valley
MarshMaleEnglishThe English name Marsh means – swamp land
MarstonMaleEnglishThe English name Marston means – town by the marsh
MartelMaleEnglishThe English name Martel means – a form of Martell
MartellMaleEnglishThe English name Martell means – hammerer
MartinMaleLatinThe Latin name Martin means – a form of Martinus
MartinusMaleLatinThe Latin name Martinus means – martial, warlike
MartyMaleLatinThe Latin name Marty means – a familiar form of Martin
MartynMaleLatinThe Latin name Martyn means – a form of Martin
MarvMaleEnglishThe English name Marv means – a short form of Marvin
MarvelMaleLatinThe Latin name Marvel means – marvel
MarvellMaleLatinThe Latin name Marvell means – a form of Marvel
MarvinMaleEnglishThe English name Marvin means – “lover of the sea.” Famous Marvins include soul singer Marvin Gaye and prodigious composer Marvin Hamlisch
MarwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Marwood means – forest pond
MasseyMaleEnglishThe English name Massey means – twin
MateosMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mateos means – offered up to God
MatherMaleEnglishThe English name Mather means – powerful army
MathewMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mathew means – a form of Matthew
MathiasMaleGermanThe German name Mathias means – a form of Matthew
MathisMaleGermanThe German name Mathis means – a form of Mathias
MatitiahuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Matitiahu means – given by God
MatsonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Matson means – son of Matt
MattMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Matt means – a short form of Matthew
MattewMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mattew means – a form of Matthew
MatthewMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Matthew means – gift of God. Bible: author of the first Gospel of the new Testament
MauriceMaleLatinThe Latin name Maurice means – dark skinned; moor; marshland
MauritzMaleGermanThe German name Mauritz means – a form of Maurice
MauroMaleLatinThe Latin name Mauro means – a short form of Maurice
MauryMaleLatinThe Latin name Maury means – a familiar form of Maurice
MaviloMaleLatinThe Latin name Mavilo means – to not want
MaxMaleLatinThe Latin name Max means – a short form of Maximilian, Maxwell
MaxfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Maxfield means – Mack’s field
MaximilianMaleLatinThe Latin name Maximilian means – greatest
MaximilienMaleLatinThe Latin name Maximilien means – a form of Maximilian
MaximillianMaleLatinThe Latin name Maximillian means – a form of Maximilian
MaxwellMaleEnglishThe English name Maxwell means – “Great well.”
MaxxMaleLatinThe Latin name Maxx means – a short form of Maximilian, Maxwell
MaxyMaleEnglishThe English name Maxy means – a familiar form of Max, Maxwell
MayerMaleLatinThe Latin name Mayer means – a form of Magnus
MayesMaleEnglishThe English name Mayes means – field
MayhewMaleEnglishThe English name Mayhew means – a form of Matthew
MaynardMaleEnglishThe English name Maynard means – “powerful, brave.”
MaynorMaleEnglishThe English name Maynor means – a form of Maynard
MeadMaleEnglishThe English name Mead means – meadow
MechiorMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mechior means – king
MedgarMaleGermanThe German name Medgar means – a form of Edgar
MedricMaleEnglishThe English name Medric means – flourishing meadow
MedwinMaleGermanThe German name Medwin means – faithful friend
MehetabelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mehetabel means – who God benefits
MeinhardMaleGermanThe German name Meinhard means – “firm strength.”
MeinradMaleGermanThe German name Meinrad means – This name means “strong counsel.”
MelbourneMaleEnglishThe English name Melbourne means – mill stream
MeldonMaleEnglishThe English name Meldon means – mill hill
MeldrickMaleEnglishThe English name Meldrick means – strong mill
MenachemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Menachem means – comforter
MenajemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Menajem means – comforting
MenasheMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Menashe means – The elder son of Joseph and the patriarch of the tribe of Menashe.
MenassahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Menassah means – cause to forget
MendelMaleEnglishThe English name Mendel means – repairman
MenzMaleGermanThe German name Menz means – a short form of Clement
MercerMaleEnglishThe English name Mercer means – storekeeper
MercurioMaleLatinThe Latin name Mercurio means – he who pays attention to business
MeredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mered means – revolter
MerivaleMaleEnglishThe English name Merivale means – pleasant valley
MerlinMaleEnglishThe English name Merlin means – “falcon.” The wizard in King Arthur’s court was Merlin
MerrickMaleEnglishThe English name Merrick means – ruler of the sea
MertonMaleEnglishThe English name Merton means – sea town
MeruloMaleLatinThe Latin name Merulo means – he who is fine as a blackbird
MeshachMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Meshach means – artist. Bible: one of Daniel’s three friends who emerged unharmed from the fiery furnace of Babylon
MeshulamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Meshulam means – paid
MeyerMaleGermanThe German name Meyer means – farmer
MicaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micael means – a form of Michael
MicahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micah means – a form of Michael. Bible: a Hebrew prophet
MichaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Micha means – a form of Michael
MichaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Michael means – who resembles God?
MickMaleEnglishThe English name Mick means – a short form of Michael
MickaelMaleEnglishThe English name Mickael means – a form of Michael
MickelMaleEnglishThe English name Mickel means – a form of Michael
MijaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mijael means – who but God?
MikalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mikal means – a form of Michael
MikeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mike means – a short form of Michael
MikeyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mikey means – a short form of Michael
MilboroughMaleEnglishThe English name Milborough means – middle borough
MilburnMaleEnglishThe English name Milburn means – stream by the mill
MilcoMaleGermanThe German name Milco means – a familiar form of Emil
MilfordMaleEnglishThe English name Milford means – mill by the ford
MillardMaleLatinThe Latin name Millard means – caretaker of the mill
MillerMaleEnglishThe English name Miller means – miller; grain grinder
MillsMaleEnglishThe English name Mills means – mills
MiloMaleGermanThe German name Milo means – a form of Miles
MiltMaleEnglishThe English name Milt means – a short form of Milton
MiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Milton means – “Mill town.” Comedian Milton “Uncle Miltie” Berle
MinerMaleEnglishThe English name Miner means – miner
MinorMaleLatinThe Latin name Minor means – junior; younger
MisaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Misael means – a form of Michael
MisterMaleEnglishThe English name Mister means – mister
MitchelMaleEnglishThe English name Mitchel means – a form of Mitchell
MitchellMaleEnglishThe English name Mitchell means – A form of Michael
MithMaleEnglishThe English name Mith means – a short form of Mitchell
ModestoMaleLatinThe Latin name Modesto means – modest
MoeMaleEnglishThe English name Moe means – a short form of Moses
MoisheMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Moishe means – a form of Moses
MonitorMaleLatinThe Latin name Monitor means – he who counsels
MontgomeryMaleEnglishThe English name Montgomery means – “rich man’s mountain.” Actor Montgomery Clift was an icon of the 1950s
MontyMaleEnglishThe English name Monty means – a familiar form of Montgomery
MordecaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Mordecai means – martial, warlike. Bible: wise counselor to Queen Esther
MordredMaleLatinThe Latin name Mordred means – painful
MorelandMaleEnglishThe English name Moreland means – moor; marshland
MoritzMaleGermanThe German name Moritz means – Maurice
MorleyMaleEnglishThe English name Morley means – meadow by the moor
MorrieMaleLatinThe Latin name Morrie means – a familiar form of Maurice
MorrisMaleLatinThe Latin name Morris means – dark skinned; moor; marshland
MorseMaleEnglishThe English name Morse means – son of Maurice
MortonMaleEnglishThe English name Morton means – Literally “town near the moor.” Political commentator Morton Kon-drake
MosesMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Moses means – drawn out of the water. Bible: the Hebrew lawgiver who brought the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai
MosheMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Moshe means – “drawn out (of the water).”The greatest prophet, leader of the Children of Israel through the desert; he brought the Torah from God to the Jewish people. Noted for his great modesty. Among renowned individuals with this name Moshe ben Maimon, also known as Rambam or Mai-monides, the great medieval Torah scholar; and Moshe Dayan, Israeli general and politician
MucioMaleLatinThe Latin name Mucio means – he who endures silence
MyerMaleEnglishThe English name Myer means – a form of Meir
MylesMaleLatinThe Latin name Myles means – soldier
MylorMaleLatinThe Latin name Mylor means – a form of Minor
NaamanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Naaman means – pleasant
NaborMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nabor means – the prophet’s light
NachmanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nachman means – a short form of Menachem
NadavMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nadav means – generous; noble
NaftaliMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Naftali means – wreath
NagidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nagid means – ruler; prince
NamirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Namir means – leopard
NandoMaleGermanThe German name Nando means – a familiar form of Ferdinand
NardoMaleGermanThe German name Nardo means – strong, hardy
NarnoMaleLatinThe Latin name Narno means – he who was born in the Italian city of Narnia
NatMaleEnglishThe English name Nat means – a short form of Nathan
NatanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Natan means – God has given
NatanaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Natanael means – a form of Nathaniel
NateMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nate means – a short form of Nathan
NathanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathan means – a short form of Nathaniel. Bible: a prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon
NathanaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathanael means – gift of God. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles, also known as Bartholomew
NathanealMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathaneal means – a form of Nathanael
NathanialMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathanial means – a form of Nathanael
NathanieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathanie means – a familiar form of Nathaniel
NathanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathaniel means – a form of Nathanael
NathenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathen means – a form of Nathan
NathonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nathon means – a form of Nathan
NavalMaleLatinThe Latin name Naval means – god of the sailing vessels
NaylandMaleEnglishThe English name Nayland means – island dweller
NazarenoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nazareno means – he who has separated himself from the rest
NazarethMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nazareth means – Religion: Jesus’ birthplace
NeciMaleLatinThe Latin name Neci means – a familiar form of Ignatius
NedMaleEnglishThe English name Ned means – A familiar form of Edward
NehemiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nehemiah means – compassion of Jehovah. Bible: a Jewish leader
NeliusMaleLatinThe Latin name Nelius means – a short form of Cornelius
NelsonMaleEnglishThe English name Nelson means – Literally “son of Neil.” South African freedom fighter and President Nelson Mandela
NemesiaMaleLatinThe Latin name Nemesia means – punishment of the gods
NemorioMaleLatinThe Latin name Nemorio means – belongs to the sacred forest
NemuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nemuel means – God’s sea
NeptuneMaleLatinThe Latin name Neptune means – sea ruler. Mythology: the Roman god of the sea
NeptunoMaleLatinThe Latin name Neptuno means – a form of Neptune
NeroMaleLatinThe Latin name Nero means – stern
NeryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nery means – a form of Nuri
NesbitMaleEnglishThe English name Nesbit means – nose-sharped bend in a river
NethanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nethaniel means – a form of Nathaniel
NewboldMaleEnglishThe English name Newbold means – new tree
NewellMaleEnglishThe English name Newell means – new hall
NewlandMaleEnglishThe English name Newland means – new land
NewmanMaleEnglishThe English name Newman means – newcomer
NewtonMaleEnglishThe English name Newton means – new town
NicholesMaleEnglishThe English name Nicholes means – son of Nicholas
NicholsMaleEnglishThe English name Nichols means – son of Nicholas
NicholsonMaleEnglishThe English name Nicholson means – son of Nicholas
NickMaleEnglishThe English name Nick means – a short form of Dominic, Nicholas
NigelMaleLatinThe Latin name Nigel means – dark night
NimaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nima means – This name means “thread.”
NimrodMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nimrod means – rebel. Bible: a greatgrandson of Noah
NissanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nissan means – sign, omen; miracle
NixonMaleEnglishThe English name Nixon means – son of Nick
NoachMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noach means – a form of Noah
NoahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noah means – peaceful, restful. Bible: the patriarch who built the ark to survive the Flood
NoajMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noaj means – a rest
NoamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Noam means – sweet; friend
NobleMaleLatinThe Latin name Noble means – born to nobility
NolascoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nolasco means – he who departs and forgets about promises
NollieMaleLatinThe Latin name Nollie means – a form of Oliver
NonoMaleLatinThe Latin name Nono means – ninth born
NorthcliffMaleEnglishThe English name Northcliff means – nothern cliff
NorthropMaleEnglishThe English name Northrop means – north farm
NortonMaleEnglishThe English name Norton means – nothern town
NorvinMaleEnglishThe English name Norvin means – nothern friend
NorwardMaleEnglishThe English name Norward means – protector oh the north
NorwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Norwood means – nothern woods
NostrianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Nostriano means – he who is from our homeland
NowlesMaleEnglishThe English name Nowles means – a short form of Knowles
NuriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nuri means – my life
NurielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Nuriel means – fire of the Lord
NyleMaleEnglishThe English name Nyle means – island
OakesMaleEnglishThe English name Oakes means – oak trees
OakleyMaleEnglishThe English name Oakley means – oak-tree field
ObadiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Obadiah means – servant of God
ObdulioMaleLatinThe Latin name Obdulio means – he who calms in sorrowful moments
ObedMaleEnglishThe English name Obed means – a short form of Obadiah
OberonMaleGermanThe German name Oberon means – noble; bearlike
ObertMaleGermanThe German name Obert means – wealthy; bright
OctavioMaleLatinThe Latin name Octavio means – eighth
OctaviousMaleLatinThe Latin name Octavious means – a form of Octavio
OctavisMaleLatinThe Latin name Octavis means – a form of Octavio
OdedMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oded means – encouraging
OdoacroMaleGermanThe German name Odoacro means – he who watches over his inheritance
OdolfMaleGermanThe German name Odolf means – prosperous wolf
OdwinMaleGermanThe German name Odwin means – noble friend
OferMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ofer means – young deer
OfirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ofir means – ferocious
OgdenMaleEnglishThe English name Ogden means – oak valley. Literature: Ogden Nash was a twentieth-century American writer of light verse
OlinMaleEnglishThe English name Olin means – holly
OliverMaleLatinThe Latin name Oliver means – olive tree
OlivoMaleLatinThe Latin name Olivo means – olive branch
OllieMaleEnglishThe English name Ollie means – a familiar form of Oliver
OlricMaleGermanThe German name Olric means – a form of Ulric
OnofrioMaleGermanThe German name Onofrio means – a form of Humphrey
OnslowMaleEnglishThe English name Onslow means – enthusiast’s hill
OphirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ophir means – faithful. Bible: an Old Testament people and country
OptatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Optato means – desired
OralMaleLatinThe Latin name Oral means – verbal; speaker
OrdellMaleLatinThe Latin name Ordell means – beginning
OrelMaleLatinThe Latin name Orel means – listener
OrenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oren means – pine tree
OrienMaleLatinThe Latin name Orien means – visitor from the east
OriolMaleLatinThe Latin name Oriol means – golden oriole
OrlandoMaleGermanThe German name Orlando means – famous throughout the land
OrleansMaleLatinThe Latin name Orleans means – golden
OrmanMaleGermanThe German name Orman means – mariner, seaman
OrmondMaleEnglishThe English name Ormond means – bear mountain; spear protector
OrrickMaleEnglishThe English name Orrick means – old oak tree
OrrinMaleEnglishThe English name Orrin means – river
OrrisMaleLatinThe Latin name Orris means – a form of Horatio
OrryMaleLatinThe Latin name Orry means – fro the Orient
OrsonMaleLatinThe Latin name Orson means – bearlike
OrtonMaleEnglishThe English name Orton means – shore town
OrvalMaleEnglishThe English name Orval means – a form of Orville
OrvinMaleEnglishThe English name Orvin means – spear friend
OsbertMaleEnglishThe English name Osbert means – divine; bright
OsgoodMaleEnglishThe English name Osgood means – divinely good
OsmarMaleEnglishThe English name Osmar means – divine; wonderful
OsmondMaleEnglishThe English name Osmond means – “divine protector.”
OsricMaleEnglishThe English name Osric means – divine ruler
OstinMaleLatinThe Latin name Ostin means – a form of Austin
OswaldMaleEnglishThe English name Oswald means – God’s power; God’s crest
OswinMaleEnglishThe English name Oswin means – “divine friend.”
OthmanMaleGermanThe German name Othman means – wealthy
OthnielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Othniel means – strength of God
OtnielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Otniel means – God is my strength
OtonielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Otoniel means – God is my strength
OttoMaleGermanThe German name Otto means – “rich.” Renowned men with this name include filmmaker Otto Preminger and Otto von Bismarck, Prussian-German statesman in the 19th century
OttokarMaleGermanThe German name Ottokar means – happy warrior
OvedMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oved means – worshiper, follower
OvertonMaleEnglishThe English name Overton means – high town
OxfordMaleEnglishThe English name Oxford means – place where oxen cross the river
OxleyMaleEnglishThe English name Oxley means – ox meadow
OxtonMaleEnglishThe English name Oxton means – ox town
OzMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oz means – This name means “strength.”
OziasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ozias means – God’s strength
OzielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Oziel means – he who has divine strength
OzzieMaleEnglishThe English name Ozzie means – a familiar form of Osborn
OzzyMaleEnglishThe English name Ozzy means – a familiar form of Osborn
PaceMaleEnglishThe English name Pace means – a form of Pascal
PaceyMaleEnglishThe English name Pacey means – a form of Pace
PacianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Paciano means – he who belongs to the peace
PacienteMaleLatinThe Latin name Paciente means – he who knows how to be patient
PadenMaleEnglishThe English name Paden means – a form of Patton
PadgetMaleEnglishThe English name Padget means – a form of Page
PagielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pagiel means – worshiping God
PainterMaleLatinThe Latin name Painter means – artist, painter
PaioMaleLatinThe Latin name Paio means – belonging to the sea
PalatinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Palatino means – he who comes from Mount Palatine
PalmacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Palmacio means – aborned with bordered palm leaves
PalmerMaleEnglishThe English name Palmer means – palm-bearing pilgrim
PalmiroMaleLatinThe Latin name Palmiro means – born on Palm Sunday
PaltiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Palti means – God liberates
ParishMaleEnglishThe English name Parish means – a form of Parrish
ParkerMaleEnglishThe English name Parker means – park keeper
ParkinMaleEnglishThe English name Parkin means – little Peter
ParrMaleEnglishThe English name Parr means – cattle enclosure, barn
ParrishMaleEnglishThe English name Parrish means – church district
PascuaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pascua means – in reference to Easter
PastorMaleLatinThe Latin name Pastor means – spiritual leader
PastoraMaleLatinThe Latin name Pastora means – a form of Pastor
PatMaleEnglishThe English name Pat means – a short form of Patrick
PaternoMaleLatinThe Latin name Paterno means – belonging to the father
PatricMaleLatinThe Latin name Patric means – a form of Patrick
PatrickMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrick means – nobleman. Religion: the patron of saint of Ireland
PatridoMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrido means – noble
PatrikMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrik means – a form of Patrick
PatrocinioMaleLatinThe Latin name Patrocinio means – patronage
PatrykMaleLatinThe Latin name Patryk means – a form of Patrick
PattonMaleEnglishThe English name Patton means – warrior’s town
PaulMaleLatinThe Latin name Paul means – small. Bible: Saul, later renamed Paul, was the first to bring the teachings of Christ to the Gentiles
PauliMaleLatinThe Latin name Pauli means – a form of Paul
PaulinMaleGermanThe German name Paulin means – A form of Paul, meaning “little.”
PaxMaleLatinThe Latin name Pax means – peaceful
PaydenMaleEnglishThe English name Payden means – a form of Payton
PayneMaleLatinThe Latin name Payne means – from the country
PaytonMaleEnglishThe English name Payton means – a form of Patton
PearceMaleEnglishThe English name Pearce means – a form of Pierce
PearsonMaleEnglishThe English name Pearson means – son of Peter
PeersMaleEnglishThe English name Peers means – a form of Peter
PeirceMaleEnglishThe English name Peirce means – a form of Peter
PelhamMaleEnglishThe English name Pelham means – tannery town
PellMaleEnglishThe English name Pell means – parchment
PeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Pelton means – town by a pool
PendleMaleEnglishThe English name Pendle means – hill
PenleyMaleEnglishThe English name Penley means – enclosed meadow
PennMaleLatinThe Latin name Penn means – pen, quill
PenrodMaleGermanThe German name Penrod means – famous commander
PeregrineMaleLatinThe Latin name Peregrine means – traveler; pilgrim; falcon
PeretzMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Peretz means – This name means “breach.” Among those who share this name is former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres.
PerfectoMaleLatinThe Latin name Perfecto means – without any defects
PerkinMaleEnglishThe English name Perkin means – little Peter
PerpetuoMaleLatinThe Latin name Perpetuo means – having an unchanging goal
PerryMaleEnglishThe English name Perry means – A familiar form of Peregrine and Peter. Singer Perry Como; TV D.A. Perry Mason; fashion designer Perry Ellis
PervisMaleLatinThe Latin name Pervis means – passage
PesachMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pesach means – spared. Religion: another name for Passover
PeteMaleEnglishThe English name Pete means – a short form of Peter
PetersonMaleEnglishThe English name Peterson means – son of Peter
PetonMaleEnglishThe English name Peton means – a form of Patton
PetruosMaleLatinThe Latin name Petruos means – firm as a rock
PeytonMaleEnglishThe English name Peyton means – a form of Patton
PharaohMaleLatinThe Latin name Pharaoh means – ruler. History: a title for the ancient kings of Egypt
PhelixMaleLatinThe Latin name Phelix means – a form of Felix
PhelpsMaleEnglishThe English name Phelps means – son of Phillip
PhilbertMaleEnglishThe English name Philbert means – a form of Filbert
PhilippMaleGermanThe German name Philipp means – a form of Philip
PhineasMaleEnglishThe English name Phineas means – a form of Pinchas
PhoenixMaleLatinThe Latin name Phoenix means – phoenix, a legendary bird
PickfordMaleEnglishThe English name Pickford means – ford at the peak
PickworthMaleEnglishThe English name Pickworth means – wood cutter’s estate
PictonMaleEnglishThe English name Picton means – town on the hill’s peak
PierceMaleEnglishThe English name Pierce means – A form of Peter
PiersMaleEnglishThe English name Piers means – a form of Peter
PiersonMaleEnglishThe English name Pierson means – son of Peter
PilatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Pilato means – soldier armed with a pick
PilatosMaleLatinThe Latin name Pilatos means – he who is armed with a pick
PinchasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Pinchas means – oracle
PioMaleLatinThe Latin name Pio means – pious
PipinoMaleGermanThe German name Pipino means – a form of Pippin
PippinMaleGermanThe German name Pippin means – father
PitneyMaleEnglishThe English name Pitney means – island of the strong-willed man
PittMaleEnglishThe English name Pitt means – pit, ditch
PlinioMaleLatinThe Latin name Plinio means – he who has many skills
PoldiMaleGermanThe German name Poldi means – a familiar form of Leopold
PollardMaleGermanThe German name Pollard means – close-cropped head
PollockMaleEnglishThe English name Pollock means – a form of Pollux
PomponioMaleLatinThe Latin name Pomponio means – the lover of grandeur and the open plains
PorcioMaleLatinThe Latin name Porcio means – he who earns his living raising pigs
PorterMaleLatinThe Latin name Porter means – gatekeeper
PotencianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Potenciano means – he who dominates with his empire
PowellMaleEnglishThe English name Powell means – alert
PrenticeMaleEnglishThe English name Prentice means – apprentice
PrescottMaleEnglishThe English name Prescott means – priest’s cottage
PresidioMaleLatinThe Latin name Presidio means – he who gives pleasant shelter
PrestonMaleEnglishThe English name Preston means – priest’s estate
PriestMaleEnglishThe English name Priest means – holy man
PrimaelMaleLatinThe Latin name Primael means – chosen first
PrimitivoMaleLatinThe Latin name Primitivo means – original
PrinceMaleLatinThe Latin name Prince means – prince
PrincetonMaleEnglishThe English name Princeton means – princely town
PriscoMaleLatinThe Latin name Prisco means – old; from another time
ProboMaleLatinThe Latin name Probo means – having moral conduct
ProcesoMaleLatinThe Latin name Proceso means – he who moves forward
ProctorMaleLatinThe Latin name Proctor means – official, administrator
ProculoMaleLatinThe Latin name Proculo means – he who was born far from home
ProsperMaleLatinThe Latin name Prosper means – fortunate
PrudencioMaleLatinThe Latin name Prudencio means – he who works with sensitivity and modesty
PryorMaleLatinThe Latin name Pryor means – head of the monastery; prior
PublioMaleLatinThe Latin name Publio means – he who is popular
PupuloMaleLatinThe Latin name Pupulo means – the little boy
PutnamMaleEnglishThe English name Putnam means – dweller by the pond
QuadeMaleLatinThe Latin name Quade means – fourth
QuentinMaleLatinThe Latin name Quentin means – fifth
QuestMaleLatinThe Latin name Quest means – quest
QuintenMaleLatinThe Latin name Quinten means – a form of Quentin
QuintinMaleLatinThe Latin name Quintin means – a form of Quentin
QuintonMaleLatinThe Latin name Quinton means – a form of Quentin
QuirinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Quirino means – he who carries a lance
QullionMaleLatinThe Latin name Qullion means – sword
RaamahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raamah means – thunder
RaananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raanan means – frsh
RaceMaleEnglishThe English name Race means – race
RachamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Racham means – compassionate
RadMaleEnglishThe English name Rad means – advisor
RadbertMaleEnglishThe English name Radbert means – brilliant advisor
RadburnMaleEnglishThe English name Radburn means – red brook; brook with reeds
RadcliffMaleEnglishThe English name Radcliff means – red cliff
RadfordMaleEnglishThe English name Radford means – red ford; ford with reeds
RadleyMaleEnglishThe English name Radley means – red meadow; meadow of reeds
RadnorMaleEnglishThe English name Radnor means – red shore; shore with reeds
RafaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rafa means – the giant
RafeMaleEnglishThe English name Rafe means – a form of Ralph
RaguelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raguel means – everybody’s friend
RaimundMaleGermanThe German name Raimund means – A form of Raymond, which means “wise protector.”
RainerMaleGermanThe German name Rainer means – “counselor.” Among celebrated people with this name is poet Rainer Maria Rilke
RainerioMaleGermanThe German name Rainerio means – a form of Rainer
RaineroMaleGermanThe German name Rainero means – a form of Rainer
RaineyMaleGermanThe German name Rainey means – a form of Rainer
RainieroMaleGermanThe German name Rainiero means – a form of Rainer
RalphMaleEnglishThe English name Ralph means – “wolf counselor.” Among persons who share this name are Sir Ralph Richardson and poet-philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson
RalphieMaleEnglishThe English name Ralphie means – a familiar form of Ralph
RalstonMaleEnglishThe English name Ralston means – Ralph’s settlement
RambertMaleGermanThe German name Rambert means – strong; brilliant
RamsdenMaleEnglishThe English name Ramsden means – valley of rams
RamseyMaleEnglishThe English name Ramsey means – ram’s island
RandMaleEnglishThe English name Rand means – shield; warrior
RandalMaleEnglishThe English name Randal means – a form of Randolph
RandallMaleEnglishThe English name Randall means – “protected.”
RandellMaleEnglishThe English name Randell means – a form of Randolph
RandolphMaleEnglishThe English name Randolph means – shield wolf
RandyMaleEnglishThe English name Randy means – A familiar form of Rand, Randall, Randolph
RanenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ranen means – joyful
RankinMaleEnglishThe English name Rankin means – small shield
RansfordMaleEnglishThe English name Ransford means – raven’s ford
RansleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ransley means – raven’s field
RansomMaleLatinThe Latin name Ransom means – redeemer
RaphaelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raphael means – God has healed. Bible: one of the archangels
RaphealMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rapheal means – a form of Raphael
RauelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rauel means – friend of God
RavenelMaleEnglishThe English name Ravenel means – raven
RavidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ravid means – a form of Arvid
RavivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Raviv means – rain, dew
RavonMaleEnglishThe English name Ravon means – a form of Raven
RawdonMaleEnglishThe English name Rawdon means – rough hill
RawleighMaleEnglishThe English name Rawleigh means – deer meadow
RayMaleEnglishThe English name Ray means – a short form of Raymond
RayburnMaleEnglishThe English name Rayburn means – deer brook
RayceMaleEnglishThe English name Rayce means – a form of Race
RayfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Rayfield means – stream in the field
RayfordMaleEnglishThe English name Rayford means – stream ford
RayiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rayi means – my friend, my companion
RaymonMaleEnglishThe English name Raymon means – a form of Raymond
RaymondMaleEnglishThe English name Raymond means – “wise protector.” Actor Raymond Burr of Perry Mason fame
RaynerMaleGermanThe German name Rayner means – a form of Rainer
ReadMaleEnglishThe English name Read means – a form of Reed, Reid
ReadingMaleEnglishThe English name Reading means – son of the red wanderer
RealMaleLatinThe Latin name Real means – real
RedemptoMaleLatinThe Latin name Redempto means – redeemed
RedentoMaleLatinThe Latin name Redento means – redeemed
RederichMaleGermanThe German name Rederich means – a form of Roderick
RedfortMaleEnglishThe English name Redfort means – red river crossing
RedleyMaleEnglishThe English name Redley means – red meadow; meadow with reeds
RedmondMaleGermanThe German name Redmond means – protecting counselor
RedpathMaleEnglishThe English name Redpath means – red path
ReedMaleEnglishThe English name Reed means – a form of Reid
ReeveMaleEnglishThe English name Reeve means – steward
RegMaleEnglishThe English name Reg means – a short form of Reginald
ReggieMaleEnglishThe English name Reggie means – a familiar form of Reginald
ReginalMaleEnglishThe English name Reginal means – a form of Reginald
ReginaldMaleEnglishThe English name Reginald means – “king’s advisor.” An alternate form of Reynold. Actor Reginald Owen; baseball great Reggie “Mr. October” Jackson
RegisMaleLatinThe Latin name Regis means – a form of regal
ReguloMaleLatinThe Latin name Regulo means – a form of Rex
ReidMaleEnglishThe English name Reid means – redhead
ReimundeMaleGermanThe German name Reimunde means – counselor and protector
ReinhartMaleGermanThe German name Reinhart means – a form of Reynard
ReinholdMaleEnglishThe English name Reinhold means – a form of Reynold
RemedioMaleLatinThe Latin name Remedio means – medicine
RemigioMaleLatinThe Latin name Remigio means – he who mans the oars
RemingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Remington means – raven estate
RemusMaleLatinThe Latin name Remus means – speedy, quick. Mythology: Remus and his twin brother, Romulus founded Rome
RenfredMaleEnglishThe English name Renfred means – lasting peace
RenshawMaleEnglishThe English name Renshaw means – raven woods
RentonMaleEnglishThe English name Renton means – settlement of the roe deer
RenzoMaleLatinThe Latin name Renzo means – a familiar form of Laurence
RespicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Respicio means – I look behind
RestitutoMaleLatinThe Latin name Restituto means – he who returns to God
ReubenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Reuben means – behold a son
ReuvenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Reuven means – a form of Reuben
RexMaleLatinThe Latin name Rex means – king
RexfordMaleEnglishThe English name Rexford means – king’s ford
RextonMaleEnglishThe English name Rexton means – king’s town
ReyesMaleEnglishThe English name Reyes means – a form of Reece
ReymondMaleEnglishThe English name Reymond means – a form of Raymond
ReynoldMaleEnglishThe English name Reynold means – king’s advisor
RezaMaleGermanThe German name Reza means – a form of Resi
RezinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rezin means – pleasant, delightful
RibertoMaleGermanThe German name Riberto means – brilliant because of his power
RiceMaleEnglishThe English name Rice means – rich, noble
RichMaleEnglishThe English name Rich means – a short form of Richard
RichardMaleEnglishThe English name Richard means – Means a “rich and powerful ruler.” Among notable Richards are composer Richard Rodgers, former U.S. president Richard Nixon, and actor Richard Burton
RichartMaleGermanThe German name Richart means – rich and powerful ruler
RichmondMaleGermanThe German name Richmond means – powerful protector
RickMaleEnglishThe English name Rick means – a short form of Frederick, Richard
RickerMaleEnglishThe English name Ricker means – powerful army
RickeyMaleEnglishThe English name Rickey means – a familiar form of Richard, Rick
RickieMaleEnglishThe English name Rickie means – a familiar form of Rick
RickwardMaleEnglishThe English name Rickward means – mighty guardian
RickyMaleEnglishThe English name Ricky means – a familiar form of Richard, Rick
RiderMaleEnglishThe English name Rider means – horseman
RidgeMaleEnglishThe English name Ridge means – ridge of a cliff
RidgeleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ridgeley means – meadow near the ridge
RidgewayMaleEnglishThe English name Ridgeway means – path along the ridge
RidleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ridley means – meadow of reeds
RigbyMaleEnglishThe English name Rigby means – ruler’s valley
RiggMaleEnglishThe English name Rigg means – ridge
RigobertoMaleGermanThe German name Rigoberto means – splendid; wealthy
RingMaleEnglishThe English name Ring means – ring
RingoMaleEnglishThe English name Ringo means – a familiar form of Ring
RipleyMaleEnglishThe English name Ripley means – meadow near the river
RisleyMaleEnglishThe English name Risley means – meadow with shrubs
RistonMaleEnglishThe English name Riston means – settlement near the shrubs
RitchardMaleEnglishThe English name Ritchard means – a form of Richard
RitchieMaleEnglishThe English name Ritchie means – a form of Richie
RitterMaleGermanThe German name Ritter means – knight; chivalrous
RiverMaleEnglishThe English name River means – river
RoanMaleEnglishThe English name Roan means – a short form of Rowan
RobMaleEnglishThe English name Rob means – a short form of Robert
RobbieMaleEnglishThe English name Robbie means – a familiar form of Robert
RobbyMaleEnglishThe English name Robby means – a familiar form of Robert
RobertMaleEnglishThe English name Robert means – Signifies “bright fame.” Among famous people with this name are American poet Robert Frost and television journalist Robert MacNeil
RobertsMaleEnglishThe English name Roberts means – son of Robert
RobertsonMaleEnglishThe English name Robertson means – son of Robert
RobinsonMaleEnglishThe English name Robinson means – son of Robert
RobustianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Robustiano means – strong as the wood of an oak tree
RochesterMaleEnglishThe English name Rochester means – rocky fortress
RockMaleEnglishThe English name Rock means – a form of Rock
RockfordMaleEnglishThe English name Rockford means – rosky ford
RocklandMaleEnglishThe English name Rockland means – rocky land
RockledgeMaleEnglishThe English name Rockledge means – rocky ledge
RockleyMaleEnglishThe English name Rockley means – rocky field
RockwellMaleEnglishThe English name Rockwell means – rocky spring
RodMaleEnglishThe English name Rod means – a short form of Penrod, Rodney, Roderick
RoddyMaleEnglishThe English name Roddy means – a familiar form of Roderick
RodenMaleEnglishThe English name Roden means – red valley
RoderickMaleGermanThe German name Roderick means – “famous ruler.”
RodgerMaleGermanThe German name Rodger means – a form of Roger
RodmanMaleGermanThe German name Rodman means – famous man, hero
RodneyMaleEnglishThe English name Rodney means – “island clearing.” Comedian Rodney Dangerfield
RodrickMaleGermanThe German name Rodrick means – a form of Rodrik
RodrikMaleGermanThe German name Rodrik means – famous ruler
RoeMaleEnglishThe English name Roe means – roe deer
RogerMaleGermanThe German name Roger means – “renowned spearman.” Among famous people who have this name are baseball player Roger Maris, actor Roger Moore, and rock-and-roller Roger Daltrey
RolandMaleGermanThe German name Roland means – “renowned land.” One well-known person with this name is critic Roland Barthes
RolfMaleGermanThe German name Rolf means – A short form of Rudolph. See also Ralph, under English names
RollandMaleGermanThe German name Rolland means – a form of Roland
RollieMaleEnglishThe English name Rollie means – a familiar form of Roland
RollinMaleEnglishThe English name Rollin means – a form of Roland
RolloMaleEnglishThe English name Rollo means – a familiar form of Roland
RomanMaleLatinThe Latin name Roman means – from Rome, Italy
RomeaMaleLatinThe Latin name Romea means – pilgrim
RomelMaleLatinThe Latin name Romel means – a short form of Romulus
RomelioMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Romelio means – God’s very beloved one
RomellMaleLatinThe Latin name Romell means – a short form of Romulus
RomeroMaleLatinThe Latin name Romero means – a form of Romeo
RommelMaleLatinThe Latin name Rommel means – a short form of Romulus
RomulusMaleLatinThe Latin name Romulus means – citizen of Rome. Mythology: Romulus and his twin brother Remus, founded Rome
RonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ron means – This name means “song.”
RonyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rony means – a form of Roni
RoperMaleEnglishThe English name Roper means – rope maker
RoryMaleGermanThe German name Rory means – a familiar form of Roderick
RossMaleLatinThe Latin name Ross means – rose
RosswellMaleEnglishThe English name Rosswell means – springtime of roses
RoswaldMaleEnglishThe English name Roswald means – field of roses
RothMaleGermanThe German name Roth means – redhead
RoverMaleEnglishThe English name Rover means – traveler
RowanMaleEnglishThe English name Rowan means – tree with red berries
RowellMaleEnglishThe English name Rowell means – roe-deer well
RowlandMaleEnglishThe English name Rowland means – rough land
RowleyMaleEnglishThe English name Rowley means – rough meadow
RowsonMaleEnglishThe English name Rowson means – son of the redhead
RoxburyMaleEnglishThe English name Roxbury means – rook’s town or fortress
RoxelioMaleGermanThe German name Roxelio means – a form of Rogelio
RoyceMaleEnglishThe English name Royce means – son of Roy
RoydenMaleEnglishThe English name Royden means – rye hill
RubenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ruben means – a form of Reuben
RubinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rubin means – a form of Reuben
RuddMaleEnglishThe English name Rudd means – a short form of Rudyard
RudigerMaleGermanThe German name Rudiger means – a form of Rogelio
RudolfMaleGermanThe German name Rudolf means – An alternate form of Rudolph. Composer Rudolf Friml
RudolphMaleGermanThe German name Rudolph means – famous wolf
RudyMaleEnglishThe English name Rudy means – a familiar form of Rudolph
RudyardMaleEnglishThe English name Rudyard means – red enclosure
RuebenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Rueben means – a form of Reuben
RufioMaleLatinThe Latin name Rufio means – a form of Rufus
RufordMaleEnglishThe English name Ruford means – red ford
RufusMaleLatinThe Latin name Rufus means – redhead
RugbyMaleEnglishThe English name Rugby means – rook fortress. History: a famous British school after which the sport of Rugby was named
RulandMaleGermanThe German name Ruland means – a form of Roland
RumfordMaleEnglishThe English name Rumford means – wide river crossing
RuneMaleGermanThe German name Rune means – secret
RupertMaleGermanThe German name Rupert means – a form of Robert
RuprechtMaleGermanThe German name Ruprecht means – a form of Rupert
RushfordMaleEnglishThe English name Rushford means – ford with rushes
RutherfordMaleEnglishThe English name Rutherford means – cattle ford
RutledgeMaleEnglishThe English name Rutledge means – red ledge
RutleyMaleEnglishThe English name Rutley means – red meadow
RycroftMaleEnglishThe English name Rycroft means – rye field
RyderMaleEnglishThe English name Ryder means – a form of Rider
RyeMaleEnglishThe English name Rye means – a grain used in cereal and whiskey
RyersonMaleEnglishThe English name Ryerson means – son of Rider
RyeseMaleEnglishThe English name Ryese means – a form of Reece
RylanMaleEnglishThe English name Rylan means – land where rye is grown
RylandMaleEnglishThe English name Ryland means – a form of Rylan
RyleMaleEnglishThe English name Ryle means – rye hill
RymanMaleEnglishThe English name Ryman means – rye seller
SabasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sabas means – conversion
SabatinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Sabatino means – festive day
SadlerMaleEnglishThe English name Sadler means – saddle maker
SadocMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sadoc means – sacred
SaffordMaleEnglishThe English name Safford means – willow river crossing
SageMaleEnglishThe English name Sage means – wise
SalisburyMaleEnglishThe English name Salisbury means – fort at the willow pool
SaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Salton means – manor town; willow town
SalustianoMaleGermanThe German name Salustiano means – he who enjoys good health
SalustioMaleLatinThe Latin name Salustio means – he who offers salvation
SalvioMaleLatinThe Latin name Salvio means – cured, healthy
SalvoMaleLatinThe Latin name Salvo means – cured, healthy
SamMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sam means – a short form of Samuel
SamiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sami means – A short form of Samantha and Samuela
SammieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sammie means – a familiar form of Samuel
SammyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sammy means – a familiar form of Samuel
SampsonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sampson means – a form of Samson
SamsonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samson means – like the sun. Bible: a judge and powerful warrior betrayed by Delilah
SamualMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samual means – a form of Samuel
SamuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samuel means – heard God; asked of God. Bible: a famous Old Testament prophet and judge
SamyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Samy means – a form of Sammie
SanbornMaleEnglishThe English name Sanborn means – sandy brook
SanchezMaleLatinThe Latin name Sanchez means – a form of Sancho
SanchoMaleLatinThe Latin name Sancho means – sanctified; sincere
SanderMaleEnglishThe English name Sander means – a short form of Alexander
SandersMaleEnglishThe English name Sanders means – son of Sander
SanfordMaleEnglishThe English name Sanford means – sandy river crossing
SantonMaleEnglishThe English name Santon means – sandy town
SassonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sasson means – joyful
SaturioMaleLatinThe Latin name Saturio means – protector of the sown fields
SaulMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Saul means – asked for, borrowed. Bible: in the Old Testament, a king of Israel and the fathe of Jonathan; in the new Testament, Saint Paul’s original name was Saul
SawyerMaleEnglishThe English name Sawyer means – wood worker
SaxMaleEnglishThe English name Sax means – a short form of Saxon
SaxonMaleEnglishThe English name Saxon means – swordsman. History: the Roman name for the Teutonic raiders who ravaged the Roman British coasts
SaxtonMaleEnglishThe English name Saxton means – Saxon town
SchaferMaleGermanThe German name Schafer means – shepherd
SchmidtMaleGermanThe German name Schmidt means – blacksmith
SchneiderMaleGermanThe German name Schneider means – tailor
SchumanMaleGermanThe German name Schuman means – shoemaker
ScipionMaleLatinThe Latin name Scipion means – staff; stick
ScorpioMaleLatinThe Latin name Scorpio means – dangerous, deadly. Astronomy: a southern constellation near Libra and Sagittarius. Strology: the eighth sign of the zodiac
ScotMaleEnglishThe English name Scot means – a form of Scott
ScottMaleEnglishThe English name Scott means – “from Scotland.” Ragtime music king Scott Joplin, author Scott Turow, NBA Chicago Bulls star Scotty Pippin
ScottieMaleEnglishThe English name Scottie means – a familiar form of Scott
ScottyMaleEnglishThe English name Scotty means – a familiar form of Scott
ScribeMaleLatinThe Latin name Scribe means – keeper of accounts; writer
SeabertMaleEnglishThe English name Seabert means – shining sea
SeabrookMaleEnglishThe English name Seabrook means – brook near the sea
SearleMaleEnglishThe English name Searle means – armor
SeasarMaleLatinThe Latin name Seasar means – a form of Caesar
SeatonMaleEnglishThe English name Seaton means – town near the sea
SecundinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Secundino means – second
SecundusMaleLatinThe Latin name Secundus means – second-born
SedgelyMaleEnglishThe English name Sedgely means – sword meadow
SedgwickMaleEnglishThe English name Sedgwick means – sword grass
SeeleyMaleEnglishThe English name Seeley means – blessed
SefarinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sefarin means – a form of Seraphim
SefoniasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sefonias means – God protects
SeftonMaleEnglishThe English name Sefton means – village of rushes
SegerMaleEnglishThe English name Seger means – sea spear; sea warrior
SegundinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Segundino means – the family’s second son
SeibertMaleEnglishThe English name Seibert means – bright sea
SeifertMaleGermanThe German name Seifert means – a form of Siegfried
SelbyMaleEnglishThe English name Selby means – village by the manison
SeldonMaleEnglishThe English name Seldon means – willow tree valley
SelesioMaleLatinThe Latin name Selesio means – select
SeligMaleGermanThe German name Selig means – a form of Seeley
SelwynMaleEnglishThe English name Selwyn means – friend from the palace
SemariasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Semarias means – God guarded him
SempronioMaleLatinThe Latin name Sempronio means – name of a Roman family based on male descent
SenecaMaleLatinThe Latin name Seneca means – an honorable elder
SeppMaleGermanThe German name Sepp means – a form of Joseph
SeptimioMaleLatinThe Latin name Septimio means – the seventh child
SeptimoMaleLatinThe Latin name Septimo means – the seventh child
SeptimusMaleLatinThe Latin name Septimus means – seventh
SerafinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Serafin means – a form of Seraphim
SeraphimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Seraphim means – fiery, burning. Bible: the highest order of angels, known for their zeal and love
SerenoMaleLatinThe Latin name Sereno means – calm, tranquil
SergeMaleLatinThe Latin name Serge means – attendant
SerugMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Serug means – interwoven
ServacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Servacio means – he who observes and guards the law
SethMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Seth means – appointed. Bible: the third son of Adam
SevernMaleEnglishThe English name Severn means – boundary
SewardMaleEnglishThe English name Seward means – sea guardian
SewellMaleEnglishThe English name Sewell means – sea wall
SextonMaleEnglishThe English name Sexton means – church official; sexton
SextusMaleLatinThe Latin name Sextus means – sixth
ShaanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shaan means – a form of Sean
ShadeMaleEnglishThe English name Shade means – shade
ShadowMaleEnglishThe English name Shadow means – shadow
ShadwellMaleEnglishThe English name Shadwell means – shed by a well
ShaeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shae means – a form of Shai
ShalomMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shalom means – peace
ShamarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shamar means – a form of Shamir
ShamirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shamir means – precious stone
ShandyMaleEnglishThe English name Shandy means – rambunctions
ShapMaleEnglishThe English name Shap means – a form of Shep
ShattuckMaleEnglishThe English name Shattuck means – little shad fish
ShavarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shavar means – comet
ShawMaleEnglishThe English name Shaw means – grove
ShaynMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shayn means – a form of Sean
SheffieldMaleEnglishThe English name Sheffield means – crooked field
ShelMaleEnglishThe English name Shel means – a short form of Shelby, Sheldon
SheldonMaleEnglishThe English name Sheldon means – “farm on the ledge.” A well-known Sheldon is children’s poet Shel Silverstein, who wrote The Giving Tree
SheltonMaleEnglishThe English name Shelton means – town on a ledge
ShemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shem means – name; reputation
ShepMaleEnglishThe English name Shep means – a short form of Shepherd
ShepherdMaleEnglishThe English name Shepherd means – shepherd
ShepleyMaleEnglishThe English name Shepley means – sheep meadow
SherbornMaleEnglishThe English name Sherborn means – clear brook
SherillMaleEnglishThe English name Sherill means – shire on a hill
SherlockMaleEnglishThe English name Sherlock means – light haired. Literature: Sherlock Holmes is a famous British detective character, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
ShermanMaleEnglishThe English name Sherman means – “sheep shearer” or “resident of a shire.” Actor Sherman Hemsley of The Jeffersons
SherrodMaleEnglishThe English name Sherrod means – clearer of the land
SherwinMaleEnglishThe English name Sherwin means – swift runner, one who cuts the wind
SherwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Sherwood means – bright forest
ShimonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shimon means – A son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Simon
ShimshonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shimshon means – a form of Samson
ShipleyMaleEnglishThe English name Shipley means – sheep meadow
ShiptonMaleEnglishThe English name Shipton means – sheep village; ship village
ShlomoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shlomo means – a form of Solomon
ShmuelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shmuel means – a form of Samuel
ShneurMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shneur means – senior
ShomerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shomer means – protector
ShoniMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Shoni means – changing
SiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Si means – a short form of Simon
SiddelMaleEnglishThe English name Siddel means – wide valley
SidwellMaleEnglishThe English name Sidwell means – wide stream
SiegfriedMaleGermanThe German name Siegfried means – “victorious peace.” Among famous men who have this name is author Siegfried Sassoon
SigMaleGermanThe German name Sig means – a short form of Siegfried
SiggyMaleGermanThe German name Siggy means – a familiar form of Siegfried
SigifredoMaleGermanThe German name Sigifredo means – a form of Siegfried
SigmundMaleGermanThe German name Sigmund means – victorious protector
SigurdMaleGermanThe German name Sigurd means – victorious guardian
SigwaldMaleGermanThe German name Sigwald means – victorious leader
SilasMaleLatinThe Latin name Silas means – a short form of Silvan
SilburnMaleEnglishThe English name Silburn means – blessed
SilvanMaleLatinThe Latin name Silvan means – forest dweller
SilversterMaleLatinThe Latin name Silverster means – a form of Sulvester
SimchaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simcha means – joyful
SimmyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simmy means – a familiar form of Simon
SimonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simon means – he heard. Bible: one of the Twelve Disciples
SimplicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Simplicio means – simple
SimpsonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Simpson means – son of Simon
SinbadMaleGermanThe German name Sinbad means – prince; sparkling
SincereMaleEnglishThe English name Sincere means – sincere
SinjonMaleEnglishThe English name Sinjon means – saint, holy man
SirMaleEnglishThe English name Sir means – sir, sire
SirioMaleLatinThe Latin name Sirio means – native of Syria
SiroMaleLatinThe Latin name Siro means – native of Syria
SirvienteMaleLatinThe Latin name Sirviente means – God’s servant
SivanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sivan means – ninth month of the Jewish year
SkeeterMaleEnglishThe English name Skeeter means – swift
SkiptonMaleEnglishThe English name Skipton means – Sheep Town
SladeMaleEnglishThe English name Slade means – a short form of Sladen
SladenMaleEnglishThe English name Sladen means – child of the valley
SlaterMaleEnglishThe English name Slater means – roof slater
SmedleyMaleEnglishThe English name Smedley means – flat meadow
SmithMaleEnglishThe English name Smith means – blacksmith
SnowdenMaleEnglishThe English name Snowden means – snowy hill
SolMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Sol means – a short form of Saul
SolanoMaleLatinThe Latin name Solano means – like the eastern wind
SollyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Solly means – a familiar form of Saul
SolomonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Solomon means – peaceful. bible: a king of Israel famous for his wisdom
SomersetMaleEnglishThe English name Somerset means – place of the summer settlers
SomertonMaleEnglishThe English name Somerton means – summer town
SomervilleMaleEnglishThe English name Somerville means – summer village
SommsMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Somms means – son of Simon
SonMaleEnglishThe English name Son means – son, boy
SonnyMaleEnglishThe English name Sonny means – a familiar form of Grayson
SouthwellMaleEnglishThe English name Southwell means – south well
SpaldingMaleEnglishThe English name Spalding means – divided field
SpanglerMaleGermanThe German name Spangler means – tinsmith
SparkMaleEnglishThe English name Spark means – happy
SpearMaleEnglishThe English name Spear means – spear carrier
SpeedyMaleEnglishThe English name Speedy means – quick; successful
SpenceMaleEnglishThe English name Spence means – a short form of Spencer
SpencerMaleEnglishThe English name Spencer means – dispenser of provisions
SpenserMaleEnglishThe English name Spenser means – a form of Spencer
SpikeMaleEnglishThe English name Spike means – ear of grain; long nail
SpoorMaleEnglishThe English name Spoor means – spur maker
SpreckleyMaleEnglishThe English name Spreckley means – twigs
SpringsteenMaleEnglishThe English name Springsteen means – stream by the rocks
SprouleMaleEnglishThe English name Sproule means – energetic
SpurgeonMaleEnglishThe English name Spurgeon means – shrub
SquireMaleEnglishThe English name Squire means – knight’s assistant; large landholder
StaffordMaleEnglishThe English name Stafford means – riverbank landing
StamfordMaleEnglishThe English name Stamford means – a form of Stanford
StanMaleEnglishThe English name Stan means – a short form of Stanley
StanbuckMaleEnglishThe English name Stanbuck means – challenger of fate
StanburyMaleEnglishThe English name Stanbury means – stone fortification
StancilMaleEnglishThe English name Stancil means – beam
StancliffMaleEnglishThe English name Stancliff means – stony cliff
StandishMaleEnglishThe English name Standish means – stony parkland
StanfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Stanfield means – stony field
StanleyMaleEnglishThe English name Stanley means – “stony meadow.” Film director Stanley Kubrick and Laurel and Hardy’s Stan Laurel
StanmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Stanmore means – stony lake
StannardMaleEnglishThe English name Stannard means – hard as stone
StantonMaleEnglishThe English name Stanton means – stony farm
StanwayMaleEnglishThe English name Stanway means – stony road
StanwickMaleEnglishThe English name Stanwick means – stony village
StanwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Stanwood means – stony woods
StarkMaleGermanThe German name Stark means – strong, vigorous
SteadmanMaleEnglishThe English name Steadman means – owner of a farmstead
StedmanMaleEnglishThe English name Stedman means – a form of Steadman
SteelMaleEnglishThe English name Steel means – like steel
SteeleMaleEnglishThe English name Steele means – a form of Steel
SteenMaleGermanThe German name Steen means – stone
StefanMaleGermanThe German name Stefan means – A form of Stephen. Notable people with this name include tennis champion Stefan Edberg
SteinMaleGermanThe German name Stein means – a form of Steen
StephMaleEnglishThe English name Steph means – a short form of Stephen
StephensonMaleEnglishThe English name Stephenson means – son of Stephen
SterlinMaleEnglishThe English name Sterlin means – a form of Sterling
SterlingMaleEnglishThe English name Sterling means – valuable; silver penny
SternMaleGermanThe German name Stern means – star
SterneMaleEnglishThe English name Sterne means – austere
StevensMaleEnglishThe English name Stevens means – son of Steven
StevieMaleEnglishThe English name Stevie means – a familiar form of Stephen
StewartMaleEnglishThe English name Stewart means – a form of Stuart
StillmanMaleEnglishThe English name Stillman means – quiet
StingMaleEnglishThe English name Sting means – spike of grain
StirlingMaleEnglishThe English name Stirling means – a form of Sterling
StockleyMaleEnglishThe English name Stockley means – tree-stump meadow
StockmanMaleEnglishThe English name Stockman means – tree-stump remover
StocktonMaleEnglishThe English name Stockton means – tree-stump town
StockwellMaleEnglishThe English name Stockwell means – tree-stump well
StoddardMaleEnglishThe English name Stoddard means – horse keeper
StoffelMaleGermanThe German name Stoffel means – a short form of Christopher
StokerMaleEnglishThe English name Stoker means – furnace tender
StoneMaleEnglishThe English name Stone means – stone
StoneyMaleEnglishThe English name Stoney means – a form of Stone
StormMaleEnglishThe English name Storm means – tempest, storm
StoverMaleEnglishThe English name Stover means – stove tender
StoweMaleEnglishThe English name Stowe means – hidden; packed away
StratfordMaleEnglishThe English name Stratford means – bridge over the river
StrongMaleEnglishThe English name Strong means – powerful
StroudMaleEnglishThe English name Stroud means – thicket
StuMaleEnglishThe English name Stu means – a short form of Stewart, Stuart
StuartMaleEnglishThe English name Stuart means – Signifying “caretaker” or “steward.” The name of a Scottish and English royal dynasty
StudsMaleEnglishThe English name Studs means – rounded nail heads; shirt ornaments
StylesMaleEnglishThe English name Styles means – stairs put over a wall to help cross it
SuffieldMaleEnglishThe English name Suffield means – southern field
SugdenMaleEnglishThe English name Sugden means – valley of sows
SumeetMaleEnglishThe English name Sumeet means – a form of Summit
SumitMaleEnglishThe English name Sumit means – a form of Summit
SummitMaleEnglishThe English name Summit means – peak, top
SumnerMaleEnglishThe English name Sumner means – church officer
SutcliffMaleEnglishThe English name Sutcliff means – southern cliff
SuttonMaleEnglishThe English name Sutton means – southern town
SwaggartMaleEnglishThe English name Swaggart means – one who sways and staggers
SwainMaleEnglishThe English name Swain means – herdsman; knight’s attendant
SwaleyMaleEnglishThe English name Swaley means – winding stream
SwanneeMaleEnglishThe English name Swannee means – swan
SwinbourneMaleEnglishThe English name Swinbourne means – stream used by swine
SwindelMaleEnglishThe English name Swindel means – valley of the swine
SwinfenMaleEnglishThe English name Swinfen means – swine’s mud
SwinfordMaleEnglishThe English name Swinford means – swine’s crossing
SwintonMaleEnglishThe English name Swinton means – swine town
SwithbertMaleEnglishThe English name Swithbert means – strong and bright
SwithinMaleGermanThe German name Swithin means – strong
SyMaleLatinThe Latin name Sy means – a short form of Sylas, Symon
SylasMaleLatinThe Latin name Sylas means – a form of Silas
SylvanMaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvan means – a form of Silvan
SylvesterMaleLatinThe Latin name Sylvester means – forest dweller
SymingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Symington means – Simon’s town
TabMaleEnglishThe English name Tab means – a short form of Tabner
TabnerMaleGermanThe German name Tabner means – shining, brilliant; spring
TacioMaleLatinThe Latin name Tacio means – he who is quiet
TadleighMaleEnglishThe English name Tadleigh means – poet from a meadow
TaftMaleEnglishThe English name Taft means – river
TalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tal means – dew; rain
TalbertMaleGermanThe German name Talbert means – bright valley
TalcottMaleEnglishThe English name Talcott means – cottage near the lake
TalenMaleEnglishThe English name Talen means – a form of Talon
TallonMaleEnglishThe English name Tallon means – a form of Talon
TalmadgeMaleEnglishThe English name Talmadge means – lake between two towns
TalonMaleEnglishThe English name Talon means – claw, nail
TamarMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tamar means – date; palm tree
TandieMaleEnglishThe English name Tandie means – team
TanerMaleEnglishThe English name Taner means – a form of Tanner
TanninMaleEnglishThe English name Tannin means – tan colored; dark
TannyMaleEnglishThe English name Tanny means – a familiar form of Tanner
TantonMaleEnglishThe English name Tanton means – town by the still river
TarellMaleGermanThe German name Tarell means – a form of Terrell
TaretonMaleEnglishThe English name Tareton means – a form of Tarleton
TarletonMaleEnglishThe English name Tarleton means – Thor’s settlement
TarquinoMaleLatinThe Latin name Tarquino means – he who was born in Tarquinia
TarranceMaleLatinThe Latin name Tarrance means – a form of Terrence
TarrellMaleGermanThe German name Tarrell means – a form of Terrell
TarsicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Tarsicio means – he who belongs to Tarso
TarverMaleEnglishThe English name Tarver means – tower; hill; leader
TatianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Tatiano means – he who is quiet
TatiusMaleLatinThe Latin name Tatius means – king, ruler. History: a Sabine king
TaureanMaleLatinThe Latin name Taurean means – strong; forceful. Astrology: born under the sign of Taurus
TaurusMaleLatinThe Latin name Taurus means – Astrology: the second sign of the zodiac
TavianMaleLatinThe Latin name Tavian means – a form of Octavio
TavionMaleLatinThe Latin name Tavion means – a form of Tavian
TealeMaleEnglishThe English name Teale means – small freshwater duck
TearenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Tearence means – a form of Terrence
TearleMaleEnglishThe English name Tearle means – stern, severe
TeasdaleMaleEnglishThe English name Teasdale means – river dweller
TedMaleEnglishThe English name Ted means – a short form of Theodore
TeddyMaleEnglishThe English name Teddy means – a familiar form of Theodore
TedmundMaleEnglishThe English name Tedmund means – protector of the land
TelemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Telem means – mound; furrow
TellerMaleEnglishThe English name Teller means – storyteller
TelmoMaleEnglishThe English name Telmo means – tiller, cultivator
TemanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Teman means – on the fight side; southward
TempleMaleLatinThe Latin name Temple means – sanctuary
TempletonMaleEnglishThe English name Templeton means – town near the temple
TennantMaleEnglishThe English name Tennant means – tenant, renter
TennysonMaleEnglishThe English name Tennyson means – a form of Dennison
TeoMaleEnglishThe English name Teo means – a form of Tom
TerajMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Teraj means – wild goat
TeranMaleLatinThe Latin name Teran means – a form of Terrence
TeranceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terance means – a form of Terrence
TerelMaleGermanThe German name Terel means – a form of Terrell
TerellMaleGermanThe German name Terell means – a form of Terrell
TerelleMaleGermanThe German name Terelle means – a form of Terrell
TerenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terence means – a form of Terrence
TeronMaleLatinThe Latin name Teron means – a form of Teran
TerranMaleLatinThe Latin name Terran means – a form of Terrence
TerranceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terrance means – a form of Terrence
TerrellMaleGermanThe German name Terrell means – thunder ruler
TerrelleMaleGermanThe German name Terrelle means – a form of Terrell
TerrenMaleLatinThe Latin name Terren means – a form of Terrence
TerrenceMaleLatinThe Latin name Terrence means – smooth
TerrillMaleGermanThe German name Terrill means – a form of Terrell
TerrinMaleLatinThe Latin name Terrin means – a short form of Terrence
TerrisMaleLatinThe Latin name Terris means – son of Terry
TerryMaleEnglishThe English name Terry means – a familiar form of Terrence
TertuisMaleLatinThe Latin name Tertuis means – third
TetleyMaleEnglishThe English name Tetley means – Tate’s meadow
TevaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Teva means – nature
TewdorMaleGermanThe German name Tewdor means – a form of Theodore
ThadeusMaleLatinThe Latin name Thadeus means – a form of Thaddeus
ThaneMaleEnglishThe English name Thane means – attendant warrior
ThanielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Thaniel means – a short form of Nathaniel
ThatcherMaleEnglishThe English name Thatcher means – roof thatcher
ThawMaleEnglishThe English name Thaw means – melting ice
ThelMaleEnglishThe English name Thel means – upper story
TheoMaleEnglishThe English name Theo means – a short form of Theodore
TheobaldMaleGermanThe German name Theobald means – “people’s prince.”
TheodoricMaleGermanThe German name Theodoric means – ruler of the people
ThomMaleEnglishThe English name Thom means – a short form of Thomas
ThomaMaleGermanThe German name Thoma means – a form of Thomas
ThommyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Thommy means – a familiar form of Thomas
ThompsonMaleEnglishThe English name Thompson means – son of Thomas
ThorgoodMaleEnglishThe English name Thorgood means – Thor if good
ThorleyMaleEnglishThe English name Thorley means – Thor’s meadow
ThormondMaleEnglishThe English name Thormond means – Thor’s protection
ThorndikeMaleEnglishThe English name Thorndike means – thorny embankment
ThorneMaleEnglishThe English name Thorne means – a short form of names beginning with “Thorn”
ThornleyMaleEnglishThe English name Thornley means – thorny meadow
ThorntonMaleEnglishThe English name Thornton means – thorny town
ThorpeMaleEnglishThe English name Thorpe means – village
ThunderMaleEnglishThe English name Thunder means – thunder
ThurlowMaleEnglishThe English name Thurlow means – Thor’s hill
ThurmanMaleEnglishThe English name Thurman means – Thor’s servant
ThurmondMaleEnglishThe English name Thurmond means – defended by Thor
TielerMaleEnglishThe English name Tieler means – a form of Tyler
TigeMaleEnglishThe English name Tige means – a short form of Tiger
TigheMaleEnglishThe English name Tighe means – a short form of Tiger
TigrioMaleLatinThe Latin name Tigrio means – tiger
TildenMaleEnglishThe English name Tilden means – tilled valley; tiller of the valley
TilfordMaleEnglishThe English name Tilford means – prosperous ford
TillMaleGermanThe German name Till means – a short form of Theodoric
TiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Tilton means – prosperous town
TinsleyMaleEnglishThe English name Tinsley means – fortified field
TivonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tivon means – nature lover
TizianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Tiziano means – the giant
TobiasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tobias means – God is good
TobinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tobin means – a form of Tobias
TobitMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tobit means – son of Tobias
TobyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Toby means – a familiar form of Tobias
TodMaleEnglishThe English name Tod means – a form of Todd
ToddMaleEnglishThe English name Todd means – “fox.”
ToftMaleEnglishThe English name Toft means – small farm
TolandMaleEnglishThe English name Toland means – owner of taxed land
TolbertMaleEnglishThe English name Tolbert means – bright tax collector
TollerMaleEnglishThe English name Toller means – tax collector
TolmanMaleEnglishThe English name Tolman means – tax man
TomMaleEnglishThe English name Tom means – a short form of Thomas, Tomas
TomasMaleGermanThe German name Tomas means – a form of Thomas
TomerMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tomer means – tall
TomkinMaleEnglishThe English name Tomkin means – little Tom
TommieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tommie means – a familiar form of Thomas
TommyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tommy means – a familiar form of Thomas
ToneyMaleEnglishThe English name Toney means – a form of Tony
ToniMaleEnglishThe English name Toni means – a form of Tony
TonnyMaleEnglishThe English name Tonny means – a form of Tony
TonyMaleEnglishThe English name Tony means – a short form of Anthony
TopperMaleEnglishThe English name Topper means – hill
TorcuatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Torcuato means – adorned with a collar or garland
ToreyMaleEnglishThe English name Torey means – a familiar form of Torrence
TorrMaleEnglishThe English name Torr means – tower
TorreyMaleEnglishThe English name Torrey means – a familiar form of Torr
TorryMaleEnglishThe English name Torry means – a familiar form of Torr
ToruatoMaleLatinThe Latin name Toruato means – adorned with a necklace
ToryMaleEnglishThe English name Tory means – a familiar form of Torr
ToviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tovi means – good
TowneyMaleEnglishThe English name Towney means – town meadow
TownsendMaleEnglishThe English name Townsend means – town’s end
TraderMaleEnglishThe English name Trader means – a form of well-trodden path; skilled worker
TraeMaleEnglishThe English name Trae means – a form of Trey
TraiMaleEnglishThe English name Trai means – a form of Trey
TraugottMaleGermanThe German name Traugott means – “faith in God.”
TravellMaleEnglishThe English name Travell means – traveler
TravisMaleEnglishThe English name Travis means – “at a crossroad.” Country singer Travis Tritt
TrayMaleEnglishThe English name Tray means – a form of Trey
TraytonMaleEnglishThe English name Trayton means – town full of trees
TreaMaleEnglishThe English name Trea means – a form of Trey
TredwayMaleEnglishThe English name Tredway means – well-worn road
TrentMaleLatinThe Latin name Trent means – torrent, rapid stream
TrentonMaleLatinThe Latin name Trenton means – town by the rapid stream. Geography: the capital of New Jersey
TrevellMaleEnglishThe English name Trevell means – a form of Travell
TrevelyanMaleEnglishThe English name Trevelyan means – Elian’s homestead
TrevisMaleEnglishThe English name Trevis means – a form of Travis
TreyMaleEnglishThe English name Trey means – three; third
TreytonMaleEnglishThe English name Treyton means – a form of Trayton
TriMaleEnglishThe English name Tri means – a form of Trey
TripMaleEnglishThe English name Trip means – traveler
TrippMaleEnglishThe English name Tripp means – traveler
TrotMaleEnglishThe English name Trot means – trickling stream
TrowbridgeMaleEnglishThe English name Trowbridge means – bridge by the tree
TRUEMaleEnglishThe English name True means – faithful, loyal
TruesdaleMaleEnglishThe English name Truesdale means – faithful one’s homestead
TruittMaleEnglishThe English name Truitt means – little and honest
TrumanMaleEnglishThe English name Truman means – honest. History: Harry S. truman was the thirty-third U.S. president
TrumbleMaleEnglishThe English name Trumble means – strong; bold
TrustinMaleEnglishThe English name Trustin means – trustworthy
TubalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tubal means – he who tills the soil
TuckerMaleEnglishThe English name Tucker means – fuller, tucker of cloth
TullisMaleLatinThe Latin name Tullis means – title, rank
TupperMaleEnglishThe English name Tupper means – ram raiser
TurkMaleEnglishThe English name Turk means – from Turkey
TurnerMaleLatinThe Latin name Turner means – lathe worker; wood worker
TuvyaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tuvya means – a form of Tobias
TwainMaleEnglishThe English name Twain means – divided in two. Literature: Mark Twain was one of the most prominent nineteenth-century American writers
TwitchellMaleEnglishThe English name Twitchell means – narrow passage
TwyfordMaleEnglishThe English name Twyford means – double river crossing
TyMaleEnglishThe English name Ty means – a short form of Tyler
TyeMaleEnglishThe English name Tye means – a short form of Taylor
TygerMaleEnglishThe English name Tyger means – a form of Tiger
TylarMaleEnglishThe English name Tylar means – a form of Tyler
TylerMaleEnglishThe English name Tyler means – “tailor.”
TylorMaleEnglishThe English name Tylor means – a form of Tyler
TymothyMaleEnglishThe English name Tymothy means – a form of Timothy
TyrusMaleEnglishThe English name Tyrus means – a form of Thor
TzadokMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzadok means – righteous
TzionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzion means – sign from God
TzurielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzuriel means – God is my rock
TzviMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Tzvi means – deer
UdellMaleEnglishThe English name Udell means – yew-tree valley
UdolfMaleEnglishThe English name Udolf means – prosperous wolf
UffoMaleGermanThe German name Uffo means – wild bear
UlbrechtMaleGermanThe German name Ulbrecht means – a form of Albert
UlfMaleGermanThe German name Ulf means – A name that means “wolf.”
UlferMaleGermanThe German name Ulfer means – warrior fierce as a wolf
UlfredMaleGermanThe German name Ulfred means – peaceful wolf
UlgerMaleGermanThe German name Ulger means – warring wolf
UlicesMaleLatinThe Latin name Ulices means – a form of Ulysses
UlisesMaleLatinThe Latin name Ulises means – a form of Ulysses
UllockMaleGermanThe German name Ullock means – sporting wolf
UlmerMaleEnglishThe English name Ulmer means – famous wolf
UlmoMaleGermanThe German name Ulmo means – from Ulm, Germany
UlpianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Ulpiano means – sly as a fox
UlpioMaleLatinThe Latin name Ulpio means – sly as a fox
UlricMaleGermanThe German name Ulric means – a form of Ulrich
UlrichMaleGermanThe German name Ulrich means – wolf ruler; ruler of all
UltanMaleGermanThe German name Ultan means – noble stone
UlysesMaleLatinThe Latin name Ulyses means – a form of Ulysses
UlyssesMaleLatinThe Latin name Ulysses means – wrathful
UnoMaleLatinThe Latin name Uno means – one; first-born
UnwinMaleEnglishThe English name Unwin means – nonfriend
UpshawMaleEnglishThe English name Upshaw means – upper wooded area
UptonMaleEnglishThe English name Upton means – upper town
UpwoodMaleEnglishThe English name Upwood means – upper forest
UrbanMaleLatinThe Latin name Urban means – city dweller; courteous
UrbaneMaleEnglishThe English name Urbane means – a form of Urban
UriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Uri means – “my light.”
UriahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Uriah means – my light. Bible: a soldier and the husband of Bathsheba
UrsoMaleLatinThe Latin name Urso means – a form of Urson
UsherMaleEnglishThe English name Usher means – doorkeeper
UweMaleGermanThe German name Uwe means – a familiar form of Ulrich
UziMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Uzi means – my strength
UzielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Uziel means – God is my strenght; mighty force
VailMaleEnglishThe English name Vail means – valley
ValMaleLatinThe Latin name Val means – a short form of Valentin
ValdusMaleGermanThe German name Valdus means – powerful
ValentinMaleLatinThe Latin name Valentin means – stong; healthy
ValerianMaleLatinThe Latin name Valerian means – strong; healthy
ValeroMaleLatinThe Latin name Valero means – valiant
VanceMaleEnglishThe English name Vance means – thresher
VarianMaleLatinThe Latin name Varian means – variable
VarickMaleGermanThe German name Varick means – protecting ruler
VasylMaleGermanThe German name Vasyl means – a form of William
VedieMaleLatinThe Latin name Vedie means – sight
VelvelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Velvel means – wolf
VenancioMaleLatinThe Latin name Venancio means – a fan of hunting
VenturaMaleLatinThe Latin name Ventura means – he who will be happy
VereMaleLatinThe Latin name Vere means – true
VeredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Vered means – rose
VergilMaleLatinThe Latin name Vergil means – a form of Virgil
VerlinMaleLatinThe Latin name Verlin means – blooming
VernMaleLatinThe Latin name Vern means – a short form of Vernon
VernadosMaleGermanThe German name Vernados means – courage of the bear
VernellMaleLatinThe Latin name Vernell means – a form of Vernon
VernerMaleGermanThe German name Verner means – defending army
VernonMaleLatinThe Latin name Vernon means – springlike; youthful
VeroMaleLatinThe Latin name Vero means – truthful, credible
VerrillMaleGermanThe German name Verrill means – masculine
VespasianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vespasiano means – the name of a Roman emperor
VestonMaleEnglishThe English name Veston means – church town
VianMaleEnglishThe English name Vian means – a short form of Vivian
VicMaleLatinThe Latin name Vic means – a short form of Victor
VicarMaleLatinThe Latin name Vicar means – priest, cleric
VictorMaleLatinThe Latin name Victor means – victor, couqueror
VictoroMaleLatinThe Latin name Victoro means – a form of Victor
VilhelmMaleGermanThe German name Vilhelm means – a form of William
VinMaleLatinThe Latin name Vin means – a short form of Vincent
VinceMaleEnglishThe English name Vince means – a short form of Vincent
VincensMaleGermanThe German name Vincens means – a form of Vincent
VincentMaleLatinThe Latin name Vincent means – victor, conqueror
VinnyMaleEnglishThe English name Vinny means – a familiar form of Vincent, Calvin
VinsonMaleEnglishThe English name Vinson means – son of Vincent
VirgilMaleLatinThe Latin name Virgil means – rod bearer, staff bearer
VirginioMaleLatinThe Latin name Virginio means – he is pure and simple
VitalianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitaliano means – young and strong
VitalicioMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitalicio means – young and strong
VitalisMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitalis means – life; alive
VitasMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitas means – alive, vital
VitoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vito means – a short form of Vittorio
VitorianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vitoriano means – the victor
VogelMaleGermanThe German name Vogel means – bird
VolkerMaleGermanThe German name Volker means – people’s guard
VolleyMaleLatinThe Latin name Volley means – flying
VolneyMaleGermanThe German name Volney means – national spirit
VonMaleGermanThe German name Von means – a short form of many German names
VulpianoMaleLatinThe Latin name Vulpiano means – sly as a fox
WadeMaleEnglishThe English name Wade means – “ford” or “river crossing.” Baseball player Wade Boggs
WadleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wadley means – ford meadow
WadsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Wadsworth means – village near the ford
WaelMaleEnglishThe English name Wael means – a form of Wales
WagnerMaleGermanThe German name Wagner means – wagoner, wagon maker. Music: Richard Wagner was a famous nineteenth-century German composer
WainMaleEnglishThe English name Wain means – a form of Wayne
WainwrightMaleEnglishThe English name Wainwright means – wagon maker
WaiteMaleEnglishThe English name Waite means – watchman
WakeMaleEnglishThe English name Wake means – awake, alert
WakefieldMaleEnglishThe English name Wakefield means – wet field
WakelyMaleEnglishThe English name Wakely means – wet meadow
WakemanMaleEnglishThe English name Wakeman means – watchman
WalbyMaleEnglishThe English name Walby means – house near a wall
WalcottMaleEnglishThe English name Walcott means – cottage by the wall
WaldemarMaleGermanThe German name Waldemar means – powerful; famous
WaldenMaleEnglishThe English name Walden means – wooded valley
WaldoMaleGermanThe German name Waldo means – A familiar form of Oswald, which means “God’s power,” and Waldemar. Famous men with this name include essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson
WaldronMaleEnglishThe English name Waldron means – ruler
WalesMaleEnglishThe English name Wales means – from Wales
WalfordMaleEnglishThe English name Walford means – Welshman’s ford
WalfredMaleGermanThe German name Walfred means – peaceful ruler
WalkerMaleEnglishThe English name Walker means – cloth walker; cloth cleaner
WallaceMaleEnglishThe English name Wallace means – “from Wales.” Notable men with this name include actor Wallace Berry and playwright and actor Wallace Shawn
WallachMaleGermanThe German name Wallach means – a form of Wallace
WallerMaleGermanThe German name Waller means – powerful
WallyMaleEnglishThe English name Wally means – a familiar form of Walter
WalmondMaleGermanThe German name Walmond means – mighty ruler
WalshMaleEnglishThe English name Walsh means – a form of Wallace
WaltMaleEnglishThe English name Walt means – a short form of Walter
WalterMaleGermanThe German name Walter means – “army of power.” Renowned men with this name include poet Walt Whitman, animator Walt Disney, and actor Walter Brennan
WaltherMaleGermanThe German name Walther means – a form of Walter
WaltonMaleEnglishThe English name Walton means – walled town
WalworthMaleEnglishThe English name Walworth means – fenced-in farm
WalwynMaleEnglishThe English name Walwyn means – Welsh friend
WarburtonMaleEnglishThe English name Warburton means – fortified town
WardMaleEnglishThe English name Ward means – Signifies “watchman, guardian.” Well-known Wards include Hollywood actor Ward Bond, as well as Ward Cleaver, the television father of Beaver Cleaver
WardenMaleEnglishThe English name Warden means – valley guardian
WardleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wardley means – watchman’s meadow
WareMaleEnglishThe English name Ware means – wary, cautions
WarfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Warfield means – field near the weir of fish trap
WarickMaleEnglishThe English name Warick means – town hero
WarleyMaleEnglishThe English name Warley means – meadow near the weir or fish trap
WarmondMaleEnglishThe English name Warmond means – true guardian
WarnerMaleGermanThe German name Warner means – armed defender
WarrenMaleGermanThe German name Warren means – general; warden; rabbit
WartonMaleEnglishThe English name Warton means – town near the weir or fish trap
WarwickMaleEnglishThe English name Warwick means – buildings near the weir or fish trap
WashburnMaleEnglishThe English name Washburn means – overflowing river
WashingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Washington means – town near water. History: George Washington was the first U.S. president
WatfordMaleEnglishThe English name Watford means – wattle ford; dam made of twigs and sticks
WatkinsMaleEnglishThe English name Watkins means – son of Walter
WatsonMaleEnglishThe English name Watson means – son of Walter
WaydeMaleEnglishThe English name Wayde means – a form of Wade
WaylandMaleEnglishThe English name Wayland means – a form of Waylon
WaylonMaleEnglishThe English name Waylon means – land by the road
WaymanMaleEnglishThe English name Wayman means – road man; traveler
WayneMaleEnglishThe English name Wayne means – “wagon maker.” A short form of Wainwright. Hockey great Wayne Gretzky
WebbMaleEnglishThe English name Webb means – weaver
WeberMaleGermanThe German name Weber means – weaver
WebleyMaleEnglishThe English name Webley means – weaver’s meadow
WebsterMaleEnglishThe English name Webster means – weaver
WeddelMaleEnglishThe English name Weddel means – valley near the ford
WeissMaleGermanThe German name Weiss means – white
WelborneMaleEnglishThe English name Welborne means – spring-fed stream
WelbyMaleGermanThe German name Welby means – farm near the well
WeldonMaleEnglishThe English name Weldon means – hill near the well
WelfordMaleEnglishThe English name Welford means – ford near the well
WellingtonMaleEnglishThe English name Wellington means – rich man’s town
WellsMaleEnglishThe English name Wells means – springs
WelshMaleEnglishThe English name Welsh means – a form of Wallance, Walsh
WeltonMaleEnglishThe English name Welton means – town near the well
WendelMaleGermanThe German name Wendel means – a form of Wendell
WendellMaleGermanThe German name Wendell means – wanderer
WenfordMaleEnglishThe English name Wenford means – white ford
WensleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wensley means – clearing in a meadow
WentworthMaleEnglishThe English name Wentworth means – pale man’s settlement
WernerMaleEnglishThe English name Werner means – a form of Warner
WesMaleEnglishThe English name Wes means – a short form of Wesley
WesleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wesley means – “western meadow.” Action actor Wesley Snipes
WeslyMaleEnglishThe English name Wesly means – a form of Wesley
WestMaleEnglishThe English name West means – west
WestbrookMaleEnglishThe English name Westbrook means – western brook
WestbyMaleEnglishThe English name Westby means – western farmstead
WestcottMaleEnglishThe English name Westcott means – western cottage
WestinMaleEnglishThe English name Westin means – a form of Weston
WestleyMaleEnglishThe English name Westley means – a form of Wesley
WestonMaleEnglishThe English name Weston means – western town
WetherbyMaleEnglishThe English name Wetherby means – wether-sheep farm
WetherellMaleEnglishThe English name Wetherell means – wether-sheep corner
WetherlyMaleEnglishThe English name Wetherly means – wether-sheep meadow
WeylinMaleEnglishThe English name Weylin means – a form of Waylon
WhalleyMaleEnglishThe English name Whalley means – woods near a hill
WhartonMaleEnglishThe English name Wharton means – town on the bank of a lake
WheatleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wheatley means – wheat field
WheatonMaleEnglishThe English name Wheaton means – wheat town
WheelerMaleEnglishThe English name Wheeler means – wheel maker; wagon driver
WhistlerMaleEnglishThe English name Whistler means – whistler, piper
WhitMaleEnglishThe English name Whit means – a short form of Whitman
WhitbyMaleEnglishThe English name Whitby means – white house
WhitcombMaleEnglishThe English name Whitcomb means – white valley
WhitelawMaleEnglishThe English name Whitelaw means – small hill
WhiteyMaleEnglishThe English name Whitey means – white skinned; white haired
WhitfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Whitfield means – white field
WhitfordMaleEnglishThe English name Whitford means – white ford
WhitlockMaleEnglishThe English name Whitlock means – white lock of hair
WhitmanMaleEnglishThe English name Whitman means – white-haired man
WhitmoreMaleEnglishThe English name Whitmore means – white moor
WhittakerMaleEnglishThe English name Whittaker means – white field
WickhamMaleEnglishThe English name Wickham means – village meadow
WidMaleEnglishThe English name Wid means – wide
WiesMaleGermanThe German name Wies means – renowned warrior
WilMaleEnglishThe English name Wil means – a short form of Wilfred
WilberMaleEnglishThe English name Wilber means – a form of Wilbur
WilburMaleEnglishThe English name Wilbur means – wall fortification; bright willows
WilderMaleEnglishThe English name Wilder means – wilderness wild
WildonMaleEnglishThe English name Wildon means – wooded hill
WileyMaleEnglishThe English name Wiley means – willow meadow
WilfordMaleEnglishThe English name Wilford means – willow-tree ford
WilfredMaleGermanThe German name Wilfred means – “determined peacemaker.”
WilhelmMaleGermanThe German name Wilhelm means – “determined guardian.” Renowned Wilhelms include Wilhelm II the last German emperor, who was forced to abdicate in 1918; Wilhelm von Humboldt, a German statesman, philosopher, and linguist of the 18th century whose brother was natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt; and Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, inventor of the Bunsen burner
WilkieMaleEnglishThe English name Wilkie means – a familiar form of Wilkins
WilkinsMaleEnglishThe English name Wilkins means – William’s kin
WilkinsonMaleEnglishThe English name Wilkinson means – son of little William
WillMaleEnglishThe English name Will means – a short form of Wilfred
WillardMaleGermanThe German name Willard means – determined and brave
WillemMaleGermanThe German name Willem means – a form of Wilhelm, William
WilliamMaleEnglishThe English name William means – a form of Wilhelm
WilliamsMaleGermanThe German name Williams means – son of William
WillieMaleGermanThe German name Willie means – A familiar form of Wilhem. Former German chancellor and winner of the Nobel Prize for peace in 1971 Willy Brandt is among those with this name
WillisMaleGermanThe German name Willis means – son of Willie
WilloughbyMaleEnglishThe English name Willoughby means – willow farm
WillsMaleEnglishThe English name Wills means – son of Will
WillyMaleGermanThe German name Willy means – a familiar form of William
WilmerMaleGermanThe German name Wilmer means – determined and famous
WilsonMaleEnglishThe English name Wilson means – son of Will
WiltMaleEnglishThe English name Wilt means – a short form of Wilton
WiltonMaleEnglishThe English name Wilton means – farm by the spring
WinchellMaleEnglishThe English name Winchell means – bend in the road
WindellMaleEnglishThe English name Windell means – windy valley
WindsorMaleEnglishThe English name Windsor means – riverbank with a winch. History: the surname of the British royal family
WinfredMaleEnglishThe English name Winfred means – a form of Winfried
WinfriedMaleEnglishThe English name Winfried means – friend of peace
WingateMaleEnglishThe English name Wingate means – winding gate
WinslowMaleEnglishThe English name Winslow means – friend’s hill
WinstonMaleEnglishThe English name Winston means – “friendly town.” English statesman Winston Churchill
WinthropMaleEnglishThe English name Winthrop means – victory at the crossroads
WinwardMaleEnglishThe English name Winward means – friend’s guardian
WitMaleEnglishThe English name Wit means – a form of Whit
WitterMaleEnglishThe English name Witter means – wise warrior
WittonMaleEnglishThe English name Witton means – wise man’s estate
WolcottMaleEnglishThe English name Wolcott means – cottage in the woods
WolfMaleGermanThe German name Wolf means – a short form of Wolfgang
WolfeMaleEnglishThe English name Wolfe means – wolf
WoodMaleEnglishThe English name Wood means – a short form of Elwood
WoodfieldMaleEnglishThe English name Woodfield means – forest meadow
WoodfordMaleEnglishThe English name Woodford means – ford through the forest
WoodleyMaleEnglishThe English name Woodley means – wooded meadow
WoodrowMaleEnglishThe English name Woodrow means – “passage in the woods.” Thomas Woodrow Wilson is a former U.S. president
WoodruffMaleEnglishThe English name Woodruff means – forest ranger
WoodsonMaleEnglishThe English name Woodson means – son of Wood
WoodvilleMaleEnglishThe English name Woodville means – town at the edge of the woods
WoodwardMaleEnglishThe English name Woodward means – forest warden
WoolseyMaleEnglishThe English name Woolsey means – victorious wolf
WorcesterMaleEnglishThe English name Worcester means – forest army camp
WordsworthMaleEnglishThe English name Wordsworth means – wolf-guardian’s farm
WorrellMaleEnglishThe English name Worrell means – lives at the manor of the loyal one
WorthMaleEnglishThe English name Worth means – a short form of Wordsworth
WortonMaleEnglishThe English name Worton means – farm town
WouterMaleGermanThe German name Wouter means – powerful warrior
WrightMaleEnglishThe English name Wright means – a short form of Wainwright
WrisleyMaleEnglishThe English name Wrisley means – a form of Risley
WristonMaleEnglishThe English name Wriston means – a form of Riston
WybertMaleEnglishThe English name Wybert means – battle bright
WycliffMaleEnglishThe English name Wycliff means – white cliff; village near the cliff
WylieMaleEnglishThe English name Wylie means – charming
WymanMaleEnglishThe English name Wyman means – fighter, warrior
WymerMaleEnglishThe English name Wymer means – famous in battle
WyntonMaleEnglishThe English name Wynton means – Winston
WytheMaleEnglishThe English name Wythe means – willow tree
XanthusMaleLatinThe Latin name Xanthus means – golden haired
XenerosoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xeneroso means – generous
XeranoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xerano means – porter
XerardoMaleGermanThe German name Xerardo means – a form of Gerardo
XesusMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xesus means – savior
XiaoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xiao means – from the Lulia family
XilberteMaleGermanThe German name Xilberte means – a form of Gilbert
XilbertoMaleGermanThe German name Xilberto means – a form of Gilbert
XildasMaleGermanThe German name Xildas means – taxes
XillaoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xillao means – from the Lulia family
XoanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xoan means – God is good
XobMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xob means – persecuted, afflicted
XudasMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Xudas means – a form of Judas
XulioMaleLatinThe Latin name Xulio means – from the Lulia family
XustoMaleLatinThe Latin name Xusto means – fair, just
YachielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yachiel means – God lives
YadidMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yadid means – friend; beloved
YadonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yadon means – he will judge
YagilMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yagil means – he will rejoice
YairMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yair means – he will enlighten
YakirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yakir means – honored
YaleMaleGermanThe German name Yale means – productive
YantonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yanton means – a form of Johnathon
YanuarioMaleLatinThe Latin name Yanuario means – voyage
YaphetMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yaphet means – a form of Japheth
YardenMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yarden means – Signifying “the river Jordan.”
YardleyMaleEnglishThe English name Yardley means – enclosed meadow
YaredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yared means – “he will descend.”
YaromMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yarom means – he will raise up
YaronMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yaron means – he will sing; he will cry out
YatesMaleEnglishThe English name Yates means – gates
YavinMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yavin means – he will understand
YedidyaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yedidya means – a form of Jedidiah
YehoshuaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehoshua means – “God saves.” Moses’ deputy
YehoyakemMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehoyakem means – a form of Joachim
YehoyakimMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehoyakim means – “God will establish; God will raise.”
YehudaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehuda means – a form of Yehudi
YehudahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehudah means – a form of Yehudi
YehudiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yehudi means – a form of Judah
YeomanMaleEnglishThe English name Yeoman means – attendant; retainer
YeshayaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yeshaya means – gift
YeshurunMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yeshurun means – right way
YeudielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yeudiel means – I give thanks to God
YigalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yigal means – he will redeem
YirmayaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yirmaya means – a form of Jeremiah
YishaiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yishai means – a form of Jesse
YisraelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yisrael means – a form of Israel
YitroMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yitro means – “increase.” Moses’ father-in-law
YitzchackMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yitzchack means – a form of Isaac
YoanMaleGermanThe German name Yoan means – a form of Johann
YoannMaleGermanThe German name Yoann means – a form of Johann
YoavMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoav means – a form of Joab
YochananMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yochanan means – a form of John
YoelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoel means – a form of Joel
YohanMaleGermanThe German name Yohan means – a form of Johann
YohannMaleGermanThe German name Yohann means – a form of Johann
YonahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonah means – a form of Jonah
YonatanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonatan means – “God has given.” David’s bosom companion, son of Saul
YonisMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonis means – a form of Yonus
YonusMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yonus means – dove
YoramMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoram means – God is high
YorickMaleEnglishThe English name Yorick means – farmer
YorkMaleEnglishThe English name York means – boar estate; yew-tree estate
YosefMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yosef means – “he will increase; he shall add.” A son of Jacob and Rachel
YosuMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yosu means – a form of Jesus
YouseefMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Youseef means – a form of Joseph
YousefMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yousef means – a form of Joseph
YousselMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Youssel means – a form of Joseph
YovalMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoval means – rejoicing
YoyiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yoyi means – a form of George
YudanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Yudan means – judgment
YudellMaleEnglishThe English name Yudell means – a form of Udell
YuleMaleEnglishThe English name Yule means – born at Christmas
ZabdiMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zabdi means – a short form of Zabdiel
ZabdielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zabdiel means – present, gift
ZacMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zac means – a short form of Zachariah
ZacaryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zacary means – a form of Zachary
ZaccaryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaccary means – a form of Zachary
ZacchaeusMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zacchaeus means – a form of Zaccheus
ZaccheusMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaccheus means – innocent, pure
ZachMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zach means – a form of Zachariah
ZachareyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zacharey means – a form of Zachary
ZachariMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zachari means – a form of Zachary
ZachariaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zacharia means – a form of Zachariah
ZachariahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zachariah means – God remembered
ZachariasMaleGermanThe German name Zacharias means – a form of Zachariah
ZacharieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zacharie means – a form of Zachary
ZacharyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zachary means – a familiar form of Zachariah
ZacheriahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zacheriah means – a form of Zachariah
ZacheryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zachery means – a form of Zachary
ZachoryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zachory means – a form of Zachary
ZachreyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zachrey means – a form of Zachary
ZachryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zachry means – a form of Zachary
ZackMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zack means – a short form of Zachariah
ZackariahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zackariah means – a form of Zachariah
ZackaryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zackary means – a form of Zachary
ZackeryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zackery means – a form of Zachary
ZackoryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zackory means – a form of Zachary
ZadokMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zadok means – a short form of Tzadok
ZaideMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaide means – older
ZainMaleEnglishThe English name Zain means – a form of Zane
ZakMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zak means – a short form of Zachariah
ZakariMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zakari means – a form of Zachary
ZakariaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zakaria means – a form of Zachariah
ZakariyaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zakariya means – a form of Zachariah
ZakaryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zakary means – a form of Zachary
ZakeryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zakery means – a form of Zachary
ZakkaryMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zakkary means – a form of Zachary
ZalmanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zalman means – a form of Solomon
ZalmirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zalmir means – songbird
ZamielMaleGermanThe German name Zamiel means – a form of Samuel
ZamirMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zamir means – song; bird
ZaneMaleEnglishThe English name Zane means – a form of John
ZanvilMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zanvil means – a form of Samuel
ZaqueoMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zaqueo means – pure, innocent
ZaredMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zared means – ambush
ZayneMaleEnglishThe English name Zayne means – a form of Zane
ZebMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zeb means – a short form of Zebediah
ZebediahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zebediah means – a form of God’s gift
ZebulonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zebulon means – exalted, honored; lofty house
ZechariaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zecharia means – a form of Zachariah
ZechariahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zechariah means – a form of Zachariah
ZedMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zed means – a short form of Zedekiah
ZedekiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zedekiah means – God is mighty and just
ZedidiahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zedidiah means – a form of Zebediah
ZeevMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zeev means – wolf
ZekeMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zeke means – a short form of Ezekiel
ZephaniahMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zephaniah means – treasured by God
ZerachMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zerach means – light
ZethanMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zethan means – shining
ZiaMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zia means – trembling; moving
ZigfridMaleGermanThe German name Zigfrid means – a form of Siegfried
ZimonMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zimon means – a form of Simon
ZimraMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zimra means – song of praise
ZimriMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zimri means – This name has the meaning “my song.”
ZionMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zion means – sing, omen; excellent. Bible: the name used to refer to Israel and to the Jewish people
ZiskindMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ziskind means – sweet child
ZivMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Ziv means – shining brighty
ZoelMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zoel means – son of Babel
ZoharMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zohar means – bright light
ZollieMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zollie means – a form of Solly
ZollyMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zolly means – a form of Solly
ZonarMaleLatinThe Latin name Zonar means – sound
ZurielMaleHebrewThe Hebrew name Zuriel means – God is my rock